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"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings." - John Muir Kauai island, Hawaii, Photo: MC

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46– SPCA OF TEXAS Takes in Dog from Iran



SPIRITUALITY—by Michael Pierich

30 - LIVING IN THE HEART– by Mahariel Meleahh:

32 - From Despair to Hope - Spiritual Recovery After Divorce by Victoria Delaney

40 - Why am I a Vegan—by Vlatko Primorac

62 - THE FACE OF GOD— by Alberto Simone 68 - SPACE JOURNAL: A Close Encounter With Planet Earth April 2013 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM 7



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richness of life on this planet. If spiritual awakening is something that we or

seek on an individual level and if we accept that it’s possible at the moment the Awareness allows it, then there’s a question that arises: how can spiritual awakening be shared with others? Are we able to influence

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By Michael Pierich Michael Pierich has served hundreds of clients worldwide through his intuitive energy clearing practice. He provides spiritual counseling and practical, down-to-earth life coaching Although much of his work is based in the metaphysical, Michael does not subscribe to much of the current "New Age" agenda. Spirituality is meaningless unless we can apply it to our physical reality; that's why we're here! To learn more, please see Michael's website, "The Healed Spirit" at http:// The topic of mental health and its relationship winging it to be with spirituality is quite a sticky wicket. Just the effective. But even fact that so much of spiritual belief and practhe less rigid psytice depends upon intensely personal and subchologists who recognize the value of some jective thoughts and experiences makes it hard kind of spiritual belief as a part of a healthy to draw a line between mental "illness" and the ego, generally refrain from introducing it into vivid spiritual experience. Throw in the dogma the therapeutic program in favor of the safety attached to both the psychiatric/psychological of what they were taught in school; and when fields and the sometimes just-as-rigid "New they do, it's usually centered around the mainAge" movement, and you've got a can of stream notion of relying on a Higher Power worms that's not easy outside of the patient's into untangle. fluence, to be supplicated “...All that said, there is for for help. I'm aware of thera-

every physical/mental illness or malady a reflection in our spiritual aspect. As it is above, so it is below (and vice-versa)...�

pists and psychologists who won't even discuss spirituality because they equate it with religion. It's startling to find such close-mindedness in a profession that perforce requires a whole bunch of

We also see some spiritual "teachers", intuitives and psychics assert that there's no such thing as mental illness; that the subjective reality of a person is completely valid and not to be questioned. They seem to feel that one





who is experiencing a "different" reality than the one commonly accepted should be left alone... that introducing medication or other therapies is meddling with that person's authentic spiritual experience. They are invariably the ones who put huge stock in channeling extra-physical beings, seeing spirits and visions, and all the trappings of the occult and nonordinary. When I see one of them tell a person who is, say, hearing voices to not listen to their doctors and family, but to embrace the phenomena as a spiritual "gift"... well, frankly I sometimes have an urge to tear my (or their) hair out. Based upon one blog comment or forum post, they're making a diagnosis that could literally mean life or death. Not smart. Not thoughtful or prudent. Not anything good at all. In these cases, they may or may not know that they're totally feeding into the illness that may be present. The thing about what we might call the "negatively altered mental state" that makes it different from all other illness, and makes it so insidious, is that it cannot recognize itself. If you have a bad heart, you can understand that and make a choice whether to do something about it or not. But if you're psychotic, that is your only point of reference. Your reality is what it is... you know what you know, and you know it just as surely as anyone else knows their own reality. Thus, having one who is a supposed authority (the psychic or intuitive) tell you exactly what you want to hear (namely, that there's nothing wrong with you) puts the last nail in the coffin of sanity. Thus, through the power of affirmation, a possibly well-meaning numbskull helps to reinforce the illness and possibly affect the course of a

person's life for years to come. All that said, there is for every physical/mental illness or malady a reflection in our spiritual aspect. As it is above, so it is below (and viceversa). If we're sick in the body, there's usually also something wrong in our mind, our emotions, and yes... in our soul. In my training, my practice, my intuitive insights and in my observations, I'm quite sure that mental illness more often than not has roots in the higher dimensions... and the "vice-versa" part is that it can be rooted in the physical and have an effect on those higher dimensions of our psyche. For instance, mental abilities can be affected by head trauma, which obviously is going to affect our emotional aspects, and I dare say our ability to evolve spiritually since we have lost some of the ability to consciously learn and act. That would be a case of the physical dimension having an effect on the spiritual dimension. Going the other way... from spiritual-level damage to physical/mental... is, of course, quite an esoteric topic. All I can do is to relate my observations and conjectures. Firstly, in the interest of openness and credibility, I will say that I have several family members who have been seriously mentally ill. One is fine now; the other is recovering. At any rate, I think that experience has given me a unique point of view since I have been intimate witness to not only the life-disrupting aspects of the thing; but I have spent much time thinking about and researching remedies for it. One should never, ever rely upon any kind of psychic or spiritual remedy for serious mental illness.

MENTAL HEALTH AND SPIRITUALITY Spiritual The kind of clearing work that I do, for example, is based upon the conscious participation of the patient or client. A person who lacks the capability to think clearly has, to some extent, lost not only a frame of reference... they've also lost a good portion of their free will. Indeed, exposure to the kind of esoteric practices common to many healing modalities could be destructive for these people, simply serving to reinforce their idea that "this" reality is not real at all. In my healing modality, one common cause of serious mental disruption is the loss of soul facets (or "fragments"). In a nutshell, particular and specific parts of the soul are missing... the ability to interact socially, the sense of reality, or the ability to be creative or to love. Often, several of these aspects can be missing at the same time. And it's not as though these parts of the individual can be "taught" or "therapied" back into existence... they're simply gone. Unavailable. In some cases these essential personality fragments can be recovered. But it's extremely difficult. A somewhat less problematic situation occurs when there's an attachment. This can be an actual entity, or a non-intelligent "psychic organism". They are all rather equivalent to ethereal bacteria or viruses... foreign bodies that don't belong where they are. They can also be thought of as neuroses on the mental level, which may make them easier to swallow for traditional thinkers. These can be extracted fairly easily if a person is capable of understanding what's going on, and set the intention

to get rid of them. But in the midst of fullblown psychosis, the patient is just as likely to want them to stay since they've attained so much control that there is no longer any distinction between person and foreign body. It is possible for these entities to be the source of "voices"... but that is certainly not to be assumed without serious investigation. Again, things can be done, but it's still very difficult. Yet another source of mental distress can come from open "portalways" to past-life experiences. We live in the physical under a veil that is in place for a reason. Imagine experiencing a hundred lifetimes at once, and it's easy to see how a psychotic person would have trouble dealing with daily life. And access to certain experiences within those lives could obviously be bothersome; having vivid memories of trauma like being murdered, executed, or of war experiences with no filter in place is bound to produce difficulty. Although much of his work is based in the metaphysical, Michael does not subscribe to much of the current "New Age" agenda. Spirituality is meaningless unless we can apply it to our physical reality; that's why we're here! To learn more, please see Michael's website, "The Healed Spirit" at In Part Two, I'll address some specific cases and discuss the possible root causes and why a soul might choose to incarnate into a life of infirmity and low-level functioning.

Article Source: expert=Michael_Pierich





By Mira Cosic

The words like “spiritual awakening”, present “here and now” when she was “meditation” or “spiritual evolution” going after her day and the one who usually make us think of peaceful Budalways shared all she had with other dhist monks wearing orange robes people instead of declaring her own chanting something mystical in their desires or selfishly keeping anything own language or possibly exchanging for herself. Grandmothers can be masmantras saying ters of letGrandmothers can be masters of letsome magical ting go, ting go, spiritual teachers in disguise and powerful spiritual blurbs filled teachers in without an official title... with cosmic disguise formulas. Or we sometimes think of a without an official title, people who alguru or a loner who lives far in the ways remind us that the past doesn't mountains without food and water, exist but in our thoughts and the fuwho is dedicated to his spirituality ture didn’t happen yet so all we are while being separated from this given able to do is to accept and work with earthly life. We often think of monasthe now. teries, nuns and Indian miracle gods... In western society, we tend to live dyanything out of this world and out of namic and demanding fast paced lives. “normal”. We are required to work hard and to The reality can be quite different. Spiritual enlightenment comes in diverse shapes and forms. It can be our own grandmother who was always 16 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

fight for our piece of success; from an early age, life becomes a struggle. Like most humans we go through our personal wars, failures and victories, gains




and losses. Most people whose daily life is dictated by their own personal trends and needs to win instead of having peace, appeared to be unhappy, most of the time. By honoring our ego needs we are only able to gain temporary satisfaction. It is clear this is a very material world will live in… We can’t deny the existence of our body needs – someone has to provide food, water, shelter and Internet connection, no doubt about that. The issue might arise when what we have is not enough, the ego always wants more: a bigger car, more expensive living space, more public recognition, more glory, new gadgets, books, knowledge...

Kundalini Awakening Can a human being be happy with what already is? The modern industry and marketing are based on human need to always want more. Our house market, car market and our economy on every level is based not only on people’s realistic and true needs but generally on their ego desires. And even though we can never eliminate ego completely and we probably shouldn’t, some people can go through transformational phases in life when they become tired of current situation and when they see possibility 18 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

of life somewhere else. Instead of constantly being afraid of the future or constantly think about painful past events full of struggle and tears, the soul might come too a simple realization that we are not our body and we are not identified with our personality, our looks, our given name, profession or the title that we have. In fact most people who go through the process get to ask very similar questions: who/what am I, who is the one behind my thoughts and feelings observing my little “me” while “me” is going through drama, what is my purpose here especially when I notice that my real identity is not in the spelling of my last name, my country heritage or my business calling or any of the material possessions I have. The process of change on a soul level is usually called “spiritual awakening” and there’s nothing mystical about it, nothing too complex or complicated, in its core it is very simple. Nothing that makes you BETTER THAN YOU REALLY ARE, or better or worse than anyone else. The energy within us wakes up trying to reach our emotional and spiritual centers, clearing up the clutter on its way up! The nature within slowely wakes up—the Soul wants you to break free...

Noticing that we are awareness, an observer who is above and behind all the “drama game” that happened to us is very straightforward. However, our personality, traditions identifications with our name and heritage can be so strong that realizing something so simple in nature might take a long time to develop. It might take a painful, personal trauma or loss or something that has a capacity of shaking us inside and out, waking us up completely from that perpetual nightmare that our personality does not want to wake up from at first.

while most events slip out of control like some fine beach sand can run between our fingers.


So where is the happiness, where is the big excitement and life on the edge, juicy events, passionate love, amazing life rollercoaster days? When we realize our true nature we are excited at first; life is a brilliant moment, full of sounds, precious sensations and images. The truth can be overpowering and extremely stimulating. Than, after awhile we normally settle in realization that even life does not have to be dramatic, it is really and truly beautiful just the way it is.

Should we—and why should we wake up? I often think about the movie called “Matrix” where the character is offered one blue and one red pill it is his choice to take either one and to continue living a dream existing in current situation filled with unexpected and very much superficial events, dramas and tragedies, following superficial values, life that swings up and down into extremes similar to an emotional spiral, life where we think we can control things and we wish to control them

The other option is to accept the pill of an “ugly” truth, to realize, understand and accept that all positives and negatives simply—are the truth, not “positive” nor “negative” in nature. Our life indeed can be based on truth and true values with peace as a result. One of them would be the fact that all structures and material things have an expiration date, our body included. “This too shall pass…”


Kauai island, Hawaii, Photo: MCApril 2013 20 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM


Is living in solitude, at a mountain, in a lighthouse or at the edge of a city a good answer to the soul crisis? It might be, for a while... When kundalini energy within our body awakes, we are usually not interested in being emotionally pushed from one end to the other, everything is more serene and peaceful and shared with many people but the emotion does not climb too high and therefore, there is less hate, resentment and complains. In a way, a person wants to slip back into their ego-suit and go in reverse just for a moment which also happens from time to time, for a day or a week or a month. But again, when you realize your true life purpose is to be awake and here that exciting and dramatic, flashy and expensive drama-queen ego-suit is not attractive anymore. In the process of spiritual awakening our mind, body and soul go through certain adjustments. Some people report pain, headaches, fatigue or ringing in their ears. Spiritual awakening can be triggered by big life events like divorce or death of a loved one but it also happens spontaneously. When you go through personal transfor-


mation you may notice that people around you don’t always respond friendly, you are not a part of their game drama any more. You smile too much. You don’t always agree but you are not bothered by that. How come you are always so darn happy, they ask. Those who are attached to their personal drama still want to feed on it and since you were in the past a part of their life and a part of their dramatic comedy or tragedy developments, they get upset when you refuse to participate in emotional turmoil of the ego. “So what if he left you? You are going to be fine... I do have compassion for you, yes, but... This too shall pass...” You may lose friends or a partner or decide to leave your highly paid job and start something else that is more meaningful to you even though you might do poorly financially a first. Money and obligations, bills that we have to pay, children that we have to feed, spouses that we are responsible for: these are often excuses that we hold on to while our soul is striving for awakening from a dream. People might go into depression, some notice lack of desire or on the other hand and possibly, an extreme desire for freedom. April 2013 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM 21

Some people may notice synchronicity that starts to occur or some miraculous healing of the body. You read Albert Camus and all of a sudden it makes sense... “Je suis egale...” he says (“It’s irrelevant to me..”), that drove you nuts 15 years ago when you read “L’etranger” for the first time. The more we reject evolution and resist spiritual processes, the more painful it can be for us and those around us: more conflict, more drama, more fighting. The way to cope with such a big change in life is not always an easy way and there is no formula. Our brain still wants to understand and label everything: why does it happen so soon, why me, why can’t we continue with our lives and be happy? Many of us are also trained in traditional religion without being allowed to ask many questions. We know that most religions that dominate the world today are based on ideas of a god separated from humanity, “somewhere in the skies”, a god who hates those “non-believers”, those who are different, he is portrayed a separate entity outside of ourselves, someone with a higher power who is regulating our existence, our present and our future. That can present a block as well since such a religions actually strengthen our ego instead of teaching us to let go and to embrace 22 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

freedom and unity. You might find yourself searching for a different community at one point of life, looking for like minded people and those who are going through similar processes. You might join a meditation group or go for a retreat, yoga class, explore astrology or Buddhism or deeply study traditional religions like Christianity and mysticism with an open mind. At this point a Soul is going to notice that it is becoming more open and more tolerant to others and towards self as well. In general, you don’t have to be OK with all that happens and you may take appropriate actions against hunger and suffering— but instead of dramatizing and complaining about issues, you will rather take positive action. The detoxification of your body and your soul might take months or years but you’ll know now with your inner self awareness that life might not be such a dramatic process but it’s definitely a miracle: beautiful and continuous, it can be filled with joy instead of occasional thrill you experienced before. Life can be colored rainbow and it can present its beauty in a form of a bird or a tree or a flower or another person who quietly nods and understands you the same way you accept and understand them. Namaste. Mira Cosic,






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Carlsbad, California (PRWEB) February 07, 2013 This April 21−27, 2013, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing will present Seduction of Spirit: Inspire Your Life at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California. Seduction of Spirit is the Chopra Center’s signature meditation and yoga retreat, led by Deepak Chopra, other master Chopra Center educators, and special guest speakers. The theme of this April’s Seduction of Spirit retreat is “Inspire Your Life” and throughout the week, participants will be guided in practices of deep meditation, yoga, and other timeless tools for moving beyond limiting beliefs into higher states of awareness and new possibilities. “Seduction of Spirit has been one of our most popular retreats for many years, allowing people to step away from life’s daily demands and gain fresh perspective on who they are, what they really want, and how they want to use their unique gifts and talents to contribute to their families and to the world,” said Chopra Center co-founder, Dr. Deepak Chopra. “We are very excited about the upcoming Seduction of Spirit and the special guests who will be sharing their wisdom, inspiration, and practical insights. It’s going to be an unforgettable and life-changing experience,” Dr. Chopra said. 26 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013



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by Mahariel Meleahh SENSE-ATIONS.COM

It is easier said than done. But if people could truly grasp onto the concept of living in the heart, they would more easily get in touch with their own emotions, our universe and their natural ability to tap into their own psychic awareness. Living in the heart means to be cognizant of your emotions, the world around you, other people, animals, trees, rocks, oceans and everything you see. But don't just see with your eyes, feel it with all of your heart. Connect to the energy with everyone and everything you come across. Feel the energy emanating from the person or object you focus on. Notice the beauty and the perfection in everything you see with your eyes and continue to feel it within that beautiful space within you, your heart. When you connect on a heart level, your world is forever changed.


To learn how to connect on a heart level, focus your thoughts on your own heart. See the bright light of energy that lives inside it. Focus your attention there for as long as you can. There is no time limit, I won't even say that you have to do this every day for 30 minutes a day. The fact is, the more often you do this, the stronger your heart focus will become in your life. When you strengthen your heart focus, it naturally allows you to be able to connect with everyone and everything on a heart level. I remember a time after I learned how to do this myself, I was driving down the highway and passed a field of trees that had been cut down. I actually connected with and felt their sadness. That may not seem like such a wonderful thing, but it was actually exhilarating. To enter into the emotion of the trees helps you to better appreciate them.

"ugly", often when you connect on a heart level, you can see deep into their soul at the true beauty that therein resides. Learning to live in the heart will not only help you to get more in touch with receiving psychic or intuitive information, it will also help you better appreciate all that is around you. When you appreciate all that is around you, it will in turn create more beauty in your world and attract more of that which you do appreciate.

Mahariel Meleahh (Kellye Magbee) is a Psychic/Intuitive, Healer, Handwriting Expert and more. She also hosts monthly psychic fairs and events in the Richardson, TX area. You can learn more about what she does, how she can help you through her various services and learn about the events she hosts at or by calling her at 214I also cherish being able to connect with my 505-5540. pets in this manner. To look into their eyes, or stare at how their fur falls, to hold them and pet ADVERTISING: them and feel their heartbeat is the most amazing thing in the world to me. When you connect with another living being, you are able to see into and feel their soul and know who they truly are. Even animals and people you may at first judge as April 2013 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM 31



By Victoria Delaney

I spent six years in therapy for depression and suicidal thoughts. I kept my mind busy by going to college for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I was in total denial that my depression was due to my marriage. I finally faced the truth when I found myself at a Beach Boys concert trying to figure out how to kill myself. That is pretty depressed. Who thinks about suicide while Surfer Girl is playing? The journey that started at the age of 37 resulted in my obtaining a divorce when I was 48. It took me another 10 years to learn how to love myself and love others unconditionally. The journey had three distinct stages. I saw them as being in a fog in a cave and slowly crawling toward the light of hope and finally to the warmth of love and laughter. My spirit was now in control of my life. There was no more darkness only light. It is amazing how you don't know what you are missing until

you experience it. My message to those of you that are considering divorce is this: You will know it is time to face your inner demons when you are so busy with extracurricular activities that you have no time to think about the despair and pain in your soul. I became involved in professional activities and totally immersed myself into being an "engineer".

DIVORCE Spiritual That was my identity. I was not a mother, a wife, or an individual. I was an "engineer". This way I did not need to think about what was going on in my home life. It got so bad that my doctor told me I would die from the stress if I did not cease all of the activities that I was involved in. That declaration by the Dr. and the prescription for Prozac certainly got my attention. I dropped all of the extra activities and finally had to face the true enemy, me. My mind was the creator of all of my misery. I had to decide what I was really seeking. Was it my identity, a divorce, or some type of compromise? I just wanted the pain to go away and be my normal happy self again. It had been a long time since I had been really happy. It turned out that I was seeking my identity and tried to work a compromise with my husband and his answer was "no". That answer resulted in my filing for a divorce. That one "no" was the final straw for me. I interpreted that answer to mean I was not worth the compromise. It took me a long time to figure out that I was the one saying that I had no worth. The hardest thing I had to do as

I moved forward in my life was to learn to love myself. I finally realized I was a child of "God", source, or whatever you want to call the creator of this amazing planet and that my failure to love myself was an illusion created by my interpretation of all of the words and actions that I had absorbed from birth. I realized that I had a choice to decide whether those memories were my truth or not. They served to provide me with the contrast of two concepts, worthy, unworthy. The truth as I saw it was that there is only one thing and that is love. Love and Laughter, Vicki Victoria (Vicki) Delaney is passionate about life. She has experienced the despair and pain of divorce and unemployment at the age of 50. Vicki has also found the joy of finding her soul mate after divorce, and has learned how to create a life of love and laughter. She has published a Kindle book "Divorce or Not to Divorce, That is the Question" and provides guidance for moving from despair and pain to a divine life full of love and laughter.

Vicki is available for questions via her website: Leave a comment or question and I will answer. Article Source: expert=Victoria_Delaney - http://




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BIG BAD GINA Horizon Unitarian Universalist church in Carrollton TX is not an ordinary church. They respect all belief systems without exception, they embrace Christians and non-Christians, atheists and agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist and Wicca and most of all, they always like to embrace good music. Recently, there was a concert at Horizon and their guests were Renee, Melodie and Jori - The Big Bad Gina band. Horizon UU Director of Music Stanley Moody met Renee Janski and the Big Bad Gina band at the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network conference in Washington DC. They chatted at the conference and they realized that they had a lot of common ground regarding the music taste. Stan says: “The band blew me away with their fun and entertaining performance and the music! They had great sound to it, so I immediately knew we need to find the way to bring the band to Horizon”. "From rock to reggae, jazz to rap, to Goddess Groovin’ and danceable disco, Big Bad Gina spans a myriad of genres and styles with knee buckling 3 part harmony and multiinstrumentalism. They have headlined national festivals on the Womyn’s music and GLBTQ circuits leaving their audiences exhilarated and asking for more. Their first CD release, "Amazon Warrior Princess” features 10 original tracks with songs written by each of the three band members and the title track is the 2009 Goddess Festival winning theme song. With their second release, “Lake of Dreams”, the band continues the tradition of all 38 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

SE MUSIC TALK: INTERVIEW Spiritual members taking turns writing originals and they bring it on strong with sexy, soulful lyrics about love, life, and living our dreams..." (Quote from their Website: http:// SPIRITUAL ENTHUSIAST: You’re a band of three women and nine instruments? Big Bad Gina: Give or take a few. We are all multi instrumentalists and switch instruments during each set. SPIRITUAL ENTHUSIAST: Tell us a bit about yourselves. How long have you guys been together? Big Bad Gina: Melodie has her degree in jazz guitar, Renée's background includes touring internationally as an opera singer, and Jori has been performing on the folk and women's circuit for most of her life. All of us have had choir experience and have played in other bands and this spring, we celebrate four years playing and working together. SPIRITUAL ENTHUSIAST: What are your influences? Big Bad Gina: All of us have different influences based on our different backgrounds but in general, we like strong, powerful, female voices with a wide vocal range and positive messages. SPIRITUAL ENTHUSIAST: One of my favorite songs you performed a couple of years ago was “Sleep While I Drive” by Melissa Etheridge. Who writes your music? Big Bad Gina: We're all three songwriters and have our own individual writing styles. We collaborate on lyrics as often as we can and we depend on each other to come up

with other parts and harmonies for new songs we bring to the group. SPIRITUAL ENTHUSIAST: How do you keep your style original, what is your music writing process like? Big Bad Gina: We keep it original by striving to grow as musicians individually on our own instruments, and by observing other musicians. With our different musical backgrounds, we are able to take a new song idea and shape it from a variety of genres and influences. SPIRITUAL ENTHUSIAST: People here heard and fell in love with “Amazon Warrior Princess”. Is your latest CD “Lake of Dreams” a lot different when it comes to music style and studio production? Big Bad Gina: “Lake of Dreams” is more mature in theme and content including the production, photography and artwork. It opens with a jazzy title track and then blasts into a celebratory high energy happy song and ends with a very definitive, positive message of embracing love - literally. SPIRITUAL ENTHUSIAST: What kind of show people can expect when they see your live performance? Big Bad Gina: You can expect to hear a variety of styles. Be ready to move and be moved. We will have a great time, one that is entertaining and original.





ď ¨VEGANď §

By Vlatko Primorac, Chicago IL Good question. I have many reasons, a few excuses, yet more I get used being a vegan, harder it gets to answer this question. Imagine being asked why are you not a pyromaniac? Although many answers come to mind, one given by Miles Davis when asked what Jazz is summarizes it in a perfectly succinct way - long pause, then "if you don't know, don't bother with it". But just as Miles did want you to hear his music, we vegans want you to understand, appreciate,. join us. Not because we are lonely, hungry, feeble an in need of encouragement but because we want you to be as happy and healthy found ourselves to be. But before I say why not you in the next section, if you do go through the pain of reading this drivel you deserve an answer first.

Cancer Schmancer If all you wish to do in life is smoke cigarettes, it is worth shortening your life for five to seven years and smoke every single one you can get your hands on. If you are awaiting execution while you read this, as a former smoker myself I strongly recommend several packs a day, they are very satisfying in the long term. If on the other hand you do expect to live more than a week, replace the cigarettes by training for marathon. Yes, I'm serious. was a 100kg smoker myself at one point (that's 220+lb for my American friends) and wanted to quit. I ran a 5 hour marathon that year, and for the most part did not smoke. It took me a few more years and a death of a personal friend to quit smoking even on those odd days when a pack of Marlboro's and a long night of programing seems like a good idea. I run every day now and I do not miss cigarettes any longer, but I do occasionally desire one. I still love the taste but I stay away from it. It is not a sacrifice but a good trade. I am much happier as a marathon runner than I was as a smoker. What does that have to do with being vegan? Cigarettes are vegan, although few vegans smoke them but my point is of another nature. Cigarettes are addictive and everyone now knows they are also cancerous and detrimental to one's cardiovascular health. For years the tobacco industry was suppressing these facts till it was no longer possible to do so. Nowadays it is the dairy and meat industry that does not want you to know how many studies have shown time after time the correlation between consumption of animal products and the rate of cancer occurrence as well as the 40 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

Spiritual rate of cancer growth in humans. Most of us have someone in our family who had cancer of stomach or colon. It is a sad fact that only when the cancer is diagnosed do these people give up eating meat, as they are presented with pretty much the same choice lung cancer patients have. Give up your addiction and face a life expectancy of three to five years, or continue meat eating diet and face a life expectancy of a few months. Yes, Steve Jobs was vegan and he died as such, it did not save him. Many other vegans will die of cancer, and many other non-vegans will too. That does not change the fact that vegans are less likely to get cancer and are more likely to survive it, at least according to China Study - the largest nutritional study ever made and several other publications. But cancer studies are depressing and given the suppression of funding they are hardly conclusive.

Addiction Why be vegan? Meat is so tasty. I love cheese! I do too, love cheese that is. I don't eat it because cheese and milk are not meant for me. They are mother's milk of a cow that was raped in order to be impregnated, then fed till she gave birth to a healthy calf that was enjoying her milk for a few days then killed and sold as meat. The cow was then put into a stall and will be milked twice a day sucking out the milk her breasts are producing for her long dead baby. If this is too harsh, consider the fact I did not use harsh words to de-


scribe the process, only accurate ones. Is your answer to turn your head away and rather not think about it? What an awful answer that is, how immoral and horrible attitude. I am not, nor will I ever be appalled by people who are ok with the killing of animals and are basically acting as animals themselves, with a little better kill instinct than the cow. I don't like them and I think if they kill by the sword they should be put to the sword too but I don't think ill of them. But you, head turners, you are the worse scum that does not deserve even pity. Turn your head? If you see an old lady being slapped by a teenager mugging her, do you turn your head and say, oh well, he's stronger and she had a good life. Why not? Turning your head is not socially acceptable any longer. If you have no opinions you should not a brain either. Aroused enough? Enraged? Good. You may as well hate me, I could care less. It will pass in a second, it already did. Now you think I'm just stupid. Did you notice the emotional change? Indifference, irritation, anger, indignation? You're not a heroin addict,. you're addicted to meat. Same thing. Meat, cigarettes, heroin, milk, you salivate for it and you are willing to do anything to continue using it. I knoooow! How do I know? Well I love cheese too. I was brought up on cheese, cure meats, all the "good" stuff. Why did I give it up? I did not. I dropped it out, like I do with garbage. Like a non-smoker no longer needs those cartons of cigarettes. April 2013 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM 41



Life is better without heroin. No, I never was on it nor did I try it, but I simply know. No drooling, shaking, insane look, bad hair, yes, I know it is better without heroin. Yo may not have ever been without meat, so how would you know you can "give it up". You cannot. Plain and simple. As long as you still desire it, it will bug you, you will try it, it will tempt you everywhere. That's no way to live. If you want it, have it. But if you think it is not an addiction, please, indulge me. Try a day without it, or a week. Any other addiction can be pushed into 24 hours but anything beyond that is a process of quitting and requires some pain for a lot of gain. If a week without meat is nothing to you, then do it once in your life and you will know you are not addicted to it. If you cannot make it, you are an addict and you may want to get off of it.

The Taste Who wants to be hungry? Certainly not me. And I'm not, ever. Not even as I lose 1kg per week (2.2 lb) getting lighter for the spring, never ever am I hungry. I eat as much as i want, any time I want and i love it. It did take a while to learn how though. To try so many new things since i got vegan. Pumpkin seeds? The kind Eastern Europeans used to buy and chew while watching a movie? Yes, please. So tasty and full of all kinds of nutrients. One handful of those and I'm happy for half hour. Few carrots here and there, a great vegetable soup, chips and salsa, French fries, hummus, nut butter and jelly, fe42 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

lafel pita,... That's just to start with. You are confusing thin and hungry. Ever since going vegan, I was vegetarian for a while, I lost a lot of weight and my energy, not moon energy or some other crap but running, cycling, swimming is better, faster, stringer than ever. Vegetables taste great! But don't take my word for it. Think for yourself. Can you eat meat as it is? No, you have to fry it, cook it, prepare it first. Add salt although it already has a lot of salt in it to kill the natural taste. Smoke it for weeks to bring that smoky taste of ham, sausages. That's not the taste of meat you are feeling in your mouth but the taste of wood, smoked wood that penetrated the ham to make it palatable. The only meat that can be consumed raw and enjoyed is sashimi, fresh raw fish. Even tartar steak is raw beef with a lot of spices, not meat alone. If you stop and think about all the vegetables you already like to eat you will realize how many you love. Imagine all those you will try and love once you discover the true variety of foods available to you. Instead of one bite of meat, you will taste five, six great wonderful vegetables. I know that sounds blend but it is not. You have been under so many advertisements you suppressed your own taste. If we all loved meat so much, why do you think it has to be advertised on every highway, TV screen, movie? Health, Sports‌ So, you want to be an ironman?



Kauai island, Hawaii, Photo: 43 MC April 2013 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM





Funding, Coordination Provided by Vafa Animal Shelter of Hashtgerd, Iran (Dallas, February 1, 2013) - Late Wednesday, the SPCA of Texas picked up Shellman, a 2-yearold female Shepherd mix from Dallas Fort Worth Airport and brought her to the organization’s Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in West Dallas in hopes that she will soon find a loving home in North Texas. Just 22 hours previously, representatives of the Vafa Animal Shelter loaded Shellman into a travel crate and placed into an airplane in Tehran, Iran. The Vafa Animal Shelter, located in Hashtgerd, Iran, coordinated and paid for Shellman’s transfer to the SPCA of Texas thanks to individual sponsors the group had independently organized. Photos and video of Shellman’s arrival are from

Shellman is indeed a female, however, her name suits her perfectly despite its masculine spelling. Named for a Swedish cartoon tortoise who is overly fond of food and sleeping, Shellman the canine certainly embodies those characteristics. Although she has only been at the SPCA of Texas for less than 24 hours, the shelter staff can already tell that she is a calm, gentle, easy going dog who gets along well with everyone she meets.



The SPCA of Texas is one of several groups that have been approached about taking in a dog from the Vafa Animal Shelter in an effort to find homes for the dogs in that shelter’s care, as finding homes for these dogs in Iran is almost impossible. An individual affiliated with the Vafa Animal Shelter who was returning to their home in North Texas offered to bring a dog back with them from the shelter in Iran. Vafa Animal Shelter then reached out to the SPCA of Texas, who agreed to transfer one dog to its West Dallas shelter, as the group had the ability to help. In 2010, a senior Iranian cleric decreed via fatwa (religious ruling) that dogs are “unclean” according to Islamic law. Hunting, guard and sheep dogs are considered acceptable under Islamic law, but dogs kept as pets are not allowed. Last year, the Iranian government proposed a complete ban on dogs. People who are found to possess dogs are fined, harassed and some dogs are removed from families found to be keeping them as pets. Animals removed by Iranian officials are said to be impounded and thereafter live in cruel conditions. April 2013 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM 47



“We have provided for the transport of more than 80 dogs to shelters in North America and Europe in the last few years,” said Farah Ravon, Vafa Animal Shelter’s US representative. “We began seeking sponsorship to pay for these dogs’ transfer to pre-screened applicants who are interested in adopting a Vafa Shelter dog and to non-kill shelters internationally because most dogs do not ever have a chance to be adopted in Iran.” “While the SPCA of Texas is focused on serving the North Texas community, we are happy that we can help find a home for Shellman, as we also take in transfers from out of state shelters and groups in times of need,” said James Bias, SPCA of Texas president. “For example, we have in the past taken in animals from well outside the North Texas area in the wake of natural disasters, those who have been rescued from cruelty and abuse and from groups who have contacted us in dire need of help, though certainly never from this far away.”

The SPCA of Texas will care for Shellman until she is ready to be placed up for adoption sometime in the next one to two weeks.

serves as an active resource center for an array of services that bring people and animals together to enrich each other’s lives. The SPCA of Texas is not affiliated with any other entity and does not receive general operating funds from the City of Dallas, State of Texas, federal government or any other humane organization. The SPCA of Texas is dedicated to providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home. For additional information about the SPCA of Texas, visit

About the Vafa Animal Shelter The Vafa Animal Shelter (Vafa means “loyalty”), is located in Hashtgerd, about a 90-minute drive west of Tehran. The shelter reports that at any given time hundreds of stray dogs struggle to live on the streets in Iran, and since they are not altered, there is not a check on the number of dogs born to suffer. Dogs are often hit by cars when crossing busy highways, and those that do not die instantly linger in agonizing pain on the roadside for days until they finally perish. The shelter provides food, water and shelter for as many dogs as they can, and the group also spays or neuters all dogs they take in.

About the SPCA of Texas The SPCA of Texas is the leading animal welfare agency in North Texas. The non-profit organization operates two shelters and three spay/neuter clinics located in Dallas and McKinney, and maintains a team of five animal cruelty investigators to respond to thousands of calls in eight North Texas counties. Moreover, the SPCA of Texas 48 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

The Vafa Animal Shelter relies solely on donations for its operation. To learn more about their efforts, you can visit the group’s website at or visit them via Facebook at





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By Chris Mulligan

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” - James Allen Why is it that we have to live so much life before we realize what is really important in our life? It usually takes a catastrophe, an emergency, a life’s misfortune, the aging of a parent or a loved one’s death to realize what is really important to us. We say “it’s too bad” for someone when they haven’t appreciated what they had or if we did not appreciate our life gifts until a loved one is no longer a part of our life. Why do we do that? *And how come life is that way? *Are we so busy that we don’t realize that life is moving on quickly whether we notice it or not? *Have we just convinced ourselves that in these times we must describe life as: “always just too much going on?” *Or would we rather not notice what is REALLY happening in our life? 52 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

Chris Mulligan writes on the subjects of death, grief, loss and living. Her aim is to inspire, awaken, and motivate the bereaved to choose life after the death of a loved one


In our day when we move from our job, our recreational activity, our errands, or any other life obligation, we tend to turn on the radio, text a message/use our telephone or use some kind of distraction to move to the “what’s next on our agenda” activity. Do we take the opportunity to spend some moments using our senses, noticing our feelings, noticing our physical surroundings or noticing what is essential is invisible to the eye? The reason or justification for not opening ourselves to the moments of our lives is not the issue but rather the decision not to notice is. Grief is a serious distracter from discovering our soul, our quiet inner space that is our Self. The pain, the fear, the missing keep us from seeking, let alone feeling the comfort, peace and serenity that we

need in our life. But, it is in the recognition that we are willing to look inside, to feel and to notice the quietness that will allow us the opening to start recognizing that every moment matters in this life… Many of us heard Zac’s often repeated comment, "it don't matter" in his 21 years but it was his death that inspired my learning from the lesson of his words. Noticing what matters and what don’t matter in this life helps us decide how we want to live our lives everyday…everyday we can choose our life and which moments matter… We need to consider changing our outlook to really be able to grasp that every moment matters… I hope you notice the moments in your life today… Chris

Facing a parent's worst nightmare at fifty forced me to not only reexamine my life but changed it in every conceivable way. Living through the grief and deciding about my life after my son's death taught me lessons in death, the afterlife and living. I learned to choose life, to live again differently and that I still had a relationship with Zac. I still communicate with Zac, Samuel (my spirit Guide) and many "others" on the other side. Life continues to change daily..... I am so excited to have developed my own blog! As you read in my profile, I am a mother who survived the death of my youngest son with the help of loved ones on this and the other side. Realizing how excruciating this experience is, I wrote a book, Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond about my experience to assist others in normalizing their grief. The grief process is different for every person but that does not mean we have to travel this journey alone. Through my book, the website and this blog, I hope to encourage people to discuss death, their grief and loss experiences and to discuss their own afterdeath (afterdeath communication - ADCs) experiences. Zac was no ordinary human being and now is one awesome spirit---and I'd love to share him with you. And I plan to do so. Please visit my website for an introduction. Wishing you trust and grace... Chris 54 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013




Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp; Innovative workouts Led by Female Fitness Experts with Results guaranteed; College Station, Temple, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio Texas Fit Chicks is an affordable, non-military way for women to lose weight and get fit. New locations opening in Temple, Dallas, Hosuton, College Station and arriving soon in San Antonio Texas. College Station, Texas (PRWEB) April 09, 2013 Texas Fit Chicks, Women-only Fitness Boot Camp in Dallas, Houston, College Station and Temple Texas. Texas Fit Chicks, the women-only boot camp founded in 2009 by trainer Melody Chandler, has announced its newest location in College Station. Texas Fit Chicks is a non-military style boot camp that encourages women to get fit in a fun, challenging environment. Women of all ages and levels of fitness can participate in full-body workouts designed to change the way they look and feel in as little as four weeks. Texas Fit Chicks has trained more than 2,000 women throughout Texas since 2009. The organization won second place in WFAA’s “A-List” contest, and was named in the top three “Best Of” Groupon businesses in the Dallas market. Certified Personal Trainer, Texas Fit Chicks owner and College Station resident, Melody Chandler leads College Station Texas Fit Chicks camp. This camp meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week from 6:00am until 7:00am. When a new “Chick” starts camp, she receives a full-body composition assessment and a free 30-day meal plan specially designed by a nutritionist. The meal plan includes family-friendly recipes and a printable grocery list to make healthy eating simple. At the end of four weeks, another body composition assessment is completed to measure the chick’s results. “I am so excited to bring Texas Fit Chicks to College Station,” Chandler said. “We work really hard, but we have fun, too. No matter what a chick’s fitness level is, she can do these workouts. I provide modifications to make sure everyone gets a workout tailored to their fitness level.” New camps are opening soon in Temple and San Antonio Texas. New participants can begin a Texas Fit Chicks boot camp on any Monday. Chicks are encouraged to bring water, a towel, a yoga-style mat, and a set of 5- to 8-pound weights to each class. Each Friday is “ball day” where chicks utilize stability balls to get a great core workout. Texas Fit Chicks offers several enrollment packages, which can be viewed and completed online at:





EcoClean Announces Two New Locations for 2013 Popular Eco-friendly Garment Care Business expanding from one to three locations in 2013. Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 11, 2013 Austin born dry-cleaning alternative, EcoClean, has announced that it will open two new stores in the first quarter of 2013. The new locations are on South Lamar Blvd. and West Anderson Lane.

“We’ve seen that there is a healthy market for our services and are excited to get closer to more communities,” said co-owner Mark Hess. “Austin’s rapid growth and support of local businesses, together with an increasing awareness of the dangers of dry-cleaning has created the ideal environment for us.” 2012 was a year of many accomplishments for the EcoClean team. In addition to growing by more than 15%, we won “Best Dry Cleaner” by the Austin Chronicle Best of Austin reader’s Poll and upgraded our process to fourth generation Wet Cleaning technology. We also expanded our free delivery service area and now use a new very fuel efficient delivery van. “We are excited to build


on our success in 2012. It was a fantastic year for EcoClean,” said co-owner Kevin Bonfield. “We worked hard to create a sustainable business model and positive experience for our customers and staff and it paid off." “I love working for EcoClean,” says general manager Kerstin Shoberg. “It’s an Austin-based company with a green mission, healthy work environment and my favorite part, a non-profit partner program that we are all so proud of." PROPS is EcoClean's community partner program designed to support local non-profits and spread awareness of the issues they address. 5% of sales every Wednesday is donated directly to the partner organization. In addition to green cleaning and community involvement, EcoClean works to promote sustainability throughout their operation. Customers are encouraged to save fuel by using the free delivery service, return hangers for re-use, and opt into the Green Garmento program, a reusable garment bag that replaces the use of plastic dry-cleaning bags. “We have customers driving in from all over the city to get their clothes cleaned with our method. Our new locations will raise people's awareness of an alternative to traditional dry cleaning. A lot of people I talk to have no idea that there is a better and safer way to get their clothes cleaned,” said Hess. On South Lamar, EcoClean will be the latest addition to the expanding SOLA corridor, joining local favorites Birds Barbershop, Mockingbird Home furnishings, and Black Sheep lodge. At the intersection of Burnet Rd. and West Anderson Lane, EcoClean joins new tenants, Hop Doddy and Precision Camera in the popular West Anderson Plaza Shopping Center. The production facility and North Guadalupe location will continue business as usual serving as the hub for the rapidly growing free delivery service. EcoClean currently delivers to over 400 homes and offices all over Austin.






GLASS HALF FULL One day, in an elementary school in England, a second grade teacher asked her young students to draw whatever they wanted on a white paper. A few minutes later all the children were already focused on depicting with pencils and colors various types of shapes.

By Alberto Simone, TV and movie director Rome—New York

Walking between the desks, the teacher was observing them with a feeling of satisfaction. She then stopped next to a girl, who looked particularly focused on her work, and asked her intriguingly: “What are you drawing?” The girl, who seemed very concentrated and thoughtful, replied: “The face of God!” The teacher smiled and gently told the little girl: “But how will you be able to draw the face of god? As far as I know no one has ever seen him.” Without interrupting her work the girl replied: “Just let me finish, so that you will be able to see him!” This is a real story and it tells us how versatile, free and wonderful our imagination can be when we are still kids. Then, once we grow up, we abandon this ability and we slowly adapt ourselves to what we, without any doubts or uncertainty, call “reality”. As a matter of fact, if seen from a different angle, this story tells us with an extraordinary precision how our mind works. One part doesn’t know the limits imposed by the reason and indulges in imagining and creating anything. Another part of our mind insists that this is not feasible and destroys our dreams by seeing them as abstract, impossible, illogical, immature and utopian.




And so, in our every day life, the story of the face of God ends in a way different than the one in which it really happened. In other words, more or less like this: After having heard the girl’s answer, the teacher takes the paper and tears it up. The end. With this I just want to observe that everyone of us, growing up and progressing in life, acquires important qualities such as logic, experience and maturity. But, without even realizing it, we also give up the most extraordinary human capacity the ability to conceive the impossible – even things that no one has ever seen before. However, it is due to this capacity that, from one imagination to another, we have discovered the theory of relativity, we have landed on the Moon, we have created Google, and we have come to learn how to extract electric energy from the Sun. A precise demonstration of the fact that fantasy creates reality, not vice versa. Therefore, everyone of us, every day has the opportunity to make a choice to either accept life as it is and maybe limit themselves by complaining about everything that they don’t like, or to imagine how they want it to be and start to change it. Trying, in the end, doesn’t cost anything. And maybe, with a bit of training and luck, we will also be able to see the face of God. Written by Alberto Simone for The Glass Half Full members. Help this Joyful Group to spread his useful contents all over. Make a gift to all your friends and beloved. Tell them to join us, share and participate.

Alberto Simone was born in Messina, Sicily and lives and works in Rome. He studied psychology and in 1986 specialized in individual and group psychotherapy. In 1986 he became creative director of Foot, Cone & Belding, a multinational advertising agency responsible for most of the Renault campaigns. Then in 1987 he founded Well Comm, a new agency which created campaigns for Greenpeace and the League for the Environment as well as government campaigns for the Prime Minister's Cabinet and the Italian Episcopal Conference and commercial campaigns for Alitalia, Nivea, Grigio Perla, Rizzoli and Bose. During those same years he also frequently visited the Maieusis therapeutic community in Capena, near Rome, where he held sessions on creative expression for the young mentally ill residents. This proved to be an important experience which lead him to write and direct the short film, La scala poggiata alla luna (A ladder to the moon) in 1997.


Ski center Rostovo, Bosnia, Photo: Mihaela Ninic.





SCI-FI stories

2042. Space Journal


WITH PLANET EARTH Friday, May 16, 2042. It was getting too dark and too cold. I saw many corners of the Universe and witnessed the existence of life in many unusual worlds out there. This was a beautiful place, with all its forms, gigantic planets, tiny silver stars and their star dust, millions of suns and different galaxies I've encountered on my journey. I was what they would call, a “space surveyor”. Hungry for more places, cities and exploration, willing to study bizarre creatures, or those that appeared bizarre but definitely had bizarre accents, to search for beings extraordinary and new, and perhaps investigate theories of evolution, big bang and heavens knows what. At this peak time of my life, if the words "time" and "space" even make sense here, I was searching for a serene and peaceful place to stay, to dock my ship and recharge my batteries, to rest and to enjoy some serenity, beauty and love. Love was in fact, the most important nourishment my starving soul needed at this moment. I was hoping my inner sixth sense and my desire for tranquility and calmness after all my travels would bring me to the right place. I knew somehow, I just needed to be patient. I couldn't give it up. And then it happened. All of a sudden, this gorgeous, stunning blue planet appeared on the horizon, opening up slowly in its beauty right in front of my eyes. I knew this was it, the moment I spotted it on the crystal clear screen of my 42XT-GEM Galactica, my faithful electronic friend, and latest in space computer technology. "Planet Earth, Planet Earth,” repeated 42XT, like I didn't hear it the first time. 68 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM April 2013

As the ship was moving closer and closer, I could see the astonishing continents and wide blue oceans, wondering what kind of world this was today. Last time I was here… I can’t even remember the date. Pluto was still in Aquarius... Who am I going to meet? Are the people of this, for me very new Earth going to be welcoming and pleasant? Am I going to embrace life on this planet again? Finally, this was the place where I was born. Am I ready for this? I still had plenty of time to stop, think and even go back. But, the question was: where to? 42XT was reporting the entrance to the planet's atmosphere. Just like tangy greenish juice from a carefully picked Mexican key lime, concentrated pure nature, so much beauty and zest at the same time was squeezed in this one tiny place. My heart was beating twice as fast and I don't think I had enough time to blink, keeping my eyes open wide, admiring what I see as the picture of the planet in front of me was getting larger and larger… Monday, June 30, 2042. The new luminary system I knew I was going to fall asleep quickly. My body needed some rest after all the wanderings and engagements I had in the past few months. I still used days and weeks as time reference, even the Earth calendar was handy. It was easier for me to track the time down while I was in space, but sometimes it got so complicated when I stayed on planets with different size or revolution speed way too different then ours. An Earth "day" could mean a fraction of their day or a day and half up to a

week in some cases. That meant we had to make those bothersome conversions and our minds were never bored. To keep up with the Earth calendar made no sense at all. However, I did not want to get rid of my handy and so casual old computer wrist watch. It was too retro and so girly, azure with tiny purple poke dots on the side that were shaped like some distant stars in the constellation Orion. Plus, this was a gift from Edrian. My ship was ready for a take off, friendly voice of my dearest 42XT buzzed in excitement and seemed to be more cheerful than usual:

of this event in our extensive Libra Rising ship library, or at least there is a computer simulation of it somewhere for rent. People should enjoy scenery like that more often. I remember this video game I played at one of the distant star-clusters known as NGC 6397. This cluster was a residence to hundreds of thousands of stars. It is 8,500 light-years away from the Earth, but it was still one of the closest clusters and one of the first undiscovered worlds me and my crew recently visited. Well, the video game that was so popular started with this Big Bang simulation. You just needed to connect computer chips to your head, close your eyes and enjoy the view...

"Leaving the planet atmosphere in 20 seconds", I heard its words as the computer took over all board controls. "Thank you", I replied, "We are leaving, finally". My head was buzzing and as I laid on my recently made bed. My cheeks touched the cool surface of the mild creamy blue pillows and I covered myself up like I was trying to hide from something while dozens of images crossed my mind again: strange but fine-looking faces that I've seen in the furthest dark corners of Milky Way, noisy voices of the space children at Reminiscence Alpha, and all the annoying rumors and celebrity gossip I heard at the Chitchat Planet in the Tittle-Tattle star system, this stunning mosaic of six unidentified distant galaxies that my computer took brilliant photographs of as we approached the edge of Pleiades cluster. All of that needed to settle and find right place in my mind, as I promised myself I would start a diary, like one of those that good looking, strong ship captains wrote in the past. When the Universe was 300,000 years old it is thought to have entered a period when no stars were shining yet. Scientific book worms and avid readers of history writings and ancient encyclopedias refer to this time of cosmic history as the “Dark Ages”. Imagine, when the first miniature stars and galaxies exploded unexpectedly like beautiful yellow spring flowers in Northern Europe would, and when in an instant, tiny star-flowers became sources of the brightest light ever known. That was a real “cosmic dawn” I wished to see. Gigantic buckets of paint embraced the Universe, bright colors, and explosions of white and gold. I hope they have some kind of an electronic version

Not a cosmic dawn, but a real terrestrial like dawn was about to move toward us. 42XT was reporting proximity of a new luminary system we were approaching, and we had at least eight hours of straight travel to carry out before we could get any clear signal from their space stations, usually called "telephone poles" over there. I thought that sounded so funny, and so clever, “so rad”. I giggled quietly: telephone poles. These people must have g o o d s e n s e o f h u m o r . I took my reading glasses off, and I placed them on top of the silver night stand next to my bed and I pulled the covers over. I felt safe. I wish Edrian was here. April 2013 SPIRITUALENTHUSIAST.COM 69




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Enlightening New Book Helps Readers Find New Pathways to Self -Renewal—Kathleen Suneja’s primer in selfrealization enlivens the soul’s search for the self Bethesda, Md. (PRWEB) February 06, 2013 It’s easy enough to think about wanting to change. But it’s another thing to effect real change. Author Kathleen Suneja invites readers on an introspective journey of self-discovery as she shares an insider’s view on how to effect real change in one’s life through her enlightening book, I Am The Change I Seek: A Primer In Self Realization. By reading this book, one receives a rare glimpse into self-realized thoughts. The author provides steps to self-realization which include: self-love, self-reflection, freeing the spirit and mind as a collective, working with anger and letting it go. I Am The Change I Seek: A Primer In Self Realization reveals secrets on realizing the inner being and will make a difference in how each one lives his or her life The author’s journey to self-realization began during the dark days of the Cold War. As did many others, she lived in the shadow of an oppressive regime. Then she made a conscious choice to take a stand against this dictatorial regime and assert the right to live in freedom. She made the choice and was prepared for the consequences. And her determination to change this condition opened the doors to life-changing conditions. By fighting oppression, she experienced a spiritual renewal that uplifted her and built faith in her own capacity to control her life. The purpose of this powerful book is beyond the challenge of political tyranny but is the process of rebuilding the self through new pathways to self-renewal. Freedom is the opportunity to create a path for improving one’s life and listening to one’s inner self. Suneja hopes that “I am the change I seek” will become a chant, a mantra that will allow people to change collectively and individually so as to embrace a new vision for all who lived in the depths of repression. The author is currently working on a new workbook on Self-Realization. This workbook will be a step-by-step guide with exercises and instructions to realizing ones inner being to become more enlightened in thought and action. I Am The Change I Seek: A Primer In Self Realization will be featured in the upcoming regional book exhibits: Pennsylvania School Library Association Book Exhibit in Hershey, Pa. on April 12-14, 2012; Texas Library Association Book Exhibit in Houston, Texas on April 17-20, 2012; Florida Library Association Book Exhibit in Orlando, Fla. on April 18-20, 2012; Connecticut Library Association Book Exhibit in Groton, Conn. on May 7-8, 2012; New Jersey Library Association Book Exhibit in Atlantic City, N.J. on June 5-6, 2012; Ohio Library Council Book Exhibit in Columbus, Ohio on September 7, 2012; Pennsylvania Library Association Book Exhibit in Gettysburg, Pa. on September 30 – October 3, 2012; Illinois Library Association Book Exhibit in Peoria, Ill. on October 9-12, 2012; New England Library Association Book Exhibit in Sturbridge, Mass. on Oct. 14-16, 2012; New York State Reading Association Book Exhibit in Syracuse, N.Y. on October 28 -30, 2012; New York Library Association Book Exhibit in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. on November 7-10, 2012; and California School Library Book Exhibit in San Jose, Calif. on November 2-4, 2012. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to



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