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September 2009

Your new quarterly newsletter on the WEHM redevelopment

WEHM Redevelopment Inside..... What is Spirit Quarters? Timescales for moving Consultation events Rumours ...and much more

It’s starting to take o...



Before I hear you say what’s this newsletter all about? This is the first issue of Spirit Quarterly – a brand new newsletter aimed at keeping you up to date on the redevelopment of the area. Spirit Quarters is the new partnership name for the redevelopment scheme (see page 4) and with the first phase of building starting in May next year -

there is going to be lots of activity going on and you need to hear about it.

on those all important TIMESCALES for when the scheme will affect you.

Homes, Keepmoat Homes and Westbury Partnerships (BKW).

As its name suggests, you will receive this newsletter four times a year and it will contain all sorts, from announcements about funding for the scheme to opportunities for you to become involved – there will even be information

It is put together by a range of people from organisations that you will be familiar with – Whitefriars Housing Group, New Deal for Communities (NDC), Coventry City Council and the developers – Bovis

Please don’t throw me away as I will be your tool for keeping in touch and if you don’t read me – there is no excuse for saying you ‘don’t know what’s going on’!!

Why Spirit Quarters? You may or may not know that most large redevelopment or housing schemes will have an attractive and catchy name (or brand). This brand creates an identity for the area and a talking point. It helps to ‘sell’ the area to people moving in and helps the developers to sell their new homes. Spirit Quarters was chosen by a panel of people, including local residents, as the best design that reflects the positive and vibrant feel for the future. Below, you will see a breakdown of the logo and how it reflects the vision for this area.

The four colourful lines symbolise the four existing communities in the NDC area – Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm and Deedmore. The brightness and vibrant feel that the lines create, also represent the bright future for this area. The word Spirit has been used to reflect the feeling that exists within the NDC area. People who live here have

a passion about their area and the word ‘spirit’ is aimed at reflecting this passion and enthusiasm. The word Quarters has been used for two reasons – one is that it is has a definition, meaning a place within an area or a dwelling where a person lives, and secondly, to reflect the four estate names which make up the NDC area – Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm and Deedmore

(four quarters of the NDC area). It is a bold word, which portrays confidence and pride – again, characteristics of residents in the area. Overall, there is a good mix of colour, vibrancy and impact, which is exactly what we need. It is important that people recognise that there is something ‘happening’ in the area now and they should sit up and take note!

You will start to see more and more of the Spirit Quarters brand around the area, so if your friends and neighbourhood ask you about it – now you know!

Spirit Quarters is not a new name for the area, you will still live in either Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm or Deedmore. Spirt Quarters is the name of the redevelopment scheme.



Who’s who in the Spirit Quarterly scheme? There are more than ten different agencies involved in the WEHM redevelopment scheme over the next 15 years or so. With so many different people involved it’s easy to get confused with who’s doing what. Here’s a quick summary of who’s who in the Spirit Quarterly scheme and some of the faces residents may recognise at future consultation events.

Coventry Partners Whitefriars Housing, Coventry NDC and Coventry City Council Whitefriars Housing Group is leading this redevelopment on behalf of Whitefriars, Coventry NDC and Coventry City Council. Project Director Lynn Wassell works for Whitefriars Housing Group and is supported by Kevin Roach, Head of Regeneration, Michael Park, Development Manager, Sarah Palmer, Project Officer and the Regeneration Team at Wood End (see page 9).

Lynn Wassell

Developers Bovis Homes, Keepmoat Homes, Westbury Partnerships (BKW)


Engineering consultants

Broadway Malyan

White Young Green White Young Green are the engineering consultants appointed by BKW to design the new highways and drainage infrastructure on Phases 1A1 to 1A4 of the scheme.

Richard Moore Keepmoat Ltd

Liz Loughran Westbury Partnerships

Simon Bridge Bovis Homes

Following early consultation where NDC residents opted for major-scale redevelopment in the WEHM area, BKW was selected from a panel of developers after submitting a detailed proposal on how they would redevelop the area. The partnership came together in 2005 and is made up of three major housing developers – Bovis Homes, Keepmoat Homes and Westbury Partnership (part of Persimmon Homes). Between the three companies they have over 200 years of development experience with specialist experience in regeneration.

Tony Roche, Associate Director BM Architecture

John Dodson Associate Director BM Architecture

Architects Broadway Malyan have been appointed by BKW to design the new homes in the WEHM redevelopment and hold more than 50 years of experience in designing housing schemes and large scale regeneration.

Joanne Foster Landscape Architect

Lance Flannigan Director of Planning

They will be working closely with the community to progress Phase 1A through detailed planning and a start on site by early 2010. The team are holding two workshops and an exhibition (see page 8) to cover the 600 homes in Phase 1A.

Andrew Ballinger Regional Directory

The consultancy has around 50 years of experience and will work with BKW on the co-ordination of the designs for the water and electricity services.

A second company called BWB Consulting form part of the WYG team and they will be designing the foundations to the new houses and the drainage connections. WYG will also be carrying out lengthy consultations with Coventry City Council, Severn Trent Water and the Environment Agency to ensure all designs are approved. The design team will be led by Andrew Ballinger, Regional Director, who will also be attending the forthcoming public consultation events with Broadway Malayan.



New Timescales for the WEHM Redevelopment *Please note that the dates below are very broad as this reflects the unpredictability of the current housing market.

Phase 1a – 2010 to 2013

Phase 1b – 2012 to 2015

Phase 1c – 2014 to 2017

Phase 2a – 2016 to 2019

Phase 2b – 2018 to 2021

Phase 2c – 2020 to 2023

So when am I moving? We know that timescales are your number one priority. You also know that timescales have always been difficult for us to pin down. There have been so many unknowns and with such a massive scheme over so many years this is bound to happen. In 2006, we issued a phasing plan for the scheme with broad timescales when you could expect to be affected by the redevelopment. At the time, we gave you honest estimates to which we were working and unfortunately, due to the housing market collapse and recession, we were unable to meet.

They are still however, estimates, and may still change. The following are the kind of things that could cause us delays: 1 2 3 4

the economic climate getting planning approvals how quickly the housing market picks up making sure we get all of the funding in place that we need

Nevertheless this is a really exciting stage to be at and one which we have never reached before. We are starting to see a gradual improvement in the housing market and this time next year, we are aiming to be on site building homes.

Now that we have a start on site set for May next year, we want to try again to give you broad timescales for when you will be affected by the scheme.

Planning Consultation There are two opportunities coming up for you to have your say on the first phase of the Spirit Quarters scheme. You will see how the area will look and most important, how your future home will look. Consultation on Phase 1A1 will take place in September and the rest of Phase 1A2-4 in November. Thursday September 24th – Architects Broadway Malyan and White Young Green (see page 4) are hosting a consultation event for residents on section 1A1 at the new Whitefriars Regeneration Office Hillmorton Road from 4pm-7pm (see page 9). This event will have a 3D model of phase 1A1.

Phase 1A1 September 24th

Tuesday November 3rd – Architects Broadway Malyan and White Young Green (see page 4) are hosting a consultation event to inform residents about plans for phase 1A2-4 at the new Whitefriars Regeneration Office Hillmorton Road from 2pm-7pm (see page 9). This event will have a computer generated drive-through model of phase 1A1.




WEHM Design Code put forward Earlier this year David Lock Associates (DLA) was selected by a panel of key partners to create a ‘design code’ for phase 1 of the WEHM redevelopment. This design code sets the design rules for streets, planting, the appearance of homes and the character of the new neighbourhood. Over the summer DLA has worked closely with key partners and local residents to put together a final design code document which has now been submitted to Coventry City Council Planning Department for approval.

Simon Bridge from BKW said: “The purpose of the Design Code is to build on the vision of the masterplan and provide a set of design rules to guide the detailed designs needed for the reserved matters planning application.

The future looks green for WEHM

Spirit Quarters team

“The benefit of setting out the rules before detailed designs are produced is that it helps gain early agreement between stakeholders, ensures the designs will achieve the required quality standards, and can speed things up! We are really grateful to Advantage West Midlands, the Regional Development Agency, for paying for this key piece of work.”

The WEHM Design Code has five parts to it: Part 1 - A strategy for sustainability (meeting the ‘green’ agenda and creating a strong community) Part 2 - Place making and character for the area Part 3 - Street layout and open spaces Part 4 - Character areas and building guidelines (e.g. size/height/density of homes, materials to be used) Part 5 - Regulatory plans for redevelopment (e.g. where roads will go, feature buildings) If you would like to know more about the proposed design code you can visit the new Whitefriars Regeneration Office on Hillmorton Road.

A quick guide to design codes! A design code is a document that sets the rules for the design of a new development. It sets the guidelines for the architects (see page 4) to produce the more detailed design plan called the Reserved Matters plan. Some of the issues a design code will look at:

Street layouts Building materials Homes layout Refuse and recycling points

New Residents Charter out soon!

Last year the Regeneration Action Team (RATS), the Moving Support Group and Homeowners Focus Group reviewed the original WEHM Residents Charter which was published in 2006. The groups suggested several changes to the old charter, in particular changes to the options available to homeowners for their re-housing. These proposals are now being considered by Whitefriars’ Committee in November. If agreed it would mean changes to the current Whitefriars policy however the committee will need to ensure any decision made is in line with its charitable status The revised Residents Charter will be presented to the Regeneration Action Team for approval at its meeting in November and will then be re-published to all residents in the next edition of Spirit Quarterly (out before Christmas) see page 10 for more information on RATS.

Residents of Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm and Deedmore can look forward to being one of the most environmentally friendly parts of the city thanks to the Homes and Communities Agency and Coventry City Council. A pioneering project in the area will receive £1.6 million of funding to create a combined heat and power plant (CHP) that will supply hot water and heating to the first 154 homes on the site, which are due to start being built in May 2010. This innovative technology will provide hot water from a gas or biomass combined heat and power (CHP) unit. The project will reduce CO2 emissions by 25% and aims to cut heating bills by 35%! It is also hoped that this will lead the way for a bigger project in the area to make the further 3,300

Whitefriars Regeneration Team have now moved to the former NDC office on Hillmorton Road (next to the bus stop) and will be open to any residents who would like to hear the latest on the redevelopment.

new homes powered by a CHP system.

The new opening times tie in with Whitefriars outreach work when the team carry out office appointments or home visits.

Councillor Kevin Foster, Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council said: “This funding is good news for Coventry and means we can now explore and develop innovative solutions and new technologies that will help to reduce the causes and effects of climate change. It also means that local people will feel the benefits directly - with reduced fuel bills.

Opening hours: Monday -10am-12pm Tuesday 2pm-4pm Wednesday 10am-12pm Thursday 2pm-4pm Friday 10am-12pm

If you would like to find out more about these plans please come along to our consultation events - details are on the back page.

For more information or to contact the Regeneration team for an office appointment or home visit call 02476 587065 or email

“We are committed to tackling climate change and this award is an important step in enabling us to develop sustainable communities as we strive to reduce carbon emissions.”



Redevelopment Rumours

Door knocking so far.........

Residents who are members of the RATS group (see Photo) have been busy gathering rumours that are going around the area about the redevelopment. See if you recognise any rumours and PLEASE put people right with the facts if you hear any.

If you would like more information of where the door knocking team will be out next or to arrange a home visit please call the Whitefriars Regeneration Team on 024 7658 7065 or visit the Hillmorton Road office. (see page 9)

Rumour: NDC is finishing in 2011, which means there is no £54million anymore so it won’t happen.

RATS residents who sit on Communications Focus Group with Diana & Joh from the NDC (far right)

Rumour: The redevelopment isn’t really going to happen. Answer: Untrue. From January next year, you will start to see work happening around Deedmore as preparatory work gets underway. Then, in May, you will see the first homes being built. This is assuming everything goes to plan (see page 6). We hope this activity will prove to the sceptics that activity is happening and the scheme will happen.

Rumour: The new homes are going to be like matchboxes – really small Answer: Untrue. for two reasons. Firstly, nobody has actually seen the house types that are going into the scheme yet. These will be on display for the first time at the two planning events in September and November (see back page). Secondly, ALL houses being built will be of a high specification due to the funding from the Homes and Communities Agency (government) which comes with clear guidelines about how homes have to be built. HCA space standards are more generous then previously planned and all homes will be ‘tenure blind’ which means you won’t be able to tell between rented properties and owned properties.

Answer: Untrue. NDC’s £54million was given in 2001 to spend on regenerating the area (not just redeveloping). This means it was given to tackle issues like education, employment, crime and health. NDC has spent some of its money on improving green spaces but most of the physical regeneration of the area was happening through the redevelopment scheme, which is funded by developers and central government and not by NDC. NDC did fund early work on the production of the masterplan but not on building homes, so even though NDC does come to an end in 2011 – the redevelopment will still happen. For more information on what NDC has spent its £54million on – read Your Shout or visit

Regeneration Action Team - RATS! The Regeneration Action Team (RATS!) are the group of residents that meet every six weeks to be involved in the redevelopment of the area. They get to hear news first and also influence early decisions before going out to the wider consultation. They have been involved in selecting the developers, how the outline planning application looked and also how residents are communicated with. They are an important group and have made sure the Spirit Quarters scheme has the existing community at its heart. If you would like to become involved in the RATS group then please come along to their next meeting – Thursday 1st October 6.30-8pm New Whitefriars Office on Hillmorton Road If you would like to speak to someone beforehand and perhaps buddy-up with someone else who is attending for the first time then please contact the Whitefriars Regeneration Team on 024 7658 7065 or pop in to see them at their offices on Hillmorton Road (the old NDC office).

Whitefriars Future visits… Thursday 24th September The Whitefriars Regeneration team have now completed the 1st round of home visits to update every household directly affected by the redevelopment scheme. The team door-knocked over 2,000 homes within the WEHM area to offer advice on issues like scheme timescales, home loss payments, homeowner queries, the moving out process (decanting) and anything else residents wished to discuss about the redevelopment happening in the area. The doorknocking team also used the visits to listen to any concerns as well as identifying additional support households that may require translation services or transport to future meetings. The team were accompanied by a dedicated resident member of the Moving Support Group to make sure local people’s needs were a priority and to give advice from a resident perspective. In addition to this NDC’s Community Involvement Team also provided support to the team during visits. As the decanting process begins, the Regeneration Team and the Moving Support Group will continue to visit individual households to support residents in their rehousing requirements. They will continue to visit households as the scheme progresses and each home will be given a dedicated Regeneration Team officer to tackle any concerns they may have to ensure a relatively smooth moving process. Tony Greenwood, Area Services Manager said: “The home visit programme itself has been quite a feat! We have met a lot of residents and it is important that we continue to maintain the positive links we are building with the community.”

Deedmore Road- old school site As work could start on site as early as January 2010, the team will be visiting households around the old Deedmore Rd School site on the 24th September. Developers BKW will also be writing to all residents around this area to advise them of the works to be done.

Home visit programme

Deedmore Rd (between Henley Rd and Winston Ave) Petitor Crescent Henley Rd (nearby junction of Deedmore Rd) Eccles Close Dering Close George Park Close

October – November

Phase 1A residents and homeowners......... Whitefriars will be arranging home visit appointments during October to every household in phase 1A. This will fully inform residents on what is happening, set out a planned timetable to include moving out dates and re-housing options and choices, with emphasis on supporting residents and homeowners. Each household will be contacted beforehand to arrange a specific appointment time.

Home visit programme.

Bretford Rd, Fulbrook Rd, Hasley Rd Hillmorton Rd (No’s 25-161), Lapworth Rd Petitor Crescent (No’s 17-25) River Walk (No’s 140-150)

Spirit Quarters is brought to you by:

Dates for your diary… Thursday September 24th Broadway Malyan and White Young Green (see page 4) are hosting a consultation event for residents living in section 1A1. NEW Whitefriars Regeneration Office Hillmorton Road 4pm-7pm (page 9) Friday October 23rd BKW (see page 4) aim to submit the planning application for phase 1A1 to the City Council Planning Department. Tuesday November 3rd Broadway Malyan and White Young Green (see page 4) are hosting a consultation event to inform residents about plans for phase 1A2-4. NEW Whitefriars Regeneration Office Hillmorton Road 2pm-7pm (page 9) Tuesday December 1st BKW (see page 4) aim to submit the planning application for sections 1A2, 3 and 4.

This scheme is supported by

December to January BKW (see page 4) to finalise contract to deliver phase 1A1 following the decision made from City Council. January 2010 *Start on start could potentially begin with early work beginning on road infrastructure. April 2010 *Start of site will officially begin for phase 1A1. October 2010 *First properties in phase 1A1 will be completed. All these dates may change depending on the circumstances of all partners involved. You can read all about what’s planned for next year and the feedback from local residents at the consultation events in the next edition of Spirit Quarterly – out in December! edited and design by: Purple Patch Communications Coventry’s first communications social enterprise.

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