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Spring 2017

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P27 Win these huge chocolate Easter bunnies.





With the next redevelopment phase being imminent it is important for residents within the WHEM area to communicate with each other, as the works that go on will affect all of us. Over the years residents have worked closely with different organisations such as Whitefriars, developers, Moat House Community Trust and each other. We have had many positive results, for instance: • The village green • Input into the Manor Farm improvements • Wood End and Deedmore play areas •G  etting our voices heard and being taken seriously •H  aving a say in Event and Trip destinations.

As well as the Spirit Quarters website, there’s a Facebook page where you can find all the latest stories, information and events from across the area. It’s also an opportunity to have your say and comment on stories posted onto the SQ Timeline - we are really keen to hear from you!

In this issue you will find information about summer trips, career and job advice, community events, redevelopment updates plus, much more.



We are always looking for new community input, so please come along to your local Resident Association meetings or join us at tea and talk (dates found on the page 26) to get your voice heard. Here as just some of the things residents have said: “People from outside this area, say how well we are doing and how, thanks to the development and the passion of residents our reputation has improved.” “Things won’t happen unless we stand together.” “Since I recently got involved with a residents group, I have witnessed a lot of community spirit.” “Working with the developers and other organisations has changed my outlook on the whole programme, and I now understand its benefits.” “I used to think Resident Associations were just for the elderly, until I worked with Moat House Community Trust, and have seen the impact I can have on my Community”





A FLIPPING GOOD DAY People living at the Manor Farm estate came together to celebrate the official opening of the new site office for Whitefriars Housing’s largescale regeneration programme. Henley Councillor Ed Ruane joined the celebrations and officially opened the site office premises in Hermes Crescent from where the £10 million regeneration programme is being managed. Residents enjoyed a host of activities including pancake races, a visit from Foleshill firefighters and children’s arts and craft session, as well as hot refreshments. Cllr Ed Ruane, ward Councillor said, “I was delighted to officially open the new site office which really marks the start of serious investment in over 300 homes in the area. “The improvements will make a real difference to local people and I’m pleased that existing homes will be improved alongside all of the new build that has been underway. Lovell is taking this really seriously and I’m sure that their community initiatives like the job club and family days will be really popular.”

EASTER EGG HUNT Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre Easter Extravaganza 11am – 2pm Monday 10th April 2017


Our next tea dance will be

on: Monday 8th May at: 4.30pm - 6.30pm in: Henley Green community centre

Manor Farm Easter Egg Hunt Henley Green Community Centre 3pm - 5pm Thursday 13th April 2017


June 2017

Warwick Park

Adult £5.00 Child £2.50

£15.00 limited spaces available

August 2017



August 2017

August 2017


Adult £10.00 Child £5.00

Adult £5.00 Child £2.50

October 2017

August 2017

Adult £15.00 Child £11.00

August 2017


Adult £10.00 Child £8.00

Cotswold Country Park

Adult £18.00 Child 3 + £15.00 Under 2 £2.00

2pm - 6pm FREE ENTRY

July 2017

Umberslade Farm

Twin Lakes

Bosworth Water Park




June 2017

Canal day out

Summer event

We would like to thank residents for coming to the first Manor Farm tea dance. It was a great success and everybody enjoyed themselves.







September 2017

Moreton in Marsh market

Adult and child £7.00

Blackpool lights

Adult £12.00 Child £6.00

For information on trips, activities and events please contact us on 07835 153 719 All prices are for WEHM residents only


s r u o b h g i e N





2016 was a year of change for Pam and Gary Yerbury and Gail Giddings. Neighbours and close friends for nearly 30 years, both were embarking on a house move – together – as neighbours again!!

Gail, who has resided in her family home in Wood End since 1967, welcomed Pam and Gary as her neighbours back in November 1987, with first introductions being held not over a request to borrow a cup of sugar but over a leaking fish tank!! With the ice broken, they have remained firm friends and neighbours ever since. They were both delighted when they were given the opportunity to move in November 2016 as part of Phase 3 of the Spirit Quarters Redevelopment programme. Pam said “we felt a mix of emotions when Whitefriars approached us regarding our move, we requested that we be re-housed as neighbours again if at all possible and the Regeneration Team did everything they could to make this happen for us”. Gail said “having grown up in my family home for nearly 50 years I was extremely nervous of the move. I felt a mix of emotions and it was especially important to me to be reassured that Pam and Gary would continue to be my neighbours. Gary and Pam have been such a huge part of my life and support to me throughout our time as neighbours. They are not just neighbours to me but very special friends”. The Regeneration Team were fantastic, supporting me and assisting both of us with our transition into our new homes. On they day of the move it was very emotional for me to close the door on somewhere I’d lived nearly all of my life, but our new homes are fantastic – we are delighted and couldn’t be happier”. Pam added “Gary and I down sized from our 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom and did wonder if this may prove problematic for us in relation to space however the houses are extremely well designed and spacious - we are delighted. The move itself was very well organised – a special thank you must go to the removals company for making the move on the day stress free for all of us”


LUNCH CLUB Tuesday 7th March 2017 St Chads is launching a lunch club for the older members of the community. There will be a warm welcome for everyone, time to chat, fun activities and speakers. The club will meet twice a month on a Tuesday from 10.30am to 1.30pm, starting with armchair exercises, followed by a speaker, lunch and then some fun activities and time to chat with friends.

St Chads



Saturday 8th April 4pm

St Chad’s Church in Wood End, Coventry, celebrated its 60th Anniversary in style on 26th February 2017. The building was designed by Sir Basil Spence of Coventry Cathedral fame and was consecrated in 1957. As part of the celebrations the church hall and kitchen have been refurbished the help of local housing association Whitefriars and their contractor Lovell. The church has been decorated with displays made by the local primary school and Children’s Centres, plus children from St Chad’s congregation. In the porch is a large display charting the history of the church and parish.

60 60 60

The Anniversary Service was celebrated by the Rt Revd. Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry and the Revd. Andrew Fisher, Vicar for St Chad’s.


07 07

Also present were former incumbents and clergy friends of the church, representatives from Coventry City Council, the police and resident’s associations. The Revd. Andrew Fisher commented, “St Chad’s was built at the same time as the surrounding estates, even by the same contractors, and so the 60th Anniversary of the building is not just about the church but also very much about the community it is a part of - St Chad’s is very much the people’s church. Many things have changed in the estates over the past 60 years, and in the midst of all that St Chad’s has remained a focus of Christian witness, worship and community outreach. We’re very much looking forward to the next 60 years of mission and ministry in the parish.”

60 60 60






Green space


Phase 4 Redevelopment In March 2014 we produced a special edition of Spirit Quarters to tell you about changes that had been made to the master plan in light of major changes in the housing market. At the time there was an understandable feeling of uncertainty within the community about whether the regeneration would continue to move forward. Three years on, I am very happy to say that the Redevelopment Partnership continues to be committed to the delivery of the aspirations that were identified in the original master plan and these are just some of the achievements from the past three years: • Phase 3 of the redevelopment in Wood End is almost complete with over 200 new homes being delivered • Over 250 homes have received external wall insulation, new roofs, windows, doors and new fencing. • Negotiations are also well underway to secure the delivery of a new convenience store and take-away on Hillmorton Road. • A major programme of investment is being delivered in Manor Farm, which will see over £10m being spent on improving the energy efficiency and appearance of homes and the wider neighbourhood. • Community activities delivered by Moat House Community Trust, St Chads Church and Resident Associations have continued to grow including Armchair exercise, Healthy Walks, day trips & Breakfast Clubs available for residents to enjoy.


We are now about to see the next Phase of the redevelopment begin with planning consent being given for a further 372 homes across four sites in Wood End, Deedmore and Henley Green. Alongside this, environmental improvements, which include a new play area, will be carried along the river, close to River Walk. These schemes will be delivered over the next four years by our Developer Partner Keepmoat and will provide 68 new affordable homes for residents within the redevelopment programme. Kevin Roach Project Director

Improving the quality of green spaces is an important part of the redevelopment programme for Spirit Quarters. A play area has already been built in Crayfish Close and there are improved cycle paths and landscaped areas along the River Sowe. In addition, another play area will be created on Chippy Fields in Wood End once the new housing development is completed. Phase 4 of the redevelopment will see further improvements being made to the green space leading from River Walk and continuing along the river, including new footpaths, swales and an area of ‘natural play’ for younger children.





Deedmore - Monkswood Crescent This scheme of 70 new homes includes a mix of two, three and four bedroom houses for open market sale and affordable rent. Work is due to start in Spring 2017.









Sales enquiries T: 0247 699 2674

Henley Green Broad Park Road & Clennon Rise This scheme for 80 new homes includes a mix of. All homes on this scheme are for open market sale.






Wood End - Land between Dutton Road & Binswood Close This scheme for 107 new homes includes a mix of two, three and four bedroom houses. All homes on this scheme are for open market sale. This scheme includes the demolition of 15-53 Milverton Road and 11-41 Tachbrook Close. Work is due to start in Spring 2017.








Wood End - Land Adjacent to Milverton Road & Pailton Close This scheme for 107 new homes includes a mix of two, three and four bedroom houses. All homes on this scheme are for open market sale. This scheme includes the demolition of 15-53 Milverton Road and 11-41 Tachbrook Close.






Name that Street! Early on in the development programme, local residents and school children put forward a list of names for new streets that were being created as part of the redevelopment. Sunshine Walk, Crayfish Close and Moon Crescent were just some of the street names that can be seen around Spirit Quarters, alongside Tipton Way and Clare McManus Way, which recognise local community champions. We are almost at the end of the original list of street names and need your help to come up with a new list of suggestions that can be put forward to Coventry City Council for approval.

Rules for Street Naming ( –search for Street Naming) 1. New street names should avoid repeating any similar street name already in use in the city. 2. Suggested names need to be different enough to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. 3. Names of living people are not normally allowed. 4. Where possible names should reflect the history of the site or geography of the area. 5. Names that could be seen as advertising are not acceptable. 6. Names that could be considered offensive will not be accepted. Send your ideas to by 30th April 2017


Know what’s happening where you live and work Our communities play a crucial part in helping us prevent and detect crime and anti-social behaviour. We are constantly working to improve the flow of information between WMP and the people living and working across the West Midlands in order to make a greater impact in the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour. If you live, work or have an interest inTEAM the West RESIDENTS ACTION

Midlands, please register now to become a recipient of messages of information, crime alerts and witness appeals local to you. Just click on the JOIN button on the front page to sign up.

As a registered recipient you will not only benefit from two way messaging but will also hear about positive police action in your community, help identify suspected or wanted criminals or learn about community groups, events and meetings in your area. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SERVICE IS NOT FOR REPORTING CRIMES OR INCIDENTS - TO REPORT THESE PLEASE CONTACT WEST MIDLANDS POLICE ON 101 OR 999 IF AN EMERGENCY.

SPOT IT, REPORT IT What is anti-social behaviour? Any behaviour that affects the quality of life for others can be considered as anti-social.

Why should I report it? •W  hitefriars and other agencies that work in the community, can only take action if you tell us there is a problem. • Anti-social behaviour can be a sign that someone needs support and by reporting these issues, we can offer or find support as needed. • It’s a lot easier to deal with issues sooner rather than later.

How do I report a crime? Call the police on 999 if it is a crime in progress or 101 for other issues.

How do I report noise nuisance? Call Coventry City Council’s Noise Team on 0500 834333, 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Between 6pm and 3am, call 02476 832222. At the weekends between 10am and 3am on 02476 832222.

What happens when I report anti-social behaviour? We encourage you to resolve the issue yourself, if that’s possible. We may refer you to other agencies such as the council and if it is a serious matter, we may take legal action.

How do I report anti-social behaviour? My Account If you’re a Whitefriars customer, the quickest and easiest way to report anti-social behaviour is through My Account, a secure service that allows you to carry out basic tasks when it’s convenient to you. Report ASB, book and track a repair and view your rent account. Visit our website and click on [my account logo]

In person Visit our offices at 9 Little Park Street, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday. And on Fridays, 9am to 4pm. We are happy to help you to report any issues you are experiencing but be aware that during busy times, you may have to wait to see someone.

By phone You can call our customer service centre on 0300 790 6533 Our customer service team are often busy, so be prepared to wait for your call to be answered. It is quieter after 6pm.







CONDENSATION Too much condensation in your home can cause black mould on walls or furniture. Remember to ventilate your home to prevent mould. • Even during winter keep air moving around your home. Open doors and windows, especially when cooking, drying washing indoors or using a tumble dryer. • Use an extractor fan and cook with lids on saucepans. • Heating one room to a high temperature and leaving other rooms cold makes condensation worse. It is better to have low heating on all day in every room. • Leave a gap behind large pieces of furniture and the wall to allow air to circulate. You can clean mould off most surfaces by using a fungicidal cleaner. Carpets can be cleaned with carpet shampoo and mildewed clothes should be dry cleaned.

Visit for more information on condensation and mould.

HENLEY MILL ALLOTMENTS Henley Mill Allotments, is soon to play a key role in helping people experiencing mental ill health; providing a tranquil space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yet so close to the WEHM area. The Environment and Me Project, is Big Lottery funded and will offer people experiencing anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions the chance to be active outdoors, to feel better through engaging with nature - providing opportunities to grow food, create new wildlife areas, improve parks and manage woodlands. People will be able to refer themselves, or be referred by a health practitioner or support worker, the project team will then work with them to build their skills and confidence; with the aim that people

feel better, go on to volunteer in their own local green spaces, get their own allotment plots or even apply for work; continuing to use nature to help manage their mental health long into the future. The project, is a partnership between Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Coventry and Warwickshire Mind; and is also supported by Coventry City Council’s Public Health and Parks Teams, Whitefriars Housing and Moat House Community Trust Working with 300 people over 3 years; the project will be formally launched during Mental Health Awareness week (8th – 14th May 2017). You can find out more at Environment_and_Me






LOCAL RESIDENTS VISIT HENLEY COLLEGE Ruth Colgan and Kaye Williams, Partnership Co-ordinators at Moat House Children’s Centre organised an open morning at Henley College for local mums. Vicky Masterson, Claire Jones and Rasha Jaber came along to find out about the opportunities on offer. They had a tour of the facilities and spoke to the apprenticeship team about the current job vacancies. Vicky said “I want a career and I need to improve my skills so I came to get advice. I was really surprised the College looks bright and open. The advisor I saw was lovely and I didn’t realise that you can do an apprenticeship after 24. I would rather learn on the job. I would say to other local residents don’t be nervous pop in, the college staff are friendly and there are always new opportunities on offer if you open your eyes “ Claire has a lively three-year-old and she says I have been unemployed for 12 years and I want to learn more. I have been doing voluntary work and I am interested in working in health and

social care. The visit has motivated me and I am looking to enrol on an English and maths course as well”

HEALTHY WALK Join us every Tuesday at the Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, at 1.15pm Join us afterwards for Tea & Talk

Rasha is already studying maths and English at Henley College and she says “I found the open morning very useful. It’s a lovely atmosphere here and the staff are very helpful they answer any questions you have and it has got me thinking of different options.” Ruth said” It’s a really good opportunity for people to find out about education and training that is on their doorstep. This is the first trip and we hope to run them regularly. Kaye said “after speaking to our parents we realised that they were willing to go back to college and learn something new but had no idea where to start. This has helped give them confidence and it has been very worthwhile” For details of the next open morning please contact Ruth or Kaye on 024 7678 6868 or for more information on the courses that Henley College offer visit

Our healthy walk group enjoy steady walks around the green spaces in the area.


Join us every Wednesday at the Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, 1.30pm and every Tuesday at St Chads Church at 10.30am

Emma Ward Henley College, Kaye Williams, Vicky Masterton, Claire Jones, Ruth Colgan, Rasha Jaber










“Working alongside The FA, Sky Blues in the Community is launching the Disability Talent Identification Programme (TIPs); to identify young players deemed to possess higher levels of ability and to place them in a developmental programme designed to produce football excellence in conjunction with personal development. To kick-off proceedings, we will be hosting the FA England Talent Day at the Moat House Leisure Centre on Friday 24rd March 2017. On the day, players will take part in a number of drills and small-sided games whilst being carefully observed and assessed by FA coaches and scouts. Outstanding performers will progress through the FA Disability Talent Pathway; comprising of FA Disability Talent Identification Programmes, FA Regional Impairment Specific Centres of Excellence

PLAY, QUALIFY & VOLUNTEER With financial support from Moat House Community Trust, Sky Blues in the Community set up a Leadership Academy during February half term, offering local young people a sports coaching qualification. Many of these young people came from the Premier League Kicks programme, Thursday evening session at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre. All 10 learners passed the qualification with flying colours; culminating on the final day, in each learner leading a group through a structured and inclusive sports coaching session. Since completing the course, the young sports leaders have been active in the community, volunteering alongside Sky Blues in the Community coaches; supporting a Primary School Girls Football tournament, Premier League Kicks and #Ucan Basketball sessions.

Andrew Hopcroft (Training & Skills Officer, Sky Blues in the Community) commented: “This exciting new pathway has been created with aim of inspiring young people from our Premier League Kicks programme to use their new-found coaching skills and experience to re-invest in their community and in turn becoming role models to their friends. Going forward, we are encouraging the young sports leaders to work closely with Sky Blues in the Community by volunteering at community-based sessions. In particular, with plans to deliver Netball sessions at the Moat House, we would like the four girls who were on the course to be involved on a long-term basis – supporting the Netball sessions through recruiting friends from their school and supporting coaches on the delivery. There is also scope for further personal development through coaching qualifications.”

and FA England Impairment Specific Development Squads – with the ultimate goal of developing players to represent the England Elite Impairment Specific Squads in European and World Competitions.”

FREE FOOTBALL SESSIONS Location: Manor Farm MUGA, Hermes Crescent Day: Thursday Evening Time: 5.30-7.30 Who For: 12-16 year olds By: Support Sport






Lemon drizzle cake Heat oven to 180c, 160c fan, Gas 4. Line a loaf tin. Ingredients 225g softened butter 1½


225g caster sugar 85g

Henley Green Community Centre every Friday from 1.30pm Come and join us

Henley College Coventry Hair and Beauty Spring Offers

caster sugar

4 eggs 225g SR flour sifted Zest of 1 lemon Few drops lemon essence (optional)

Method 1. Beat together softened butter and caster sugar until pale and creamy 2. Add 4 eggs, one at a time, beat well. 3. Add flour, finely grated zest of 1 lemon and lemon essence; mix until well combined. 4. Spoon the mixture into lined tin and level the top with a spoon.

5. Bake for 45-50 minutes until fine skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. 6. While the cake is cooling in its tin, mix together the juice of 1 ½ lemons and 85g caster sugar to make the drizzle. 7. Prick the warm cake all over with a skewer or fork, pour over drizzle – the juice will sink in and the sugar will form a lovely, crisp topping. 8. Leave in the tin until completely cool, then remove and serve. 9. Will keep in an airtight container for 3-4 days, or freeze for up to 1 month.

COMPETITION These are the eggs that you will need to be looking for. But as these are easy to see they are not included in the hunt.

How many Easter eggs can you find?

The Easter bunny has decided to do an Easter egg hunt with a difference, hidden in this edition of Spirit Quarters are a number of Easter eggs. To win the chocolate Easter bunnies in the photo below all you need to do is count the hidden eggs and send your answer to: email: or Text: 07835 153 719 with the words EASTER, your answer and your name

Free barbering appointments beard trims and haircuts Monday evenings: 5.45pm | 6.15pm | 7.00pm

Free make up lessons Monday afternoons: 1.15pm

Alternatively you can fill in the slip below and drop it off to: • Moat House Cafe • Henley Green Community Centre • St Chad’s Church cut out


Your answer:.................... eggs




Sienna X spray tan

Phone number:..............................................................................................................................................................

Wednesday all day: £8

All our learners are supervised by experienced tutors. To book any of the above offers Call: 024 7662 6332 or visit: for details of all the treatments we offer.



TEA & TALK Moat Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, every Tuesday from 2.00pm and


Email address:................................................................................................................................................................. Age (please circle): 0  -16 16-25 36-45 46-55

26-35 Over 55

HENLEY KITCHEN & MOAT HOUSE CAFÉ Come along to your friendly community cafés Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Drinks. Kids’ meals £1. Catering for parties, weddings, funerals

Open Monday to Friday Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, 8am – 5pm


Henley Green Community Centre, 8am – 12.30pm Why not pop along and give us a try.


Bring this voucher for a Free cup of tea or coffee

Free Tea or Coffee

Name:................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Phone number:..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................



Residents meetings 24th - Wood End Residents and Friends (WERAF) 25th - Manor Farm 27th - Deedmore



Residents meetings 15th - Wood End Residents and Friends (WERAF) 16th - Manor Farm 18th - Deedmore



14th - Good Friday 17th - Easter Monday



Residents meetings 13th - Manor Farm 15th - Deedmore 19th - Wood End Residents and Friends (WERAF)


1st - Early May bank holiday 29th - Spring bank holiday

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