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Memorial Day Ceremony at Walter L. Mason Federal American Legion Post 152 Please join the Walter L. Mason Federal American Legion Post 152 on Sat., May 24 at 9AM at the TezziReitz Veterans Memorial, Aramingo and Somerset, for a ceremony to honor theWashington men and women 1234 Streetwho died while serving in the USSomersville Armed Forces. Heights 000-000-0000 1234 Was Memorial Day Ceremony at Campbell Square

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Mon., May 26, Memorial Day, 11AM -12:30PM at Belgrade St. and Allegheny Ave. Flag raising ceremony and just a bit more to honor our fallen warriors.



Elm Tree Post #88 Memorial Day Tradition To Continue   Commander Harry Cutter of the Elm Tree Post #88, American Legion announced that the annual 1234 at Washington Street as well Memorial Day Services Palmer Cemetery, Somersville Heights hough many are quick to refer to Memorial as the post “Open House”, will be held on Mon., 000-000-0000 May 26, for the 95th consecutive year. Day as the unofficial beginning of summer,   The days events will start with mass at Holy the day is much more than that. Initially Name Church starting at 8AM. With the closing known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a day and impending sale of the Pilgrim Church on to remember those military members who died in Marlborough St. there will be no service there 1234 Was this year. The post rifle squad will fire a salute and service hough of the country. Some many are quick to refer to Memorial Memorial wreaths will be placed at the monument in The origins Day remain a topic of of summer, Palmer Cemetery with events starting at 11AM DayofasMemorial the unofficial beginning sharp. debate. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared nam the day is much more than that. Initially   At the conclusion  of the memorial program in the Waterloo, N.Y. as the official birthplace of cemetery, the post will have the annual open house of the Grand Army of the known asDay. Decoration Memorial Day is a commander-in-chief day 1234 Washington Street the roots of Memorial Memorial However, Day, inside the post home with hot dogs and  birch beer Republic, a veterans’ organization for men who Somersville likely run much as researchers Dukedied in for the entire community.  The post Heights requests that we toDay remember thosedeeper, military membersatwho 000-000-0000 served in the Civil War, General Logan issued a University note that during the Civil War organized all try to remember that guests & participants are to service of the country. proclamation just five days after the Charleston enter the post first and then all are welcome  and women’s groups in the south had begun to decorate there will be plenty for everyone. that called for Decoration Day to be observed event the graves of fallen soldiers. Day remain a topic of The origins of Memorial   Commander Harry also asks all to remember annually across the country. Logan preferred the the true meaning of   Memorial Day, which is to Memorial as we know it today can likely be debate. InDay 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared event not be held on the anniversary of any remember and pay tribute to all of the men and traced to Charleston, S.C., where teachers, particular battle, and thus the day was observed for Waterloo, N.Y. as the official birthplace of women who have given their lives to us and to protect missionaries and some members of the press the first timecommander-in-chief on May 30. Celebrating the day in the freedoms of the Grand Army of the and liberties we enjoy today here in1234 Was thefallen rootssoldiers. of Memorial Memorial gathered onDay. May 1,However, 1865 to honor America, which many around the world do not. It May also was significant to event organizers a veterans’ organization for men whoidea to take just a few moments with Some is also a good captured Union soldiers were at because During the Civil likely run War, much deeper, as researchers Duke MayRepublic, Day is a month when flowers are in bloom, a young person teach them the Street meaning also. Washington held at the Charleston Course hundreds served in the Civil General Logan issued a to1234 making it easier for observers of theWar, holiday to University note thatRace during theand Civil War organized If we do this then we make our young people, our Somersville Heights died during captivity. Upon their deaths, soldiers nam place flowersproclamation on the graves ofjust fallen soldiers. five days after the Charleston community, and our nation even stronger and better. 000-000-0000 women’s in thegraves. southWhen had the begun were buriedgroups in unmarked Civil to decorate In 1868, events werethat heldcalled at morefor thanDecoration 180 Day to be observed event the of fallen soldiers. Wargraves ended, the May Day gathering was organized Memorial Day Service at cemeteries inannually 27 states, across and thosethe figures nearlyLogan preferred country. the J. Glenn, 3rd Memorial Cpl Charles as a memorial to all the men who had died during doubled in 1869. By 1890, every northern state Memorial Day as we know it today can likely be   A Memorial Day Service will be held at the captivity. The burial ground was landscaped, and event not be heldDay on as thea state anniversaryCpl. of any officially recognized Decoration Charles J. Glenn, 3rd, Memorial, located at traced to Charleston, S.C., where teachers, those freed as a result of the Civil War played an Marlborough battle, andtheir thusdead theonday observedand for Wildey Sts on Memorial Day, holiday. Butparticular southern states honored a was Charleston Race integral role in the event at the Mon., May 26 at 12 Noon. Friends, neighbors and missionaries and some members of the press different daythe untilfirst aftertime Worldon War I, when May 30. the Celebratingsupporters the dayofinthe Memorial are invited to participate, Course. holiday was changed to recognize Americans who gathered on May 1, 1865 to honor fallen soldiers. along with the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans May also was significant to event organizers While the event in Charleston might have been the died in any war and not just the Civil War. Nearly Memorial Society adn the Philadelphia Police and werestate now During the Civil War, captured Union soldiersevery 1234 Washington Street because MayMemorial is a month inand bloom, first Memorial Day-type celebration in the southern celebrates Day, awhen name flowers Fireare Pipes Drums. 1234 Was Somersville Heights held at States, the Charleston Course andcited hundreds for the holiday first used in 1882,for on the last United General JohnRace A. Logan is often making it easier observers of the holiday to 000-000-0000 Memorial Day Observance at Some Monday in May. as inspiring eventsUpon in the north. died duringsimilar captivity. their The deaths, soldiers place flowers on the graves of fallen Philadelphia soldiers. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Memorial Day observance on Mon., May 26 bewere buried in unmarked graves. When the Civil In 1868, events were held at more than 180at 12:30PM, at the Philadelphia Vietnam nam ginning War ended, the May Day gathering was organized Veterans Memorial, Columbus Blvd. and Spruce cemeteries in 27 states, and those figures nearly St. This year’s speaker is Honorable Theresa Tull a as a memorial to all the men who had died during nurse who served as an officer during the Vietnam doubled in 1869. By 1890, every northern state captivity. The burial ground was landscaped, and War. Though re-construction is still on-going, the officially recognized Decoration Daywalkways as a state and visitors’ area will be clear for the certhose freed as a result of the Civil War played an emony. Please holiday. But southern states honored their dead plan on ato attend. Race integral role in the event at the Charleston 1234 Washington Street Washington Street different day until after World War I, when the 1234Somersville Somersville Heights Heights Course. holiday was changed to recognize Americans who 000-000-0000 000-000-0000


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THE LOCAL LENS with Thom Nickels by Thom Nickels

There’s nothing like a road trip when you have had too much of the city. In my case, the plan was to drive to Palmerton, Pennsylvania, with a friend (he did the driving) in order to participate in a Divine Liturgy at Saint George Orthodox church, at 730 Church Street, a church that is currently not only in foreclosure but which has only one remaining parishioner. The plan was for His Eminence Justinian Archbishop of Naro-Fominsk to celebrate a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy (with his large entourage of area Orthodox priests and seminarians) at the little church of Saint George in honor of the church’s feast day. Palmerton, while a quaint town nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, is also very much a town of the past. According to one local we spoke to, most of the young people of Palmerton have left

for the greener pastures of cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Bigger cities promise better opportunities, even if (job) opportunities in bigger cities are not what they once were. As we drove into downtown Palmerton, we noticed the inactivity and the quiet. It was a Saturday morning, after all, a time when many towns are alive with activity. We saw very few people walking about. When we got lost, we stopped to ask directions from two men, both of whom told us that they were not from Palmerton. Finally, we spotted a woman who looked like she had to be a local—she was weeding a garden on her front lawn—who gave us the directions we wanted. “It’s nice to know that somebody is from Palmerton,” Stephen joked. For anyone sick of inner city congestion, chronic Septa detours on weekends (thanks to marathons and street festivals), standing room only “seats” on the Frankford Market El, and unrelenting stop and

Thom Nickels is a Philadelphiabased author/journalist/ poet, film critic and feature writer for the Spirit Newspapers. go traffic (not to mention angry drivers and honking horns), this peaceful little river town would seem to fit the bill. The mountains certainly add a dimension of beauty along with the Lehigh River and Aquishicola Creek. The famous Blue Mountain Tunnel that cuts through the Kittatinny Ridge is very noticeable before you take the turn that goes into Palmerton. I remember the Blue Mountain tunnel from childhood, but that’s another story. Who would not want to escape to a place like this? Of course, for any city sophisticate, the ‘John Boy Walton’ beauty of

this town doesn’t erase the fact that it is also a cultural wasteland. You can forget about going to a rock concert, a jazz festival, any type of theater, the opera, art galleries, or a museum. You might be able to hang out at the local Subway restaurant with its plastic orange chair Kabuki theater seating area, or hunt out a local Dunkin Donuts, or go bowling, but aside from this, your only option is a pastime connected with nature, like rafting, which I hear is pretty exciting. There’s the fair-sized Palmerton hospital in case you break an arm, have an allergic reaction to a bee sting, or come down with

food poisoning. If your imagination is rich enough, you might be able to fantasize about what goes on in the large gothic Victorian house that sits alone on a mountain top and which seems to be the town’s crowning glory. The site of this house from a distance is impressive. Reminiscent of Hawthorne’s The House of the Seven Gables, or even the house in Hitchcock’s Psycho, the building lords over Palmerton like the Asa Packer mansion lords over the town of Jim Thorpe. Given the ghost town status of Palmerton, it’s no wonder that the churches are empty. Our arrival at the little church of Saint George was not without some confusion, since the first church we spotted was a striking dual onion domed structure with triple bar crosses, a look that usually signifies Eastern Orthodoxy. In actuality, the church was a Byzantine/ Greek Catholic church although long ago the church was Orthodox, the change having occurred near the time of the Russian Revolution. At that time the status of Orthodoxy in Russia took a sharp nose dive, causing jurisdictional complications with many Russian-affiliated parishes in the United States. With the Russian Patriarchate in a Bolshevik-prison, the Palmerton congregation sought protection from Rome, and became a Byzantine Catholic parish. This is what a resident told us, anyway. My friend Stephen initially assumed that the onion domed church was the parish of Saint George, but I told him that the blue and white statue of the Virgin Mary near the entranceway meant that it was Catholic. Saint George’s three bar cross was nearly hidden by trees. From where we parked the car, you had to strain your neck and stand on your toes to see it between the tree tops. It’s no wonder that Stephen ran straight to the onions. Of course, once I redirected him, we backtracked and walked past three elderly women sitting on their porch on lawn chairs. Were these the grandmothers of long gone grandchildren, now collecting jobless benefits in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh? They seemed like quiet, softly suspicious women. When I made eye contact with them, they could barely manage a smile. “We’re not from around these parts,” I wanted to say. “We’re from Philadel-

phia. I’m taking a vacation from Septa. It’s a long story, ladies.” Walking into Saint George’s at last, we noticed the smell of incense and the sound of a choir and nearly twenty richly vested clergymen chanting the liturgy in Old Slavonic. I happen to like rundown churches with paint peeling off the walls as long as they have character, and Saint George’s had plenty of that. The wooden floor was resplendent with a Murphy’s oil wax shine. The icons were old, and the iconostasis in front of the altar showed a western artistic influence. The pastel colored mosaics on the walls looked as though they had been painted by dedicated parishioners decades ago. This indeed was a handsome country church. The archbishop gave a sermon on the importance of Saint George, a saint recognized in both eastern and western Christendom. Saint George, after all, is the patron saint of England. Afterwards, at the barbecue in the church back yard, I asked someone how many parishioners attended the onion domed church across the street and was told “only five.” The number seemed abysmally low, but things got worse when a priest from Wilkes-Barre said that there was really only one remaining parishioner at Saint George’s. It seems to me that as the big cities become even more crowded in the future, towns like Palmerton could become more valuable as escape havens for those wishing to avoid urban mayhem and congestion. After all, in the event of a national or international calamity, living in a crowded city could very well become a liability. Palmerton was founded in 1898 by Stephen S. Palmer as a company town for New Jersey Zinc. Eastern Pennsylvania was once among the largest producers of zinc in the world. Zinc was especially important during World War II when it was used for shell casings and sheet metal for bombers and fighter planes. Large groups of people from the CarpathoRusyn area of outer Russia moved to this area to work in the mines. These Eastern European immigrants brought Byzantine/Greek Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy to this region of Pennsylvania. The Carpatho-Rusyns settled in the area in the late 1870s. The Eastern Catholics at that time had to answer to see LOCAL LENS on page 15



LETTERS to the Editor Friends of Palmer Cemetery Group Now Forming

  Nancy Bartelle and I are starting a “Friends of Palmer Cemetery” group and are seeking members to help raise funds and promote the history of our historic burial grounds. Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact Nancy at Be Dazzled Hair Salon, 1365 E Montgomery Ave., 215-426-4010, or email me at    We are currently selling Monthly Lottery Tickets for July. These tickets are $10 for the month and are based on the PA State Lottery 3 digit number each evening. All proceeds will be used for the renovation of the Bier House located at the cemetery, which will begin shortly.    Tickets can be purchased at Be Dazzled or by emailing Please help support our historic cemetery.   Thank You,   John Lonergan

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!   We had our 1st Annual Gay Bingo at Atonement Church, 1542 E. Montgomery Ave., on May 3, 2014 and it was just GREAT!   Thanks first to all our wonderful attendees, (we loved you Fairy Godmother!) and to the American Legion Post on Palmer St. for the machinery and to all our volunteers and especially our fabulous hostesses Syboll and Ms. Pearl E. Gates.   And a BIG, BIG thanks to Sketch, Sulimay’s, Hair Cuttery, ShopRite, Pathmark and WAWA. You are too good!!! Thank you, Atonement Church Gay Bingo


Send your letters and opinions to The Spirit, 1428 E. Susquehanna Avenue, Phila., PA 19125 or email Letters will not be printed without a name and must have a phone number and address for verification.

In Memory of a Veteran and Husband   Another year has gone by as Memorial Day approaches and my husband P.F.C. Joseph J. Folger, WWII Vet, who proudly served his country for 2-1/2 years.   April 25th was 10 years since he passed away. It seems like only yesterday.   His picture is on my outside window every Memorial Day and will be until “we meet again” at Indiantown Gap Military Cemetery.   I’m 90 years old now and thank the good Lord for all the good years He had given us together.   God bless all Vets. Agnes Folger

A Memorial Day Thank You   I would like to thank my husband Thomas W. Lund for serving his country for 4 years in the U. S. Navy and also my son Thomas M. Lund for serving 15 years in the U. S. Navy and my son Michael A. Lund who served 10 years in the U. S. Navy, my brother William T. Lund who lost his life in February 23, 1968 in Vietnam while serving in the U. S. Army. We miss all of you. Each one of you were a great part of our family. Also my grandson Danny J. Gallagher. All of you rest in peace. Mrs. Elizabeth Lund

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Many thanks to our partners in Emergency Services for all you do. Nazareth Hospital Celebrates EMS Week May 18 – 24, 2014

2601 Holme Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19152 215.335.6000 |




Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Pie in the Sky Festival at Penn Treaty Park

The Friends of Penn Treaty Park presented the 2nd annual Pie in the Sky 2014 Kite and Food Truck Festival, a family friendly event held in Penn Treaty Park on Saturday, May 10. /Photos: Roman Blazic. For more photos visit:


Rep. John Taylor Sponsors Resolution That Declares May 6 Moyamoya Awareness Day in Pennsylvania


Hahnemann Nationally Ranked Cancer n Cardiology & Heart Surgery Diabetes & Endocrinology Gynecology n Neurology & Neurosurgery

Rep. John Taylor presents a citation to Jenna Bayona, her mother, Kristina Scott-Bayona, and her father, Jimmy Bayona, recognizing May 6 as Moyamoya Awareness Day in Pennsylvania.

A resolution sponsored by Rep. John Taylor (R-Philadelphia) to declare May 6 Moyamoya Awareness Day in Pennsylvania has passed the House.    The resolution was offered to highlight the struggle of Jenna Bayona, a 7-year-old Port Richmond girl who is suffering from the rare illness called Moyamoya, which

causes certain brain arteries to become blocked and restrict blood flow.   “Jenna is a very special girl,” Taylor said. “She has shown an incredible spirit and the strength to overcome. My hope is that by shining a light on this illness, we can help her and others who are afflicted.”    M oy a m oy a h a s l e f t this soccer-loving girl

on the sidelines from a series of mini-strokes that require long visits to medical specialists.   The illness can lead to paralysis, vision impairment, reduced cognitive ability, and language impairment.    “I want Jenna to know that we in the Legislature, like all her friends back home, are pulling for her,” Taylor said.•    

Named One of the Top Three Hospitals in the Philadelphia Metro Area

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Remembering Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Strange

EVERYBODY HITS PHILADELPHIA offers baseball and softball players of ALL skills A 3-stall, automatic batting cage From slow-pitch softball to fast pitch baseball, we have the right speed for you. We are probably the closest batting cage to you. ...And we have a pinball machine!

  On Saturday, June 7, 2014, the family & friends of Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Strange will celebrate his life at a 9:30AM Mass at Holy Name of Jesus Church, 701 Gaul Street, followed by the dedication of his mural at Clearfield & Belgrade Streets at 11AM.   Michael, a 2004 graduate of North Catholic High School was killed on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan.•

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon-Thurs.: 3PM-9PM; Fri.-Sun.: noon- 9PM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC






•• PIEROGIES •• Sauerkraut or • •• Potato, •• Cottage Cheese •• • UKRAINIAN CATHEDRAL •• •• •• •• • 215-829-4350 • Made fresh in the kitchen of the

Corner of Franklin and Brown Streets CALL AHEAD TO ORDER

BINGO MON. & FRI. at 7PM 215-829-8103



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COMMUNITY CALENDAR MEETINGS Save St. Laurentius Meeting Please join for a meeting on Wed., May 21 at 7PM in Holy Name Church Hall for an update on Saving St. Laurentius Church. An update on fundraising efforts and next steps will be given. Come out! Get involved! Learn more! Maritime Academy Charter High School Board Meeting The Board of Trustees of the Maritime Academy Charter High School will be holding their monthly meeting on Wed., May 21, 2014 at 5PM, located at 2700 E. Huntingdon St. Zoning Remapping and NLNA Election Join us Thurs., May 22, 7PM, at the NLNA Community Center (3rd & Fairmount) for the May General Membership Meeting. The City Planning Commission and a City Council representative will be on hand to discuss the re-zoning of the neighborhood - this is folks’ last chance for input on this before Council moves on the remapping legislation. We’ll also be having annual Board of Directors elections. Info and candidate statements will be available at the NLNA web site. www. EVENTS Hancock Rec Center Summer Day Camp Hancock Recreation Center is enrolling children now for their summer day camp. Ages 6 - 12 years old. $150 for six weeks ($25/week). July 9 t h ro u g h A u g u s t 11.  Weekly trip, swimming, and,other recreational activities, are included. Meal and a snack will also be provided.  Come join the fun at Hancock. Space is limited, register NOW!!! Kensington Community Food Co-op Until the development of its future store, at Frankford and Lehigh Avenues, the Kensington Community Food Co-op continues its bi-monthly Marketplace, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, from 6-8PM on the 2nd floor of Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Ave.  Members and non-members alike can purchase organic, seasonal produce and bulk dry goods such as beans, grains and granola.  Bring your own containers and bags.  For further information, marketplace_is_back.

Yoga at St. Michael’s Church Yoga (“quiet time”) classes are being offered at St. Michael’s Church, corner of Trenton Ave. and Cumberland St. on Mondays at 6:15PM. Strengthen and tone your body while breathing away the stress and worries of the day. The yoga instructor is Amanda Bossard. The cost is $5 (pay as you go). For more information call Marge at 610-996-7331. Fishtown Rec Center Programs Daisies and Brownies – Mondays, 6-7PM; Men’s Hockey League – Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Thurs., 6-10PM; Dance Mondays – 6-7:30PM; Tae Kwon Do – Mon.-Wed.-Fri., 6-8PM; Tot Rec. – Tues.-Wed., 9AM-1PM; Ceramics – Tues.-Wed., 6-9:30PM; Zoning Meetings – First three Tues. of the month; FNA Meetings – Third Thurs. of the month; Beautification Meetings – Third Thurs. of the month; Homeless Vets’ Meetings – Third Sat. of the month; Senior Citizen Bingo – Mon. and Thurs., 10AM-2PM. For information, call 215-685-9885. Bridesburg Rec News Men’s Softball League, Spring and Summer 2014 at Bridesburg Rec Center. Teams only. Wooden Bat League. If possible going to Single Wall Bat. Interested: call Dan at 215-6056004. Pride Banners: Available at the Rec Center weekdays 9AM to 9PM. Cost: $3 each. Bridesburg Recreation Center is located at 4601 Richmond St., 215685-1247. Zumba Classes Frank Glavin Playground is holding Zumba classes for adults on Tuesdays 7:45-8:45PM. $4 per class. 215-685-9898. Classes at Portside Arts Center Early Registration Now Open for Portside’s Summer Arts Camp 2014. Layaway Plan Available! Portside Arts Center will also be hosting a Teen Theater Camp this summer. Session 1: June 23July 12 and Session 2: July 14-Aug. 3. For more information and to see the classes that Portside Arts Center has to offer visit their website at Located at 2531 E. Lehigh Ave., 215-427-1514. Bingo at Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral Banquet Hall Grand Opening! Bingo Game at Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral Banquet Hall, 801 N. 8th St. (8th & Brown), 215-829-8103. Doors open 4:30PM; game

starts 7PM. They will be playing their package bingo game every Mon. & Fri. night starting at 7PM. Program consists of lapboard games, specials, 50/50 games, quickies, lucky 7 games and end of the night jackpot. Also selling popopen tickets throughout the night for additional cash prizes. Package prices are $12 or $20. Kitchen on premises. Fenced-in parking lot. You must be at least 16 years of age to play. First Presbyterian Bible Study Group On Wed. evenings at 7PM a Bible Study Group meets at First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave. Come and bring a friend for informative, exciting and lively open discussions. As always, everyone is welcome. Free Kickboxing Classes for Girls at Joe Hand Boxing Gym Ages 10-17, at Joe Hand Boxing Gym, 3rd & Green Sts. Kickboxing instructors Erin Fennell and Brittani Warner, in conjunction with the Joe Hand Boxing Gym and Computer Lab, are offering free cardio kickboxing classes for girls aged 10-17, every Friday at 5:45PM at 547 N. 3rd St. Combine kickboxing to music with strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning and toning exercises, while focusing on the girls’ selfconfidence. Fennell, a certified kickboxing instructor, sees the classes as a building block to help young girls increase help young girls increase their self-esteem. “I think I started gaining selfesteem as a young girl once I started working out, and I think kickboxing had a lot to do with it as well,” said Fennell, a class instructor at Lucille Roberts and L.A. Fitness gyms. All necessary equipment will be provided for free by the Joe Hand Boxing Gym. If interested in joining the class, contact Fennell at 267-765-6592, or St. Anne’s Novena St. Anne’s Novena will take place every Thurs. at 7:30PM at St. Anne’s Church, 2328 E. Lehigh Ave. 215-739-4590. Richmond Library Programs Preschool Storytime is every Wed. at 10:30AM. This program is intended for children from one- to four-years of age and their caregivers. Siblings are always welcome. Daycares should call for separate appointments. Richmond Library, 2987 Almond St. 215685-9992. Join the Richmond Book Club! Monthly meetings are every third Thursday at 6:15PM at the Richmond

Library. Bring suggestions for our next book. Copies at the branch. The Richmond library is located at 2987 Almond St. Call 215-6859992 for more information. Nazareth Hospital Hosts Screenings, Information Sessions Throughout May for National Stroke Awareness Month Throughout May, Nazareth Hospital will offer free education and screenings to help you learn how to reduce your risk of a stroke and heart attack. The events, held during National Stroke Awareness Month, will take place in the lobby of Nazareth Hospital. The times and dates are as follows: May 21: 9-11AM; 1-3PM, May 28: 9-11AM; 1-3PM.No appointment is required. Memorial Day Ceremony at Walter L. Mason Federal American Legion Post 152 Please join the Walter L. Mason Federal American Legion Post 152 on Sat., May 24 at 9AM at the Tezzi-Reitz Veterans Memorial, Aramingo and Somerset, for a ceremony to honor the men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces. Memorial Day Ceremony at Campbell Square Mon., May 26, Memorial Day, 11AM -12:30PM at Belgrade St. and Allegheny Ave. Flag raising ceremony and just a bit more to honor our fallen warriors. St. George Cathedral Greek Festival Greek Festival at St. George Cathedral, 256 South 8th St. Thurs., May 29, 12AM to 12PM. All your favorites - souvlaki, gyro, mousaka, pastitsio, spanakopita, baklava and much more - all home made by members of the congregation. Listen to Greek music, learn about the 200 year old historical Cathedral, and have some fun. Admission Free; noon to midnight. Visitation BVM Parish Festival Great food, games, rides for kids. Bingo. Fri., May 30, 5-9PM. Visitation Parish, 300 E. Lehigh Ave. Fishtown Community Dinner Fishtown Community Dinner will be held on Sat., May 31, 4-6PM at First Presbyterian Church. They’ll be serving up their version of “Tour of Italy” with spaghetti and meatballs, gnocchi (with peas and prosciutto), garlic bread, salad and desserts. A time and place where we can all come together as a community, enjoy a good meal, and be in fellowship with each other. The best part - the meal is free! No cost see CALENDAR on page 14



Health Partners Plans Opens At New Location William George, Health Partners Plans President and CEO, delivers a brief speech before the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new HPP Community Outreach Office.

brings a fully equipped mobile dental clinic— the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile van— to children in underserved communities. Children can have their teeth checked and treated in their own neighborhood and at no cost to them.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Health Partners Plans new location on 826 E. Allegheny Ave. officially opened up to the public. /Photos: Max Pulcini by Max Pulcini

  Despite torrential rainfall that almost made it easier to navigate Kensington Avenue by kayak rather than car, Health Partners Plans (HPP), a hospitalowned, not-for-profit managed care health organization, opened a new and improved Community Outreach Office on Wed., April 30. Located at 826 E. Allegheny Ave. in a historic bank building, this new location provides a larger space for the organization to offer service to its members and the community.   To celebrate HPP’s new location, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in the morning. Those who trudged through the rain in order to attend included William George, HPP President and CEO, various HPP staff members , community leaders and representatives from the Department of Public Welfare and Medicaid Health Plans of America. Citations were also presented to HPP on behalf of Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and State Representative Angel Cruz.   “I hope we didn’t ruin anybody’s shoes getting you into the building!” George said, addressing the crowd in attendance. “We’ve actually been serving this area for years—we did have an office down here at 1829 E. Allegheny. Although we moved a very short distance, it does reflect some very large changes in our company as we are growing like crazy.”   HPP currently serves more than 187,000 members in the Greater Philadelphia Area—what equates to roughly 1-in-9 Philadelphians. It provides health coverage options through Health Partners Medicare, Health Partners for

Medicaid recipients and its KidzPartners, HPP’s CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) plans. According to George, HPP Medicare Advantage Plan had an enrollment of 1,500 new members in its first year, a number that has now reached 3,500 and is expected to double again by year’s end. George explained that these numbers are significant because most other plans reach enrollment numbers of only 100 in their first year. A large concentration of these members also happens to live in the Kensington area—hence the apparent need for a Community Outreach Office.   “A while ago, we started getting a lot of enrollments from this area and we have a couple of key providers, doctors and hospitals in the area,” Lovell Harmon, Senior Vice President of Business Development at HPP, said. “That’s why this is an ideal community for us, an ideal situation. By putting this office here in the middle of the community, we give people not just the opportunity to enroll, but to get their questions answered, get the services that they need.”   These services will include health screenings, weekly computer training classes, health and wellness workshops and demonstrations, ranging from fitness and prenatal care to men’s health and diabetes management, Zumba classes and onsite member relations representatives available for one-on-one information sessions. “Our focus is on our members having a wonderful experience,” George said. “We want them to be happy, we want them to go see their doctor and we want their doctor to be happy

all about.”   Stop by and visit Health Partners’ new office at 826 E. Allegheny Avenue. You can also visit their website at•

Health Partners Plans, Community Outreach Office, 826 E. Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134, 215-426-4372, Mon.-Fri, 8AM-4:30PM

  “I want to ask people to get engaged,” George said. “For so many people with health challenges, they allow their challenge to manage them when in fact you can manage it. If you can successfully manage your disease then you can take your life back. Come on in and we’ll give you ideas on how to manage your disease and make your life better, that’s what we are

Fundraiser Baseball Game for Penn Home

seeing a Heath Partners Plan member. If members see the doctor and take care themselves, they get better. And that’s part of our mission: improving health outcomes.”   Along with the ribbon cutting, HPP’s also held its first Chopper Check event of the year. Done in partnership with St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, Chopper Check

  Penn Home has partnered with the Camden Riversharks for a Fundraising Event on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 7:05PM. Penn Home will earn $5 for each ticket sold for the Riversharks game against the Blue Crabs. Tickets are only $12.   To get your tickets, visit and select “Riversharks Fundraising Log-In” located on the right-hand side of the page and enter our unique code: PENNHOME. Then simply select your seats and buy your tickets. Please note you must purchase your ticket through the “Fundraising Log-In” in order for Penn Home to receive the $5 donation. We sincerely hope that you take this opportunity to support a worthy cause. If you do not have access to the internet or have any questions about purchasing your tickets, please call Kate Corrigan at 215-739-2522. Remember, this offer is for the June 5th 7:05PM game only. Please spread the word to your family and friends. And thank you for supporting Penn Home. We look forward to seeing at the game! •



MON., MAY 26



99 $ $2099












Portside Arts Center Receives “Best of the Best” Award Providing Incredible After-School Arts Education to Children

Assistant Director Jenna Wilchinsky and Director Kim Creighton at the State Building in Harrisburg, receiving their award from Michael Norris, Interim Executive Director of the Cultural Alliance and Philip Horn, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts April 29th, on Pennsylvania Arts Advocacy Day, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) awarded Portside Arts Center with the Best Program in Philadelphia and with the inaugural “Best of the Best” of Pennsylvania award for their incredible work in providing after-school arts education to children of Philadelphia. Portside Arts Center is a community-based, educational arts center that seeks to empower the children, teens and adults in the community with opportunities to develop their artistic abilities, awaken the imagination and build self-esteem and confidence. Since 2008, Portside has offered over 60 visual, performing arts and music classes to the residents of Philadelphia. Portside is also the organizer of the community beloved Lehigh Avenue Arts Festival, which serves as the organization›s biggest scholarship fundraiser of the year. Portside received the “Best of the Best” award for their ongoing 42 week after-school program

cuts in their in-school arts classes. The Cultural Alliance is proud to have Portside Arts Center as our PPA grantee! •   Portside Arts Center, 2531 E. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125, 215-4271514, portsideartscenter@, Portside Arts Center is proud to be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.Portside Arts Center is a member of the Southeastern PennsylvaniaUnited Way Donor Choice Program #48860.

Assistant Director Jenna Wilchinsky and Director Kim Creighton receive their award from Michael Norris, Interim Executive Director of the Cultural Alliance and Philip Horn, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts April 29th, on Pennsylvania Arts Advocacy Day, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) awarded Portside Arts Center with the Best Program in Philadelphia. which provides educational arts programming Monday through Friday from 3pm to 6pm for median-to-low income youth. Through this program, Portside is able to create a safe environment for the children while also providing homework support, and artistic instruction.   Portside’s work is a wonderful example of the huge impact that PCA funding can have for local organizations. Portside received their PCA grant through the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) funding program. PPA is

a PCA program that allows regional partners to re-grant funds to support local and community arts activities in all 67 counties in the state. The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance serves as the Southeastern Pennsylvania regional partner for the program and was also the organization that nominated Portside for the award. The grant that Portside received allowed them to increase scholarships for economically disadvantaged youth within their community.   Portside Director Kim Creighton and Assistant

Director Jenna Wilchinsky were in Harrisburg to receive the award from PCA Executive Director Philip Horn and Cultural Alliance Interim Executive Director Michael Norris during the Pennsylvania Arts Advocacy Day press conference. With over 800 program grant applications from 67 counties, distributed by 13 Arts & Cultural Organizations, Portside was one of four recipients from across the state of Pennsylvania who received the “Best of the Best” award. After receiving the award, the

group met with their State Representative John Taylor (R) and State Senator Christine Tartaglione (D), who conveyed their congratulations and gratitude and support for all that Portside does to uplift the community.   The Portside Arts Center will bring their award winning program to their New Portside ArtsMobile serving Philadelphia Schools.   Po r t s i d e i s o n e o f several arts organizations throughout the region that are providing arts education to children who have experienced deep

Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School

Now Enrolling in Grades K-2

A F O U N DAT I O N O F L I F E L O N G L E A R N I N G Located at the former Northeast Catholic High School on a 5 acre campus For more information contact our admissions office at 215-525-3613 or

Apply online at

Portside’s Summer Arts Enrichment Camp 2014   Mon.-Fri.  8:30AM3:30PM. About our program & visual arts curriculum The Portside’s Summer Arts Camp introduces children ages 4-7 and 8-12 to the fundamentals of arts education through handson visual arts and arts integration activities, as well as character building and out bound field trips.    Portside’s summer camp will allow children to experience many different art forms such as; drawing, painting, printmaking, clay sculpture, mosaic, collage, puppetry, found object sculpture and more.    Our visual arts curriculum is designed to teach our students about different art materials, tools, and techniques.   We introduce our students to a wide variety of materials such as acrylic paint, oil pastels, ink, paper mache, clay, canvas, chalk pastels, charcoal, paint brushes, and much more. Our programming finds it important to incorporate recycled materials into our projects as a way to teach students how to re-use and re-imagine everyday objects. Throughout the summer our students will learn visual arts skills such as; composition, perspective, form, line, gesture, light and color, depth, expression, proportion and texture.  Every week our campers learn about different artists, art forms, and cultures from around the world.  Portside’s Summer Camp Field Trips!   Through out the summer we will take our campers on ten educational and cultural field trips. These field trips provide great learning opportunities and a chance for students to experience and explore these amazing local resources. Field trip list coming soon! Call us to schedule a tour!! 215-427-1514.


Miss Know It All’s Quizzo Challenge: The History of Port Fishington

4. What cemetery also known as “The Kensington Burial Grounds” has been in existence since 1749?

A.Tookany Creek Cemetery B. Penn Treaty Cemetery C. Palmer Cemetery D. Oakmont Cemetery

by Lisa Shaat (a.k.a. Miss Know-It-All)

1. What newspaper, now out of print, delivered the Kensington news on a weekly basis for over 60 years? A. The Kensington Weekly B. The Kensington Word C. The Kensington Times D. The Kensington Guide 2. K ensington was known for what carpet outlet, who’s slogan was “W here g reatgrandmother bought her carpet? A. Big Marty’s B. Lomax C. Adam’s Carpet Centers D. Stetson’s 3. Known as “The poor man’s salmon”, what fish was abundant in the Delaware River, inspiring the name “Fishtown”? A. B. C. D.  

trout bass shad flounder

5. What 47 year old Kensington landmark was demolished in 1979 to become a Burger King on Allegheny Ave.?

A. The Midway Theater B. The Clearfield Theater C. The Kent Theater D. The Devon Theater 6. William Penn and what tribe of Native Americans made the Treaty of Amity and Friendship in 1682 known as “Penn’s Treaty”? A. Cherokee B. Lenape C. Navajo D. Blackfoot     7. William Cramp was the largest employer in the area during the industrial revolution. That’s what Cramp Elementary School was named for. What did the Cramp Co. make? A. furniture B. trains C. rugs D. ships 8. What Kensington area shopping strip was built over top of a cemetery?

Michelle! Happy Birthday to Michelle Johnson who celebrated her 17th Birthday on May 20, 2014. Wishing you the best on your birthday and always. Love, from your family.

A. Harrowgate Plaza B. Richmond Plaza C. Imperial Plaza D. Kelley’s Korner

12. The film “Striking Back”, also known as “Fighting Back” starred Tom Skerrit as a vigilante and was 9. How did infamous serial killer Joseph Ka- filmed largely around linger make a living what park? at his Front & Sterner work shop?

A. Juniata Park B. Penn Treaty Park A. he was a locksmith C. McPherson Square B. he was a florist D. Cohox C. he was a shoemaker D. he was a car mechanic   10. According to the classic song by Philly band The American Dream, where is it you CAN’T get to on the Frankford El?

See Answers on page 14

Want a daily fix of trivia? Just go like my NEW facebook page at http://www. missknowitalls and get a fresh new trivia question every day! Feel free to send me your topic ideas, how you scored, feedback, or book me for your next quizzo party!

A. Jersey B. Temple C. Fox Chase D. Heaven 11.What local musician wrote and record-

ed the song “Kensington Girls”?

A. Pierre Robert B.  Sky Brady C. Tony Boyle D. Marty Ahearn

2014 Campbell Square Events Schedule

  Mon., May 26, Memorial Day, 11AM12:30PM. Flag raising ceremony and just a bit more to honor our fallen warriors.  Sun., June 8, Friends of Campbell Square Flea Market, 8AM - l:30PM. Treasures abound with Summer right around the corner! Tues., June 24, Polish American String band, 7:00 PM-enough said!!!    Thurs., July 10, ELVIS-IN-THE-PARK!, starts at 7PM. Thank you, thank you very much!  Wed., July 30, The Sensational Soul Cruisers, as well as, CW & Intertwine for openers! Starts at 6:30PM All this talent and it is FREE!  Thurs., Aug. 21, Karaoke hosted by Patty-Pat, starts at 7PM.  Wed., Aug. 27, Family movie night begins at DUSK. The movie is “FROZEN”, but the POPCORN is Fresh and Hot! See you there! 

Campbell Square is located at Belgrade St. & East Allegheny Ave., in the heart of Port Richmond!


by Sue Senn

Coco Needs A Home!

  I'm Coco (A15060773), a 3 year old female terrier pit mix. I'm a friendly, social dog who loves to play with toys. I'm a little exuberant when I meet people, especially after being stuck in my cage awhile. I like to play! I am interested in other dogs, so if you have a dog looking for a sibling, let's set up a meet! I'm spayed so I can go home with you immediately! Come check me out!   If you already have a dog (or more) of your own, you'll need to bring at least one in to meet any potential new dogs and make sure there is no major personality clash. Please also bring proof that you are allowed dogs/cats at your home if you rent.   Coco is located at ACCT -- 111 W. Hunting Park Ave, Phila., PA 19140. Phone: 267-3853800 (ask for the Lifesaving Department!). Email: More about Coco: Pet ID:A15060773 • Primary color: Brown • Coat length: Short. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT COCO, email ACCTPETFINDER@GMAIL. COM.•




Columbia Social Club

3529 Almond St., Phila., PA 19134





Tickets: 215-380-9782

Sponsored by: Port Richmond On Patrol & Civic Association (PROPAC) WITH PROCEEDS HELPING: Ladies of Port Richmond Breast Cancer Walk and Port Richmond Tigers



Tezzi-Reitz Memorial Gets Facelift for Memorial Day by Patty-Pat Kozlowski

  To the thousands of motorists who pass by the intersection of Somerset Street and Aramingo Avenue on a daily commute, the small triangle seems just like a concrete traffic bypass. But to those in Port Richmond, it is known as the Tezzi-Reitz War Memorial.   A towering stone sits at the north end of it, etched in marble, it states: “ERECTED THROUGH THE COMBINED EFFORTS OF THE COMMANDER, OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF VFW POST 250 AND THE PUBLIC SPIRITED PEOPLE OF THE P O RT R I C H M O N D AND KENSINGTON AREAS, IN EVIDENCE OF THOSE WHO GAVE SO MUCH TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. MEMORIAL DAY 1955.   On Sunday, May 18, a Boy Scout named Kevin O’Brien in an effort to earn the distinguished Eagle Scout rank, organized a

Thanks to the efforts of Kevin O’Brien and the Boy Scouts, the Tezzi-Reitz War Memorial is ready for its Memorial Day ceremony. /Photos: P. P. Kozlowski

clean up and tree planting at the Memorial with his fellow scouts, parents and employees of the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation.   The clean up and planting was planned on a tight

deadline for the Memorial Day weekend, when the Friends of Tezzi-Reitz, led by local Bill Mason who has been weeding, cleaning and caring for the Memorial, will have a prayer and Memorial Day ceremony

at 9 am on Saturday, May 24th.   O’Brien and the Boy Scouts planted two flowering dogwood trees and planted marigolds and dusty millers in the memorial stone garden as well as

mulched the area. During the cleanup, Mason set up a canopy tent and did a coin drop with the traffic on Aramingo Avenue, selling ice cold waters for $1 to raise funds for the upkeep of the Tezzi-Reitz Memorial. On Monday, May 19, contractors planted the remaining five trees at the site. Mason hopes to get a bench at the Memorial and host some community events this summer.   Mason has monthly cleanups and gatherings

on the second Wednesday of the month from 6-8PMfor those wanting to get involved in the Tezzi-Reitz Memorial.   A special thanks goes out to Kevin O’Brien and his family, Boy Scouts from St. Chris in Somerton, Luke Jardel and his favorite nephew/fishing buddy Devon, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, friends of Tezzi-Reitz and City Councilman Mark Squilla for all being involved in this project.•

CLEAN PLATE: Citrus Cucumber Cocktail by Casey Ann Beck

  My, how things have changed. This time, last year, we were touring London and Paris on our honeymoon, eating and drinking our way through both cities. Weeks later, we traveled to Cancun, Mexico, for a cousin’s wedding. Upon our return to

Philadelphia, we still had weekends in Wildwood and a long stay near Ocean City, Maryland, to look forward to.   International travel isn’t on our horizon anytime soon, as we await the arrival of Baby Beck at the end of July. Aside from the fact that the cost of a flight to Europe will be

better spend on diapers and wipes, I have a reasonable fear of not making it home to deliver the baby in the states should we travel towards the months of June and July. I can’t think of a better reason to stay home this summer and, frankly, couldn’t be happier. Hopefully, my cheery sentiments stick with me as





215-739-9221 316 E. GIRARD AVE. Handling NJ & PA Claims


I close out my pregnancy in the sweltering heat.   Though I can actually look forward to a larger serving than normal of delicious, Memorial Day weekend food, I won’t be ringing in the holiday with the adult beverages I used to enjoy. To be honest, though, I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on much with an alcohol void. Still, since everyone else will have a special drink or cocktail to celebrate the three-day weekend, I came up with a refreshing, baby-safe beverage for myself. Citrus Cucumber Cocktail Inspired by Food and Wine Magazine 1 large cucumber, peeled Juice from 4 large lemons Juice from 2 limes 2 tablespoons simple syrup Seltzer Cucumber and lemon slices, for garnish   Cut the cucumber in chunks and, in a blender or food processer, puree until there are no solids. Drain mixture through a fine mesh sieve placed over a large bowl, pressing the pulp through the sides and extracting the liquid from the pureed cucumber. Whisk in lemon and lime juice and simple syrup. Pour mixture into glasses with ice, and stir in desired amount of seltzer. Garnish edge of glasses with cucumber and lemon slices and serve.   This invigorating bev-

erage is appealing to all party guests, and it’s on the healthy side, too. Lemon and lime is a classic, refreshing combination, and juice from the fresh fruit tops anything you can purchase by the bottle in the grocery store. The extra work it takes to squeeze them fresh is well worth it. The cucumber juice has a surprisingly obvious taste and gives this cocktail a spa-like quality. Though the liquor stores and food markets sell simple syrup, save yourself a trip and make your own: whisk 1 part sugar to 1 part water in a medium sauce pan (I usually do a cup of each to make extra for later), and allow the sugar to

completely dissolve over low heat.   While this drink is perfect as is, alcohol can certainly be added for those old enough to partake; I think the fragrant, floral notes of gin would complement the cucumber and citrus mixture well. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if everyone wanted to enjoy it as written in the recipe. This drink doesn’t need any booze to liven up your Memorial Day weekend. •

Casey Ann is a local foodie and blogger. Check out her recipes and reviews at




FLEA MARKETS Friends of Penn Treaty Park Flea Market The Friends of Penn Treaty Park will hold a Flea Market on Sat., May 24 from 10AM-3PM at Columbia and Delaware Aves. Spaces available for $15. Fee due no later than Sat., May 17. Please make check out to “The Tamanend Fund” and mail to Barbara Morehead at 2171 E. Letterly St., Phila., PA 19125. For more information call 215-425-0393. Friends of Powers Park Flea Market The Friends of Powers Park are having a Flea Market! All the fun is on Sat., May 31, kicking off at 7 AM to 1PM (rain date will be Sun., June 1). Pay $15 per table on the day of the event. No selling food or beverages for immediate consumption. For more information, email us at Make sure to check out our Facebook page: Friends Of Powers Park. American Legion Auxiliary Flea Market & Bake Sale and American Legion Flag Retirement Ceremony The American Legion Auxiliary will sponsor a Flea Market and Bake Sale on Sat., June 14 from 9AM to 2PM around the outside perimeter of the Palmer Cemetery. The cost of a table space is $8. Fresh, homemade cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies and brownies, as well as hot dogs and drinks, will be sold inside the Elm Tree Post 88, 1414 Palmer St. To reserve a table space, please call Marge at 215-426-6435. The men will hold their Flag Retirement Ceremony inside the Palmer Cemetery around 2PM. Please bring any tattered flags that need to be retired to the post on June 14, anytime before the ceremony takes place.


1. Italian cheese city 6. Fed 9. Rights activist Parks 13. Bitter aloe compounds 14. Octagonal motif in oriental rugs 15. Maple genus 16. Shabby (slang) 17. Chopping tool 18. Shakespeare’s epithet 19. Regain 21. Mega-electron volts 22. Unhappy mood 23. NY pharmacy Duane ___ 25. Metrical foot 26. 1950’s Nash automobile 31. Digits 33. Affectional 34. Engine additive 35. Any small tubular structure 36. Lifted something heavy 41. Liquefied natural gas 43. __ of Avila, Saint 44. 2nd Greek letter 45. Assumed the existence of 46. Actress Rooney 49. Claudio __, Chilean pianist 51. Turkish leader titles 52. Don’t know when yet 53. Rectangular groove joint 59. Mythological birds 60. Type or kind 61. White bear 62. Native American group 63. V 64. Author Walker 65. Back talk 66. Doctor of Education 67. Jazz trumpeter Malik


Ukrainian Club Men’s Soccer League

1. Henry’s last wife Catherine 2. Wings 3. College army 4. Myth (Spanish) 5. Hungarian word for mum 6. Old World lizard genus 7. Dinner jackets 8. Last possible moment 9. Jewish spiritual leaders 10. Central Florida city 11. Any watery animal fluid 12. 198 L Egyptian dry measure unit 20. Prophylactic 24. Before 26. Drench 27. ___ River 28. Disorderly crowd 29. Heat unit 30. Medieval capital of Flanders 32. Fencing swords 37. Weekday (abbr.) 38. Vietnamese offensive 39. Point midway between E and SE 40. Father 42. Disjointed 43. Yearly tonnage (abbr.) 44. Lowest male singing voices 46. Jacobs, Ribot & Gasol 47. Athens’ marketplace 48. Contests 50. Gathered fall leaves 54. Three banded armadillo 55. A cord necktie 56. Spot on a radar screen 57. Components considered individually 58. Elm, maple or oak

  The 32nd Annual Ukrainian Club Men’s Soccer League is right around the corner! June, July, &

See answers on page 14

August, weeknights. Outdoor field, 5 field players plus one goalie. Spikes are required. Open roster all season. Must be 18 yrs of age or older to participate.   If interested please reply to this email: or call Paul - 215-7404507 for captains meeting invite and further details.•



Having a designated Primary Stroke Center in your back yard is more than a stroke of luck. It could be a life-saver. We work together to quickly diagnose, treat, and optimize our patients’ recovery from stroke. Our award-winning and nationally recognized stroke team snaps into action from the moment you arrive at the Emergency Department...A stroke is an experience no one should go through. But here, you can rest assured that you’ve got experience on your side. To learn more about stroke care, visit us at

1.866.NAZARETH (1.866.629.2738) 04-07162


Hallahan Girls’ Basketball Camp John W. Hallahan Catholic High School for Girls will be holding their first annual Basketball Camp. First year head coach Ed Dever and his staff and current players on the basketball team will be instructors of the camp. The camp if for girls ages 8-14 but we will accept younger girls. Held at Hallahan Catholic High School, 311 N. 19th St., Phila., PA 19107. If you would like your daughter to attend camp and the fee is a burden, please call Coach Dever. Price for camp is $35 for the whole week. Your child can bring a lunch with them, or for an additional $15, lunch will be provided, making


the total $50 for the whole week. Vending machines for snacks and drinks. HoursMon.-Thurs. June 23 to June 26: 8:45AM-2:45PM; Fri. June 27: 8:45AM-2PM. For more information contact

Head Coach: Ed Dever at 215-776-8090 – ed.dever@ or Asst. Coach: Bob Hoffman at 267-4567084 – bhoff15@comcast. net. Make checks payable to Hallahan Athletics. Mail to

the school, attention: Coach Dever Basketball Camp. Include name, address, phone number, age, grade, name of parent or guardian and emergency contact and phone number.•

1301 E. Susquehanna Avenue 215-634-1123


MON. thru FRI.

“We Do It All”

8AM-10AM MORNING SPECIALS on everything!










$ 50 9PM TILL ?



$ 50


IMMEDIATE SERVICE • Circuit Breakers • Doorbells • Air Conditioner Lines • Main Wires Replaced

H Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day! H


• GFI Bathroom & Kitchen Outlets


• Troubleshooting • Fuse Repairs

All Day Saturday Starting at 12 Noon

• 240 Lines • Pool Wiring • Knob & Tube

15% OFF

With this ad. Call for service. Limited time offer.

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Licensed & Insured • PA068325 • Ele. Lic. 17927 • 35 Years of Experience







CLEANING Honest and responsible person for cleaning for over 15 years. Experience and excellent references. Call Sandy. 215425-0164.



New Rubber Roofs Aluminum Roof Coating Minor Roof Repairs






215-840-8399 HVAC SERVICES

Peoples Roofing, Inc. We Will Beat Any Written Estimate All Types of Roofing Specializing in Rubber Roofs

215-335-1448 or 215-535-6990

Drivers: DEDICATED. REGIONAL. HOME WEEKLY/BI-WEEKLY GUARANTEED. Startup to $.44 cpm. Great Benefits + Bonuses. 90% No Touch Freight/70% Drop & Hook. 877-704-3773

new or experienced; excellent training program; private office. Call Mike Dunphy




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HVAC Heating/Cooling Electrical Plumbing

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Corkery Customs &Remodeling LLC Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling - Custom Built-Ins Finish Carpentry Hardwood Flooring Install Interior Renovations and more (267) 978-2475

Over 17 Years Experience • Family Owned & Operated Fully Licensed & Insured • #PA068719

Drivers: $2,500 Sign-On Bonus! Dedicated Runs! Consistent Freight, Weekly Home-Time for Solo’s & Teams. Werner Enterprises: 1-855-681-8930

ACCU STAFFING SERVICE Production/Warehouse -1st & 2nd shifts. Great jobs for all and those who are bilingualSpanish. Interviewing now to fill job openings. Must have good work history; pre-screening req’d and 2 forms of ID. PLEASE CALL 215-423-2955 ext. 113 Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Drivers - Line-Haul Drivers Needed Up to .52 CPM, Fully Paid Medical Benefits Recent CDL Grads Welcome. CDL-A w/XT or HTN req. Call 855-378-4972. YRC Freight is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer Minorities/Females/Disabled/ Protected Veterans Penn Treaty SSD Looking for New Board Member from South Kensington

The Penn Treaty Special Services District (PTSSD) is looking for a volunteer from South Kensington to fill a recently vacated seat on its Board. The Board meets in the evening on the third Wednesday of the month (excluding July & Aug) to hear presentations from area nonprofits looking for funding, and makes decisions on those Grants and Sponsorships that same night. To find out more about the organization please visit us at www.penntreatyssd. com If interested, please submit a resume or a letter of interest to PTSSD.secretary@gmail. com.•


Thank you St. Jude for favors received through your intercession to the Holy Trinity. ~Anonymous

Regional Runs Available. Choose the Total Package: Automatic Detention Pay!! Regular, Frequent Home Time; Top Pay Benefits; Monthly Bonuses & More! CDL-A, 6mos Exp. Req. EEOE/AAP





• Washers •Dryers • Stoves • Refrigerators 24-Hr. Emergency Service $ 1000 Charge For Estimate No Charge With Repair










267-800-3227 ROOMS FOR RENT

Kensington and Port Richmond - fully furnished, safe, utilities included. $300/mo. Call 267475-3929. Rooms for Rent. Kensington and Fishtown. Fully furnished, safe and clean. $250 and $350. Call 215-2002960.

30xx Frankford Ave., 1st flr, priv. bath, yard, $500/mo.; furnished, shared bath, $375/mo. 215-941-3000.



Good loving homes needed for children of all ages. PLEASE CALL 215-203-8733 or 1-877-nfi4kid or visit online @


FISHTOWN 2 bdrm home $1500/month 215-425-3086

Fishtown - 3BR house, garage parking, C/A, H/W flrs, family rm, w/d. $1650/mo +. 267767-9393.

PORT RICHMOND 2 & 3 bdrm homes $900 & $1100/month. 215-425-3086


Property Tax Rebate   To help with the rising cost of living, you are reminded that Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program applications are now available. There are new guidelines which will permit individuals that qualify to receive a rebate between $250 and $650 from property taxes or rent paid last year. Funding for this rebate program is made possible from the Pennsylvania State Lottery Fund and is a rebate that does have to be repaid. This application must be filed by June 30, 2014.   To qualify, you must be a senior citizen 65 years of age or older, a widow or widower 50 years of age or older, or a disabled person 18 years or older. Homeowners that have annual incomes of $35,000 or less and renters with annual incomes of $15,000 or less could qualify. Only half of your annual Social Security of SSI income is counted toward the income guideline.   For more information or an application call United Social Services, Monday through Friday between 9AM and 4PM at 215-923-1900. Internet information form: All inquiries are confidential and services are provided free of charge.



continued from page 6

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE - OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy the lien of the landlord, at Public Sale by competitive bidding on May 29, 2014 @ 2pm. Locker Room Self Storage, Inc. Located at 4391 Aramingo Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19124. The personal goods stored in space No:

#1806 – Allen, Katherine #1607 – McCall, Victoria #501 – Palicki, Stephanie

#1633 – Belton, Neshelle #919 – Ocasio-Rivera, Maria #1720 – Rahman, Muhammed

Purchase must be made in cash only and paid for at the time of sale, along with a refundable cash deposit. All goods are sold as is and must be removed at time of purchase. Sale is subject to adjournament and we reserve the right to determine an opening bid. LOCKER ROOM SELF STORAGE, INC. (215) 535-8885 EQUAL HOUSING

All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitation, or discrimination.” We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings are available on an equal opportunity basis. Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia, 866-540-FAIR (3247).

TRIVIA ANSWERS Part One: 5 points each 1. D. The Kensington Guide 2. B. Lomax 3. C. shad 4. C. Palmer Cemetery Part Two: 10 points each 5. A. The Midway Theater 6. A. Lenape 7. D. ships 8. A. Harrowgate Plaza Part Three: 15 points each 9. C. he was a shoemaker 10. D. Heaven 11. B. Sky Brady 12. C. McPherson Square Scoring: Under 50: Trivia Amateur; 50-85: Trivia Buff; 90-115: Trivia Whiz; 120: TRIVIA CHAMPION!   Want a daily fix of trivia? Just go like my NEW facebook page at and get a fresh new trivia question every day!  Feel free to send me your topic ideas, how you scored, feedback, or book me for your next quizzo party!



Sell your hou AS IS for a fair pri

PRO-ACT Family Addiction Education Program Sessions begin June 1 in Northern Liberties; June 6 in Northeast Philadelphia and June 7 in North Philadelphia: When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the disease affects the entire family. Each month PRO-ACT (Pennsylvania Recovery Organization–Achieving Community Together) hosts a Family Addiction Education Program to help individuals and family recognize and address an addiction problem in a spouse, parent, child or other loved one. Facilitated by trained volunteers who have been in the same situation, these information and support programs run one evening a week for three consecutive weeks at three locations in Philadelphia. Sessions in Northeast Philadelphia meet on the first three Tuesdays of the month, from 7-9PM, at CORA Services. In North Philadelphia, sessions are held on the first three Wednesdays from 6:30 8:30PM at the Philadelphia Recovery Community Center. Sessions are also held on the first three Thursdays from 6:30-8:30PM at the PRO-ACT office in Northern Liberties.Sessions are free and confidential—first names only. Preregistration is required. Call 800-2216333, weekdays 9AM through 5PM or visit pro-act/family-education-program/. 32XX Frankford


$500 CASH

1900 Blk. E. Ontario St. - 1BR, 2nd floor. Credit check. Call 856-305-1556.

Newly ren. 4BR apt. in NE Phila., C/A, Wood Flooring, Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher, Refrig., Stackable Washer/ Dryer. $1200/mo. Joe 215-399-6251.

for entry. For more info: www.1stpresby, 215-739-5695 (418 E. Girard Ave).



Apartment for Rent Port Richmond. 30xx Cedar St. 1BR, first floor, no steps. $775/ mo.. + util. 215-4253086.




Our respect and gratitude will forever be with our fallen military heroes and their families. Their service and sacrifice are beyond measure, and we will never forget their dedication to our country and our freedom. To all the brave men and women who serve in uniform today, we thank you for your commitment to preserving freedom at home and around the world. You are an inspiration to all of us and you make us proud to be Americans. We salute you and your families, and pray for your safe return home.

FREE T 215-329Ave. - Efficiency apt.

Questions About Total Joint painted, - Freshly Replacement? Nazareth Hospital immed. poss., $550 + Has Answers During electric. 215-840-8399 Information Classes
 Thinking about having a Total Joint Replacement? Scheduled to have a Total Joint Replacement? YouPAPERHANGER and your family are invited to learn more PAINTING about Total Joint Replacement at Nazareth Hospital. The classes will be held on the following: Wednesday Evening Classes Begin at 6PM: June 4, July 2, Aug. 6, Sept. Gene Rahill 3, Oct. 1, Nov. 5, Dec. 3. Monday Morning Classes Begin WALLCOVERINGS at 11:30AM: May 19 (A), June 16,EXPERTLY July 21, INSTALLED Aug. PAINTING • SCRAPING 18, Sept. 15 (A), Oct. 20, Nov. 24 Crown Installed (A), Dec. 15 (A). Classes at Molding Nazareth Hospital, located at 2701215-880-7645 Holme Avenue in Philadelphia, in Marian Conference Rooms A and B. To reserve your seat, call 215-335-6313. You will be asked for your name, telephone number, number of people attending, date of your surgery and the name of your surgeon. Nazareth Hospital Foundation’s 30th Annual Golf Classic - June 4 The Nazareth Hospital Foundation’s 30th Annual Golf Classic is right around the corner. The fundraiser will be held Wed., June 4, at the Torresdale Frankford Country Club. Proceeds benefit community and clinical programs at Nazareth Hospital. The full day of activities includes lunch, golf, cocktails and dinner. Sponsorships, foursomes and individual golf reservations are available; call Nazareth Hospital Foundation at 215-335-6159 for more information. Family Movie Showing The Little Mermaid On Fri., June 6 at 7PM the First Presbyterian Church will be showing Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Everyone is welcome. Free popcorn and snacks are provided. First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave (between Columbia & Palmer). For more info: www.1stpresby or call 215-739-5695.

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Designer Bag Bingo $ 3 5 a t d o o r, $ 3 0 i f purchased before June 1. Fran Lee Caterers, Sat., June 7, 1-5PM (doors open at noon). Includes buffet, beer, wine, soda and 10 rounds of Bingo. There will be 50/50 and Chinese Au c t i o n . C a l l K a re n 215-275-4546. Benefits an educational summer program with People To People.

the local Roman Catholic (Latin Rite) hierarchy, a combination that would prove disastrous when it came to the issue of married priests. In the Eastern churches, both Catholic and Orthodox priests may only marry before ordination to the priesthood. The tradition of a married clergy goes back to the early Church (for the western Church, celibacy was a late addition). The reigning Catholic archbishop in the eastern United States at that time was Archbishop John Ireland, a man known for his unrelenting rigidity. (He once castigated the Dominican Order for celebrating the ancient Dominican Rite Mass). He also forbade Eastern Catholic clergy from marrying, in effect forcing Eastern priests to adopt the Latin Rite custom of celibacy. It didn’t help that in 1907 Pope Pius X (a saint in the Catholic Church), issued an apostolic letter mandating celibacy for all priests in the United States, whether Eastern or Latin Rite. Although this rule was later changed for Eastern clergy, serious Roman attempts to “Latinize” the Eastern Rites were common. Alexis Toth, originally an Eastern Catholic priest,

Coach Bag Bingo at St. Anne’s St. Anne’s Social Hall, Memphis and Tucker Sts., 2nd floor on Sat., June 14 at 4PM. $30 per person includes 12 games, coffee, tea, water, soda and cake. Doors open at 4PM. Games begin at 6PM. BYOB and snacks always welcomed. Tickets available at the Rectory, 215-739-4590 or call Theresa Stahl 215-425-3219. Ticket purchases of 6 or more reserves a table. First Annual NL Stoop Show Compete with your neighbors in this just-for-thehell-of-it event! Spruce up your front stoop, and a star panel of judges will come around on Sat., June 21, 3-6PM (rain date June 28) to see if you’ve got what it takes to win! Prizes include a trophy and major bragging rights. Just $5 to enter. Payment instructions and a simple, 2-minute registration form available at the NLNA web site - www. TRIPS

Trip to Niagra Falls, New York Join the Happy Travelers on a 4-day Niagara Falls, New York trip Thurs., June 26 to Sun., June 29. Besides visiting the Niagara Falls and State Park (no passport is needed), there will be a Lockport Canal Cruise & Canalside Lunch, Maid of the Mist Boat Ride, Lockport Caves Cruise, Tasting at Two Wineries, Visit the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, NY, visit to the Made in America Store in Elma, NY and much more. Package includes motor coach transportation, 3 nights hotel Holiday Inn Grand Island on the Niagara River, 3 buffet breakfasts, 2 dinners at the Top of the Falls & Como Restaurant, 1 dinner at Casino, taxes and gratuities and baggage handling included. $550 per person, dbl occupancy. Call Theresa Romanowski at 215-9221700 or in the evening at 215-423-8854.

Cione Advisory Council Sponsors Trip to Ocean City, Maryland Cione Advisory Council is sponsoring a trip to Ocean City and the Eastern Shore, MD, from Sept. 7 to 10, 2014, Sun. thru Wed. Trip includes 3 nights, 4 days lodging, 3 breakfasts, 2 dinners, transportation and many attractions, including Harrington Raceway and Casino with bonus. Assateague Explorer Boat Ride, guided tour of Assateague Island. Visit to Salisbury, their Country House, Zoo and Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. Evening entertainment and visit to Tanger Outlet Stores. Baggage handling, taxes and meal gratituties included in the price, which is $370 per person (double occupancy), $100 non-refundable deposit due with reservation. Few seats are available. For more information call 215-685-9950 (Cione Playground). Leave your name and phone number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

had had enough of Archbishop Ireland’s anti-Eastern attitude and sought refuge in Orthodoxy. As a result of Toth’s “conversion,” (Toth is a saint in the Orthodox Church) huge numbers of Eastern Catholics followed him into Orthodoxy. It was not Archbishop’s Ireland’s greatest moment. The barbecue held in honor of the visiting archbishop and clergy attracted the residents of a neighboring house. Four small neighbor boys sat nearby and watched as 20 hungry clergymen in black cassocks and gold crosses ate and drank at separate tables. (The Orthodox fast for Communion involves abstaining from food or drink starting at midnight the night before). Father Gregory, the priest from Saint Michael’s in Northern Liberties—the sponsoring parish for this large event—had gone to extremes to make everyone happy, including bringing along multiple bottles of red and white dinner wine. As the shish-kabob browned on the grills and gave off whiffs of intoxicating this is delicious barbecue smoke, I took occasional looks at the big Victorian mansion on the mountain top—was Anthony Perkins in there with his rocking chair Momma?-- and thought how nice it was to get away from Philly, if only for a day. •

26th District Crime Report

Help Available For Those Suffering From Substance Abuse

May 7, 2014- May 13, 2014 Below is a breakdown of crimes committed in the 26th District in the neighborhoods that make up PSA #3: • Zero (0) homicides reported during this time. • Zero (0) rapes reported during this time.

  Do you or a loved one have a substance abuse problem and want help but the cost is an issue? The 26th District wants you to know there is help available!   Call or visit one of the following websites to get the help that is needed. Teen Challange Philadelphia 215-849-2054 www. teenchallenge Mission Teens 856-691-9855 www. Delaware Valley Rehab and Detox Center 5230 North Broad Street, Suite 100-A Philadelphia, PA 19141 215-324-4424


Theresa, K., May 4, 2014, devoted mother of Morgan McDermott, dear aunt of Nicole Griffin. BURNS FUNERAL HOMES Joseph C., suddenly on May 3, 2014, at the age of 31; husband of Christy (nee McCleery); devoted son of Joseph C. McGoldrick and Theresa C. (nee Kucowski); stepson of Colleen McGoldrick; loving brother of Josh, William and Jake; cherished grandson of Dolores Mc-

REUNION 50th Class Reunion Simon Gratz High School 50th Class Reunion celebration for Simon Gratz High School. We are looking for classmates from these four classes, January/June 1964, @ January/June 1965. the reunion will take place on Sat., Oct. 18. For more information please contact Joyce Singleterry Burton 215-424-2968, Marjorie Washington Johns 215-247-6639, Charlotte Hatcher Conway 215-439-8686, Juanita Zeigler Stevenson 215-226-1773.

• Zero (0) robbery-point of gun during this time. • Zero (0) robberies other weapon during this time. • One (1) Aggravated Assaults other weapon during this time: 600 Miller (5/11) • Zero (0) Aggravated Assault with a gun during this time. • Two (2) residential burglaries during this time: 2000 Trenton (5/9), 1300 Marlborough • Six (6) Theft from Autos during this time: 2400 Gaul (5/9), 1600 Hewson (5/9), 1400 Palmer (5/9), 2300 Hazzard (5/9), 100 E Allen (5/10), 2600 Aramingo (5/11) • Eight (8) Thefts during this time: 2600 York (5/7), 1100 Susquehanna (5/7), 1000 Delaware (5/8), 2000 Memphis (5/10), 2400 Frankford (5/10), 2300 Hagert (5/12), 2600 Kensington (5/13), 2400 Emerald (5/13) • Four (4) Stolen Vehicle during this time: 2100 Hazzard (5/8), 2400 Sergeant (5/9), 2300 Huntingdon (5/10), 2000 Huntingdon (5/13)

26th District Crime Prevention Event   The 26th District will hold a Crime Prevention Event on Sat., May 31 from 10AM-2PM at the Port Richmond Village, Aramingo and York Sts.   The Crime Prevention Service to be provided are: vehicle etching, bicycle registration, operation ID, vehicle save, safe cam. All services are free of charge to the public.• Goldrick; brother-in-law of Kelly Kucowski; also survived by 2 nieces Skylar and Abby and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. BURNS FUNERAL HOMES





Ella Mary (nee Mckenzie), on May 4, 2014 at the age of 89; beloved wife of the late Walter J. Pomroy and Roy Houseberg; devoted mother of Ruth Bailey, Mary Ann MacDonald, Walter J., William (Karen), Joseph (Barbara), George, Gerald (Catherine), Elizabeth (Frank) Cella, Paul (Lisa) and the late Edward; also survived by 26 loving grandchildren, 43 great-grandchildren; 7 great-great grandchildren and dear sister of Victor. BURNS FUNERAL HOMES

Burns Family Funeral Homes Family Owned and Operated Since 1939

Burns Funeral Home, Inc. Burns Funeral Home, Inc. 1428 E. Columbia Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125 Phone: 215-634-6858 Robert Burns, Supv. Sr., Supv. Joseph J. J. Burns,

9708 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19114 Phone: 215-637-1414 Gerard J.J.Burns, Burns, Supv. Supv. Gerard

Martin J. Burns Funeral Home, Inc. 1514 Woodbourne Road Levittown, PA 19057 Phone: 215-547-3040 Lisa Burns Campbell, Supv.




PENN TREATYFRIDAY PARK Delaware and Columbia Avenues

JUNE 6TH Friday, June 7th - 6PM at 6:30PM SENSATIONAL


For More Information: Sponsored by Penn Treaty Special Services District


Sponsored by Penn Treaty Special Services District

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