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Customer Care

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Spirit offers a complete range of customer care services, designed to provide a comprehensive range of support before, during and after your data capture investment. Regardless of whether you are implementing a one-off project or a comprehensive solution, this is the troublefree way of ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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Customer Care


Mobile Solution Selection Customised software Evaluation of products Business consultancy Manufacturer engagement Secure airtime

Trial Pre-sales technical support Customer software development training

Planning Project management Scheduling Finance solutions

Deployment Infrastructure services Installation services Provisioning Device management Training

Management and Support Customised service packages Service review meetings

Technology Refresh Trade in old hardware Software porting Hardware disposal

Mobile Solution Selection n GlobalBay - mobile enterprise development software n MCL - rapid application development n Mobileworxs - enterprise mobility software

Customised Software Spirit offers bespoke software development, consultancy and systems integration as well as ‘off the shelf’ pre-developed solutions. We use modern programming languages (.net, Java, C#), tools and development techniques to keep pace with growing market demands. Each project is tailormade and our prototype-driven development approach results in better communication with our customers and shorter development cycles.

n NDL - middleware software solution to connect different business systems

software-only Mobile VPN n Optima - warehouse management software n SOTI MobiControl - device management, support and security n Sygic – GPS software for mobile hardware n Wavelink – remote OS for Motorola and Honeywell hardware.

n NetMotion Wireless - Mobility XE, a Device Management

Our development teams offer custom software development, application design and development, database design, functional and test specifications and application re-engineering services, including new platform transitions.

Spirit offers a choice of device management tools for managing the entire mobile enterprise remotely.

Spirit is a registered Microsoft partner.

Rapid Application Development

Software packages Spirit offers a range of ‘off the shelf’ solutions software packages including: n Spirit Inspect-it™

n Spirit Stock Manager

n Spirit Label-it™

n Spirit Track-it™

n Spirit Mobile Delivery™

n Spirit Truant Track™

n Spirit On The Move™

n Spirit Wherehouse?™

A cost effective means of building integrated applications, running on portable PCs and PDAs linked to a back office system, through batch or wireless communications. Spirit supply rapid application development environments from MCL and GlobalBay.

n Spirit Presence and Absence™ Spirit works in partnership with strategic software vendors, including: n B2M - a scaleable mobile management solution; remotely managing the entire mobile enterprise.

n Bartender - label design and bar code software

Evaluation of Products Spirit has a pool of evaluation stock available for loan purposes so that you can trial alternative hardware with your users, prior to purchase.

Business Consultancy

Manufacturer Engagement

Our Business Consultancy Service evaluates how the latest data collection and mobile computing technologies can improve your business processes. For example:

Spirit works with the world’s leading mobile data capture manufacturers, as an accredited suppliers of hardware. We are vendor independent so that we can offer the best products for your particular application and budget.

n Are you operating cost-effectively?

The following is a list of the manufacturers we currently recommend and partner with:

n Are you getting the most from your voice and data communication infrastructure?

n Argox

n Motion Computing

n Are you maximising the potential of new technologies?

n Cipher Lab

A Business Consultancy Review includes the following:

n Cino

n Motorola (formerly Symbol Technologies)

n Cognex

n Nexcom

n Datalogic (incl PSC Falcon)

n Panasonic

n Datamax Corporation

n PrintekMobile

n Inspection of existing system that will form part of your future solution, to confirm compatibility and ensure successful integration.

n Extech

n Socket Mobile

n Getac

n Sumo

n Recommendation of equipment modification or upgrades to suit your particular requirements.

n Gotive

n Toshiba TEC

n Honeywell (incl Hand Held Products and Metrologic)

n Trimble

n InData

n Zebra Technologies

n Infrastructure requirements. For example communication technology (wireless networking (802.11x), GPRS, 3G/HSDPA, bluetooth) and data capture technology (barcode reading technology (imaging and laser) and RFID).

n Provision of advice on additional associated hardware and software selection and configuration. n Recommendation of commercially available, vendor independent hardware, software and network products to form an appropriate solution. n Software Support Services.

n Xplore Technologies

n Intermec n M3 Mobile

Mobile Solution Selection (continued) n It’s simple – ready to go and easy to install. n Future proof – works with any recommended mobile network and enhances the ‘always on’ 3G/GPRS mobile technology.

Secure Airtime Wireless Logic – Data Airtime SIMs Spirit partners with Wireless Logic to offer secure data airtime, so that your data can be transmitted securely over wireless networks. Wireless Logic Is a leading specialist in M2M (machine to machine) SIM-based data communications over GPRS, 3G & HSDPA networks. Wireless Logic’s product – ManageNet – is a secure data airtime service. It includes a network layer service for mobile devices with a secure private network across the internet. Wireless Logic has solutions in place with police forces, major corporates and civil organisations in the UK. Benefits and features of ManageNet services: n Secure – by providing Fixed private IP Addresses the hardware is not available on the public internet n Quick – the service can be up and running within 48 hours. n Agnostic – no need for users to commit to one network. n Cost Effective – no capital expenditure, no in-house support costs, and no need to invest in radius servers, hosting, or IP addressing- Typically £30,000 to £100,000 cost per network. n Management & Monitoring – instant access to information via web-based management tools.

n Lower airtime costs – up to 50% in airtime costs, by utilising private connectivity over Public GPRS. n Flexible – all SIMs come as standard with 3G, GPRS, GSM Data and SMS.


Pre-sales Technical Support Spirit offers a pre sales technical support service to support your mobile computing trial. This service includes all aspects of the system including hardware and software. All our engineers are manufacturer authorized and accredited (e.g. Motorola, Cisco) and available on either a contract or non-contract basis . We also offer pre-purchased call-out plans (voucher system). Engineers can also be ‘rented’ as required on an hourly, daily, weekly basis.

Customer Software Development Training Many of our customers prefer to keep the application development of mobile computer solutions in-house. For those customers that do not currently have experience of developing mobile computer software applications we offer a software development training package. Our software development team offers on-site software development training for your technical / development staff. The software development team provide training in mobile computing rapid application development environments, such as GB Mobile and MCL. Training programmes can also be customised to meet your specific requirements and can be combined with the actual development of the mobile computing application.


Project Management Our project management team provides total co-ordination of all project planning, management and implementation from concept to completion. A project manager will be assigned to liaise with you or your representatives to ensure the smooth implementation of a fault-free system. Our project management service includes: n Production of a full project plan to cover all aspects of the project. n Regular meetings with your project team to discuss project progress and outstanding actions n Testing and documentation of the network configuration and client software settings. n Delivery of hardware to the right place at the right time. n Follow-up visits to ensure the system is running smoothly.

Scheduling To ensure that a smooth mobile computing deployment is achieved, Spirit’s project and administration team work with the customer and manufacturing partners to determine the required deployment schedule. Spirit then agrees a hardware delivery plan in line with the required deployment schedule. The Spirit team carry out regular checks to ensure that the hardware delivery meets the target dates. Spirit holds each hardware delivery during the provisioning process until it is ready be deployed to the customer, in line with the schedule. Spirit can also store additional hardware including spares stock for the customer to cover any unforeseen urgent delivery requirements.

Planning Tax saving By setting your leasing costs against tax a finance package can be cheaper than buying.

Finance Solutions

Finance benefits n Conserves your equity n Reduces need for loans

Spirit provides a range of flexible finance packages to meet your business needs. Competitive leasing deals can be tailored to meet your product / service requirements. Packages range from 1-3 years, for amounts over ÂŁ500 with payments typically monthly or quarterly. Typical finance packages available: n Off balance sheet operating leases n Capital leases n Technology management financing n Pilot programme rentals n Technology swap financing n Independent operator finance programmes n Rent-to-own programmes Finance schemes can offers the following options: n 100% financing n 24-72 month financing terms n Varied /customer elected purchase n Graduated options payments n Technology refresh options n Delayed payments n Ewaste technology disposal n Credit checks can be completed on-line and approved within 24 hours

n Overcomes lack of capital budget n Provides obsolescence protection

Deployment another nearby wireless LAN, it is possible to choose a different channel and eliminate the problem.

Infrastructure services Spirit works with all the leading suppliers of wireless solutions including Cisco and Motorola. We have implemented wireless solutions throughout the UK and Europe and can offer expert advice on any wireless deployment. Wireless Infrastructure Surveys and Installations With wireless systems, it is very difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and detect the presence of interfering signals without the use of test equipment. Walls, doors, lift shafts, people, and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation, which cause the Radio Frequency (RF) radiation pattern to be irregular and unpredictable. As a result, it is normal to perform a RF site survey to fully understand the behaviour of radio waves within a facility, before installing wireless network access points. RF survey considerations The ultimate goal of a RF site survey is to supply enough information to determine the number and placement of access points, so that there is adequate coverage throughout the facility. In most implementations, “adequate coverage� means support of a minimum data rate to the required areas. An RF site survey can also detect and identify the presence of interference coming from other sources, which could degrade the performance of the wireless LAN. The requirement for and complexity of a RF site survey, will vary depending on the facility. For example, a small three room office may not require a site survey. In this scenario a single access point located anywhere within the office and still maintain adequate coverage. If this access point encounters RF interference from

A larger facility, such as an office complex, apartment building, hospital, or warehouse, will generally require an extensive RF site survey. Without a survey, users will probably end up with inadequate coverage and suffer from low performance in some areas. RF survey deliverables Through our engineering team we use the latest professional wireless site survey software packages, such as AirMagnet, to sample the RF propagation under normal operational conditions. From this, we can determine the optimum position and settings of every wireless access point to suit your specific requirements. Sampled parameters include signal strength, signal quality, bandwidth and signal to noise ratio. A comprehensive, written Wireless Site Survey report offers: n The recommended optimal position of every wireless access-point. n Maximum RF coverage for the minimum number of access-points. n A comprehensive risk assessment report. n Installation requirements, including photographs. Our site survey offering is completely vendor independent and offers clients the foundations for price comparisons between vendors and also the design criteria for the eventual wireless deployment. Covering all the wireless technologies (802.11a/b/g/n), the comprehensive survey document will not only consider the access point location, but also the associated network and electrical cabling requirements. Wireless LAN System Healthcheck A Wireless LAN System health check is a preventative maintenance measure, that pre-empts any degradation in the performance of your Wireless LAN system. It is of particular benefit following: n The relocation of equipment.

Deployment (continued) n Alterations to the layout of your premises.

Vehicle and forklift truck installations

n The addition of mobile hardware.

Spirit’s vehicle installation service is available to customers who need to mount the mobile computer hardware in the vehicle (e.g. van or fork-lift-truck).

n Changes in inventory type or level. A Wireless LAN System health check is normally undertaken annually and includes: n The full inspection and functional test of your system. n A comprehensive check of your coverage areas to ensure the performance of your wireless network still meets your requirements. Your Wireless LAN System health check is provided as a detailed report, which includes system layout and configuration, coverage areas, bandwidth, channel selection and recommendations.

Installation services

Our vehicle audit service is carried out at the customer’s site. Our vehicle auditor will inspect the vehicle, determine the most optimum and safe mounting location and determine if any customer mounting brackets or wiring be required. A vehicle audit report is produced and this includes photographs of the proposed mounting location. The vehicle installation is carried out on-site following the audit by experienced engineers. Other installation services are also available.


Our installation service is available for all hardware, software and infrastructure installations.

Software installation and hardware configuration for rugged mobile data capture devices

With one single point of contact, all of your hardware and software installation requirements will be met to the highest standards.

Preparing mobile computers for deployment can be a time-consuming process. Spirit’s provisioning service ensures that each rugged mobile computer is ready for use by your field workers as soon as they receive them. Our team works closely with you to determine your exact configuration requirements which may include:

Our team of qualified engineers offer installation of: n Wireless access point installation, including specialist housings. n Specialist wireless access-point antenna mounting. n Tethered or cordless barcode scanners and base station installation. n In-vehicle docking stations, modems, radio or GPS equipment installations. All of our installation services are covered by our labour warranty. Post-installation product support is provided under our help desk services.

n Installation of your mobile application software n Configuration of your specific application software n SIM card installation and network connection n Memory card installation n Asset label identification of the mobile computer

n Battery charging - all batteries will be charged and conditioned to ensure optimum performance on delivery n Installation of a screen protector n Kit packing: equipment can be kit-packed and labelled with the contents, delivery address and delivery date as required n Firmware – testing of all hardware to eliminate any out-of-box failures. All equipment will be powered-up to check hardware build, software, firmware and operating system revision and updated accordingly. A full soak test will be carried out on all hardware. Any special firmware will be loaded. n Set up of data formatting requirements n Loading of unique device configuration settings n Loading of security settings n Specialist installations We will hold your equipment in our Customer Service Centre, until called forward for installation or delivery to your selected site.

Device management If your mobile devices are going to deliver improvements in efficiency, customer service and future cost savings to your organisation, they must be managed properly. The challenge is to effectively manage, support and secure evolving mobile field forces across diverse network topologies. Mobile Device Management enables you to take control and manage all your mobile devices from a remote location. We provide a variety of device management solutions. SOTI MobiControl – Device Management, Support and Security SOTI MobiControl is the leading software application for Device Management, Helpdesk and Security of remote mobile devices. It works with all devices whether you are using consumer based devices for push email or rugged devices in the field. MobiControl provides rapid and reliable performance over any network for any size of deployment. MSP from Motorola MSP is the device management product from Motorola. It is designed to fully configure and support the Motorola mobile computing product range. It includes an intuitive web-based interface that provides convenient and flexible anywhere, anytime management. A comprehensive set of features enables full life cycle management, allowing you to easily deploy, monitor, track and transition all your devices.

Deployment (continued) B2M

Customer help-desk training

B2M’s mprodigy mobile device management system provides a suite of services that deal with the day-to-day management of mobile devices.

n Initial and periodic training for your helpdesk support staff.

Spirit’s NTP Client Spirit’s NTP Client, the Network Time Protocol (NTP) – is a protocol for synchronizing the clocks of computer systems over packet-switched, variablelatency data networks. NTP uses UDP port 123 as its transport layer. It is designed particularly to resist the effects of variable latency. It is therefore highly applicable to mobile data capture hand held terminals that record the time – as it provides a mechanism for synchronising the time displayed and recorded on these devices.

Training Spirit offers a full range of training services. Our objective is to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your investment in the shortest possible time. Typical training packages include: Train the user n We train the users to ensure that they have the knowledge and confidence to operate the system effectively. Train the trainer n We provide tailored train-the-trainer sessions, suitable for large-scale implementations.

n Provision of troubleshooting guides, in the form of flow-charts and FAQ sheets. All our training programmes benefit from: n The provision of easy-to-follow instruction sets including troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions. n Appropriate multimedia and visual aids, suitable for the audience. n Training sessions held at times to suit you.

Management and Support

Helpdesk and Engineer Support Helpdesk Our help desk is available to assist you with all of your technical enquiries. Full technical support is available on-line, via email, telephone and fax. Each support request is logged on our customised helpdesk CRM system and a unique helpdesk ID is issued to the customer so that the support request can be tracked. This service is provided to our customers free of charge. Engineer support All our engineers are manufacturer authorized and accredited (e.g. Motorola, Cisco) and available on either a contract or non-contract basis. We also offer pre-purchased call-out plans (voucher system). Spirit also offers full pre and post sales technical support. We also offer a 24/7 helpdesk facility should your business require this mission critical support.

Customised service packages Service Programmes help to minimize the down-time on your equipment and save you time, money and trouble. The benefits of service programmes include: n Guaranteed security n Peace of mind even as products get older n Avoid unexpected hardware break down costs n Peace of mind of quality-approved engineers n Convenience of knowing exactly who to call if you encounter a problem Spirit is the authorised service centre for many major manufacturers including Gotive, Honeywell, M3 and Motorola. Spirit offer a wide range of highly competitive service programmes, which can be customized to meet your particular requirements. All repairs: n are undertaken in-house n use genuine manufacturer spare parts to repair products to the original factory specification n are carried out by staff who are manufacturer trained Guaranteed repair turnaround times n We will guarantee the number of business days that any product spends in our customer care centre, before being repaired and returned to you. For example, one day, three day, five day. A one-off payment can also be made in order to guarantee a quick repair when required.

Management and Support (continued) Customised service packages Service Level

5 day turnaround

Bronze Cover

Silver Cover

Gold Cover

Advance Replacement

Full Cover

Yes Yes

3 day turnaround 24 hour turnaround


8 hour turnaround


4 hour turnaround


Replacement product configured and shipped the same day


Includes physical damage


Warranty repairs






Includes wear and tear






Includes return shipping






Engineer report with every repair






Monthly repair report






Includes application loading, configuration management and battery maintenance






Some typical examples include: Standard repair programme n Warranty and non-warranty repairs. n Typical repair turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. Advance replacement programme n Should a unit require service, then a fully configured replacement unit will be shipped to site overnight. Full cover programme n Upgrade your service programme to cover physical damage to your product. On-site maintenance programme n An engineer will visit your site to repair or replace the equipment.

Power/battery management and maintenance Spirit offers advice on power and battery management and maintenance. Poor battery performance can degrade the overall effectiveness of the system. Following our simple maintenance instructions can help you achieve optimum performance by improving device reliability and extending battery service life. Simple checks that can be made are: 1. How old is your battery? 2. How long does the battery last during the day?

Application and configuration loading n Following repair, the equipment will be configured to your unique specification. These service programmes can be purchased individually or as part of a combined package. As part of our service we provide a service report detailing all repaired projects. Spirit monitors the performance of the hardware during the deployment and manage & support stages of the project. Reports are created showing the number and type of help desk calls and product returns received from the customer.

How to preserve your battery’s life: 1. Most batteries have a manufactured date, check to see how old your battery is as old batteries don’t tend to hold their charge as well as new ones. 2. Look to change the battery every 18 months to 2 years 3. Always use manufacturer recommended batteries 4. Make sure the battery doesn’t run completely flat 5. Keep the charging connector clean from dust and dirt Helpful tips to preserve the battery’s power during the working day: 1. Set the backlight on your device to a lower setting, 2. Switch the device off or put into stand by mode when not being used, 3. Continuous use of the GSM/GPRS or WLAN will cause power to be drained from your device so try to only use these when necessary.

Management and Support (continued) Further help Spirit offers a Battery Maintenance Contract that will help take away the burden of monitoring your batteries with scheduled health checks so that your business can keep performing at full productivity.

Service review meetings Spirit arranges regular meetings with the customer and also with the manufacturing partner’s service team to review: n Hardware related issues n Software related issues n Open issues are discussed and actioned. Follow-up meetings ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner. The service review meeting is also a good opportunity to discuss any new requirements for the use of the mobile computing hardware within a customer’s business.

Technology refresh

Trade in old hardware Spirit’s Technology Refresh Service enables customers’ to benefit from all the latest technology changes. Spirit can offer additional discounts against the trade-in of your old mobile computer or data capture assets. This can also include the disposal of your old mobile computer hardware. Software porting Spirit’s experienced Software Development team is also available to port any current applications across to the new mobile computer. Hardware disposal Spirit can arrange for safe disposal of your mobile computing hardware, once your new system has been installed.

For more information contact us at: t: 01928 718800 f: 0845 762 2824 email:

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