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P8 Moat House Leisure Centre 6th Year Anniversary Event

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SPIRIT QUARTERS As well as the Spirit Quarters website, there’s a Facebook page where you can find all the latest stories, information and events from across the area. It’s also an opportunity to have your say and comment on stories posted onto the SQ Timeline - we are really keen to hear from you!





WELCOME TO SPRING EDITION OF SPIRIT QUARTERS Teams of skilled construction workers have been very active: demolishing and re-building Keepmoat new homes – with every property sold out. BKW the consortium of builders, continues to work together, expressing ongoing commitment to the area and are delighted by its success. Now we have changed the clocks to ‘British Summertime’; we have lighter evenings, the weather is improving; you can get out, see how much change has taken place during the winter.

Welcome to our Spring edition of the Spirit Quarters Magazine. With each edition we select a theme to base the content around and this edition we have chosen team working and getting active in your community. We selected this theme because the positive progress we are all making in transforming the area is not down to just one single organisation but is as a result of every individual, group, public and private organisation collectively working together to make this area a better place to live, work and play. You will read how local people are working in the area: Friends of Moat House Park maintain the popular greenspace; Wood End Residents and Friends led a successful clean-up day; whilst Manor Farm Residents Association is addressing fly-tipping on April 15th - with family litter-picking, skips etc., to be followed by a free barbecue at Henley Green Community Centre – see inside for details.

Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre celebrates its 6th Birthday with a Family Event 25th April; with demonstrations by local clubs and groups; followed by a whole week of opportunities for free taster sessions. Take the family along, there will be something for all ages – with lots of ideas for how you can get involved, get active, meet new people and have fun!

Kevin Roach Project Director




KEEPS IT IN THE TEAM Kevin McShane, Anthony Jones, Matthew Milnes, Sean Farrell, Dave Marshall, Sean McHale, Charlie Newman

We’ve currently got a team of eight Keepmoat staff on site at Spirit Quarters, but we manage a wider team of around fifty subcontractors, so the ability to work as part of a group is one of the key skills we look for in employees. The eight members of staff currently on site have worked together for over a year and there’s a great team spirit which contributes to the sense of community at the development. We believe strongly in helping our employees to develop and are continually looking to help them progress up through the ranks. For example, our new assistant site manager started off as a tradesman three years ago and was then promoted to trainee site manager before being given his current role. We’ve also got a fantastic apprentice at Spirit Quarters. 21-year-old Jade Bennett is training to become a plumber with us, and earned her apprenticeship after completing an initial six-month placement. There was no doubt in our minds about wanting to offer her a longer-term opportunity after seeing how dedicated and hard-working she is. Investing in our staff, recruiting from the local area and offering apprenticeships are just some of the ways in which we’re able to give back to our employees and the communities in which we work. We also integrate closely with our subcontractors, despite them working independently of us on a day to day basis, to ensure continuity in the standard of work. The subcontractors that we use have a long heritage with the site, and have been working on

the project for the past three years. They are very familiar with the types of houses that we build, the specification and the finish, and work really well with us as a site team. Community relations are very important to us too, so we’re in regular contact with all project partners as well as the residents’ committee. Our sales team stays in touch with our buyers after they’ve moved in to make sure they are settling into their new home, because we like to build more than just homes – we build communities. The ground workers we use on site have been with us from the very first spade. M Lambe Construction Ltd are a Birmingham based company, with many employees from Coventry, making it easy to get to work. Sean McHale is the M Lambes project manager on site here at Spirit Quarters since the beginning and is very happy with the way the team works and the atmosphere in which we work in. Also in the picture we have Anthony Jones, a carpenter for TJ’s Carpentry Services. He originally started on site as an apprentice back in 2010, and then progressing onto completing his apprenticeship with TJ’s Carpentry Services. Anthony has now been a fully qualified carpenter and worked for TJ’s Carpentry Services for almost 3 years. He thanks Keepmoat Homes for assisting him in his first couple of steps into the trade and introducing his talents to Duncan Traylor and Wayne Jones (The directors of TJ’S Carpentry Services), and for helping him get where he is today. Dave Marshall, Site Supervisor at Keepmoat


OPEN LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY In the October edition of this magazine I expressed my pride in being part of the transformation that is taking place in the area and the amazing interest in the homes we are selling. We are still seeing an increase in the demand for our homes with 31 of the 32 in phase 3 being sold. With Keepmoat building out the last 2 phases of the development and with Persimmon building just down the road at Weavers Gate, I understand that there are several rumours circulating within the Community that our Partners – Bovis Homes and Persimmon Homes have walked away from the project. This simply is NOT TRUE. I understand why rumours circulate and it is important to respond to these quickly and make you aware of the facts, which is the purpose of my letter to you. We as BKW (Bovis, Keepmoat and Persimmon) are all very committed to complete the regeneration of the Spirit Quarters area. It is true there have been and there still are some very difficult financial challenges, but we are confident by working together with all the stakeholders to make the decisions that are right for the project we will overcome these challenges. When we were awarded this project in 2007 the housing market was very buoyant and we believed as Developers the ‘sales market’ for the area would be able to cope with 3 major developers selling at the same time, within a stones throw of each other. The market is now very different to then and Phase 1 evidenced that for us. If we had continued with all 3 of us selling homes, we would not have been as successful as we have been. This is why Bovis and Persimmon were happy for Keepmoat to be the sole developer for phases 2 and 3 and forego their opportunity to sell homes on these phases – for the overall benefit of the project. We, as BKW, are working very closely with Coventry Partners on the plans for the future phases of the project; which may still see in the future one developer building a phase out but which developer is as yet unknown. Finally and to be very clear, Bovis Homes or Persimmon have not walked away from the project, they as Keepmoat are very committed to building on the success we have already achieved and deliver what we, Coventry Partners and you as a Community want and deserve – a transformed and vibrant area which we are all proud to be associated with. Regards Paul Degg


FLY-TIPPING CSI’S (CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATORS!) Did you Know that fly-tipping is a crime, which carries penalties of up to £50,000 or even a prison sentence? It is taken very seriously by the City Council’s Enforcement Team who investigate instances of fly-tipping. Martin McHugh Senior Environmental Officer said “Fly-tipped rubbish is not only unsightly but it can be dangerous too. The Council alone spends around £200,000 every year clearing rubbish dumped illegally on Council owned land, which is essential money that can be used in the delivery of other Council Services. Our Enforcement Officers treat each incident as a ‘crime scene’ and will go through the ‘evidence’ to try and identify the person responsible. Residents can help us by reporting issues to the Council’s Customer Service Centre on 0500 834333. We would also encourage people to look at the additional services provided by both the City Council and Whitefriars to remove bulky items of rubbish”.





FREE CYCLE TRAINING There are lots of ways to get cycling from Moat House Leisure Centre this spring with Cycle Coventry.

Free Adult Cycle training at Moat House Leisure Centre 11th and 25th April, 9th and 23rd May, 6th and 20th June.

Free Bike Rides! Enjoy a free Family Cycle Safari ride along the new cycle route to Wyken Slough with Bike Right! On Sunday 29th March. Meet at Moat House Leisure Centre at 2pm.

There is also cycle training for children age 4-15 who would like to learn to ride a bike or learn basic cycling skills.

Free Cycle Training! Due to our great success last year we have arranged more FREE training sessions for ages 16+ on Saturdays from 11th April. You can reserve a space online and ask to borrow a bike.

Come and see us at Moat House Leisure Centre at their Community Event on the 25th April between 1-4pm! For more information visit or call 02476831184

Treat yourself to a Pamper Day, a makeover, manicure, or a new hairstyle, at Henley College Coventry. Our students are training for nationally recognised qualifications and are supervised by industry experienced tutors, so you’ll receive a professional pampering for a fraction of the normal price! LEVEL 2 BEAUTY HEALTH FARM DAYS Option 1: Morning treatments only including lunch 9.45am start • Dermalogica facial • Luxury manicure or luxury pedicure • 2 course lunch in Henley’s Bistro £20.00 Option 2:

Afternoon treatments only including lunch 1.45pm start • Back massage • Luxury manicure or luxury pedicure • Cleanse, tone & make up • 2 course lunch in Henley’s Bistro £20.00

Option 3: A pampering day including lunch 9.45am start • Dermalogica facial • Luxury manicure or luxury pedicure • Back massage • Luxury manicure or luxury pedicure • Cleanse, tone & make up • 2 course lunch in Henley’s Bistro £30.00 27th April & 11th May A non-refundable deposit of £10.00 will be required upon booking.

Every Monday, Thursday and Friday morning Mini Facial & Make Up £4.50 or choose 2 out of the following: Mini Facial, Mini Manicure & Pedicure £6.00


Choose one of the following massages: • Hot Stone Full Body • Full Body • Aromatherapy pre blend full body • Indian head • 3 course lunch in Henley’s restaurant Choose one face & one body treatment Facial • High frequency • Deep cleansing galvanic • Non-surgical face lift • Lymphatic drainage • Faradic toning Body • High frequency back treatment • Faradic Toning • Lymphatic drainage

Call 024 7662 6332 to book. If you would like to receive hair and beauty special offers please email: or like us on Facebook: HENLEY COLLEGE COVENTRY, HENLEY ROAD, BELL GREEN, COVENTRY, CV2 1ED WWW.HENLEY-COV.AC.UK

• Galvanic • Micro – current £35.00 Treatments start at 10.30am and finish around 4.30pm A non-refundable deposit of £10.00 will be required upon booking. Availability: 28th April

LEVEL 3 HAIRDRESSING SPECIALISED COLOURING TECHNIQUES Ombre (Dip Dye) • Full head £23.00 • Half head £12.00 Stripping and re-colouring £33.00 Colour Slices 50p per slice plus £4.00 Blow dry Block Colour (Bleach only) £10.00



EXERCISE FOR ALL…. Do you have limited mobility, feel a bit unsteady on your feet, have a few aches & pains; or just think exercising is not for you; well think again……. In January local residents Suzanne McBride and Vicky Scott signed up for Extend and both achieved a recognised qualification to help people just like you get the exercise we all need for healthier, longer lives. Call 024 7662 2964 & ask for Vicky or Sue .

PAUL LOSES 13½ STONE Warnings from Paul’s GP finally hit home when he held his new grandchild. Paul realised that unless he changed his lifestyle; lost weight, improved his fitness; he would not see his grandchild grow up. Reducing alcohol, eating sensibly; regular gym and spinning sessions at Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre; have contributed to Paul losing a massive 13½ stone. As Paul says – if I can do it, so can you!









L I R P e r t n e A C e r h t 20p5m Moat House Leisu

1- 4:0

Games and fun for the whole family including bouncy castle, face painting, penalty shootout, prizes for everyone plus much more. Demonstrations from local groups such as cheerleading, disco dance and martial arts. Free class session such as spin bikes, kettle bells and Zumba, bring your kit and have a try! New ladies only gym sessions, every Saturday 12pm till 2pm. Starts Saturday 25th April. This session is free! Buy something special from our local stalls, have a go at our raffle and gain valuable information from one of our resident groups. Cookery demonstrations to promote healthy eating with MHCT.

Win a children’s party, gym membership, passes to classes and much more.


At Moat House Leisure & Neighborhood Centre it’s important to use that the community are aware of the services available and take the opportunity to use them. We hope by trying them you will enjoy them, see the benefits and hopefully continue using them. We are offering limited number of free activities for our health week 27th April to 3rd May. *Only available on the day.

Want to join a new club? Veteran Badminton to Martial Arts - we have excellent clubs that use our facilities and are always looking for new recruits. Try a club free for two weeks from 27/04/15 to 8/05/15 to see if you like it. All the fitness staff at the leisure centre are professionally trained and offer a wealth of knowledge on your fitness need. Take advantage of our fitness test on the day and lets set you on the right path.







Join Our Patient Panel • Represent patient views and suggestions

Are You Registered to Vote? Your poll card telling you your polling station will arrive by

7th April 2015

• Discuss with GPs & community members • We meet just 3 times a year

Walk In and Appointments • Walk in Monday to Friday mornings 08.15 – 10.00 • Appointments only Monday – Friday afternoons • Please let us know if you cannot keep your appointment

If you do not receive a card you need to register by

20th April 2015

024 7683 3034

General & Local Elections

7th May 2015

Smoking • Please refrain from smoking near surgery entrance • Thought about quitting? Contact Woodend pharmacy for there quit smoking service- 024 76613697

E M E RG E N C Y N U M B E R S Emergency Services from landline 999 from mobile 112 Police - 101 NHS - Emergency and urgent care services 111 Alternative number 0300 020 0155 National Gas Emergency Service 0800 111 999 Western Power Electricity Service Emergency: 0800 6783 105 0330 123 5008 Mobile friendly

Severn Trent Water Emergencies 0800 783 4444 Coventry City Council Direct Emergency Out of Hours 024 7683 2222 - 0500 834 333 Mobile friendly 024 7683 4333 Whitefriars Housing Urgent ‘Out of Hours’ Calls 0247 625 7463 Whitefriars Housing 24hours including emergency repairs 0300 7906 555






Gloria Fitton and Lord Mayor, Councillor Hazel Noonan

Do you want to increase your daily exercise without any hassle? Or just get out and meet some new people? Then join a free weekly walking group

Local residents came together on 17th January 2014 to celebrate the amazing volunteers, our unsung heroes who give their time, energy and money to help those around them. Rev. Andrew Fisher said, “People wouldn’t call themselves community champions, or think they do anything extraordinary, they are just wanting to help people out.” Lisa Harasym Coventry City Council added, “We wanted to hold the Awards to give recognition to those who do so much to make the area a better place to live, for everyone.” Nominees were : Janet & John Barrett; BATRA; Nathan Beale; Bell Green Police Force Holly & Chris Brown; Yvonne Denny; Andrew Fisher; Gloria Fitton; Hannah & Paul Gregory; Brian Hewkin; Davis

Lloyd; Suzanne Naylor; Lorraine Page; Martin Smith; Sue & Steve Spreadborough; Katy Thane; Rose & Alan Tyrrell; Awards were presented by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Hazel Noonan; Supt Claire Bell and Kevin Roach, Director of Regeneration Services Whitefriars & Spirit Quarters. Donna Milliner, Whitefriars; and Alistair Black, Headteacher of Moathouse Primary School served on the panel of judges. If you live in Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm, Deedmore or Bell Green, look out for the New Year’s Awards in January 2016, and think about who you might like to nominate. Nomination forms and Ballot Boxes will be around the WEHM area after the summer holidays.

Every Tuesday Meet at 1.00pm to leave at 1.15pm Moathouse Leisure Neighbourhood Centre, Moathouse Café (inside) For more information call Tel: 02476 785637


Every Tuesday 2:00 - 3:30pm Moat House Leisure Centre Every Friday 1:30 - 3:00pm Henley Green Community Centre




Liaising with Coventry City Council, FOMP organises events, including work days, litter picks and conservation; including tackling invasive laurel bushes, bramble bashing, clearing debris from hedgerows and working with park rangers to reinstate the orchard.

F THE FRIENUDSSEOPARK MOAT HO Moat House Park, one of Coventry’s 18 neighbourhood parks, is an oasis of fauna and flora. Friends of Moat House Park volunteers are committed to creating a welcoming, beautiful green space for local communities to enjoy.

Sections of trunk of the oak tree, felled after being fatally damaged; have been positioned around the park to provide natural seating with excellent views. We meet every second Thursday of the month, 7pm at Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, we would love to hear your views and ideas and new members are always welcome. The Friends of Moat House Park now have a Facebook Page: FOMP - Friends of Moat House Park. Become a friend and follow our progress.

AUTUMN TEAM-WORK PAYS OFF! During the October half-term, residents from Hillmorton Road joined the Whitefriars Regeneration Team and landscape contractors Glendale to give the planters outside their flats a makeover. Glendale donated lots of colourful winter pansies, which were planted alongside daffodil bulbs ready for spring. The children had a great time getting their hands dirty and the planters looked great.

RESIDENTS CLEAN UP! Spring is definitely in the air for the residents of Wood End. On Thursday 12th February, Wood End Residents and Friends (WERAF) organised a skip drop in Tachbrook Close and Wexford Road with funding support from Whitefriars Housing Group. Steve Spreadborough, Chair of WERAF said’ The skips were a great success. We are trying to improve how the area looks and encourage people not to leave their rubbish on the street’ Whitefriars Housing Officer, Tracey Donoghue said “We know it can be difficult for people to dispose of larger items such as sofas or bed so Whitefriars offers a year-round service for our tenants where they can arrange to have a number of items taken away for a small charge. The City Council also offers a similar removal service which is available to everyone”

Unfortunately, a few days later many of the plants were taken out and thrown on to the street. Ordinarily, the plants would not have been replaced however, eight year old Callum Crayton decided to collect the plants that had been scattered along the pavement and replant them again. Not only did Callum show his community spirit but his actions encouraged other residents to come and help put the plants back. Now Spring is almost here you can see the first green shoots of the daffodils pushing through the soil, getting ready to burst into a cheery display for everyone to enjoy.

The Manor Farm Residents Association are also organising a community clean up event on Wednesday 15th April which is being supported by a range of agencies including Whitefriars, Moat House Community Trust and the City Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team. Skips will be available to enable people to get rid of bulky items and a community litter pick is planned to take place between 10am and 1pm. Pat Watson, Chair of the Manor Farm Resident’s Association said “ We want to bring residents together to do something positive for their area but at the same time get the message out that fly-tipping is a crime. As a Residents Association we are proud of our area and will work with the Council, Whitefriars and other service providers to take action against this anti-social behavior ” anyone taking part in the litter pick will be invited to a BBQ after the event at the Henley Green Community Centre. For more information on bulky rubbish collections or how to report fly-tipping visit and look for ‘Rubbish & Recycling’ under the A-Z of Services.






Behind every great publication like Spirit Quarters magazine, there’s a team. Please find a brief profile of Arif Sheik who is responsible for the layout, pictures etc. of the magazine; but that’s not the whole story by any means! A small team of resident volunteers Graham & Pam Randle, Janet & John Barrett, Sandy Smith & Lorna, Sheila Black & Diane Evans are supported by Whitefriars, Keepmoat, Coventry City Council and MHCT staff; to form the Editorial/Design Committee, which meets weekly on the run up to every publication; to bring you stories, updates, photos and information about the area and its development. We are always looking for news and ideas from across the whole area; following a request, this edition has a special pull-out listing a wide range of groups in the area – we will keep this updated on the website, but need your input. Any of the residents are keen to hear from you with your suggestions, articles, photos etc. With notice Moat House Community Trust can also supply a photographer to capture and celebrate your activity or idea. You can also pass information through your Residents Association or contact Moat House Community Trust offices. If you would like to know more or would like to join the group please contact MHCT. Phone: 024 7662 2964 Email: or pop in to the MHCT office, (off reception at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre)

Arif Sheik has worked for Purple Patch, the communications social enterprise of Moat House Community Trust, for 4 years and 4 years prior to that with NDC when he was responsible for producing the hugely successful ’Your Shout’. Arif’s talents include photography, graphics, magazine and web layout and design; he also liaises with residents, organisations, printers and deliverers of Spirit Quarters; whilst maintaining the website which provides further information.




For a chance to win a free bike; enter our ‘Spot the Difference’ competition. See if you can circle 5 differences between the top and bottom pictures of Shok Gym.


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cut out

CLOSING DATE 30th APRIL 2015 You can drop off your cut out entry form to the following locations: 1) Moat House Cafe 2) Whitefriars Regeneration Office 3) Henley Green Community Centre 4) Wood End Community Centre 5) Riley Square, Whitefriars office

Name: Address:

Phone number: E-mail address: Age (please circle): 0-16





Over 55


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Speedy Kedegree What you will need: • 1tbsp Sunflower Oil • 1 Onion, finely chopped • 1 Red Pepper, finely chopped • 3tbsp medium curry paste • 325g Frozen Peas, defrosted • 500g smoked haddock fillet, skinned and cut into chunks • 2 x 250g packs ready-to-heat basmati rice • 4 Hard-boiled eggs, peeled • ½ small bunch parsley, chopped • Juice 1 lemon • Mango chutney to serve 1) Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the onion and pepper for 5 minutes until softened. Add the curry paste and cook for 1 minute to release its fragrance. Stir in the peas, fish and 100ml boiling water. Cover with a lid and cook gently for 4 min. 2) Cook the rice to pack instructions, scatter over the fish and stir through gently. Quarter the eggs and scatter on top. Cover and cook for 3 minutes until piping hot. Sprinkle over the parsley, lemon juice and serve with mango chutney.



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To be Confirmed, any queries please contact Rose Tyrrell on:

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