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October 2010

Your community newsletter on the Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm, Deedmore housing redevelopment

New sales centre opens!

Inside..... Spirit Quarters new sales centre Employment opportunities A new neighbourhood agreement Redevelopment rumours



First sales centre now open Local residents were invited to a special preview of the first of three sales centres for the Spirit Quarters housing redevelopment.

Big Brother

Keepmoat Homes, part of the BKW consortium, were the first to open their sales centre on Petitor Crescent on September 2nd. That afternoon members of the Regeneration Action Team were invited to visit the centre before the official opening at the weekend. Nikki Rylatt, the newly appointed Home Sales Executive for Keepmoat Homes said: “The Spirit Quarters regeneration project is going to do really positive things for the area and will no doubt attract a lot of new residents. I’m really looking forward to being part of the regeneration and helping local people find new homes.”

Social media

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100 Year Time Capsule

Nikki, who’s from Coundon and also a member of Moat House Leisure Centre Gym on Winston Avenue, has worked for a number of different housebuilders over the years. This includes Bellway Homes who built the new houses on Sundew Street and Strawberry Walk. Nikki will be running the Keepmoat Homes sales centre during the week and weekends. Bovis Homes and Westbury Partnership will also have their sales centres open later on in the year.

“I am thrilled to be working for this new and expanding region, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be working in the city that I live in, and I am very excited to be part of the Spirit Quarters launch and look forward to many more years here,” said Nikki. For more information about the new homes on sale contact Nikki Rylatt on 0845 450 3871 or visit www.keepmoathomes. Opening hours for Keepmoat Sales Centre on Petitor Crescent (off Deedmore Road in Wood End): Monday 10:00 – 17:00 Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday CLOSED Thursday 10:00 – 17:00 Friday 10:00 – 17:00 Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 Sunday 10:00 – 17:00

Front page photo (L- R): Local residents John Samuels, Vicky Scott, Francis Wood with Nickki Rylatt.

What does 2010 mean to you? Residents and the Spirit Quarters Regeneration partnership are commemorating the start of the new houses being built on the old Deedmore School site. We are burying a sealed time capsule on the site for future residents to get a glimpse into what was happening in this area in 2010. The inside of the capsule will measure 45cm length by 15cm width. All items will be treated to ensure they are preserved. If you have any ideas on what should go in to the capsule or have a contribution please contact the Whitefriars Regeneration Team who are currently collecting these items from residents. Anyone wishing to view what is already going into the capsule, can do so at: Whitefriars Regeneration Team office The Old Health Centre Hillmorton Road Wood End Coventry CV2 1SG. Tel: 024 7658 6068

The new sales centre on Petitor Cresent



Get your issues sorted directly Overall the visit was a pleasure and the understanding we now have will help us in reporting issues in future. A big thank you to all involved in such a good afternoon,” said Rose Tyrrell from Henley Green.

Local residents and practitioners went on a behind the scenes tour at Coventry Direct, the contact centre which is the Council’s hub for reporting street issues. Five residents and members of NDC and Whitefriars staff visited the contact centre on New Union Street to experience how queries were dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

The Coventry Direct contact centre receives on average 1,200 calls a day and more than 350,000 calls and emails in year. The centre is usually the first point of call for members of the public who need to raise issues, comments, complaints and queries to do with City Council services like street cleanliness, lighting, litter, pavement and pot holes. If the issue raised is not a Council matter, operators will put callers in touch with the correct organisation. Centre Manager Gary Breen said: “We want to give people the best service we can, we are proud of the work we do and its still surprising the topics that people raise. It is important that we hear from the public as this will help us to continue to improve City Council Services”.

“The office was very efficient and modern with a number of desks and telephone operators in action,” said Ray Maher, Chair of Wood End Residents Action Group.

Coventry NDC organised the trip to encourage local people to report Council service issues directly to Coventry Direct and to get an understanding as to how their complaints are dealt with.

“We spoke to the Operations Manager who advised us on how the system works, how calls are registered and how they are followed up. We also talked about specific areas of work such as bin collection; fly tipping, and pot holes.

To report your issues directly call Coventry Direct on 0500 834 333 or visit the Coventry Direct car park at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre every Monday from 2pm - 4pm.

Future’s bright for William One local young person has started a career in construction after being taken on a work placement with Keepmoat Homes. Back in June, William Mpoka, aged 17 from Bell Green, attended an Open Day at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre that aimed to inform local residents about employment opportunities that would be generated from the Spirit Quarters redevelopment. William initially spoke to Coventry City Council’s Construction Employment Unit who were there to promote courses in plastering, tiling and brickwork; however it became clear that he was looking more towards entering the construction industry from the technical angle rather than the trade angle. “I was keen to go into construction as a career and heard that Keepmoat may have some opportunities as part of the re-development of the NDC area. I was due to start a Business Administration course with Henley College in September but I wanted to go into the technical side of construction so I decided to enquire about doing a short-term work placement in an office environment with a construction company instead,” said William. As a result of attending the Open Day, William was offered a six-week work placement with Keepmoat

Your Guide to your neighbourhood • • • • • •

Directory which provides names of key local contacts (residents and local workers) Information about what services are available in the area Frequently asked questions about services, facilities and issues Calendar of upcoming events in the local area Community discussion forum Available in 53 different languages

An innovative new website is available to act as a guide to the Spirit Quarters neighbourhood for existing and new residents.

Coventry NDC has worked with key residents, partners and practitioners across the city to create the website as part of its legacy plans once funding ends in March 2011.

The website called ‘Your Guide’ will act as a hub of information about the key services and support in and around the NDC neighbourhoods of Wood End, Henley Green, Deedmore and Manor Farm. The development of the Spirit Quarters branding across the area should also see the website develop further.

Adrian Coles, NDC Succession Manager said: “Residents can now find answers to some of the big questions and issues they raise at the click of a button. The purpose of Your Guide is to connect local people, local organisations and groups together, so it will be easier for everyone to get answers to their questions.“

Easy to navigate, the website is separated into several sections and allows residents and practitioners the chance to access extensive information about support and services in the area:

Hard copies of key information on the website will also be available for residents. Your Guide has icons for key themes on the website - look out for these icons across this Spirit Quarterly magazine. To visit the new Your Guide website go to William Mpoka from Bell Green


Homes within the Land and Partnership Department supported by a grant through the European Social Fund. “Working in an office environment has been a great experience. I am really enjoying my time at Keepmoat and the placement inspired me to take steps towards a professional career in construction,” said William. William’s placement has proved to be so successful that he is now enrolled on an Apprenticeship Scheme in Business Administration and is directly employed by Keepmoat. He will now undertake his NVQ Levels 2 and 3, followed by a BTEC HNC in Construction, sponsored by Keepmoat on a day release basis. Richard Moore, Land and Partnership Manager from Keepmoat Homes said, “This is a fantastic example of how young people can use the Spirit Quarters development as a springboard into future employment. We were impressed with William’s commitment and professionalism during his placement which is why we have sponsored him.” If you are interested in starting a career in construction please contact Julie Venn-Morton at the Construction Employment Unit on 024 76815240 or visit The Workshop in Riley Square.



Coventry Early Years & Childcare Service

Your child deserves the best start in life Research shows that high quality early years provision significantly improves children's life chances. Through play, children learn and grow, develop social and language skills and increase in confidence. All children are entitled to 15 hours a week of free nursery education from the term after their third birthday which is 570 hours over a year. This can be taken over a minimum of 38 weeks a year though some early years providers may be able to offer a more flexible arrangement, such as being able to take fewer hours per week and spreading the 570 hours over more weeks.

Is your child eligible for a free

nursery education place?

If your child's 3rd birthday is between:

They will be entitled to a free nursery place:

1st April - 31st August - Summer Term

Following September - Autumn Term

1st Sept - 31st December - Autumn Term

Following January - Spring Term

1st January - 31st March - Spring Term

Following April - Summer Term

martial arts sports, he was sceptical about the health benefits but took the plunge anyway and hasn't regretted his decision since.

You can choose from the following early years settings, provided they are registered with Ofsted:

"I love kickboxing. Every lesson is different and you seem to learn something new every time. Since I’ve started the classes, I’ve lost a stone in weight. “This is due not only to the cardio aspect but because my Instructor also has experience and knowledge in what to eat and what exercise to do at home. If you have any doubts like I did then just come down and try it for yourself," said Kevin.

u Pre School / Playgroups u Private Day Nurseries u Independent Schools u Maintained nursery classes (September admissions only) The setting is paid directly by the local authority and you should not be charged by the nursery unless you buy other services such as lunch or extra hours. To find out more about early years settings in your area contact: Coventry Family Information Service Main Floor Central Library

02476 834773

L:R PKA Instructor Ryan Laffar and Kevin Murry

But that wasn’t the only health benefit for Kevin. By attending the kickboxing sessions, he has also kicked his smoking habit and now feels healthier and confident about the future.

Kevin kicks his way back into shape

Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre is located on Winston Avenue in Wood End. Facilities include a 40 station fitness suite, full size astro-turf, a multi-use games area, sports hall, dance studio, classrooms, Café, Children's Crèche and free parking.

Woodway Park resident Kevin Murray has been shifting the pounds after he took up a new sport at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre.

For full details of all classes on at the Centre, including PKA Boxing, call 024 7684 1720 or visit

Kevin, who weighed 16 stone earlier this year, decided that urgent action was required to get his body back into shape. But not being a fan of repetitive routines, Kevin knew he would found it difficult to do regular workouts at the gym. “I desperately needed something to get fit and healthy again. I didn’t want to go the gym as it really doesn’t motivate me,” said Kevin. But after spotting a flyer for PKA Kickboxing at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre, he decided to turn to kickboxing instead. Having had previous experience in


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k l a t s r a i r f e t hi


Up to now, Whitefriars talk has been delivered to our tenants 3 times a year over the past couple of years. In the future, Whitefriars plans to use Spirit Quarterly instead to give you information about what we are doing as a landlord: both across the City and in your area. We hope you find Whitefriars talk interesting and please let us know if there is anything you would like us to include.

Whitefriars Community Engagement Plans are blossoming The Regeneration team have been working closely with local resident groups in recent months in order to develop a fresh Community Engagement Action Plan. These actions are focussed on what residents see as priorities for the services delivered by the Regeneration Team.

Verging on the ridiculous!

The team are committed to continuous improvement in achieving effective community engagement with all local residents, we want to provide quality customer care, and we want to deliver a quality regeneration and estate management service for the area.

Parking is a problem in many areas of the city, as well as in our area. But parking on grass verges or driving across grassed areas to park that bit closer is not the solution. If you cross the public footpath you are also committing an offence.

We have spoken to all 4 Resident Groups as well as residents within the Regeneration Action Team to ask for their input and views on what residents see as the priorities for the Regeneration team in engaging with the local community. From these discussions, the key themes emerging from residents:

Tyre churned grass is unsightly and can be dangerous where mud spreads onto pavements.

• Continue our door-knocking programme of calling on every household across the NDC area to provide advice and support on the regeneration scheme.

Over the next few months we will be cracking down on this practice, so if you do park on the verge, do not be surprised to find our card (see image on the right) under your wiper blade and us knocking the door.

• Development of a Local Lettings Plan for new Whitefriars tenants that helps promote sustainable communities and reduces problems such as anti social behaviour (see page 10). • Support to Resident Groups in helping to develop Good Neighbour Agreements. Image above is of actual card.

• Ongoing support to community events and Fun Days as well as regular resident meetings.

• Involving residents in estate management inspection walkabouts. • Consultation with residents on stock improvement programme. • Pride in our Street Panels of local residents making decisions on projects to benefit the community and local area. • Ongoing work with Young Persons Groups to help engage them in the community.

Tony Greenwood, Whitefriars Area Manager for Regeneration says “These are some of the key community engagement activities during the next 12 months. We welcome feedback from the wider community before we finalise the plan.” If you have any comments, queries or suggestions on what you would like to see in the strategy, I would be very grateful if you could contact Tony on 02476 587061, or call into the Regeneration Team office at the Old Health Centre, Hillmorton Rd



Whitefriars Lettings Plan now launched In the last edition of Spirit Quarterly Whitefriars asked for residents’ views on the Local Lettings Plan, following recommendations from the Regeneration Action Team (RATs) and the area's four resident associations. Whitefriars have now 'gone live' with the new Lettings Plan for the NDC area and would like to thank everyone who provided them with feedback. The new Lettings Plan will help create a stable and sustainable community by supporting residents and making the area a safe and welcoming place to live now and for the future. What's in the Lettings Plan? •

Starter Tenancies (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) for all new Whitefriars tenants who move in.

A Starter Tenancy lasts for 12 months and providing none of the terms of the tenancy agreement are broken, it will automatically convert to our standard Assured Tenancy at the end of the 12 months. During the first 12 months, the tenancy will be closely monitored. If a tenant on a Starter Tenancy commits a serious breach of their tenancy agreement and/or they continually break the terms of their agreement they can be served with a Notice of Possession and evicted through an accelerated process. Please remember: a Starter Tenancy does not apply to an existing Whitefriars tenant moving home who is already on a standard Assured Tenancy.

Supporting new tenants

Some new tenants may struggle to maintain their tenancies properly due to a variety of reasons, sometimes due to ill health or dependency problems or perhaps it’s their 1st tenancy and they need help in independent living. The Whitefriars team will monitor and help identify the support required to enable them to manage their tenancy. •

Notice of Possession restriction

Come join the fun! Saturday October 9th at Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre Winston Avenue 1pm – 5pm

Special offers on leisure activities at Centre...

Bouncy Castle Activities for children and young people

If you are being re-housed as part of the redevelopment you will not be offered a new build property if you have been issued with a Notice of Possession (other than rent arrears).


Tony Greenwood, Whitefriars’ Area Manager states: "The Local Lettings Plan is part of the work being done to protect the investment in the area and ensure your neighbourhood is somewhere you can enjoy living. The Plan helps everyone to be clear about Whitefriars’ and the community’s expectations, the support on offer and their own responsibilities. This links in with all the other work being done in promoting a positive perception of the area and building on a vibrant and strong community spirit.

Live demonstrations from sport groups

"If you wish to discuss the Plan or any aspect of the regeneration scheme, please call into the Regeneration team office on Hillmorton Road and myself or my colleagues will be happy to have a chat.”

Karaoke Football

Food from the new Moat House Café Plus lots more!

"If you haven't come into the Centre yet, this event is a great opportunity to experience the facilities and have some family fun!" Richard Marrs, Centre Manager

Your thoughts on good neighbours Deedmore residents are being invited to give their thoughts on what makes a good neighbour as part of plans to have the area's first ‘Good Neighbour Agreement’.

"In addition to this, we are also working on ways to help new residents settle into the neighbourhood by providing a welcome pack. To get involved, please come along to our next meeting.”

Deedmore Residents and Tenant’s Association is working in partnership with Whitefriars Regeneration Team and NDC to put together the new agreement for their area. Once complete, local residents will be encouraged to sign up to the agreement ahead of new neighbours moving in through the Spirit Quarters redevelopment.

The agreement will cover all households on Deedmore Rd (from Henley Rd up to Winston Ave roundabout), part of Winston Ave (opposite the Leisure Centre), Monkswood Crescent, Dering Close, Eccles Close, Petitor Crescent, George Park Close and Eathorpe Close.

Vicky Scott, Deedmore Chair explained: “The Good Neighbour Agreement is something we want all residents to sign up to as it will demonstrate a strong sense of community spirit and pride of the area. “The agreement will clearly state what our values are; it will highlight what’s good about living in the area and the benefits of joining resident groups like ours. The purpose of the agreement is to encourage existing and new residents to enjoy living in the area and to provide a vision for the neighbourhood.

If you would like to share your views on what should go into the Deedmore Good Neighbour Agreement then come along to the next Deedmore R&TA meeting (3rd Thursday every month at 12:30pm in Moat House Leisure Centre in Winston Avenue). Alternatively you can visit Whitefriars Regeneration Team (back page). As part of the consultation, Whitefriars and Deedmore Residents Association will be carrying out a survey in the area in October about the Good Neighbour Agreement. All those who complete the survey will automatically enter a prize draw so don’t miss out!



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Kentm ere Cl.

Amble side

Diana Dr ive

Woodway Lane


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Pandora Roa d

Clen non Rise


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Balbe rry Rd .

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r e en Park Wyken C roft

St.‘s Peter & Paul R.C. Jun & Inf. Sch.

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Herm es Crescent Corinthian Place

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Newt on Cl.

Sulgrave Cl.

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Tach broo k Cl .

Petito r Crescent

Dee dm ore


Alderman's Green Rd.

Daphne Cl.

41 09 Aldermans Green Road

Violet Cl.



Henley Park Industrial Estate

River Sowe

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Cl. Pilling


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Caradoc Tower

Manor Farm

Blackberry Lane

Playing Field


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Hornsey Cl.

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Hen ley Mi ll L an e


Henley Village Green

Cl. emont

Church Green Road

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Wyken Green

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Linwoo d

Stoneywood R

Logan Road

Henley Green Primary School & Comm. Centre

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Com. Cen.


Potter’s Green

Lu sco

Social Service Office

Castle Wood Broad Spectrum School

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Lynmouth Road


A4 Warden’s Officeiddecom beCl. 08 2H enl ey R oad

Broad Park Road

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Sidmouth Close

Cardinal Wiseman R.C. Comp. Sec. Sch.

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Friswell Ho.

Embass y Walk Ell Hollico ac mbe om be Ro Alexandra ad House Neighbourhood

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Wigston Road


Henley Green H. Edwards Ho.


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Watcombe Resource Centre

Roselands Avenu e St. Clements Court

Yewdale Cresce

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Moat House Park



Spruce Road

Wapp enbu ry Cl.

Hillmort on R oad Wexford

St.Patricks R.C. Jun. & Inf. Sch.

Moat House Children’s Centre

Grace Academy

cras Pan


d oa eR or m ed Moat House Co. Jun. De & Inf. Sch.

Potters Grn. Co. Jun. & Inf. Sch.

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Walsgrave Cemetary

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Alpha Ind. Estate

St. Patricks Church



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Eburne Adult Edu. Centre and Bus. Ent. Centre

Bittern Walk


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Bay Tree Cl.

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Crescent dale Yew


Loxley Court


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Sundew St.

Loxley Cl.

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Win N’hood Centre ston Aven ue

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Road and footpath maintenance Litter bin emptying Household refuse collections Litter Not enough play areas

ne n La ilto Sh l. City Mission rescent

Moat House Leisure and

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Lying Hall Comprehensive



Fullwood Cl.

Lillington Road

Wood End Health Cen.

Sowe Common

Playing Field

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Heybrook Close

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St. Chads Church Family Project

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Redland Cl.

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• • • • •

If you would like a copy of the agreement, please contact Coventry NDC or come along to NDC’s Tea and Talk session held every Tuesday at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre (2pm - 3.30pm). Reference copies will also be available in local community venues. Alternatively, you can download the agreement from www.

Tackford Bridge

08 A4

Dog fouling

This agreement will be montiored through Moat House Community Trust. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Moat House Community Trust on 024 7662 2964.

2H en ley

Henley Farm

ghway ll Hi wa Se

Remove graffiti Remove all fly-tipping/bulky refuse Remove all litter and dog fouling where visible or specific location reported Maintain grassed areas Have all street lighting inspected for lamp outages once a fortnight in the winter and once a month in the summer

Ben edic t

e an nL ilto Sh

Marshbrook Cl.

Venny (Wood End Youth Forum)

Alton Cl.

Wood End Comm. Centre


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roke Cl.

ad Ro

oa ford R d Bret

Henley College of Further Ed.

ad Ro

A survey of residents living in Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm and Deedmore was carried out by residents and members of Eco-Way-To-Go and identified the following as their key local environmental priorities:


an lliv Su

What are the residents priorities?

M ile sM ea do w Da me en Ag n e s Gre

Cl. Pailton


Wood End

Bell Green Children’s Centre Health C Cen.

Bell Green

k Wal

This is a written agreement designed and agreed by residents in partnership with Coventry City Council, Whitefriars Housing Group, Orbit Heart of England and the residents of Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Fram and Deedmore. This agreement lists the commitments by both the service providers and residents to address environmental issues.


• •

What is the agreement for and who is involved?

Almond Tree Avenue

Bell Green Co. Jun. & Inf. Sch.

rton Rd ve


Hill mo rton Roa d

Pear Tree Cl.

Agencies will..... • • •


• •


Heather Road

Walnut St.

l. dC for nd Sa Alderman’s Green Ind. Est.

oad nR tto Du


Privet Road

t Copperas S

• •

Wyken Double Bridge Ox ford

Ca na M6 l Mo tor wa y

Eburn e Roa d

Fern Cl.

ad more Ro Syca

The Environmental Agreement details key local enironmental priorities which have been identified by the community and sets out responsibilities and the level of service you can expect.

ree Avenue


Coventry NDC is launching the second Neighbourhood Agreement for the Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm and Deedmore area. The Environmental Neighbourhood Agreement (The Crime and Community safety agreement was launched in November 2009), as part of the Succession of the NDC legacy.

Whiting’s Bridge

Wyken Pool


elia Cam

For Residents living in Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm and Deedmore

Report fly tipping Dispose of refuse in the correct place Keep garage sites safe and clean Will not drop litter in the street and also encourage others not to drop litter Not allow dogs to foul on the footpath and dispose of dog waste correctly Use litter bins Will report any environmental issues to Coventry Direct such as fly tipping, overflowing, bins, litter, street lighting, blocked drains, etc Refrain from parking on grassed verges Park vehicles safely to allow access for emergency vehicles to pass


Alderman’s Green Co. Jun. & Inf. Schs.

ld efie Mac

Residents will..... • • • •

Castle Wood Broad Spectrum School

Mill Cl.

rton HillDr

Sledm ere Cl.


Examples of the what can be found in the agreement are listed below......

Coventry Direct Minicom Emergency (Out of hours)

0500 834 333 (Freephone) 0500 431 143 024 7683 222

Email (via our online form)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday Saturday

8am - 8pm 9am - 1pm

Coventry City Council General Enquiries

024 7683 3333

Whitefriars Customer Service

024 7658 7068

Neighbourhood Wardens

024 7678 7959

West Midlands Police or for emergencies

0345 113 5000 999

It’s Your Call Coventry City Council ASB reporting line

024 7683 1300

Orbit Heart of England

0345 850 0500

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

024 7630 2912

Environment Agency (to report hazardous/ toxic waste) British Waterways (for emergencies on waterways that need attention by maintenance staff )

0800 807 060

0800 47 999 47



The Rumour Mill

Good luck Alan The nomination was submitted because of Alan’s long record of working for his community in the local neighbourhood. “Alan really is a committed and passionate community volunteer. Whether it is litter picking, attending meetings, fundraising for his local Church, helping at events or delivering leaflets he is always there,” said Stinder Johl, NDC Head of Development and Neighbourhood Services.

Alan in action in his community role

One local resident has been shortlisted for a national award to recognise his contribution in the neighbourhood. Alan Tyrrell, aged 76, and Chair of Henley Green Residents Association was nominated earlier this year by Coventry NDC in the Outstanding Commitment category for the Governments Homes and Communities Agency awards, in partnership with national magazine Regeneration and Renewal.

Entries were submitted earlier this year before being shortlisted in July. As part of the short listing process Alan had to undergo a 45 minute conference call where the three judges asked his a series of questions. Winners will be declared at a prestigious awards ceremony when Spirit Quarterly goes to print. “I was quite nervous doing the interview. They asked me why I had got involved in community work and that was easy to answer and I told them I was a Community Orientated Christian. They asked what my hopes were for the future and I said for WEHM area to rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes. I wasn’t expecting to get nominated let alone shortlisted so this is all a pleasant surprise,” said Alan.

New and improved Cafe now open! The café, which used to be known as Plum Bistro, is now being run by Moat House Community Trust, the successor body for Coventry NDC, as part of its social enterprise programme. “We want people to come to the centre to use the Café not just because they happen to be in the building which is why we have created a comfortable and vibrant environment,” said Micky O'Connor, Café Team Leader.

A new and improved café in the neighbourhood is now open for business following a relaunch. Moat House Café, based at the Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre on Winston Avenue, will be offering exciting new services as part of the rebrand: • • • • • • •

Longer opening hours Wi-Fi ‘hot zone’ Loyalty offers Daily ‘hot specials’ A range of pre-packed foods for take away customers A pre-order email and text facility Special events and theme days / weeks

The café is a new joint venture between Moat House Community Trust and Coventry Sports Trust and will be offering healthy, affordable food for the local community as well as catering services to local businesses and events. Moat House Café opening hours: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

8am - 7pm 8am - 7pm 8am - 7pm 8am - 7pm 8am - 7pm 9am - 7pm 9am - 7pm

“If a resident seeks legal advice, they will automatically lose any compensation they are entitled to!”

“Whitefriars are not completing repairs in my home because it is going to be demolished in the future”

"As a private homeowner who will be selling my property to the developers, I will have to pay for my own independent valuation to be done"

This is completely false. All residents have a legal right to compensation if they lose their home as a result of the redevelopment and would not be penalised should they seek legal advice. If residents would like to know more about their rights to compensation contact the Whitefriars Regeneration Team on Hillmorton Road or call 024 7658 7065.

False - Whitefriars have a legal obligation to undertake repairs to its homes and still continues to do any repairs needed by its tenants. However Whitefriars will not generally undertake property improvements to homes that are due for demolition in the early years of the redevelopment. Improvements include work like new kitchens, bathrooms or heating systems replacements. If your are unsure if work in your home is classed as a REPAIR or an IMPROVEMENT please contact the Whitefriars Regeneration Team on Hillmorton Road or call 024 7658 7065. False - Once the developers are ready to agree to purchase your home from you, the costs for your independent valuation will be covered by the amount they pay you for your property.

No go for CHP plans Regular Spirit Quarterly readers will be aware of articles in previous editions about plans for a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) heating system for the first 154 homes in the Spirit Quarters development. Due to the complexity and timing of this project, CHP will not being going ahead for the first 154 homes. Instead, developers BKW will be installing normal gas supply and gas central heating. “Despite our best efforts to get this project off the ground, it has proved to be extremely complex and time consuming both in terms of contracts and the fitting of the CHP system, explained Lynn Wassell, Redevelopment Project Director. “Work on site is progressing well but it became clear that if we continued with CHP, the handover of the new homes would be delayed. The system would not have been ready upon the completion of the new properties and so in view of this, the difficult decision was made to stop the work on CHP and switch to a gas supply.” If you have any questions about CHP or the Spirit Quarters development please visit the Whitefriars Regeneration Team on Hillmorton Road or call 024 7658 7065.

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spirit quarterly Oct 2010  

spirit quarterly Oct 2010

spirit quarterly Oct 2010  

spirit quarterly Oct 2010