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Welcome to the March 2011 issue of Spiritual Times. It is very clear to all to see the Earth changes happening around our World. As Mother Earth spills out the negativity of many life times. Also the World will think twice about nuclear energy and this will eventually false out the hidden zero energy sources. As you can guess the Earth changes will continue so it is important to understand the higher truth of what is really happening and make time for yourself and sit quietly in meditation and be a part of the Universe. Editor of Spiritual Times This magazine is free for you to enjoy and share. Like any words that are read, always use your intuition to guide you to what holds true to you. We are indeed going through spiritual times as the period called the “End Times� has now been entered. The collapse of time is not to be feared or even understood for now, the period ahead of us is what is known as the Golden Age which will give us are true freedom and gifts that have been hidden from us through the filters of fear.

As always please feedback any comments that you may have of feel free to share your experiences in the next issue. e-mail: So enjoy the magazine and the articles from people who have also contributed freely.


Introduction I spend much of my time researching and over the years have changed the way I look at my own health. It is and ongoing struggle and it may take decades for problems to build up, for me because sugar is my poison. Slowly though I am making the progress needed. Say YES TO: • Organic • Detox • Clean water • Maintain body pH at 7.3 • Raw food • Green smoothies • Walking in nature • Sole drink • Good fats • High quality minerals and vitamins (until you are told you are not aloud to have them) Say NO TO: • GM foods • Microwave food • Toxic soaps • Processed foods • Fluoride • Table salt • Sugar • Bad fats • GP’s

The YES/NO list could go on longer as you research further into meat/dairy /etc. I personally have not eaten animal meats for 3 years. The best protein to me comes from plants; you just need a variety of the different proteins. This does not mean you should not eat meat but just reduce your intake. I mentioned GP’s in the NO list; this is because most doctors seemed to be trained in what drug to push you. They work out what is wrong with you i.e. the symptom and not the cause. Then look it up on their computer and pick from a list of drugs that the drug salesman has pushed to them. How many doctors are qualified in nutrition and give you alternative advice. I guess there is money in selling drugs. To me you should not be breaking in the first place so look after your health and do not be sucked into the subliminal messages from the TV and advertising. Yes if you have a car crash the last person you would want to see is a nutrition expert, you would want the best doctors and hospital where they do an excellent job. Also there seems to be an increase in vaccinations on our children. Make sure you know the ingredients of the vaccine i.e. does it contain mercury. Also be very careful when they put more than one vaccine into one injection. Do your homework as it might be better to get them done signally or my advice never. Example how doctors work (happened Feb 2011) Someone I know suffers from dizziness and headaches; she went to the doctors who said she had vertigo and prescribed some tablets. All drugs have side effects and she complained of not being able to think clearly. I Googled vertigo and there were many articles listing all the symptoms this person had. The problem was a lack of magnesium which women do suffer from. Pills in the bin and now after increasing her magnesium intake (used magnesium oil and used as a deodorant) she is fine! There is a trend beginning that people are growing their own organic food in their back gardens or within local communities. This way you control the food you eat and make sure the soil is correct with all the minerals that you need. Food grown in this loving environment does make a difference to the life force of the plant and this benefits you.

1. Vitamin D: The reign of censorship and suppression against vitamin D is now coming to an end. Even though the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and many institutions leading the cancer industry (including the ACS) have intentionally tried to downplay the ability of vitamin D to prevent cancer, a new study appearing in the journal Anticancer Research lays out the simple, powerful truth about vitamin D that we've been teaching at NaturalNews for years: A typical adults needs 4,000 - 8,000 IUs of vitamin D each day to prevent cancer, MS and type-1 diabetes, not the ridiculously low 400 - 800 IUs recommended by the U.S. government.' The Sun is good for you just don’t over do it! 2. 'Got heart trouble? Having a heart attack? Try Cayenne pepper. It will stop a heart attack in its tracks. Cayenne pepper is a very powerful vasodilator . It works faster than aspirin and has no side effects. Sprinkle a capsule worth in your Green tea. Use a tea spoon in hot water and drink it down in case of chest pain and oncoming heart attack.'

3. Water: drink plenty every day to keep you hydrated. The Ph of the water needs to be around 8.2 ph. See for further information. 4. SUGAR = Poison, refined sugar in its many disguises is a poison and the only reason it does not kill you is that calcium from your bones and teeth stop the blood becoming too acidic. For more info 5. SALT: Table salt gives you high blood pressure‌get rid of it! Salt is a mineral essential to the human body and I use Himalayan Salt. 6. Sole Drink: The mixture of water and Himalayan crystal salt is called "Sole". There are many benefits to drinking this daily every morning on an empty stomach.

By Dr. Barbara Hendel

7. Dry Skin brushing: Helps to remove dead skin cells, opening pores and preventing clogging. Open pores are better able to eliminate sweat and toxins which help the body to detoxify. Since one quarter of our body’s detoxification each day is through our skin, our skin can eliminate about 2 pounds of waste. Afterwards use organic Sesame Seed Oil, slightly warm to rub into your skin.

8. It’s ok to bless your water/food: I always put my hand over the glass I have just made my Sole drink in. With my intension I use the words “I love You” and I can feel the energy coming out of the palm of my hand. Don’t laugh for this has now been proven by science to actually change the shape of the water crystals to a sacred design. Make no mistake water is powerful and can be programmed.

By Dr. Masusu Emoto

9. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a very common chemical found

in shampoos, hair conditioners, toothpaste, body washes bubble baths etc.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is also a strong and harsh detergent used in industry as a degreaser and a powerful wetting and foaming agent. Individuals and companies promoting cosmetic and personal care products that are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) have had a lot of mileage out of bad publicity SLS has received over the last few years. What are the facts?

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate has a low molecular weight and therefore easily penetrates your skin and gets into your blood stream. It is said that it builds up in your liver, heart and brain where over time causes damage. It’s not that great for you hair and skin either. I often read the labels of shampoos, shower gels, face soaps and hand soaps in supermarkets. They all have SLS in them because it is a cheap and it foams up well. Even the top of the range products have SLS. Yes it makes a great garage cleaner as long as you read the safety precautions and wear protective equipment. The amount of SLS in soaps, bubble baths might well be lower level then that of the garage cleaner but over decades of using SLS on your skin, this low level toxin builds up inside your body. For me it is a big no no and I use organic SLS free soaps. Editor For further information:

10. Soft Drinks

Mainly aimed at our children these fashionable drinks are consumed in great quantities. Many reports out there suggest that this could be the cause of obesity in our children due to the high content of sugar. The diet versions have a toxin called Aspartame which sweetens the drink without sugar. Aspartame is creditable linked to many diseases. Over the years, various reports have implicated aspartame in headaches, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, and cancer. It also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, and depression. The collection of signs and symptoms will vary, but the diseases will still come back to one root cause — aspartame. Another major problem with aspartame is that it interacts with other chemical substances, including antidepressants, Coumadin, cardiac medications, hormones, insulin, vaccines, and many others. The stuff even interacts with other artificial sweeteners. Aspartame has also been linked to putting more weight on due to the fact you crave more calories. Soft drinks also contain higher levels of pesticide than water. If this was not enough these drinks are around 3 ph which is acidic. This means higher tooth cavities as the enamel is attacked. We have already discussed that you should not make your body too acidic. The box in the corner of your room will brain wash you into believing anything! Do your own research; let your children know there is a strong debate out and by qualified people who do not change their opinions when offered money. Give your children the choice to choose. The governments are eager to put fluoride in our water supplies to reduce tooth decay (it does not), why not ban acid drinks and completely stop tooth decay.

11. Detox

You've undoubtedly heard that "cleanliness is next to Godliness." But where did that saying originate? Were you told as a child that it had to do with the mess in the kitchen or your bedroom? Have you ever considered that it might be referring to the condition of your body? You may have heard that fasting is a method to cleanse the body deeply. You've likely also heard that Jesus, Buddha, and many other highly spiritual men undertook prolonged fasts before beginning to share their spiritual teachings. But did you ever think these two things might be somehow connected? Have you considered that these great spiritual men may have deeply, and possibly consciously, cleansed their bodies internally in order to obtain or enhance their spiritual connection? And if that was the case, does it mean that perhaps accumulated toxicity in our bodies somehow hinders our spiritual connection? Actually, I believe it does.

Have you noticed in the biblical story of Adam and Eve that their downfall from grace was directly related to the foods that they were eating? It's kind of funny, but they we're told not to eat that apple. And yet they did. It's a very literal interpretation, but in a society where almost "anything goes" in our diets it's rarely recognized or for that matter understood. Yet, according to this story, putting the wrong foods in their bodies was the literal cause of their downfall from grace. If there is truth in the story, what do you think the consequences might be from putting food coloring, pesticides, preservatives, genetically modified foods, a general abundance of chemicals, and anti-freeze in our bodies? Believe or not, the primary ingredient in antifreeze is common in both personal care products and in "snack" foods you find in liquor stores. If two thousand years ago, the man considered by many to be a human God felt the need to cleanse his body deeply by doing a forty day fast, what does that say about the average person's toxicity condition today?

Two thousand years ago, pesticides and herbicides didn't exist on this planet and certainly weren't in our foods, soil, and water. Two thousand years ago, genetically modified ingredients weren't hidden in seventy percent of the processed foods available. Actually, two thousand years ago, there were likely few processed foods around - and certainly nothing like the chemical combinations we have on our shelves today. Yet, Jesus still felt the need to do a prolonged and deep cleanse, even in those times. Truthfully, I'm guessing the most toxic man on the planet in Jesus' time, would be one of the cleanest around today. Unfortunately today, even newborns are born with toxic chemicals in their bloodstream, and if by some miracle they were not, we certainly waste no time in giving them their first injection of the potent neurotoxin called mercury that is common in vaccines often before they come home.

Deep cleansing, which can include fasting, is a way to remove all of that toxicity from our bodies. Colon cleansing and liver cleansing can help physically remove a great deal of toxic waste from our bodies and are both extremely powerful. Actually, with the state of the average person's body today, I think both colon cleansing and liver cleansing are essential for health - as well as spiritual reasons. When you see how much comes out of you with these methods (and you will see it), you might be shocked. But, you also might need to cleanse deeply for yourself to really understand how much toxicity the average person carries. However, when you see it, it becomes very hard to deny. Kim Evans is an author and educator on cleansing the body. Her book, <I>Cleaning Up!</I>, offers a <a href=""> total body cleanse</a>, including a powerful <a href=""> candida cleanse</a>. Candida is a pesky fungal problem that is said to be the underlying cause of literally hundreds of different health problems - including cancer - and it affects approximately ninety percent of the population. You can learn more at

â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is only love everything else is an illusionâ&#x20AC;? David Icke

Tantra forms the esoteric basis of all religion and provides sound philosophical foundation of spirituality. We at wasco presents an indepth analysis and reflection of the root concepts of Tantra such as Kundalini, Mantra and Yantra. Tantra provides an esoteric and physiological significance of tantric Sadhana. Tantra believes that poison that kills a man when scientifically cultured by physician it becomes the elixir of life. bhog when sublimated, it opens the door for salvation. Tantra is a happy and harmonious blending of enjoyment (Bhoga) and salvation (yoga). It is an intuitional science. The Canonical literature of Tantra is written in Twilight language (Sandhya Bhasa). Its apparent meaning is quite different from the real meaning. Only those who get initiated by a proper Guru in Tantra Sadhana understand the mystic significance of different symbols and esoteric practices.we should never misuse the word tantra ,we take help of tantra only for remedial measures in astrology not more than that. Upanishads are manuals of higher sadhana for advanced and initiated aspirants. It delineates the ancient path of kundalini awakening in its original and pure form before the proliferation of modern yogic literature. This form elucidates a unique combination of kundalini yoga and vedantic upasana. It discusses the nadis, prana vayus, chakras and kundalini shakti, and also provides detailed descriptions of ajapa gayatri and pranava, which are older vedic and upanishadic meditative techniques of enlightment. So ultimately if you are in search of spiritual enlightenment, you must first seek to discover what your soul purpose in life is. Your soul purpose is the reason you are placed on earth, or can be better understood as what you should strive to accomplish during your life. Once you know your soul purpose, you can then seek spiritual enlightenment to discover the best path to reach that goal. In short, you soul purpose in life is the finish line or what you hope to leave behind, while spiritual enlightenment can be the map or direction you should take or understand in order to finish. . Most people are blessed with certain gifts or abilities that can help point in the direction of your soul purpose. For example, many people are healers while others are doers. Some people have a soul purpose to help others while some will have the ability to design plans so others can be helped.

Your soul purpose may simply be to raise a family so that your children go on to make a difference in the world. No one can tell you your soul purpose. It is something you must seek to discover through internal reflection and self discovery. In essence, your soul purpose is whatever ability you have to accomplish something with your life. Spirituality is not just experiancing God but it's wide meaning is examining our self, self realization of soul and redifining it's divinity is spiritualism.Deeply what is Spiritualism? and what is it's growth ?, the answer to this is that Spiriualism is beyond all aspects such as religion, cast, mantra, tantra, god, dharm, karma, . Spiritualism development of eternal soul and that purified soul represents the holy spirit and thus the whole process is termed as spiritualism. Spiritualism is basically and gradually growth of spirit and making goodies ,avoiding untruth opens the door to salvation preparing us to make a direct contact with almighty God. Spiritualism is not concerned with any dieties, it is meant for the eternal elixir of categorized dimentional soul and it's progress for attaining salvation . Astrology acts as one of the basic tools to travel spiritualism and a path to know Brahmavidya . All dharm says that mercy is the medicine for all worries, quarrels , anger and progress. A spiritualated person always remains in a perfect mind blissed with mercy and remains calm, speakes less but to the point , saves humanity, a tree can be spiritual, a building can be spiritual ,a fish, a cow can be spiritual it is the way how we observe our sorroundings. God is everywhere says great devotee of lord Vishnu - bhakth prahalaad. No philosophy can fully describe spiritualism. Vedic philosophy throws some light on -spiritualism . Spiritualism can be acheived by practicing self soul meditation , one who meditates on his soul after some time often experiances spiritual encounters. You can take any methodology to worship god - Dwaita and Adwaita , agama or nigama , chant omkar, live happy. Spirituality is not an affection towards God but it is a mutual aggrement between super divine with the pertual soul and it's metaphase eternal embrassment. Between the soul and Divine God there exists bodily stage which totally depends on the theory of Karma in which soul performs good or bad tasks and according to its performance god decides that it is perfect for salvation or not. When we chant mantra the effect is not mere carried by our body but it is simultaniously related with the soul.

The soul transmits the power of mantra the subdued energy of mantra then reaches the god and then the god in return embrasses the soul with his super divine desired powers. Our sole purpose of healing through mantra is based on this philosophy that in todays world no mantra, no yantra, is working when practiced by ordinary person an ordinary person can just do prayers.Unless authority like us performs puja, anushthan, mantra meditation, then definitely it provide immediate healing for which we take special charges because in Kaliyuga all mantra are already blocked by lord shiva but the person who knows it can open the key of that perticular mantra , it takes years to open a single mantra through continious sadhanas. Because mantra needs removal of curses which are already there affecting the power of mantra .We have to first remove those curses from that mantra then we can chant that mantra and get beniefits of the energy generated by mantra. Gayatri mantra is effected by five shraps i.e curses given by brahma, vashishtha, vishvamitra , all mahamantras needs removal process of curses on them then only they can provide healing and a guru can only give mantra to his disciple.This is vedic tradition of mantra meditation. Once you have discovered your soul purpose, you can then seek spiritual enlightenment to assist in your journey. Spiritual enlightenment is a basic understanding of powers higher than yourself and how those powers can be of help or aid in the journey to reach or attain goals. Spiritual enlightenment is not a moment in time where things suddenly become clear and the path is laid perfectly in front of you. Spiritual enlightenment is a process that happens over years of searching and studying to find the correct life map of the way that things should be done. Spiritual enlightenment is not simply a guideline of what direction you should go but it is a guide in a way to how you should live your life. Spiritual enlightenment is a process of discovering which things you believe are good to do in life and the way you should live your life. It will help you understand how to deal with people and situations and be able to feel like you did the right thing in the end. This can be discovered through prayer, meditation, and studying in books or with other people. This should be a learning process of what you do in your daily life that makes you feel good about your actions.

In short, you must figure out your soul purpose in life and then discover the way to fulfill it while not sacrificing your own soul. If you fulfill your goal, but in the end you can't stand who you have become along they way, you may regret the journey. Using spiritual enlightenment to fulfill your soul purpose will insure that in the end you can live with the steps you took to accomplish the goal. If you are in need of spiritual guidance, there are many ways to locate healers that can assist with finding your way. Spiritual guidance is used to find new ways to heal sicknesses, especially those that deal with the psychological and emotional areas of the body. There are many different types of healers available today. Some of the more popular techniques and beliefs used by healers are homeopathy, ayurvedic treatments, allopathy, and Hekma. While healing through spiritual guidance has not been practiced extensively, it has been proven to be effective in treatments for physical, mental, and emotional ills.Healers often use spiritual guidance from the holy books of the Bible, Qur'an, and the Torah. These three religions use healers to treat sickness and disease. While spiritual guidance may mean different things to people who practice different religions, the basics are usually the same In quest of identity and destiny man discovered philosophy and religion. In search of realization of philosophical truth and religious summum bunum of life Lord Shiva expounded scientific and mystic tradition known as Tantra. One who knows Khechari mudra tantra nyasa can fly easily in open sky, travel in outer space with out help of any machine or vahicle. One who knows panchanguli sadhana can peep into future, past and present of a person. One who knows occult tantra can help others and himself herself smoothly. The yantric healing is based on ancient priciples of sree vidya tradition and in remedial astrology measures we apply this healing . For some person this can take less time where as for another person it can take more time to heal against negative energy. Where there is positive energy on opposite we always find negative energy this is the principle of balance energy equation. Energy can neither created nor destroyed it can be converted from one form to another . The person who is responsible to receive healing has to create that amount of energy by means of mantra, tantra and yantra and with full affection and hard work i.e tapa given to him by us .

After receiving energy there comes the stage that how to maintain that divine energy received by him . We continuously guide time to time for this yantric , mantric healing therapy . Our holy texts such as Bhagvad gita, Ramayan, vedas,upnishada gives us knowledge and guides us if we are fully devoted to follow what there is mentioned in secred texts .Each and every incarnation of god gives us a teaching also it is an art of living given by ancient rishis, munis and great sages and their desperate spiritual work on Hinduism the oldest religion of world. Tantra forms the esoteric basis of all religion and provides sound philosophical foundation of spirituality. We presents an indepth analysis and reflection of the root concepts of Tantra such as Kundalini, Mantra and Yantra. Tantra provides an esoteric and physiological significance of tantric Sadhana. Tantra believes that poison that kills a man when scientifically cultured by physician it becomes the elixir of life. bhog when sublimated, it opens the door for salvation. We practice the ancient sree vidya and the healing providing procedure by thisoccult method , there are two main tradions of sree vidya one is kadi and other is hadi the third form is sadi but not very popular in tantra. There are said to be 15 lines of mantra, each perceived by a different Rishi (Seer). The most widespread seems to be that called Kadi (beginning with 'Ka'), which itself has three sections. Theother main division is Hadi, although it is said that the Kularnava Tantra incorporates both in a division called Kahadi. Devotees of the Kadi line worship the Shri Yantra from the perimeter to the centre, while Hadi devotees worship it from the centre to the perimeter. Some of the lines of the vidya are said to be broken, and do not run in a continuous stream.The Kadi Vidya runs ka e i la hrim: ha sa ka ha la hrim: sa ka la hrim. There is also a secret 16th syllable said to be the quintessence of Lalita.The Yogini Hridaya, the second part of the Vamakeshvara Tantra, states that the mantra has several meanings. Some are literal, others traditional, inner, Kaulika, occult and real. The syllables represent Shiva and Shakti. The first part, Ka E I La Hrim, is called Vagbhava, and is Vama Shakti, Brahma,Jnana Shakti, and Eastern Face. The second part, Ha Sa Ka Ha La hrim, is Kamaraja, Jyesta Shakti, Visnu, Iceha Shakti, and Southern Face. The third part, Sa Ka La hrim, is called Shakti, is RaudriShakti, Rudra, Kriya Shakti and Western Face.

The fourth part, the hidden or secret syllable, is mother goddess, Shambhu Natha, the totality of the three shaktis of Knowledge, Will and Action, and the Northern Face or amnaya. Ka = air, Ha = fire, Sa = water, La = earth, Ha = aether. The vowels are above aether. The 15 syllables are 1 of aether, 2 of air, three of fire, four of water, and five of earth.The three forms of La represent the three Worlds. The five forms of the letter Ha represent sound. The vidya shows oneness of Shiva, Guru, devi and disciple; as it is Shiva in sound form (Shakti) which preserves the line.These vidya, yantra, guru, disciple, goddess are all conceived of as being one. The Shri Yantra is within the wheel of time (Kalacakra), and represents the human body (microcosm), and the universe(macrocosm). These 15 letters are conceived to exist within the meru or spine of a human being, from the base to the top of the head.The seven (or nine) 'cakras' are strung along this thread of light, as are the different mandals or circles of Shri Yantra. Note that the Lalita Vidya is itself divided into three parts, each represents fire, sun and moon.Different letters of the alphabet all exist in a subtle form within the spinal cord. Each chakra is presided over by a Yogini whose function is connected with the transmutation of food, which is alchemy of the food factory. Every aspect of Shri Vidya may be understood in three ways -- gross, subtle, and supreme -- and so the meaning of things often remains uncertain unless you already know someone who has the key, or belong to the in group. As letters of the alphabet, Lalita is Matrika Shakti, who deludes by her Maya through words, speech, mantra. The tantriks knew the seven traditional planets of western astrology, and also had a greater number of shadowy planets, of which Rahu and Ketu -- the nodes of the moon -- are the best known. The planets are important to an understanding of Shri Vidya, but the details are so extensive that they must be reserved for a later time.The letters of the vidya are Nada, or sound, and the absolute, and end as uttered sound. When charged with the consciousness of the Fourth these mere letters become mantra. Otherwise, words continually delude.The 16th syllable of the vidya also represents the Fourth. This Fourth is Kamakala.Beyond it is the Ultimate Absolute (Atiturya - beyond the Fourth), and beyond any sort of description

HOW TO LIVE DISEASE FREE LIFE The human body can suffer from only two kinds of diseases that are mental diseases and the Physical diseases. Mental Diseases : The mental diseases are created by the faulty and bad karmas memories stroed inside the mind of a human body.It is very necessary to store the singing of six vedic mantras of Shiv Sankalpamastu which are made to make the mind strong in a human body.Only with the help of these vedic mantras it is possible to know the knowledge of oath (sankalp) taken from Lord Shiva for the Growth and Progress of Nature and live stress free as well as dipression free life.It is only with the help of these mantras the mind gets strong enough to make good dessions for the body resulting in good karmas which develop an enjoyfull life for the body.Only with the help of these mantras Kundilini Jagran is possible.To overcome all types of Mental diseases a body should should know the singing of these mantras in a perfect way itself. Physical Diseases : The whole human body structure is based on the seven Kundilini Chakras.The energy flow takes place through Nadis in human body.Ieda Nadi controls the left part of body ;Pingla Nadi controls the Right part and the Susmana Nadi controls the Central Part of the body.On the front side of susmana Nadi these seven Kundilini Chakras of the Body are present.

1)Muladhara Chakra : va,sa,saa,la. 2)Swadhistan Chakra : ba,bha,ma,tha, 3)Manipur Chakra : da,dha,ana,ta,da,dha,pa, ya, fa. 4)Anhat Chakra : ka,kha,ga,gha,da,cha,ja,gha,tra,ja,tha,ya 5)Vishud Chakra : aa,aaa,ee,eee,ue,uee,sthre,gyna,aae,aou,ang,ahaa. 6)Agya Chakra : ha,aum,akshya 7)Sanhansdhara Chakra : Letters of all sounds. On these seven chakras there are present fifty six sound wave produceing small chakras,From each chakra there are connected 350 to 500 small nadis.Sound wave could be produced by only two ways by hitting of objects or by motion.These small chakras are made of different metals which on rotation produce different different kinds of sound wave which is supplied to the voice box of throuth where it combines with air & swaras and Gramer is given by mouth then the sound of a letter comes out of the body.These 350 to 500 nadis of each chakra carry energy to the organ for its working.When a chakra rotates with the help of air;the air rushes into these all of the nadis as a result it creates more space for the flow of energy to the deeper side of the organ of the body.Only Sanskrit Language is a Full Language which can produce full rotation of the chakra.In the nadis five types of prana vayu and five types of naag vayu are present. Pran vayu;aapan vayu;udaan vayu;saaman vayu;vaayan vayu. Naag vayu;kurm vayu;krukul vayu;dhananjay vayu;devdath vayu. Pran vayu are responsible for good disaires and naag vayu are responsible for bad disaires of the soul of the body.These ten types of live air particles carry out the functions of absortion and excreation in the human body.These are also called as the Rudras of the body.For the full flow of energy in all the inside organs of the human bodt it is very necessary to sing the Twenty Two Vedic mantras of Purukh sukth.In these vedic mantras only all the fifty six sounds are present through which a human body can create space for energy flow to whole of the organal system of the body.Louder is the voice fastest is the rotation of chakra.The nadis are made of space in human body which are connected tomind as well as to the internal organs of the body.To live a disease free life it is very necessary for a human body to sing the vedic mantras of Purukh sukth in a perfect way it self.Due to lac of use of these chakras only todays human body starts suffering from diseases of organs at the age of 35 to 50 it self.Only with the help of these mantras it is possible to develop positive thinking of brain,as these mantras also open the space from mind to brain for the flow of energy.

The brains right part gets more active and positive thinking on every thought of mind is developed in the body.Due to speaking of bad words loudly the negative thinking of brain gets developed in a human body as bad words are spoken in anger with full energy by the body. To learn these essential vedic mantras and to know the details on vedic gyan â&#x20AC;˘

It is my humble request to pass on this knowledge to every human of the earth so that every body can live disease free and enjoyfull life.

According to the Vedas the body of a man in the universe is created by the five mail elements of the Nature.The veda discribes that five elements in the body as: The Earth (mussles & bones);The water (blood);The Space (nadis);The fire (soul or atama);The air (eleven types of gasses called as vayu rudars).All these elements are called as Tatwas in sanskrit. Every cell of the body has life as a cell needs energy to perform different functions.The body of a human could be examined in three different ways known as SHIVA(man);SHAKTI (women);ARDHANARESHWARA(enuch).The whole body is controled by a point called as Manaha (mind)which achives sankalpa the oath from Lord Shiva;the King of all tatwas or universe for the growth and progress of the nature and attains the cycle of this universe to fulfill the same oath.The whole cycle is made of Eighty four lacks of Yonies and it takes near about 2500 years for the soul and mind to complete this cycle so as to achive the Human Body.After completation of this cycle only the soul and mind attain Human body to complete the oath and get Liberliasation from this cycle of Re-births.One can only achive this knowledge of oath by prounceing the six vedic mantras of Shiv sankalpamastu.The knowledge of oath is fitted on the Right part of brain of the human body.The man can speak three types of words from the mouth.Common words;bad words;and Important words.The important words in the universe are the vedic mantras only.By the production of sound only the human body makes active the different parts of its brain.Today it is very necessary to study the energy flow of the Human body which takes place from the mind through different Nadis with the help of the eleven vayu rudras of the body.The head of the energitic part

Kundilini Shakti lies in the muladhara chakra of the body.This Kundilini shakti is coiled and the mouth is entangled inside the susmana Nadi which flows directly to the mind of the body.Through this nadi only mind recives the energy while sleeping from the kundilini shakti.At the time of death this Kundilini shakti travels from this path of susmana nadi and catches hold of mind and then takes the mind of the body to the heart through the brahma nadi where it combines the mind of the body to the soul of the body.All the organs of the body stop working due to lac of the energy supply and the body attains the situatation of death.After this process the soul and mind along with this shakti has to come out through the eleven doors of the body.The duration of time and the choice of exit door depends upon the memories of the good or bad karmas stored inside the mind of the body itself.As the oath taken from Lord Shiva by the mind is not fulfilled again after comming out the same mind and soul is generated into a new body to fulfill the same oath.The soul and mind gets seven chances to fulfill the oath as they attain seven times the human body in the universe cycle.If in all these seven chances the oath is not fulfilled then again the soul has to complete the whole cycle of 2500 long years to attain the Human body.The energy is generated by the soul or atama deep inside the heart called as the Brahma stana of the body.The energy generated from different materials eaten is suppiled imedeatly to the Kundilini shakti through brahma nadi.The five types of desaires of soul also travel through brahma nadi to mind to make perform body different karmas to express these desires.The desire is changed into a thought by the mind and imedeatly passed on to the brain for Thinking.The brain of the human body is divided into Four majour parts. 1)The left common part 2)The right common part 3)The deepest left part 4)The deepest right part. (Left parts are distructive and Right parts are of constructive nature) The brain only works where the energy flow takes place.If the body is prounanceing vedic mantras then and then only the deepest right part of brain gets active.The brain is situated on the sanhasdhara chakra of the body.As the understanding function by the mind is only performed when the brains thinking gets over and then the energy and

order is supplied by the mind through different nadis ;Ieda controling the left part of body ;Pingla the right part and the center part is controled by Susmana nadi which flows on front side of body from mind to muladahara chakra. On this path of the susmana nadi all the fifty six sound produceing chakras are present.The sound wave is produced by these chakras only on rotation.Louder is the voice fastest is the rotation.These sound waves are passed onn to throath where with the help of air these sound waves are changed into swaras of sounds and after that gramer is given by the mouth to his air and sound and voice of a letter comes out.Sanskrit language is only a full language in pronunsation.By the pronunsation of bad words the deepest left part of brain gets active as the sound energy and air russhes up till this left depth of brain resulting in opening the space for the energy to flow.After this happens on every thought when mind gives energy to brain for thinking the energy rushses to this part and the body performs wrong functions due to negative thinking it results into sorrows and bad health.Through this part of thinking only the body performs bad karmas.The understanding function of mind then further depends on the different stages of mind and the stages depend upon the memory stored inside the mind itself.It is very necessary for the mind to have the memory of the six important vedic mantras of Shiv sankalpamastu stored in it to change the mind from distructive karmas to constructive karmas The seven important chakras of human body are ; 1)MULADAHARA CHAKRA 2)SWADHISTAN CHAKRA 3)MANIPUR CHAKRA 4)ANAHAT CHAKRA 5)VISHUD CHAKRA 6)AGAYA CHAKRA 7)SANHASDAHARA CHAKRA On these six chakras from muladhara to agaya chakra there lie 56 small sound produceing chakras made of different metals.All these chakras are connected to susmana nadi.The air rushes to the chakra through the susmana nadi and hits the edge of the chakra by which the chakra starts the rotation and the sound wave is produced.Each of the chakra is connected to the organ by nearly 350 to 500 small nadis.The air rushes inside these nadis as a result the space for energy flow is created

deeply inside the organ.The functioning of any organ depends upon the energy supply only.For the full rotation of these chakras the man has to pronunce the vedic mantras it self to creat the energy flow to the deepest part of the organ.There is no other way for the rotation of these chakras.There are in all 72000 nadis connected to different chakras and the organs for the energy supply. These chakras are present inside the human body itself.Animals cannot produce these sounds as their body do not consist of these chakras.By the pronunsatation of twenty two vedic mantras of Purukhsuath only a human body can live disease free life for years in this universe.Through these mantras only the deepest Right part of brain gets active which developes the positive thinking in the human body.There is no other way in the universe to develop the positive thinking for the brain.The singing of the vedic mantra should be perfect enough for the rotation of the chakra to generate best results for the body.The energy flow in human body takes place from mind to different organs through different nadis only.It is very necessary for the human body to learn these essential vedic mantras and pronounce them for good health as well for the growth and progress of the whole nature.

Wendy Stokes

In the past few years, we have seen the vulnerable of this world plunged into serious debt and despair due to the immense greed of the rich banking system. However, out of the ashes, we are noticing some progress in a more spiritual direction. Our new Prime Minister, David Cameron, has pledged £2 million of our precious taxes for a ‘happiness index’ where everything that makes life worthwhile and improves wellbeing will be assessed. Hopefully, we will be provided with assistance so we can improve the quality of our life in the UK. Pollution, crime, work-life balance, health and community projects are all on the agenda. We are seeing more celebrities being self conscious of conspicuous consumption and showing their support for charities. Even businesses are proud to place part of their profits towards good causes. Fashions in spirituality are moving away from self centredness and ‘manifesting abundance’ to more empathic, generous and caring attitudes; from ‘thinking positive’ to ‘being honest and realistic’; and to contribute to society rather than personally gaining from it. The emphasis is on the big overall picture and the improvement that this will generate in relationships and a sense of purpose and meaning, will change our future. The Spring is always a good time to start new projects and I am working on producing a home study course and also I am writing a novel. I like to be busy and always have something interesting to talk about with friends. I find that I prefer the company of people who are prepared to accomplish something rather than sit and watch sensationalised dysfunctional behaviour on TV! Take my friend Tracy, for example. Though she has a young 5 year old daughter and a 10 year old son, she still finds time to visit her elderly

neighbour every couple of days for a chat. And Geoff, who has lost his job but still does gardening free of charge for his neighbour who has a bad back. If we want to live in a caring and safe world, there is no time like the present to be part of its creation. I have channelled a message from my spirit guide, Diotima: ‘Spirituality is a path that few follow because it is selfless, but this is the most honourable of all life’s paths. At the end of time, when you are called by the Great Ones to account for your sojourn here, you will not regret what clothes you wore or how many films you have seen. You will, however, regret the many times when you failed in your duty to care for those who have loved and supported you. I call you to reach out today to soothe a broken heart with praise and kindness, provide ease for someone who is struggling with a burden, or heal a hurt with consolation and friendship. From my favourite packs of oracle cards, I offer this reading. From Melanie Eclare’s Flower Spirit Cards: Primrose – A Message of Awakening. After a time of spiritual hibernation, a reminder to reawaken to the opportunities that life offers. Be true to yourself and throw yourself into new experiences. From Victoria Sofia Lewis’ Tree Affirmation Cards: Gratitude – Magnolia. Imagine the opening bud of the magnolia blossom as your willingness to experience thankfulness for the simple pleasures in your life. From Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards: Sobriety. A sober lifestyle improves health and happiness. Raphael is here to heal addictions and boost self-esteem, energy and good relationships. Avoid chemicals that contribute to pollution and poor health. From Louise L Hay You Can Heal Your Life Affirmation Kit Cards: Every Though I Think is Creating MY Future, and from Jamie Sams and David Carson’s Medicine Cards: Spider – Weaving. There is an ancient story that the spider showed humankind how to write by forming letters in its web. The spider shows us how to create, by tirelessly working and building. The symbol requests that we honour the male and female aspects of our personality. By expressing the spider energy, we prevent our creativity from turning into destructive behaviour.

Wendy Stokes is the author of ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’ which is published worldwide by the UK’s leading mind, body and spirit publisher, O Books.

It is available from all good bookshops or from Amazon. ISBN No.978-184694-387-4. Please visit

Stages in the Evolution of Awareness In ancient Egypt there were specific temples where truth seekers dedicated to the spiritual path were guided through the stages of the evolution of awareness. Those stages have never varied. They are part of our human condition and todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s truth seekers face the same testings and initiations that challenged their predecessors. Stage I: Ego-Identification The Initiate (Transformation) In the initiate stage, old beliefs and ideas are emptied out. The student becomes aware of old programming that has shaped his reality. The grip of social conditioning begins to lessen and the initiate acquaints himself with tools used for discernment. The result of the increased insights and new skills is a more ordered mind. The more the mind is trained and old belief systems dissolve, the more energy becomes available. The initiate begins to realize that he knows nothing for certain. Spiritual growth accelerates during this phase and old relationships will either start to reject him or he will shed them as no longer relevant to his life. The student is tested when fear arises as the old safe parameters of his world disappear. Finding that most of what he held so tightly is really illusion will either send him scampering back to his prison cell or help him take a leap of faith over the edge of the cliff into the unknown. The Adept (Transmutation) Becoming proficient at wielding the tools of awareness, the adept is aware of how limited his knowledge is and as a result, other realities begin to open.

He begins to see symbolically and acquires literacy in reading signs in his environment. The world speaks to him. A key insight of this phase is the loss of feeling victimized. The adept sees how he has co-created each event in his life to help him fulfill his destiny. Challenges become welcome sources of insight which in turn yield power. The surges of power he now experiences release excretions within the endocrine system. The testing of this phase is the danger of addition to the thrills these surges engender. To avoid the danger, he must change his focus to the balancing of the subpersonalities within himself. The Master (Transfiguration) This is the last phase remaining in ego-identification. The seeker must now gather enough power and energy to make the leap of entirely disconnecting from ego and into God-consciousness. Training for this leap emphasizes streamlining of the master’s life. Conservation of energy is essential. All initial energy is used by a disorganized left brain with only the surplus available to the right brain to access the unknown. The master’s mind must become so organized that energy is freely available to access more and more of the unseen realms. Two hazards now present themselves: •

The unseen reality can easily divert the master’s attention from his everyday challenges and relationships – the real source of his power. He cold withdraw from everyday life, stifling his spiritual growth even as his abilities increase.


When someone becomes aware of the unseen worlds, those worlds become aware of him and offer their skills to him. The more he focuses on them, the more energy he gives them. It is now critical that his sub-personalities be fully developed and in harmony. At this very moment when he should be free from identity, a new one â&#x20AC;&#x201C; shaman, saint â&#x20AC;&#x201C; presents itself and if he succumbs, is unable to proceed to God-consciousness. It is here that the purpose with which the student embarked on his path makes a huge difference. If that purpose was power, this is the end of his progress. If it was to seek perception, he has a good chance of escaping the lure of power as long as he keeps his eyes firmly on his goal. Tempted by power, learning to conserve energy, the master prepares to entirely disconnect from identifying with the limited self and entering the stage of God-consciousness in which he becomes a seer. As this event approaches, he feels more and more disconnected, viewing his life and actions as though from a distance. Value judgments of what is and is not desirable fall away. Stage 2: God-consciousness The Emptiness (Transformation) Here the seer knows he is no-thing, empty of thoughts and most common emotions. Sometimes he is vast as the cosmos and at others he crashes back into the body and feels claustrophobic at its confinement. Although he has lost identity, he must retain self-awareness lest he plunge into insanity. He feels he has lost his mind, and he has lost his surface mind. Linear time is meaningless. Physical activity slows enormously.

Physical energy is very low as he learns to traverse inner space. The test here again is fear. The fear that things won’t get done, duties won’t be discharged. They will, often without thought. If the seer falls into this trap or begins to feel that the disassociation is a step in the wrong direction, he regresses. The Bliss (Transmutation) From knowing that he is no-thing, now he knows he is all things. This happens as a sudden rush of bliss in the cells. Walking, it feels as though everything is moving through him. Laughter, diminished in the first phase, now bubbles through all his cells. As in the second phase of the first stage, addiction is the challenge here and most succumb. The world is accustomed to someone being ‘in bliss’ and often devotees support the physical needs of the seer at this point. To onlookers it appears he has ‘arrived’. Though the seer in bliss cares little for what others think, he has no boundaries and is wide open to those who promote his dependency in order to feed their own needs. Even with years of training, bliss can drive that training out of the head. If the seer withdraws from the opposition human experiences present, all growth stops, since friction is necessary for progress. Re-Entering the Human Condition (Transfiguration) If the seer has succeeded in resisting the lure of bliss, he must now call on his accumulation of power to make the transition to the third and final stage of human development, Ascended Mastery. The only way to do this without damaging himself or the web of existence is through gaining more

perception and for this, he must re-engage in human interaction. It takes great humility and dedication to the path for him to leave the obvious mastery, which others recognize and support, to blunder back into the human drama where he often seems as foolish as anyone else. But even beneath the laughter and the tears, the vast stillness remains. Three minds work toward the end of this phase; surface mind, 4th dimensional higher mind and the vast highest mind. A question will elicit answers from each mind. The seer will give the answer gauged to the level of the questioner’s ability to understand. To his great amusement the seer now discovers that, having gained enough power to change the circumstances of his life, he is unable to do so. He has become fully cooperative with life. Rather than manifest a convenient parking place, he parks several blocks from his destination and there finds a homeless person whom he knows he has a contract to assist. At this point the seer creates situations that give others opportunities to grow. He does this effortlessly, without attachment to outcome. He sees the flaw, creates a ‘space of expectation’ in his mind and the opportunity arises for the novice to look his own flaw in the face. Ascended Mastery Original Thinking (Transformation) This is another phase of ‘emptying’. Now, even actions such as speaking or writing can be done without conscious thought and from a place of complete silence. The Ascended Master is on ‘auto pilot’ and any action that is not meant to be is impossible to take. Because surface mind is rarely used, there is a great deal of energy at his

disposal. If the Ascended Master refrains from reading or any other activity requiring deduction by the surface mind, he can go days without sleep. The source of genius some are privileged to feel on occasion is the constant companion of the Ascended Master. The mind is almost totally silent but the answer to any question is immediately there. Miracles increase dramatically during this phase but if demonstrating them is not part of the Ascended Master’s path, they will not be done in front of others. Immortality (Transmutation) In this once-in-a-lifetime experience, the cells feel as though they were popping like popcorn and the body feels on fire and tingles all over. The luminous cocoon around the body doubles in size. Symptoms include: •

Pressure in the back of the head where the process seems to begin.

Light-headedness and spatial disorientation.

Anesthetics don’t work.

Pain is experienced differently - more like unpleasant pressure.

Everyone else seems to be disorganized and in slow motion.

There is a premonition that life is about to change forever. After the event, beings of all descriptions congregate around the Immortal Master. The ability to become immortal is rare among species and many unseen hands come to touch the face. As in the previous two stages, there is an addictive tendency that must be overcome. There is a sensation of intense bliss created by energy lines twining through the chakras, producing an endocrine secretion in the brain. A sweet-tasting fluid is excreted in the back of the throat. The enticement is to totally surrender to the bliss and withdraw from human interaction.

Beyond this point is only sketchily charted territory. Very, very few individuals have reached this level of development and those who have rarely attempt to describe the indescribable. There is really only one way to know what it is like to be a transfigured Ascended Master and that is to become one.

Visible Signs of Change The changes occur now for all to see; many earth quakes, Magnetic North drifting further than it ever has before and of course people are waking up to the corrupt governments and banking systems. It is important to be aware, calm and have no fear. Easy to say maybe and for many people who have no idea of what is actually happening these times will be difficult. The light is of course is at the end of the tunnel and we will be within it faster than you would realise. There is much talk on whether the earth quakes are man made or natural, so I tried some automatic writing(still only practising this) to find answers from a higher perspective: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Things happen that have no measure for you to judge the cause of. I t does not matter why or what or who. Send your prays and love for this invisible force is needed in areas of great changes. It is written that the outcome has been already decided and therefore have no fear, the events will unfold as the balance of your free will has to main intact. It has been said that there is only love and everything else is an illusion, hard words for you in your reality to comprehend but the words are words of truth. This a higher truth for there are many levels of truth and understandings. Send love and light to areas that need it the most and have no doubt it will be received and much more added.â&#x20AC;? Robert 13/3/2011

Mother Earth needs to release the negativity built up over many thousands of years. This period we are now in has always been known about but the exact path it will take is always being fined tune. The path is to move to the 5th dimension! This is called Ascension and at a Soul level you have made a choice on going with the flow or not. We have all signed up for this and believe it or not being preparing for this event over many life times. Many other Souls wanted the opportunity to be in a physical body on Earth during this period. The skies are full of craft from other Worlds and dimensions. I know because I have seen them and the chances are that you have as well. They are here to help but not to do everything for us, it is a team effort.

The energies that hit the Earth are increasing all the time to help us to be calm and to evolve us beyond our belief in a very short period of time. Many people complain of headaches, dizziness and heart palpitation over the last few years. These are just some of the noticeable effects to the changes happening to us. There is lots of information out there telling you what is happening but be careful because even the truth can bring fear and then lead you to conclusions that lead to more fear. Just know that changes for the good are happening now! There is a period of high change and yes you are in it now! The unfolding of events is to ensure the outcome of the Golden Age. The invisible bars that have held back your freedom will be lifted to reveal your true self with all your gifts. Mother Earth is a being and her beauty is to be returned. Have no fear for there is nothing to fear. Take the time to raise your vibration by eating high vibration foods and drink. Keep away from any thing that lowers your vibration. Your intuition is much needed now so use it well. Daily bring in the divine white light into your body and through your body into Mother Earth. For the people who have never done this before just start doing it! Your guides will see your intention and will lead you to further understandings. One way of using your intuition and NOT your mind; place your hand on your heart and then ask your question! Let your heart answer and the more you practise this the quicker you will understand how the answers come to you. The heart is always 100% right!

PLEIADIAN HEART MEDITATION This simple daily intention takes minutes and will raise your vibration: Take a few deep breaths Focus on your heart energy centre Think of all the things you are grateful for (Family, friends, etc) Feel your heart energy expand horizontal It is as simple as that!

So what is to become? • • • • • • • • •

DNA changes, carbon based bodies to crystalline Earth changes will continue to the 5th Dimension Universe changes will continue to the 5th Dimension The veil between the hidden realms is becoming thinner and therefore known Disclosure of life inside and around Mother Earth First official Alien contact by the end of 2011 hopefully! Hidden and new technologies released Abundance program to wipe out your debt……hope this one comes true! Etc

Christmas 2010 I did the following auto writing:

2011 Prediction Automatic Writing unedited

“Not just possibilities/probabilities but nearly the final outcomes are to become your 2011. We welcome you for it will be written that the greatest of the changes will happen in your year 2011. Be prepared with joy of the ups and downs of this year which does bring much joy. DISCLOSURE-EARTH CHANGES-GOVERMENTAL CHANGES-HUMAN CHANGES these are happening and have been happening since 2003. The outcome is at the crossroads and must be! The disclosure of what you might consider? Lets it be said the TRUTH will be brought forward which you will consider the low point but on reflection the truth is the high point ! Know this you will be put in know doubt that this is the truth. Massive energy changes are taking place on Earth as well as else where, the calm in yourselves is here for you to gentle go with the flow of great announcements in the coming months. Consider this all in the time that is approaching be prepared for these first steps as the next will be of the greater of importance. As the dark fades in the light it will seem that chaos is all around but be assured that the ones that know will surface to be seen and heard for the truth will be said!”

There are many, many people saying the same thing and 3 months into the year you can certainly see the Earth and governmental changes happening in the world. Questions are being asked as seen on the news; “why are there so many earth quakes now?” “Why do the bankers get such large bonuses even when they have lost billions?” There are many more examples of this as people are starting to wake up and question. So the changes are happening and it is everywhere! Take the time to look at the night sky and ask the Universe for proof of other beings, the chances are proof will be given!

Model of high vibration food 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

grown in the wild in season not GM the energy of the area is one of love the soil has ALL the correct minerals in it organic picked with love blessed and then eaten with gratitude

Think as food as energy and life.

By Valerie Tyler

How many of us have recognized that we are lightworkers and have a mission to complete here on Earth? Many of us are waking up, our consciousness is revealing hidden truths that have been hidden behind a misty veil, this is lifting as we are rising. As the consciousness changes we need to recognise the consequences of our thoughts on the world around us. Everything we see around us is a mirror image of what it is like in the spiritual realm, everything we achieve here in the physical, we are able to make manifest ourselves. As a child I knew of the other realm because I saw beautiful colours and crystals in my room which I thought everyone else could see. I used to feel sorry for people who were so rich in the materialistic world that they may find it difficult to get to this place with their minds though not just in their minds. The place we reach is a real place, it is our state of consciousness that alters and when it does it is unlimited as to where it can travel. Imagine our minds free of a physical body, how we would be able to go to any place, to other universes but we are like children in the kindergarten and the first astral traveling we do is quite near and in our dreams, when we feel more daring enough we can venture to the planets in our solar system and make contact with those there, we can feel with our senses what those places are like, what type of atmospheres they have, which colours we see bear a great relevance to this too, as colours are different frequencies. While in these physical bodies we are able to use our minds to travel safely and explore the different realms and universes, as we evolve we find that we can learn more of our skills. They are skills that we once used to use and they are latent in us because they were misused in the past, causing a catastrophe to happen here on Earth, we were scattered around and it was forbidden to talk of these things that had caused such harm. The few people that were left started to reincarnate and the knowledge was held inside them but not allowed to surface. Now we are beginning to remember because we all have access to the truth of who we really are. People are searching everywhere for the lost city of Atlantis but I believe it to be somewhere different to where we are looking.

My whole life seems to have been a book of synchronicities guiding me to the truth, do we all feel like this or maybe everyone could if they opened their minds to the almost impossible. Things can only become real when we accept them. To do this we must first learn to accept, then we receive. We accept that there is more to this life than what we first thought and life becomes exciting, interesting. Some may think it is make belief but I'm sure everyone must admit that the road we've gone down for the last decade has not been one of happiness and light for a lot of people. Our mistakes have led us to realising that this is not what we want, most of us anyway, for those who are satisfied with the way things are, that is ok. there time will surely come when they too will start to want to venture out into the unknown with their minds We have lived lifetimes trying to get things right, going over the same old experiences, making the same old mistakes. We know this by the way the world is. If we think it's ok then we are probably one of those who is still being enticed in a materialistic way sometimes at the expense of others. Although I say 'others' they are really a part of ourselves as we are all one, from the same consciousness. What can we do about this? Start thinking in a different way. Learn to meditate, use visualisation techniques to take you to the places you need to explore, you can find out whatever you need to know when you call on the people who have the answers. If you summon the council of elders they will guide you to who you need to speak to for the answers to your questions. Most importantly we have free choice but are more in control of outcomes than we think, we have to trust and let go of the old to allow the new to come in. We can start by our ways of thinking rather than getting rid of physical things but it does help to get a clearer mind when your space around you is clear even if it is a small space. Feel cleansed and pure before you create what you want. Some may think that others who don't appear to be spiritual are not but these people who care for others, look after children, bake cakes, knit, sew, paint, play music are all helping to bring the light in and are creating the new world because they are going into the space which is apart form the matrix in which we have been caught, the web that we have woven ourselves because of not knowing when to curb our excesses. These are the characteristics of Saturn.

The time now is the time of complaint, if there is something we need to speak up about that we think will change the world we need to talk. If we see others being treated badly we need to tell them what they are doing. In other words we need to not be scared to communicate what we believe to others. Tell others of our experiences and let as many as possible know that there is more going on and they need not be afraid to talk about things they have seen, bells they have heard, dreams that seem real, voices speaking to them, alien encounters and so on. Many are suffering with sore throats and colds at the moment because of their inability to speak their mind, we must learn to do so or we will be made to. It is our own selves that will make us listen, the collective consciousness of us all. After many reincarnations we are being given the chance to ascend, let us all take this opportunity to make this world a better place for all mankind. Love and Light Valerie.

Wiltshire UK, August 2010 at Pewsey Vale 21:15 hours This was my second UFO encounter within a year. The first one was in my back garden at night time when a white orb UFO pulsed the top of my head to make me look up at it! Second UFO Encounter Had a Channelled reading done where I was told I would be able to take pictures of a crop circle. This crop circle would also be special for me personally. So to make the reading come true I decided to go camping in Wiltshire. The journey would be by myself as no one else wanted to go crop circle hunting with me especially in late August when most of the farmers are harvesting their crops. Found a great campsite on the internet but you could not book; you had to just turn up and if there was space all well and good! At ÂŁ5/night I decided to take the risk.

As you can see lots of space, but only after the first night. Campsite:

Half a mile before I reached the campsite I notice people in a field. I knew this meant there was a crop circle there so I parked the car up to have a look.

This crop circle was formed several weeks before and had now been well trodden:

The full circle can be seen on the front cover of the November 2010 issue of Spiritual Times. I had the circle to myself so I laid down in it and just closed my eyes for 10 minutes in the beautiful sunshine. After I taken a few pictures I finished the journey to the campsite. This was the only crop circle I went in and later on ask for confirmation through the same Channelled reader; â&#x20AC;&#x153;the crop circle is a scared symbol and has a very deep meaning for you though you may not realise it yet. Your third eye was activatedâ&#x20AC;? The UFO sighting came on the second night at the campsite. The campsite was packed the previous night as it was a bank holiday but now it was nice and quiet with only a few tents up and a nice pub! No I had not had a drink yet when I saw the UFO. It was the night before the full moon in August 2010 and a lovely clear sky it was. I had just sat outside the tent preparing my binoculars to view the moon. I could see the orange flares being dropped over Salisbury Plain (beyond the trees in the tent picture) which is the UK army training grounds. As I was sitting and from behind me a very large triangle craft flew silently over my head! I picked up my binoculars to get a better view, just an amazing site which I viewed for about 30 seconds before it banked left and out of view. The thing I remembered the most was the bright inky red flashing lights which even appeared within the main white lights. I looked around the campsite and all was quiet, was I the only one to see this? The first picture in the article gives you a pretty good idea to what I saw that night though it did not go over the pub but to the right hand side of it. A physic friend of mine later confirmed that it was a UFO and not an advanced military craft; he compared it to the craft witnessed in the Belgium UFO incident when military air craft chased these types of craft. So what does it all mean and why me for all this attention? I have no idea yet! Editor

Journeys Of Awakening

By Margaret Hunt Many of you reading this will have spent most of your lives looking up at the stars and feeling more connected to the universe than to the earth. Our divine heritage is indeed from the cosmos and those highly evolved beings from other realms who are our teachers. Our ancestors understood this and saw beyond the physical world, they felt the energies and power points of the planet and they used these as places of awakening, remembering and communication. On the spiritual path there comes a time when the distant memories of the wisdom stored within us becomes reawakened and there is a pull to visit the sacred sites. How wonderful to visit in person and begin the remembering and these precious times stay in our consciousness always but there is another way, a far more potent and powerful way to become a traveller in time. That is through learning to take these journeys in spirit through the cosmos and to the ancient places of the earth. All the sacred sites are vortices and receivers of energy which is then circulated throughout the energy grids of the earth and at this time in our evolution the vibrations are becoming more and more powerful with the incoming rays of ascension designed to lift our consciousness away from the material world and into the world of spirit. As each one of us raises our vibrations leaving behind the pull of the emotional body we begin the ascent into the light body. As we become light then the earth too will ascend to the fifth dimension.

To learn to travel through time and space and revisit the sacred sites in the soul state is a very transforming experience as we connect to the energies, ancient ceremonies and the teachers all waiting to transmit their wisdom to be brought back and shared with those around us. To meet Merlin at Avebury and the Lemurians and Arcturians at Mount Shasta, Quetzalcoatl at Machu Picchu and ancient priestesses at the underwater temple in Yonaguni in Japan is a truly enlightening experience. To gather flowers from Hawaii and herbs from Mexico and shapeshift into power animals in Sedona. To communicate with the red sandstone in the Utah desert or to receive an initiation from Babaji on Mount Kailash, all these things connect us to the universal wisdom inherent in all things. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need a Tardis, all we need is the knowledge that we are divine beings at one with and connected to the whole of existence throughout time and space.

Horrible to Healer Born near London 1959. Name Kevin McCaffery.

As a child I had two very loving and caring parents who always gave more thought to others than they did for themselves. They always tried to bring me up with consideration and respect for all other creatures and introduced good principles into my life. At the age of 12/13 this all started to go very wrong. I had started to recognise that if I was going to survive in the school and area that I lived I would have to toughen up and become much more streetwise. This then went from bad to worse, I now recognised that with my now new found confidence and the 6ft 4 person that I had become, I could intimidate people very easily.

I had become a bully, violent, and very aggressive. Sadly I had become too self-centred to realise the effect that this was having on other people especially my parents. Until one day at the age of eighteen I found myself in trouble with a neighbour, he was an ex commando and a very wise and tuff man. He pointed out to me that I was heading in the wrong direction in life and should readdress my attitude and learn to control my temper before it got me into too much trouble. His cool attitude always impressed me with the way that he dealt with my situation. My parents had told me this so many times before but it seemed so different to be told by a stranger. As usual I did not listen and again found myself in a fight outside a night club that had become so common, except this time there were eight of them kicking and punching me until I was punched and kicked to the ground. Luckily bouncers eventually helped me out. My neighbourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s words always kept coming back to me. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re heading in the wrong direction in life, control your temper. At this point in my life I decided to act upon these words and channel my rogue energy into something more positive through starting a martial art (karate). My whole life changed, my aggression was becoming controlled through better understanding of myself. I was presented with the chance to work as a stunt man doing many different car crashes and other stunts. I have now worked as a consultant on many different areas of driving. I have studied martial arts since that day in many different styles and forms and recognise that I have been very fortunate to have my path in life crossed by this man. He gave me those precious words and encouraged me onto the right path. In the early nineties I suffered an injury to my back through playing golf. I went to see a shiatsu practitioner who impressed me with his skill in his art and the remarkable improvements that it made on my injury. This encouraged me to learn the art which I studied for five years. I now give regular treatments and still teach martial arts.

There have been many different people throughout my life that have had an impact with things that they have said or the way that they have conducted their lives. It has also become very evident to me that there are coincidences within everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lives that shape their destinies. Mine was the neighbour that gave me his spiritual advice, the martial arts poster I caught sight of on the window of the night club when I was being beaten up, the back injury that encouraged me to see the Shiatsu practitioner which then shaped my life once again. I am now much more content with my life, I am married with two children and live life by the great principles that my mother and father taught me so many years ago. I now study philosophy, martial arts, and the healing arts. I am so grateful to the people I have met and the impact that they have had on my life. It is very clear to me that these are truly spiritual times and if we all look for the message and the good in all areas of our lives we can all move in the right direction to a contented thankful loving life. It is never too late to start looking.

Hope you enjoyed the free magazine??? I leave with this amazing painting done by Akiane H

Spiritual Times March 2011 Issue  
Spiritual Times March 2011 Issue  

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