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From Dusk TilDAWN

Women’s family violence project 2012

Family Violence

“The Face”... what it looks like “The Heart”... what it feels like “The Spirit”... what it takes to change “The Soul”... the wisdom gained.

From Dusk TilDAWN

Women’s family violence project 2012

The Face

A black man. A man dressed in black. Black hair. Black eyes. No pupils. Sitting cross-legged on my bed. Grinning. Staring at me. He has no lips. I cannot scream. He looks at me, as if I’m ice cream he can devour in a moment and I cannot protest. I melt, I dissolve under his gaze into oblivion into being nothing at all.

You wake me and my blood is cold, the door comes crashing down and my world and my heart break. This is ‘NOT LOVE’ will you stop hitting her, will you stop raping her, will you die.

Looking through the pretty false layers I see you, demon.

The face of violence is the one you love keeping you in darkne ss and pain wondering if the sun will break through and shine on you again It’s supposed to kee p you safe and able to trust This face makes all your dreams bust Eventually this face the violence begins to erase Maybe a new face will take it’s place.

The Heart

pped up Like a newborn wra not in cotton wool ings but in a dozen str mbs attached to my li as if I’m merely a marionette without a soul idering that’s worth cons you play me, e you make me twing and crawl and jump through hoops g, of your own makin never mine, never mind... my heart is no way, longer there any

it was scattered along with the ashes of what you burnt down whilst I was busy trying to love you. My innocence, like a hanged man on a rope flapping in the wind of wherever your whims and wishes may blow me next, naked, exposed; The need to be loved in return As futile as my attempts to walk away

at the same time? e m rt hu d an e v lo ou y How can tors gone? Where have my protec nnect I want our hearts to co time and feel safe all the Father to daughter woman to man.

Afraid Helpless Unworthy Confused ourself Retreat inside y y and there you sta Trapped Non existent

The Spirit When you’ve got nothing left to lose you also lose the one thing that wasn’t worth keeping in the first place: your fear. When you’ve got nothing left to lose you find the freedom to start again right there in front of you beckoning, come hither, you, come over here.

I made the shift when a being of light came into my life and showed me how a woman should be loved by a man. Together we made a shield of protection for my feminine spirit and for all our beautiful children Thank you my love The jewel of my Heart

The Soul

True strength lies not in the courage to step up and battle your demons; True strength lies in surrendering to the essence of your soul and accepting nothing less than it’s love and gentleness in your world... from anybody, and most importantly, from yourself.



And now it is the woman’s turn Will you crash or will you burn All the old ways from the past To be born again free at last Free to dance, free to sing ng Hope for the future, what will it bri Will you repeat the victim shit Or will you strengthen every bit Return to life, release control & heal yourself, your woman’s soul.

With many thanks to the courageous sista’s who shared their stories,thoughts and wisdom to create this book.

Brenda Carol Mietha Mel Monica Nicky Nimmity Shannon Srimati Wendy Yahndi

Funded by d Cabinet Office NSW Premier an licy for Women’s Po irit Dreaming Produced by Sp a NSW Australia, Ballin

Wanjarri, th Mirrung Ngu In partnership wi m: fro t ks and suppor with many than r, • Nicoline Scho Counselling e ac Sp Sacred - sacredspace. ley n by Keira Wheat •Graphic Desig - keirawheatley.c

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Womans Book - Aboriginal Womens experience of Violence