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March 2010

Your latest newsletter on the Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm, Deedmore housing development

A look into the future Inside..... Phase 1A consultation Moving support group Rumours Next steps

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Henley Green

A Westbury Partnership office will be on site off Petitior Crescent where site manager Les McMahon will be based.


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Lynmouth Road

Broad Park Road

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Demolition and site preparation work has now begun on section 1A1 of the Spirit Quarterly redevelopment. a

inexcavation You may have noticed that workChe sto H. lsey n took place before Christmas in various Edwards A ve Roselands Avenlocations Ho. the area. Contractors across ue nu Friswell have compacted earth into the holes and e Ho. need to wait untilBroad Spring to plant grass Park seeds. IfE you see Shops problems with these m ssy area in thebameantime Walk please phone the Lu St. E Whitefriars Regeneration Office. Clements lla H



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Henley ollicom College of co Court be m d This map shows the traffic route in place, denoted by the arrows Further Ed. a b Ne o Alexandra R e o Wa ighb ley Ro House rde our d ur Brier ad n’s hoo n a Offi d l e ce Wi v dde Ho Cl com rton Rd u e b h s b A d eCl. hla Event 2 – 3rd November Henley Event 1 - 24th September Letc Final consultation Cl emont Farm event – 3rd December L ogan Wil Road Cour This event focused on the first This event focusedowon This event was the final Social tyard Service Office phase of the development, Phase Phase 1A2 G – r4 (Hillmorton A consultation4 for the whole esl Road, Church Green 0 1A1 (on the old Deedmore School Road, Lapworth of Phase 1A. 82 H ey Road enle RoWalk, Castle Wood site and Monkswood Crescent). Bretford Road, River Castle Wood ad y Ro Broad Spectrum Haseley Road and Fulbrook . Residents experienced the l Broad Spectrum . l C C add School Manor A 3D model of the area wasoss Road). ol Sidmouth first computer generated d r r School a House c Close M r of the unveiled alongside displays drive-through and looked Sta housing Henley Green proposed layout drawings, Residents viewed the final at the final details being Heybrook Primary School Henley Green layouts, green space proposals, designs for the Phase 1A1 Close submitted for the reserved d Lansbur Primary School r street scenes oand uth Cl. CHP proposals, planning application and matters application for Caradoc m y l P d house type layouts. the first draft proposals for Sections 1A2-4 on theTower 10th & Comm. Centre oa R the remainder of Phase December. Henley Green y s rr Lambe Community Centre Visitors were invited 1A. Residents also worked otneto view the Pa T proposals and feedback their with architects in designing D included the house Exmviews oncasteThis o r Cl. the new road layouts, on a questionnaire. Particular uth Cl. the green space and play types, Manor Farm areas of concerns were around the provisions. play areas, landscape and N e w Grn Pk proposals for greenvespaces and the MUGA green space improvements, ri in Deedmore. parking provisions A variety of designs for the D as well as the new Horns aofmthis feedback As a result new shops within Phase 1A3 h environmentally-friendly x Bri Malyan amended the Broadway were also on display and local district heating proposals. d o C o r w e design to reflect the concerns of retailers had the opportunity to t s t P Wyken Herm ark Ro residents prior to the submission discuss their thoughts directly es Crescent ad of the planning application on 23rd with the architects. Green k Blac berr Corinthian Place October 2009. yL an e

Rd. ne

Start on site for Phase 1A1 begins this year and the first properties will be completed in October 2010.

St.Patricks R.C. Jun. & Inf. Sch.

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on site in May, on behalf of the BKW group. This involves digging out vegetation, trees, tarmac and concrete hard standings Watcombe and the removal of foundations from previously demolishedResource buildings. There Centre only the is no demolition of buildings, breaking and crushing of concrete and tarmac areas.

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Past events

Lynn confirmed that Section 1A1 received planning permission in December 2009 and Sections 1A2-4 will receive approval in March 2010.


Moat nk House Moat House w Co. Jun. & Inf.Contractors Sch. MV Kelly are carrying out ell Park D essential groundworks ahead of the start

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Project Director Lynn Wassell, who is leading the work on behalf of Whitefriars, Coventry City Council and NDC, said: “We’re really excited about seeing the project come to life next year. This is a huge milestone in the scheme which we’ve only been able to reach thanks to the tireless support and input from local residents.”


Moat House Leisure and N’hood Centre

A40 82 H enle yR oad Ke

Comments received from residents included: “I learned more today than have done in the last three years – it’s great.” “I’m very happy with the plans on display today and especially liked the virtual drive- through.”

Tackford Bridge

r Cr. Milne

en e r sG

Moat House Children’s Centre

lk Bittern Wa


More than 400 residents attended the three events. They filled in questionnaires on their thoughts about Phase 1A which architects then used for the final design plans submitted to City Council.

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The events were organised by architects Broadway Malyan with Engineering Consultants WYG and included a computer generated drive-through and a 3D model.


R e r Wood End o Health Cen. m d e De


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Milner C

Section 1A1 Groundwork Begins d oa

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Since the last edition of Spirit Quarterly there have been three different planning consultation events where local residents were invited to give their thoughts on designs for the first phase of the development.

Whitefriars Regeneration Office

er W

Residents stepped into the virtual world to view what the first 622 homes in the WEHM area will look like as consultation for Phase 1A came to an end.

Bell Green


A look into the future

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River So






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Back in September during the phase 1A1 planning event, Deedmore residents raised their concerns on proposals for four green spaces within the first phase of the Spirit Quarters redevelopment.


Deedmore Residents Get Green KEY Soft Landscape



40 Existing Trees to be retained


Existing Trees/ Vegetation to be removed


Proposed Trees; 20-25min

Following the event the developers met again with Deedmore Residents Association to do further consultation to look at what other options and features for green spaces needed to be considered in their area.

Proposed Trees; 18-20min WA3D



151 2.5S 152 2.5S 153 2.5S 3B6P WA3D3B6P WA4A4B6P WA3D


154 2.5S WA3D3B6P






150 2.5S 3B6P WA3D


Proposed Trees; 18-20min


Existing Hedge to be retained PO


Proposed Hedge Planting

147 WP2A

Proposed Ornamental Shrubs

Robust Bird Feeders

WP2A 2S 2B

WP2A 2S 2B

146 WP2A

WP2A 2S 2B

WP3A 2S 3B

145 WP3A 144 WP2A

Proposed Native Woodland & Understory Plant

WP2A 2S 2B

142 WP2A


WP2A 2S 2B

149 WP2A

141 WP2A

Proposed Groundcover Planting

Telegraph Poles with Bird Boxes

WP2A 2S 2B

148 WP2A

WP2A 2S 2B

WP2A 2S 2B

143 WP2A

Proposed Meadow Grass

Proposed Mown Grass


WA3A 2S 3B5P

WA3A 2S 3B5P

WA3A 2S 3B5P


WA3A 2S 3B5P

BM 86.64m

111 28



22 cent d Cres



Concrete Flag Paving. Pattern - stretcher bond. Colour Buff.





Bark mulch / gravel - with play equipment to the LEAP

KP2A 2S 2B

KP2A 2S 2B

Proposed fencing

KP2A 2S 2B KP2A 2S 2B


Proposed Benches and Litter Bins


KA3A 2S 3B5P

121 KA3A

Proposed Bollards

Notes: 1. Parking bays in block paved areas are delineated by singl alternate block in white 2. Refer to engineer's information for kerbs/ highway elemen 3. Background survey information based on Survey informatio by Survey Solutions. 4. Refer to Boundary Treatment plan 26955-L-1A1-90-003

122 KA3A


KP3A 2S 3B

KP3A 2S 3B

120 KA3A



KP3A 2S 3B

KA3A 2S 3B5P

119 KA3A

KA3A 2S 3B5P

KP2A 2S 2B

KP3A 2S 3B



KP3A 2S 3B KP3A 2S 3B

10 KP3A

9 KP3A

KP3A 2S 3B


KP3B 2.5S 3B

23 KP2A




Suzanne Jewell

U:\26955\Sheets\90-ExternalWorks\000-Planning\Planning Application - 231009\26955-L-1A1-90-002_Landscape Masterplan.dwg

our joint approach to consultation between the partner agencies and the Deedmore resident group has been well received. The resident group feel it was a success and that staff were helpful.

As a result of local people filling out questionnaires, the Whitefriars Team then fed back the information to the planners at Broadway Malyan who used this information for the final planning application.

“They have also said that residents were able to get their point across with good choices for the designs and features. This was the major factor for the consultation, and the outcomes of this consultation were displayed within the planning exhibition for phase 1A which was held on 3rd December. “

Tony Greenwood, Whitefriars Area Services Manager said: “We are all very keen to ensure that resident’s views are uppermost in planning proposals and

rea: a ir e h t r fo t n a w DID s t n e id s e r e r o m d • Mown grass What Dee g tin an pl l ta • Ornamen • Bird boxes on • Street trees • Bird tables g • Hedge plantin


telegraph pole

a: e r a ir e h t r fo t n a NOT w ID D s t n e id s e r e r ay • Single pathw What Deedmo • Seating g • Low moundin

g walls

• Low timber lo

Refer to Boundary Treatment Plan for exact locations 25955-L-1A1-90-003


KA3A 2S 3B5P

KP3A 2S 3B

13 KP3A

12 KP3A

11 KP3A

24 KFP2A


Proposed Walls

KP3B 2.5S 3B

15 KP3B


16 KP2A

14 KP3A

22 KP2A

24.09.2009 KP3A

Other Landscape Treatments


17 KP3A

KP2A 2S 2B

132 KP2A

KA3A 2S 3B5P

18 KP2A

130 KP2A

Proposed Kerbs (Refer to engineer's specification) and Pin Kerb Edgings


19 KP3A

129 KP2A

131 KP2A

123 KA3A


For continuation see sheet 26955-L-90-001.dwg

KP2A 2S 2B

20 KP3B

128 KP2A

KP2A 2S 2B

KP2A 2S 2B

125 KP2A

124 KP2A

KP2A 2S 2B

KP3A 2S 3B

126 KP2A



There was also a marquee stall set up where residents were able to go and see the plans for the four green space options, as well as discussing what aspects of the plans they liked and disliked with the Regeneration Team.

• Feature trees • Bulb planting

Keyblock block paving. Size - 200x100mm. Colo Vehicular Areas; 80mm grade - Herringbone pa Pedestrian Areas; 60mm grade - Stretcher patte



136 KP3A 2S 3B KP3A

Bound Gravel. Colour - Amber Flint.

KP3A 2S 3B

The residents Regeneration Action Team (RATS) is now in the process of checking they are happy with the new charter. The charter will be issued to residents as part of a support pack when their move is being arranged. Copies will also be available to resident groups and anyone else who would like one.

KP3A 135 2S 3B KP3A


• A full range of support to residents through decanting • Re-housing choices for residents • Support measures available • Support being offered to home owners


Existing Pathway in Sowe Valley Parkland to be retained

KP2A 2S 2B

The new charter will provide greater detail around the commitments made such as:

134 KP3A 2S KP3A3B

127 KP3A

KP2A 2S 2B

Since then Kevin Roach, Head of Regeneration at Whitefriars has received approval from the Whitefriars Board for further commitments to supporting homeowners with re-housing options. He also met with residents from the local Homeowners Group about their concerns and the issues which need to be addressed in the new charter.

Hard Landscape

140 WA3A

Keyblock block paving. Size - 200x100mm. Colo Vehicular Areas; 80mm grade - Herringbone pa Pedestrian Areas; 60mm grade - Stretcher patte



In the last edition of Spirit Quarterly residents read about the plans to review the original WEHM Residents Charter which was published back in 2006.

139 WA3A

138 WA3A

Existing Grass to be retained

Keyblock block paving. Size - 200x100mm. Colo Vehicular Areas; 80mm grade - Herringbone pa Pedestrian Areas; 60mm grade - Stretcher patte

KP3A 133 2S 3B KP3A

21 KFP2A

New Charter for 2010

137 WA3A


The second consultation was carried out in October and focused on households from parts of Deedmore Road, Monkswood Crescent, all of Petitor Crescent, Dering Close and Eccles Close. With support from a member of the Deedmore Resident Group and NDC, the Whitefriars Regeneration team door-knocked nearly 100 households to inform residents about the green space proposals and encourage them to share their views.






Moving Support Group

with sensitivity when it comes to re-housing. I really enjoy going out with the team and meeting new people in the community to offer support and advice.

The Moving Support Group is a resident-led sub group formed by the Regeneration Action Team (RATS). The group’s main aim is to help provide a dedicated support to residents who will be decanted (moved out) as a result of the Spirit Quarters redevelopment.

“I always tell residents that if they want to talk to me as a fellow resident they are more than welcome. I would also encourage everyone to attend their local Resident Association meetings to put forward any issues they might have and meet up with other residents. You will find that your Association is working together for the benefit of the local community in all sorts of ways.”

The group offers a valuable insight from a resident perspective, which helps shape the decanting process and enables residents to receive resident support from within their own community. Janet Barrett, a local resident and a key member of the Moving Support Group has helped the team to build positive links with the community through accompanying the Regeneration Team on door-knocking programmes throughout the year. Janet said: “As a local resident for many years, my priority is to always ensure that everyone is treated fairly and

Tony Greenwood, Whitefriars Area Services Manager said: “Janet has been a critical friend to Whitefriars in offering advice and questioning from a resident viewpoint, we very much value the input from Janet and her resident colleagues from the RATS group. We have already had a lot of constructive feedback from group members in working together on the decanting strategy, and have agreed the next stages to start next year and throughout the scheme.”

The Rumour Mill

If the property market collapses then BKW can walk away from this scheme as they have no legal commitment

Residents who are members of the RATS group have been busy gathering rumours that are going around the area about the redevelopment. See if you recognise any and PLEASE put people right with the facts if you hear any.

BKW have stayed with this scheme and our partnership through an unprecedented housing market collapse and have put in planning applications with all their associated costs. In the event of a future collapse this would affect any developer.

Once there is a change of Government this scheme is over! In Coventry there has always been all party support for the scheme. Our funders include the Homes and Communities Agency and Advantage West Midlands and funding agreements have been signed off or will be by March 2010. Most of the funding is coming from the private developers and so is not affected by Government changes.

BKW have no money in the bank to buy our houses and because of the recession we are getting less money for our properties If we are talking about buying back homeowners properties, BKW have a legal obligation to buy properties at market value.

Re-housing rumours If you are not sure when you are likely to move please talk to Whitefriars Regeneration Office. Unfortunately, residents currently living in Section 1A2 (Wood End) will need to move out of their homes before new homes are built. This has always been true and we have spoken to the people affected about their options and will continue to do so.

Moving Support Group priorities for 2010:

areas e surrounding th d an d) oa R ley ked oad (near Hen not being knoc R e e ar or es dm us ee ho D r lower end of . Although ou ing to affect US who live on the go u is yo t of en e pm os lo th For redeve s too. dering how this d we have need the an ng gi you may be won an ch erns about how us IS nc nd co ou r ar ou ea ed ar is e down, th mber, we ra homes which the 24th Septe to improve the on ed 1 ed 1A ne e e as w w ph n for dents and ho first consultatio us. Deedmore resi ct fe af Following the ld spaces around ou n w ee ) gr fic e af th Tr . to .g en (e and t should happ redevelopment keep us involved ished and wha to ol m C D de N g d in an be g, t ith us were no ay areas, seatin pl lar meetings w al gu rm re fo g in in ld on ho have been our thoughts views have and Whitefriars proved. All our have listened to im W y K he be B T , ill s. w en th es es oc m ce Sin the pr fronts of our ho h each stage of ed. g and how the in rk pa informed throug w been submitt ad no ro fs of ha g, n in io at nc ic fe w anning appl ill be landscaping, ne plans and the pl means there w gn so si al de ch e hi th w to ay been fed in e area in M u live in so if in the Deedmor ce the area yo ay en rw flu de in d un t an ge ge t will n help chan e redevelopmen e of how you ca pl am ex All being well, th od go so! do. This is a ouse w is time to do further work to no en th y onth at Moat H ad m re e al th of ed lv y vo da in rs you’re not the 3rd Thu ntacting the meetings or co meeting (held on ts am en Te id n es io R ct r A g to ou egeneration by coming alon m), attending R 1p at e You can do this tr en C eighbourhood morton Road. Leisure and N n Office on Hill io at er en eg R Whitefriars aders,

rterly re Dear Spirit Qua

• Involving more resident volunteers in the Moving Support Group • Produce a clear support information pack • Updated Residents Charter • Ongoing door knocking programme to update residents on timescales for moving, re-housing options and support measures • One to one support for each decanting household from their Regeneration officer • Support on settling residents into their new home For more information on the Moving Support Group please contact Tony Greenwood on 024 76587065

All the best, Vicky Scott Tony Greenwood and Janet Barrett


s Association C

ents and Tenant

id (Deedmore Res

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Next Steps for 2010....... Now that work has started on site it’s full steam ahead for the housing construction work to start during May 2010. BKW are busy appointing contractors and the next job will be trenching and excavation for sewers and roads. The detailed timetable is being worked on now and we will let you have more dates as soon as possible. If you have any questions please come along to the next Regeneration Action Team meeting being held on Thursday 1st April at 6.30pm at Whitefriars Regeneration Office on Hillmorton Road or contact the Regeneration Office. Whitefriars Office opening hours: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

10:00am-3:00pm 10:00am-3:00pm 10:00am-3:00pm 11:00am-4:00pm 10:00am-3:00pm

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Spirit Quarterly March 2010  

Spirit Quarterly March 2010

Spirit Quarterly March 2010  

Spirit Quarterly March 2010