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Introducing Here at Area 9 TV, we’re stoked at being ActiveChannel’s newest online TV channel. We promise you that in the months leading up to our launch, we will show you some good news from this side of the web 2.0 world in the area of EDUCATION. Aye, we target young minds who still dare to say ‘I have a dream’, whose passion for the arts, tech, or business world immerses them completely into new levels. Here in the knowledge-based economy of Singapore and the region, we aim to provide a runway for their dreams, a voice for their calling, some options for their school choices.

Area 9 gives everyone the opportunity to have Top of

Mind Awareness. What is your brand’s ‘TOMA’ score? With increased views and more opportunity to brand your school and speaker experience, Area 9 is your friendly, helpful next-door neighbor when it comes to building your brand’s awareness, and sustainability.

“You… You…you


me.” me.”

–Joker to Batman, Dark Knight ’08.

Area 9 prevents your partners from needing to do a “Dear

John” on you. So far, in communicating to the masses via Internet, no one has figured out a way to talk to the people we need to talk to, one-on-one. We achieve it by using the right tools. The most limited resource currently in Singapore is…TIME. Our platform allows you to cut through the chatter and deliver your message anywhere, anytime. Since its inception, the Internet has always been used as a two-way communication tool which sets it apart from other media platforms. We’re leveraging on this inherent value proposition to enrich our partners with a communication tool, so you’d never have to worry about receiving a breakup letter.

Area 9 helps you find your

HEROES. Every sphere has its own Heroes, the strange and fascinating people who make up the community and contribute to it in their inherent ways with their inherent abilities.

That is why building up a social community is important to your brand. Better than word of mouth, your HEROES are voluntary advocates who interact with your brand on a daily basis, and love it more than you do. You have your own brand ambassadors; ready to do be the HEROES of today, for today’s brands.

“Our objective is to make Singapore a

Global Schoolhouse,

providing educational programmes of all types and at all levels.” -Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, George Yeo

Idea , Develop Content, Launch‌

WORLD DOMINATION! We imagine that for companies, brands and schools around us, things ain't what they used to be. Textbooks? So 1970s. Laptops, mobile devices and the like are now essential for the next level. So we've all got to RELEARN. Some thing we cannot help - like the fact that your local plain prata now costs 80 cents - but here's a good way we can help! There's an avalanche of information and limitless possibilities out there - in UK, the Internet is overtaking TV as the most preferred advertising medium. (Group M, Dec ’07.) Have a think about how much your company spends to advertise online compared to the people who are spending their time checking out online videos, interacting and learning.


understand that every biz is about profits

at the bottomline unless you run a charity org, and we realize that the first-mover advantage may be skeptically regarded by some as high-risk and not at all advantageous. We've made it simpler by REIMAGINING the future of your biz. Perhaps the most often overlooked media tool, Video + interactivity is the low-profile cousin of the oft-preferred glitzy TV commercials and Print advertisements, treading softly in the undercurrents to infuse the content-creating generation of consumer-created culture, spiraling Youtube's successes and the video stars birthed by the unlikely contender in the media circuit. Emotional usage of videos is one thing we can harness. So wave the national flag of 'Made in Singapore' (if you are one!) and join us in the anticipation of the public launch of Area 9! We don't claim to have all the answers, but we do have a damned-good solution to some tools companies and brands need. And with these groundbreaking strategies in place, we sign off; we want to hear that we do, COMPLETE YOU, in a way you've never thought possible!

For SCHOOLS, a branded experience

On your own Interactive online platform

Staying ahead of the

learning curve

is what we hope you always aim for.

Staying ahead of the

marketing curve is what we have . | ActiveChannel

Area 9 TV is now BETA.

Drop us a line at

Area 9 - Education Web Channel  

Area 9 TV is now in BETA

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