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living on

mean street

children’s family bullying project 2012

We can be the best family in the world, but the only thing holding us back, is you...

Living on mean street

Let’s play I’m going to soccer without him, bash you if you because he is stupid don’t give us your and dumb! soccer ball!

Why can’t we all just play together?

Be quiet, I don’t wanna fight ok

Shut up, come on and fight me!

Leave me alone!

I don’t want to fight, ok?

Talk to me!


I saw it first. So I get it. #x@# off! Hey, I saw this house first. Back off!


No one talks to me like that! No way, there’s heaps of houses for sale. Go away.

I hate you, so I will...

Don’t kill me!

Hey you fatso, I’m going to bash you

I can’t walk... NO! I’m sorry about it! Oh no, what did I do? I am sorry, sorry, sorry

Well I never did nothing to you. You freckle face kid!

Well I don’t care about being liked or disliked

Leave me alone

No, you are so annoying and I hate you! And I never liked you.

When people fight and get bullied I feel like a baby mouse running away from home, scared and unsafe.

In my secret life

Sometimes when my owner gets too drunk, she kicks me out of the house and hits me.

My name is George and I’m a puppy.

When she hits me I feel nervous and I start to get scared. Woof!

I never get fed. So I usually get my food from the street. Woof!

Go away! It’s just like being mean to cats

Make me, okay!

Oi! Leave her alone please, cause she’s always sad

Why can’t you leave me alone?

When my family fights I get scared, because I’m scared I won’t see them again

You’re ugly!

You stink!

I feel sooky and sad because someone took me away from my mum

I feel like a cat when this stuff happens. I feel scared and frightened

I HATE you Yeah let’s go! I’m going to kick you

Loser! Ha ha

You’re so ugly and nerdy! HA HA

I feel like a puppy, very shy and scared to say anything

Who are you talking to!?! I feel like a mum with all the kids around me to look after

My protective animal is an elephant. He tells the bullies I don’t like it and helps me feel better.

Get up, stand up, speak up

Stop it, all of you! You can stop fighting

Let’s play a game

Hey look, can you just go away please? I don’t care about being disliked, you’re the mean one here so go away

You suck! No! No one likes you and I never, ever liked you!

GO AWAY! Why can’t you go away?

You should leave my friend alone. You have no right picking on my friend!

No, we came here to fight!

What’s wrong?

No, I’m not. I know what’s happening. So just stop fighting please, it’s not nice

You’re too young to understand so GO AWAY

Stop! I don’t like you being mean to my friend

I am not a dumb kid!

Can I play with you?

No, go away you dumb kid

You are! And a hippy!

Guys, come on. Don’t do this. We’re supposed to be friends. Let’s just be really mature and talk about this like human beings. We’re friends!

Hey guys, stop fighting please!

You have been fighting all my life...

Funded by NSW Premier and Cabinet Office for Women’s Policy

Produced by Spirit Dreaming Australia, Ballina NSW •

In partnership with Mirrung Ngu Wanjarrri, with many thanks and support from: • Nicoline Schor, Sacred Space Counselling - • Graphic Design by Keira Wheatley -

She does not deserve this put on her. What if this was you being picked on? You would not like it. So leave her alone pick on someone your own age!

Living on Mean Street  

Kids talk about Violence and Bullying

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