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The Myths of Equus by Dawn Baumann Brunke and Buddy


hen we first began this project, Buddy told me that he would like to share five creation stories regarding horses.

I understood these would be “horse creation myths� and would perhaps reveal aspects of how horses came into being, just as our human creation myths look at how we came into being. Buddy said the first four myths would be about the four elements and the creation of horses from the land, wind/air, water and fire. Buddy showed me that the fifth creation myth was held visually in the center of the four elements. It entailed how humans and horses first met. Buddy gave me the sense that this is an ever-evolving myth. Perhaps we are living it today in terms of opening ourselves at deeper levels in our relationship with animals.


Before beginning each myth, Buddy announced himself in different ways. For example, he first showed himself in a barn with many other horses. He told me that his mate Ellie and her "contingent" were present, as was Ancestor Horse, the Great Ancestor Spirits, and Grandmother Horse, a special delegate of Ellie's group. I understood the horses were interested in our project and wanted to lend support and energy to a "united expression of the mythology." Prior to sharing the myths, Buddy spoke briefly about where all myths come from. He said many myths derive from different time periods and that looking at myths is a matter of perspective. The myths we have been sharing from horses are part of our remembering. Just as human myths are rememberings from human experiences and encounters. In fact, the aboriginal have a way of looking at myth that is closer to our (animal–mammal, to be exact) use of myth in that they understand and validate that myth is always present. A larger horse collective agreed. Their view of myth is as a “continuing present, alive in every moment.� That is why I see a great gathering of horses of all sorts. This is a memo to me, a metaphor of the present-ness of myth, the living quality of myth in the world, whether or not popular culture is conscious of it. I understand what Buddy means about myths being alive and that what we are doing here is tapping into the stream and feeling the flow, rather than digging up something ancient. Although there is also an ancient quality to myths as well.

What we bring to you with our presence is only a small fraction of the totality of myth. Our point is to give you a perspective of the living flow of myth. We also wish to show that there are points along the way where myths from different species meet, and thus another offshoot or mythic circle is created. As we continued, Buddy cautioned me to wait until all the myths were told before discussing or analyzing them. Until you see and hold all of them as one, you do not have the full picture. Although Buddy was the primary spokesperson as we explored the first four myths, he wanted me to know that others were also present, to lend their ears and voices to the current. The fifth myth took on a special significance when Buddy announced that Carole and I would work together, to join with him, and others, to discover the myth through participating in it. As Buddy explained: A merging of creative energy and intentions will help to yield a clearer understanding for both of you as well as your readers about this myth, the Myth of Re-Emergence. It is as much for your species as it is for ours and the awakening of all species upon the planet, as well as the planet. The following stories are shared through Buddy along with other groups of horses and humans, some living, some in spirit, some ancestral, and some from other realms altogether.

Story One: The Myth of Land

This myth is the Myth of Land, for it is a beginning myth, one of our oldest, of horses coming into being. In some ways, it is a mirrored myth. As I wondered what is a ‘mirrored myth,’ Buddy projected a vision of early humans drawing on cave walls. The humans were making representations of horses, other animals and themselves. Buddy said that all myths come from this level of consciousness. They are brought forth at a particular 'time' in the evolution of a species as it becomes aware of itself and understands its place in a current of others having come before and coming after. Mythology is thus a continuation of ancestral feelings, emotions, thoughts and stories that need to burst forth. This is the “fullness” an individual or group feels as they awaken to mythology. It is at this place in consciousness that some of the primal ancestral creation stories are first recorded. As you feel the desire to share this with others, you too become a 'holder' on the grand web of life, anchoring thought, idea, or story for others who wish to follow this thread. It is in this sense that creation stories form a foundation. Think of creation myths as a bowl, Buddy says as the larger collective of horses presents a wooden bowl, hand-carved, smoothed and held by many hands. I appreciate the allure and feel and finish of the bowl. The allure is that many humans have 110

handled the bowl, eaten from it, cleaned it, and passed it onto others in their family. Later, they will pass it onto their children. I sense this is the energy of mythology, and why all species have creation myths. If you go far enough back within each species, you will discover a period during which that particular vibration of the species opens and becomes sentient. At that point, the group consciousness adds a 'drawing' (like the drawing on the cave wall) to the Greater Mythology of Earth. Some species have mythologies of other planets, or of simultaneous lifetimes, or developments from other planets and dimensions. But for now, we will focus on the Mythology of this Planet. We will begin with the Creation Myth of Land in terms of horses. I see a picture of the first horses, small creatures–like childrens’ toys. In fact, I realize that Buddy is showing me toy horses. He associates them with trees. W hen I ask why, he says, Horses came from trees. As I hear this, I see a horse being carved from a tree and realize I am resistant to the idea. He asserts that in this story, horses are made from trees, and that the first horse was fashioned as a toy for a child. He shows me different horses being carved from trees– for some children. Some of the horses are used to pull things, and for some they are warhorses. This is a mirrored myth for humans, about how horses were made. In this myth, the idea of horses came from humans. A creature was carved, created, and thus imagined into being. Up until this time we were formless, like spirits moving across the land. This act of


creation intrigued us. It gave us a form and so we entered the ‘mirror’ of the carving through the natural world. We were shaped from the Earth, carved from the land: Horses! This is a valid myth of our presence on the land. Buddy relates this myth in terms of “God and his children,” as a Judeo-Christian myth, showing a father carving a toy horse from the branch of a tree and giving it to his child, and the child playing with it in the many ways that children now use toy horses–as battle horses, to move things, as precious pets. This is one of our understandings of horses in terms of the land. In this creation story, we are formed into being, carved, and given a purpose by The Creator. Look to the Biblical myths of humans being formed from dirt as life is breathed into them. This is similar to our Land creation story, for we too, at a certain point, were given life. The Creator breathed life into us – and we became alive. As Buddy related this, he showed me his ear, as if this was the place where the breath of spirit entered into the body of the horse. This ties into our next myth, The Myth of Air, for breath is a central metaphor for Wind.

Story Two: The Myth of Air, The Breath of Spirit

In this myth, horses already existed as living beings. We were wild, living in canyons, deserts, and plains.


The Wind Myth derives from a Good Wind and a Bad Wind – a Spirit Wind and a Devil Wind, to use human terms. During this time, all horses were wild and untouched-–innocent. We lived in family groups; we explored, ate, raced, but mostly we thrilled to the power of the land. We responded to the land in an even deeper way than we do now. We lived in close concert with the land; we were focused on ourselves and our home. The Winds came through the canyons–there was one wind that cleansed us. It gave us 'soul’–a sense of deeper consciousness. And there was another wind that confused us, terrified us, and made us afraid. Why should there be such a wind? Why such confusion? It was designed to remind us of who we were. Creator felt we had forgotten ourselves. We were like the children for whom the toy horses were carved, playing and racing around and caring only about ourselves. Although we loved the land, we had no focus, no means of honoring the land in the way that it wanted to be honored. Or, in a way that held any meaning for us. Our experience with the wind was one of confusion and it turned us crossly within ourselves. Sometimes we raced one way, sometimes another, with no clear direction. Horses hold this myth in their genes even now, for you will sometimes witness us in fear or confusion running, racing wildly–as if we can outrun the wind herself. The Good Wind, the Spirit Wind, held a medicine for us. For when we ran with the Spirit Wind, we found ourselves again. We heard and felt clarity within the larger herd. We sensed our place, our connection with the land, with ourselves, with The Creator. We knew


that by running and racing in that way, in that space, we were again at that place in which The Creator breathed spirit into us, into our ears, our mane. Creator gave us the swiftness of hoof to race with the wind, and this was our true destiny, to move in such a way as to be with our Creator, running with and in the Wind of Spirit.

Story Three: Coming from the Sea

As we began this story, Buddy reminded me that mythology is by nature relative to the one 'beholding it’, to the one who is telling the myth or listening to it. As always, it wasn’t just Buddy sharing the myth, but a larger collective of horses. This time, I saw a parade of horses, an elegant, unfurling, unfolding procession of many different horses through various lands, times and cultures. Aware that I was seeing this in human terms, I wondered why this would be so. The horses laughed. "Because right now you are a human!" they answered. Buddy pointed out: By reading, telling or listening to a myth you are also participating in it. This is one of the elements of mythology that I would like to explore and incorporate into the unfolding of our myths. By participating in this way, you become a part of the myth. You are translating through your unique perceptions and viewpoints–your 'filters' and you are bridging this information to others. In this sense you help to bring this information back to light for the human race.


The older creation story of horses and water has to do with horses coming from the water, coming out of the sea. In scientific terms, this might be followed and expressed through your (human) evolution terms, though we see this is not a path you favor or find much interest in at this time. So, we will give you the 'mythological' story of the beginning of horses from a much older time. We were, at one time, a race living beneath the sea. This race was not particularly similar to the physical horses that you are familiar with today, but we were horse-beings in the sense that our spiritual focus, our 'medicine', our outlook and purpose was an earlier version of what the species of horses now holds. We were historians, as well as what might be termed justices. Our task was to be the courts for many animal beings. We held that type of wisdom. We were beings that ruled, in the sense of judging others in fairness and helping to keep peace and balance. Our focus was not so much in creating laws, though many of our race "set down the law" as others were judged and held accountable for their actions. We were a fair race, an honest race. Or this is what we told ourselves. Many of our kind were also explorers. You might think of us living in an enclosed portion of the sea, for that is how our ecosystem was in that time/place – like an enclosed kingdom, and we had a particular role to play. There came a time of unrest–perhaps a sense of restlessness is how it began. More of our kind desired to break away, to explore beyond our area. This took some doing, some time. It led to dissension, not only


among ourselves, but among the larger community of beings who lived within this kingdom. Eventually, a lie was made. Did we create the lie or did we sense the coming of an event and tried to hurry it along? Did we create the event, making it happen by thinking it? There was talk of a tremor, of a great upheaval that would shake the ground, pluck up our kingdom and dash it away, sweeping and flushing us away. It was felt like we needed to go to firmer ground–and that is how an expedition was made to move out of the kingdom, out of the ocean. We retooled ourselves in new ways, not only to adapt to the land but also to escape recognition by others of our group who tried to bring us back. So, there was a separation of our species–some stayed and some left. This is a key element in many myths, and it is one line of mythic content that we horses played in our quest to explore ourselves and our world, our spiritual longing and our being. In later myths, this was romanticized and exported into human cultures such that you see mythic visions of beautiful horses emerging from a frothy foaming ocean, glistening with water, as if being born. This is a romantic myth we hold as well, one we tell ourselves to prove that it was worth it. "So, was it worth it? I asked. The larger collective of horses was quiet, as if searching for a way to explain. Buddy then reminded me of some lines from a T. S. Eliot poem.


We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. It is this, that all myths seek to accomplish.

Story Four: Horses and Fire

For this myth, Buddy told

me to sit outside in the warm

sunshine, not only to hear, but also to feel the myth of fire. The myth of fire is external and internal. It is of horses as a species as well as the fire-spirit that burns within us as unique manifestations and representations of the fire beings. We shall speak first to forging a myth. Not only are these creation stories shared for content, but for you and readers to understand the process of creating, receiving and passing myths on. We have purposely presented myths out of context. This is to help you release yourself from the view that all should be 'orderly.' To hear, tell, record and pass on myths is also to participate in the forging of myth. This is a deep and spiritual process in which one takes his or her place as a link in the processional. And so, to the myth of the day: Horses and Fire. In the beginning, horses lived within the center of the flames of the sun. Which sun? Any sun–a sun of wisdom and knowledge and 117

warmth and knowing and connection. Our essence was as babes, unformed yet inquisitive. We learned many things as we grew: We learned about other worlds and dimensions where we could 'manifest' ourselves or recreate aspects of ourselves in a three-dimensional manner or other dimensional ways. We could put ourselves in form to know ourselves better, much as you might write out your thoughts to understand yourself at a deeper level. This is how it was for us. We were young, naive, excited, inquisitive, and curious.(We actually developed on other planets before this one, in other ways, other forms. These are in some ways connected to our life in Earth, but it is a tenuous connection, more for the arcane seeker of knowledge, so let us simply focus on Earth.) We had been developing our form for some time when we came to Earth. With the help and intercession of other beings, we created our form as small horses. In truth, we first lived on the Earth as spirit forms of horses. This is a period, as we understand it, that many animals make use of. We existed in a light-based realm. Most often, we were not visible to those in denser form. Because of this, we changed ourselves quickly and easily, shifting as we needed. In this way, we learned about the land and other creatures. We continually refined ourselves into a more finished, denser form to make the best of our qualities and the gifts we desired to contribute to the Earth. So, too, did we put forth the challenges that we desired to learn through our form. (Indeed, this is one of the key requisites for planet Earth–a give and a take. Beings are encouraged to represent the best of themselves as well as offer up the 'worst' or that aspect most in need of education).


And so you see how Earth is a planet of wide diversity! Our gift, then, was a reverence for the land as expressed through our freedom, our love and joy of racing across the land, our close concert with our own kind and our desire to bond with another species in a cocreative manner. The species we chose were humans. Some humans think horses are meant only to be free. But in truth, we came to Earth to learn and bond with humans as well. We have a fear of trusting others besides our own kind. This is due to our past. We are loving creatures; our hearts are true. Though we also protect our hearts and this resounds in humans too. It is something we learn from you–the ability to be open with our heart. This is something we teach humans. Like a seesaw, we open our hearts and you open yours, each of our species affects the other through our interactions. Our kind began on the Earth in the early days being relatively free and young. Our relationship was with our family, our love of the land, our exploration of the land. It was not until later that we came into contact with humans and the core of our interaction began. It took humans some time to understand our relationship. It took us time as well. We were looked upon as food, though it was understood by humans that this relationship was not exactly right--not right in the sense of good or bad, but not the one that 'fit’ the best. Humans were amazed by our swiftness and desire to know that manner of moving through the wind, of racing across the land. Our meeting with humans happened through many stages of development, in many different ways in many different places. This, in your


understanding of time, was simultaneous in many places, though it occurred over many centuries. Some of us were 'tamed'–though horses do not think of themselves as being tame. We think of it as part of our continuing education, to interact with you in a variety of ways–as race horses, farm animals, riders, show horses, plow horses, etc. Various breeds work in fine-tuned ways, such as police work or fancy dancing for entertainment. We work in films as well. I mention this for you to see how all of these aspects are part of our mythology–occurring even now, as part of our education–and yours. The mythic circle of trust is our vulnerability in coming to this planet. Horses hold a fear of fire as when we are with humans because we almost always associate fire, the destruction aspect of it, with humans. Horses rounded up by fires, or killed during fires. Fires burning in barns or horses being threatened or tormented by fire. All of this we associate with humans. It is our holding, a reminder of one aspect of our 'fear' about coming to this planet. It is the dark side of our vulnerability. Because it is our fear, it is our salve for healing a well. It is the means by which we can reawaken to our purpose on the planet, just as you are nearing the reawakening of yours.


Story Five: The Myth of Re-Emergence

The call for transformation is upon us–not only because we are in quickly-changing times, but in view of the mythic process itself, the story now being told, writ large and writ small, the twisting of the tales that weave through all lives and all being in order to awaken. In many ways, what we are doing is opening a door that was not known. It is as if you discover a chink in a story that you never noticed as a detail, but now suddenly see it is a magic door, a window, a hole, a cave, a vortex. It is the thing that calls to you, a small refrain, an odd image, a note of gentle discord or harmony–something that calls to you in whatever way you are called to attention, to awakening. What we are telling here is the myth of re-emergence, the call to transformation; an awakening on a larger scale of what always is but was not seen or known simply because it had yet to be lived. Horses and humans have come together and roamed apart many times in the past. Ours is a continual thread of coming together and moving apart–from understanding, to war and battle, from selfless love to selfish manipulation, from anger to curiosity and delight–an ever-moving, ever-changing relationship. These are many types of textural stories that show the relationships horses have had with humans. They range from visions of wild horses racing in the desert, being chased by humans, to King Arthur’s forest where horses and humans participated in ‘honor’ as a team. However, while these relationships explain or elucidate on one level, they are not the core itself. 121

The core myth of re-emergence is the call to transformation. It is about the original relationship of humans and horses, and the united call to transform through our many varied relationships throughout the ages. By placing the pieces together, you see the larger pattern. It is very complex, yet utterly simple. Our call to transformation is based upon the contract between humans and horses. It is a sacred contract, a covenant–an agreement. It is a promise to participate in mutual evolution and to accelerate our learning. It is also to accelerate the evolution of other animals and the Earth herself. Other animals also have contracts each other, though horses hold the contract with humans as special, indeed. The myth of re-emergence is about seeing this contract again, feeling it in one’s bones and blood, and knowing it in the consciousness of all beings. It is a cellular memory that is awakened at a particular point of the evolutionary process. It is the small detail (the chink in the story, the note of discord, the window, the door) that is suddenly noticed as the key to the pattern of all myths. The myth of re-emergence pulls each one of us out of ourselves, as if to make a larger, fuller expression of being from the awakened consciousness. Both horses and humans benefit, as do all other beings on the planet. Each individual as well as each species holds certain strengths and insights, and all are needed. The larger significance of the myth of re-emergence is that it is a call to transform. As we hear the call, it awakens that larger vision and desire to participate. The myth of re-


emergence is beyond the story. It is an awakening–quite literally, a living myth to which we awaken. As we move from the oral and written myths of rememberings to the Living Presence of Myth, we begin to engage the energies of all who are present in a more conscious way. We participate in a mergence–not in a troubled, manipulative way. We participate in a manner similar to that of stepping into a river and knowing the presence of all who have gone before, and all who have yet to come. We feel those who have touched this river, the mollusks and stones, the fish and bear, the birds, humans and horses. They remember the water. It is the taste of sky and rain clouds that lifted, transformed and carried the water back to Earth; the expanded connection of other rivers and watercourses in other parts of the Earth and beyond, in other solar systems–all of this immensity held in each and every drop of water. This is a symbol of the myth of re-emergence. This is the beginning of the call of transformation. This is the medicine that helps us to awaken and this is the awakening itself. It cannot be described or told. Rather, it is a call to participate, to awaken beyond the experience of how we know ourselves today. It is a call that resounds within us, and within you.


Equine Collective Myth: Carole and Buddy

We are going to walk through a jungle and take ‘psychic snapshots’ of different images we feel attracted to,” Buddy began. I will give you a psychic camera. This is the jungle of the collective unconscious. Please focus on “the many,” not the few. As I do this, I begin seeing with my third eye: An Indian mask and feathers, a child’s leather shoe, bed linens with lace, a gold bracelet, and a skirmish between Indians and white settlers. I see skull bones of a horse and her foal in charcoal and ash. Then, arising from these images I hear a feminine voice: "What if we lose it all to greed and lust," she implores. “What if we never allow ourselves to breathe fresh air again? On the open plains, there will come clouds of dust and smoke, and you will hear thunderous sounds of many drums and terrible screams.” Suddenly, a huge boulder, the size of a meteor, comes crashing to the Earth from the sky above. I see a white horse riding on its leading edge. When the meteor crashes, horses rise up out of the belly of the Earth. Their hooves still fastened beneath the ground. They run across the land in great numbers as if on a track or an Earth-bound path. When they reach a body of water, they pour into it like ribbons of many colors. In unison, they swim across the water,


and when they reach the other side, they climb onto the land again and settle into an ancient, red rock canyon. The sky turns dark as night and I see myself in this vision as a young Indian boy, crouching and observing horses from afar. I make sure I am not seen because I am looking for a special horse to ride and be my partner. I start to whistle to the herd and wait and watch as one of the horses looks and paws madly at the ground. Then, he rears up as I emerge from behind a tree and we come face-to-face. Telepathically, we ask each other’s names. He tells me his is Ride the Wind. I tell him my name is Wind Walker. “I cannot mount you,” I tell him. "You must lift me up.” Quickly, he grabs the back of my coat with his strong jaws and throws me over his shoulder. I somersault onto his back as the other horses watch in amazement. When we ride off, Ride the Wind begins to tell the Myth of the Equine Collective: In ancient times, horses were not born, they were “evicted” from the Earth by great thrusts of rock and stone, mud and sand and clay–-bubbling up from the collective bringing forth eternal archetypes. Lava flowed like blood in our veins. We were crystalline forms, shining, pure and true. We had our own light, our own spark of life. We were fluid and invisible when we needed to be. Where our hooves touched the ground, the Earth turned to molten lava. We made such heat with our hooves and our speed that the ground dissolved and flowed behind us wherever we went. 125

We had organs like humans. We had eyes and ears and skin. We could smell with our huge nostrils. But, we were shape-shifters and we could change colors. We could appear and fade away like the changing light of daybreak. We moved in and out of existence with ease. When we wanted to move as a group, the message went out, and as if we were all of one mind, we shifted our presence in an instant. We had counterparts in other places. They were rock structures. We slept as mountains, piled high, one on top of the other for millions of years. Over the aeons, our bodies stacked up to make the mountains you see today. We are the rocks and stones beneath your feet. We are the fuel you use for heat. We moved like mountains, slowly evolving through millennia. Then, with one great organic thrust, we shifted. Our neighbors, the trees, were always among us, standing tall. They did not move or shift their shapes as we did. They were ever-constant and willing to hold the energy for us. When we visited one another, we melded our minds with each other. We moved across the sea as waves. When the waves broke on the shores, we disbanded--each running as a separate being again. The waves, the mountains, the clouds--all things were made this way. We took different shapes, colors and sizes. We evaporated into air and floated back into the sky, like the clouds. Then, we rained down again and joined others of our kind. To the rivers we went to awaken our hearts and other herds, to join with them--to flow and move with them, like flocks of birds. Our strength was in our combined strength. 126

Migrating in huge herds of thousands, like the lava flows across the land, we became rivers of stone, flowing back into the sea. The seas swallowed us again and we withdrew into the Earth. Into the core again. This is where we have our headquarters now. We are resting there, awaiting your return. These pictures, swirling in my head, of horses flowing like waves of lava across the land for aeons, reminded me of Buddhist meditation--of breathing in and breathing out, a continuum, a heart beating, rippling waves, emanating in concentric circles. I pondered these images, and amazing peace and serenity came over me.

Buddy’s Myths by Carole

After many months of writing, I felt I had absorbed these ideas and images of the Myths of Equus. It was not until the following year however that I decided to ask Buddy for his comments on these stories. I would like you to see the humans in this way too. Humans layering themselves over horses, over plants, trees, rivers, and all of life, coming in and going out of existence. At times we were wildly flourishing and at other times we are burnt to extinction. Somewhere in the center of all this is the heart of joyfulness, despite pain. We struggle to collect a toll at the gate. Some refuse passages to others in the name of fear. But, overall, we collectively have broken


through to this moment. This holy moment of awakening to the soulfulness of all life. We (horses) captured the hearts of humans, and the humans layered themselves across the prairies, just as we did. Some did not survive, (the buffalo). Some traded this life for the next. As the sediment of the canyons builds layers, one on top of the other, we are on the top layer today. Yet, in time, we will be layered underneath, supporting those who will come tomorrow. We exist in the past, and we exist in the future, but in different forms and feelings and awareness. Horses around the world, come in and go out of existence for eternity. Just now, it would be helpful to add your thoughts to the horses around the world, as an entire species, as a group of souls, who know the heart of life and who wish to share their love with humans. Horses need freedom to choose own their way in life. We can choose to focus on the devastation of life, and on death, or we can choose to feel the positive light shining from above. I choose the light. Now that we have completed the first myths and stories, let’s look at a future myth--post transformation. With this thought, how would your day begin in a perfect future? I would wake up and go to a place in nature where the animals and humans live peacefully together. I would speak to all of our hearts, to open our hearts and heal our hearts. Then, we would sing and dance, and exchange love in songs and melodies and rhythms. Then, we would eat manna from heaven together that we pluck and pick from the air. Afterward, we would go to our own 128

chosen service. Everyone understands what

the other one is

feeling, and we always know what to say, to do, to help and heal doubt or feelings of fear. We see God in each others eyes and hearts, without cloudiness or mistrust. We walk freely without shame, with animals and each other, naked in the light of our own loving intention. The future will be wonderful because we will have a clear, loving and compassionate collective vision, even through the darkness and doubt. It will always be inside of us. All we have to do is to turn our attention inward and search for our inner voice. When one of us finds what he or she needs, we will all feel joy. No one will feel alone, and no one will feel afraid. I picture a day when all beings are healed on the Earth. We are ready now as we all connect through our prayers of loving kindness.


Chapter Five  

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Chapter Five  

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