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How to Conquer Obstacles to Meditation?

Desires and craving for sense gratification bound you to this ordinary life. One can’t enjoy worldly pleasures and do spiritual practice at the same time. It’s like sailing on two boats simultaneously, with smooth sailing in neither of them. Reading any yoga book can ignite the spark of spirituality within you, but the reality is not as easy as it seems. Seven summits look pleasing from a safe distance, but only a climber knows the multiple barriers he met while scaling it. To practice meditation fruitfully, you are expected to follow some spiritual rules and set of laws, and stick to it. It’s very easy to say, “Break-up all connections with outer world first, if you are planning to explore deep inner world.”     

Fix your place and time for practice Keep your mind calm and free from worries & anxiety Bring balance in your body, mind and conscience Cut-off your connection to sense-objects Concentration practice should be done in a secluded place

 It should be kept pure and divine with cross ventilation

Selection of Dark Room Human body consists of five sense organs---the senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. One active sense organ is enough to create hindrance to the path of meditation. If you can control the mind, you can control your sense organs. Mind plays a decisive role in the art of meditation. In lighted room, mind naturally becomes active due to sight of inner room surroundings. In the beginning, you need to be practice focus of mind in dark room with spiritual surroundings. In the beginning, you need to focus on only one divine thought for an extended period. But the sense organs create trouble. An appeasing or disturbing scene, an ear-pleasing sound or noise can transmit your mind towards bubbling thoughts.      

Room with no light curtails the sense of sight Your mind can be easily tamed for higher practices Your inward journey starts effortlessly You inner consciousness level go up higher Myriad of thoughts changes into one thought You become sublime and pure by intense faith

Use of Ear-plug Only in the midst of desert or remotest cave in secluded mountain can give you silent zone to hear the sound of cosmic vibrations. Even in Rishikesh or any holy place, one is sure to hear the sound of ringing bells in the early morning hours. Hearing pleasant or unpleasant sound can create hurdle to the path of yoga. The ear is very eager to hear something new. Use of ear-plug or by putting cotton balls can cut-off your connectivity to the outer sound world. The beginner finds it’s difficult even to focus mind, then what to speak of focus and concentration. All thoughts arise in mind. By use of ear-plug, it becomes relatively easy to control the mind and its wandering habits.

     

All pleasing or unpleasing sound are hindrances to meditation You need silence zone to clearly hear your inner voice Everyone can’t go to mountain in search of pin-drop silence No sound means no activation of hearing sense You can smoothly learn to focus your mind on one object From focus, you jump to concentration for inward journey

Need of Eye-Shade The scene of world is always changing every minute and every second. The change of weather also creates a fresh scene. The world is an illusion, and what you see from your eyes is not the ultimate truth. You can search your own identity only when you close your eyes with awareness & consciousness. But the sense of sight is hyper-active like monkey which is habitual to see all the hues of world. It can cross the limitations of dark room too. The ear-plug and eye-shade are best way to disconnect with outer world. These are vital components for meditation, especially if you are beginners. Only a highly yogi can meditate in hustle and bustle surroundings with open eyes and ears.      

The scene of materialistic world is always changing You are vulnerable to the colorful world The sense of sight is most active part to distract you Merely closing your eyes can tempt you to surroundings Eye-shade is natural way to curtail your sight craving It create suitable environment for divine feelings

Focusing on Breath The stillness of mind by control breathing is the best way to meditation. As long as the breath is under control, the mind becomes quiet and can effortlessly connect to divine consciousness. Breath is the gross form of mind.

Your whole attention should be on your inhalation and exhalation. It awakens some subconscious parts of brain for deeper awareness. The creative force starts circulation uniformly in all parts of your body. For a moment, you forget your physical existence, and your awareness goes into subtle existence, which is must for meditation Course. Some of you may have unique experience of merging with cosmic consciousness on deeper level of practice.

How to Conquer Obstacles to Meditation  

Desires and craving for sense gratification bound you to this ordinary life. One can’t enjoy worldly pleasures and do spiritual practice at...

How to Conquer Obstacles to Meditation  

Desires and craving for sense gratification bound you to this ordinary life. One can’t enjoy worldly pleasures and do spiritual practice at...