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NOVEMBER 27, 2013 • Vol. 10 No. 46

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What Are You Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

Ruth Moffatt

Marie Cyrankowski

Blair Gisel

I am thankful for my children and my grandchildren.

I’m thankful for my cousins Barbara and Rich.

I’m thankful for my family and my friends.

Nate Ridgeway

Janice Sauer

I’m thankful that I get to see my whole family for the first time in a few years this Thanksgiving.

I’m really thankful to the Lord for my wonderful husband and children. We just celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary. And I’m thankful to be at the Penn Home. It’s been very good to us.

Mildred Schaeflein

Margaret Brownsweiger

I am thankful that I am here and have such good health, and have a wonderful family that takes care of me. I’m just a very thankful person.

I’m thankful to be alive, have a job and to have to great children, four grandchildren and one more on the way.

Gloria Nash

Tom Weir

Austin Goodman

I am thankful for my family and friends and I am thankful that I live in the best country in the world, The United States of America.

I’m thankful to have my band’s first LP done. We had plenty of set backs through the summer but we all saw the project through and are proud of the final product.

Although my parents live 5,000 miles away, I’m thankful for the small Philadelphia community that I am part of— we are very much a family of musicians and artists and it’s a beautiful family to be part of.




THE LOCAL LENS with Thom Nickels

by Thom Nickels

  Recently I sat down with my handicapped friend, Todd, to hear what he had to say about his life. Todd and I get together every Thanksgiving, so I was eager to get an update. I have reshaped Todd’s words to put them in story form. Here is Todd’s story: I know what people think when they see me for the

first time—he’s severely handicapped. He doesn’t have arms. He’s not a tall man, and once more, he’s confined to a wheelchair. What kind of life is that? I’m sure their thoughts do not stop there. Other thoughts may be, “How does he do it? How does he eat, bathe, scratch himself, answer the phone, blow his nose, go to the bathroom?” If I was an able bodied man and saw my wheelchair-bound self in the street, I’d probably ask the same questions. I have to tell you that I am not put off by people thinking these things. Most people want to know why I don’t have arms. When I tell them I’m from Middletown, Pennsylvania, the area around Three Mile Island, many immediately think of the big nuclear accident there, and they surmise that this might have caused my disability. But no, that’s not true. I was born before the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island. Some people will ask me if my mother took Thalidomide, a drug that was given to women by doctors in the early 1960s. But my mother never took Thalidomide, at

least that’s what she always told me, unless she’s telling a major fib. I know my mother is being truthful. As far as I can tell, I am the way I am because of genetic factors although as far as I know nobody else in my family was born this way. Perhaps if I traced my family history back 200 years, I might find somebody who was, but I won’t be doing that much research any time soon. So, yes, I have a number of disabilities. Looking at the bright side, I can honestly say that at least I was not born able bodied and had to deal with an accident that made me disabled. Then I would have had the memory of a tragic loss, the loss of my arms, but since I was never able-bodied, I don’t know what it is like to have arms, or even to be tall, or to scratch myself with hands or dial a phone without using my feet. I can be thankful for that! My feet, you see, are my arms. They are my hands. I use them to type, to eat, to point, to open mail, to pet my cat Leo, to work the remote control for my TV. One more thing, people think that because I am

disabled, I don’t work but rather collect disability checks while watching TV all day, but that’s not the case at all. I am a full time Data Entry Clerk at Verizon in Center City Philadelphia, and I’ve had that job for over 21 years. I’m proud that I was able to find and keep a job like this, although just because I’m handicapped doesn’t mean that I have to be satisfied with the boring duties of a Data Entry Clerk. While I love getting up early and getting ready to leave the house, I don’t always love the fact that my job is among the world’s most boring jobs. Just because I am handicapped doesn’t mean that I have to settle for a job that doesn’t completely satisfy me. Of course, in this economy, many people work jobs they are not in love with. I guess that’s why they call it work. If you can’t get what you want, you get what you need. My data entry clerk job did satisfy me for a number of years, and though that has changed in my department at work I am on record as being the 3 rd most productive employee. There are some months when I register in at number one. There are

Thom Nickels is a Philadelphiabased author/journalist/ poet, film critic and feature writer for the Spirit Newspapers. 18 people in my department. There used to be 32 but because of downsizing many of my co-workers took early retirement packages, and so now there are a lot of empty desks around me. There was a time when nobody could get me to say that I am a lot like my mother. To me for many years those were fighting words. But when you allow yourself to grow in life sometimes the truth becomes more than obvious: The fact is, I am a lot like my mother.   I am thankful that I can finally accept the truth!   When my parents went to enroll me in elementary school, for instance, school administrators said that would not work because the school was not wheel chair accessible. Those were the years when institutions could say things like that because most buildings were not wheelchair accessible. “He’ll have to be bussed over to Hummelstown,” they said, and my mother took a fit.   She took a big fit, a monstrous fit. She yelled and screamed until they couldn’t take it anymore, and guess what? They made the elementary school wheelchair accessible. My mother did this because she was not afraid to speak up.   You might want to know when I first became aware of the challenges I had to face in life. It didn’t start at home, really, but when I would go out to shopping malls with family and friends. People would stare at me. I don’t mean quick, polite stares but the long drawn out kind that can stick like glue. The stares didn’t bother me so much, but they bothered the people who happened to be with me. A big change I have noticed over the years is that generally people don’t stare at me that much anymore. I really attribute this to the increased awareness and visibility of disabled people in society.   For that I am thankful!   I feel very good about this change, although I must confess that I used to be bothered by the questions and prolonged stares of little children. Now children are naturally curious beings, and they want to know why something is the way it is, and so over time I began to relax around them and comfort-

ably answer their questions about my disability. But then I found that it was the parents who would draw the children back and tell them, “Don’t ask him that. Don’t be rude. Come here,” which in the end I think is the worse thing a parent can do.   A lot of times I will tell a parent, “Let the kid ask, it is really okay. They should know. How else are they going to know? Let them hear it from me.”   Throughout much of my life I’ve had to pretend to be happy, to put on a happy face for people. This is true until I get to know someone, at which point I will let my guard down and show them that I have different moods just like everyone else. Many people meeting me for the first time will say, “My God, he is always in a good mood. Given the position he’s in, he’s always in a good mood.” Of course, anyone who knows me knows I am not always in a good mood.   The biggest thing about my disability is that I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. As a teenager I really felt sorry for myself, but that feeling had more to do with how women treated me. Since I have been without arms since birth, I didn’t see this treatment as happening because I was necessarily disabled, although some of it may have been connected to that. At the time I felt it was because of my acne. You see, since I was born this way, I don’t know any other way, so had my parents kept me in a locked room away from able bodied people, I would never know that I was… disabled. A lot of my insecurity in high school had to with acne….I had the kind of acne nobody should ever get…the kind of acne that is almost impossible to get rid of with over the counter crèmes and ointments. I don’t think I started to look good until my twenties…that’s when the acne cleared up. Of course, being a teenager even for able bodied people can be a very difficult time. Hormones are racing, the body is changing, and emotions are mixed and confused. It’s not an easy time for anybody. So for me accepting the fact that girls didn’t see LOCAL LENS next page


Local Lens continued from page 2

find me attractive—not even one girl—was very hard to accept. That all changed for the better in my twenties, as I said, and it would change even more as time went on when I’d eventually get a girlfriend. My teenage years taught me a lot about peoples’ reactions to me. One thing I learned is that when both men and women are over attentive or fussing over me excessively, this is a red flag. Too much fuss in my mind translates to “I feel so sorry for you.” Conversely, when people are visibly nervous around me I take this as a good sign because I know that I will eventually win them over by being cheerful and happy. And after I win them over they often become my best friends. And when they become my friends, I no longer have to pretend to always be cheerful, I can be myself. You might say I have a talent for acting. Well, I do, but I also really like people. I really value my independence, as I’ve stated. I cannot say this often enough. When I finished high school, I knew I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, the kind of job I would get. My goal was to go to a big city, live in my own apartment, make friends, and have a regular job. I wanted to go to a trade school, and eventually I applied and was accepted at a school in Philadelphia. Now, while my parents wanted me to be independent, being that independent scared them. Philadelphia, in their minds, and in the minds of most rural people, is a hornet’s nest. They were worried about crime and

about my safety. But to tell you the truth, I did not want to live in a rural environment. The city to me has always been exciting, because in the city you can go out and get coffee at 3 in the morning if that’s what you want to do. There are also many more people to meet in the city than there are in isolated rural areas. When I enrolled as a student, I found a place to live in University City. Later I moved to an apartment in Roxborough, which was fine for a while although I have to tell you that I did too much drinking in Roxborough. I had to learn the hard way, I suppose, and so there were many odd DUI style wheelchair accidents. These were mostly sloppy minor accidents that made me look and feel foolish. I later decided that I had to become sober. (I have been sober for over a decade now). For that I am thankful! A lot of my life has been spent on the road…not as a traveler to exotic places—although I did do that two years ago when I took a cruise to the Caribbean with one of my attendants—but as a wheelchair driver. Driving through the streets of the city is not always easy. In fact, I have had many, many, near misses with cars, so many in fact that I had to figure out how to get to and from my place of work from my Center City apartment. So I devised a way to get to 12th and Race via the subway concourse and as a result I more than cut in half the number of carwheelchair near misses. I’ll never forget my first wheelchair-car near miss. It was in University City, and I was headed out to the school cafeteria to get

Publishers/Editors.......Tom and Maryanne Milligan Staff Writer .............................Patty-Pat Kozlowski Account Executive........................L. J. Wesolowski Cartoonist/Writer .............................. Jeff Kilpatrick Production/Ad Design ...................Kathy Westfield

some food to bring back to the apartment, when a woman in a car clipped my wheelchair. She got out of the car and began to cry. She couldn’t apologize enough, she was really upset, but my mind was only on the food, and so I told her, “It’s okay Miss, it is okay.” I eventually calmed her down and was able to get my food. Another time in Center City a male driver almost hit me. He was so apologetic he handed me a twenty-dollar bill. Now, I really don’t like it when people just hand me money, but in this case I took it. But there have been times when people have just come up to me and handed me money, as if in their minds a disabled person in a wheelchair equals a homeless person in desperate straits. I’m proud to say that I have never accepted money under these circumstances. Even though I am disabled and going through some pretty scary health problems right now---I have polycystic kidney disease and will need a liver transplant before too long---my parents would not be happy if I threw in the towel and gave up, quit my job and asked them to move home. I would never do that. I consider an action like that falling victim to loser status: a man in his forties living at home with his parents. It’s certainly not something my mother would respect, and since I am like my mother, I wouldn’t respect myself either. My big personal goal is to meet the right woman and get married and have a family. That’s what I really want, and I know I couldn’t do that if I became a dependent invalid. Talking about marriage brings me back to women again. I met my first girlfriend when I was 23. I was in a bar with friends, and they happened to notice a beautiful girl looking at me. It was phenomenal to see that a woman was looking at me because she was attracted to me, rather than because she thought I was a freak. So we became boyfriend and girlfriend for a while but then like a lot of love stories when you’re young, the whole thing took a nose dive when she started giving her business card to men while we were out on dates. Today my life is good in terms of peace and comfort. I love going to work everyday even if I am not in love with my job. I’ve accepted the fact that living in Center City is lonely. In CC people tend to say hello how are you, and that’s it; friendships are not easily formed as they seem to be formed in neighborhood settings. But feeling lonely has to do with the fact that I no longer drink and go to bars. Meeting people in

bars is a big chunk of what happens in the city. So I’ve learned to trade a tumultu-

ous exciting life with huge ups and downs for a more solid and quiet life with a


secure center. Yes, for all of these things I am extremely grateful!•



Palmer Cemetery Events Beef and Beer  

  The Trustees would like to thank everyone who attended the recent Beef and Beer at Holy Name of Jesus Church Hall. The entire night was

great and this is all thanks to Nancy Bartelle of Be Dazzled Hair Salon.   Thank you to all of the people who helped with the cooking, decorating the hall and those who worked the door

and to DJ Dave Rotan.   Thank you to all who donated something for the door prizes.   The Trustees of Palmer Cemetery really appreciate the support.   Thank you and Happy

Join us at Penn Home for the the for Ecumenical Community Ecumenical Community Carol Sing

Carol Sing

Holidays to all!•

Christmas Tree Lighting

The 3rd Annual Fishtown Christmas Tree Lighting will take place on Sat., Dec. 7, at 6PM.   The tree lighting will once again be held at The Palmer Cemetery and will include the Children’s Choir from St. Laurentius Grade School. A special visit from Santa will cap off a great evening to start our Christmas Holidays.   Please keep the date open and bring family and friends to the tree lighting.•  

Wreaths Across Palmer

Sunday, December 8th at 4PM

1401 East Susquehanna SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8THAvenue AT 4PM 1401 East Susquehanna Avenue (Susquehanna & Belgrade) (Susquehanna & Belgrade)


  The Wreaths Across America Program will be coming to Palmer Cemetery on Sat., Dec. 14. The deadline for donations for the wreaths will be Nov. 30.   The Wreaths can be purchased via the website at A $15 donation will enable us to place a wreath on a Veteran’s grave. This is the first

year for the “Wreaths” at Palmer, and so far we have had a great response.   The wreaths will be placed on the graves at a ceremony to be held on Sat., Dec. 14 at 10AM. Please come out to support this great tribute to our deceased veterans.•

It is better to cook this Thanksgiving Side Dish outside of the Turkey to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses.

Happy 16th Birthday Jared!

Happy 16th Birthday Jared! We all wish you the very best life has to offer you Son, Grandson, Great Grandson, a n d U n c l e s. L o ve, Mom, Grandmom, Grandpop, Mom Mom, Uncle Tom, Jason and Michael and Aunt Amy.

see answer on page 14

Drs. Kent, Ralston and Staff would like to cordially invite you to bring your family, friends and neighbors to attend our

Patient Appreciation Day Saturday, December 7th, 2013 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at The Allegheny Chiropractic Wellness Center 2514 E. Allegheny Avenue 215-425-1110


The Joint Commission has named Nazareth Hospital a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures, including heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care. For you, it means access to high-quality care right in your community. For us, it’s a source of pride. You deserve excellent care and excellent caring. And at Nazareth, you can have both.

All services provided will be offered FREE in exchange for donations on non-perishable food items or new toys to benefit those in need within our community.

This would be a great opportunity to introduce Chiropractic Care to a family member or friend so that they, too, can experience optimal health and wellness. All New Patients by appointment only

1.866.NAZARETH (1.866.629.2738) 04-06687

Call Today - 215-425-1110

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COMMUNITY CALENDAR MEETINGS Friends of Penn Treaty Park Board/ Membership Meeting Friends of Penn Treaty Park Board/Membership Meeting on Mon., Dec 2, 7:15PM. Seeking Board members. If interested, please contact info@ with name, phone number and expression of interest in the Board. Bridesburg Historical Society Meeting The next meeting of the Bridesburg Historical Society will be held on Wed., Dec. 11, at 7:30PM in Marian Hall, on the northwest corner of Edgemont and Buckius Sts. We will be celebrating the traditions of Christmas. Please bring any memorabilia or stories of “Old Christmas” to share. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free. NLNA Meetings C o m b i n e d N ove m ber/December NLNA General Membership

Meeting: Thurs., Dec. 12, 7PM, NL Community Center (3rd & Fairmount). Medical Insurance Marketplace: Enrollment & Info Session (Somerset Neighbors for Better Living Monthly Civic Association Meeting) Mon., Dec. 2, 6:30PM (Rain or Shine), Community Women’s Education Project (CWEP), 2801 Frankford Ave. Find health coverage that fits your budget and meets your needs! Learn about the Affordable Care Act and how it can help you. Get lower costs on monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Bring your information! Call the Marketplace Hotline 1-800-318-2596 for a complete list of documents you need to apply. Guest speaker from Maternity Care Coalition. Contact Angela at or 215427-0350 x125 for more event info.   EVENTS


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Fishtown Rec Center Hockey League Sign Ups Hockey League Sign Ups   Thank You to the Neighborhood 13 & Under  and 10 & Under. Please sign up at the   This is just a quick note, but it comes from my heart to yours as I look out BeDazzled’s Fishtown Recreation Cen- door at the Palmer Cemetery.   Thank you to everyone who showed their support for our neighborhood cemetery ter or call 215-685-9885. either through donations, volunteering, or by attending the Beef & Beer this past Sat., Nov. 23. The outpouring of support really showed the strength and bond we Leprechauns “Fishtowners” are known for. Sports Association   Your generosity will make an immediate difference to the volunteer group who works Basketball Sign-Ups Basketball sign-ups are so hard to keep the cemetery clean. It brings comfort to know that our deceased loved taking place now. The club- ones will continue to have a respectable resting place. house will be open Tues-   Again, thank you!!! I have never been more proud to say I’m from a great neighborhood days, Wednesdays and called Fishtown! Thursdays 6-8PM. Ages are 6-18 both boys and With sincere thanks, girls. There is a $10 de- Nancy Bartelle posit due at the time of sign ups.  Leprechauns  Club Letter to the Residents of the River Wards house is located at 2973 Gaul Street, for more infor-   My daughter Jade has dreamed of becom- to get my children to and from school, mation call 215-423-6309. ing a professional ballerina since she was dance and other extracurricular activi3 years old. She is passionate about her ties. This also meant taking a pay training and sacrifices most of her social opportunites such as this are financially Free LIHEAP life and free time to perfecting her craft, difficult. Her siblings and I have agreed to Appointments Mon.-Fri., 9-11AM, while maintaining As and Bs on her report give up some things to help and I am also NKCDC Office, 2515 card. Recently, Jade was chosen to compete holding another small fundraiser to help Frankford Ave. If you at the Youth American Grand Prix in Janu- with the cost. I understand that times are qualify for the Low-In- ary. YAGP is the largest ballet scholarship tough for everyone, especially during the competition In the country. Although the holiday season. So for every donation we come Heating Assistance fees are beyond my financial means, how receive, we will pay it forward in one way Program (LIHEAP), stop can I deny her this opportunity? Exposure, or another. I have a 12/13/13 deadline to by NKCDC today. House- experience, hours of one on one training! have the registration fee paid in full and hold income limits ap- Although I am not very comfortable asking a few weeks after to have the costume ply $17,235 for 1 person, for help, I have finally come to the conclu- paid off. So I want to thank you for giv$23,265 for 2 people, sion that my pride may get in the way of ing us your time and express to you our $29,295 for 3 people and my daughter living out her dreams! For my extreme gratitude for your generosity and add $6030 each additional children, I will move mountains so “gulp” well wishes. person. Bring proof of my pride has been swallowed.   To donate go to: http://www.gofundincome & SSNs for all   You may ask why I need your help? I am household members as well a single mother of three, currently jugas all recent utility bills. For gling three part time jobs. I had to give up Thank you, more information, contact working a regular 9-5 job so that I was able Jennifer Adams at 215-427-0350.

LETTERS to the Editor

Hancock Rec Basketball League Hancock Basketball Program will be recruiting children for our S.N.B.L. – 2013 - 14. This will include our basketball clinic. All games and practice’s will be held in the gymnasium of John Moffet Elementary School, located at Mascher and Oxford Streets. Hancock has a reputation for motivating our children to do their best. Our S.N.B.L. basketball league is designed to strengthen their basketball skills, and basketball I.Q. Children, ages 6 – 12, who are willing to work hard at playing basketball, and are willing to play as a team are invited to register. To register for the clinic and league, call coach Larry. Starts 1st week of December, 2013. Come join us!!! Register your child now!!! Hancock Recreation Center, 147 W. Master St., 215-685-9886/9877. Zumba at First Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave., will hold “Zumba” classes on Thurs. from 6-7PM. Admission $6. Exhilarating, healthy and loads of fun. Come and meet your neighbors. Bring a friend. Everyone is welcome. see CALENDAR on page 15

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” -Friedrick Nietzsche

Jade needs your help so she can keep on dancing.

SugarHouse Team Helps Feed Philly Community This Thanksgiving Employees at Philly’s Casino Donate More than 400 Turkeys to Local Nonprofits

 It’s the season of giving, and SugarHouse Casino’s 1,100 team members are giving back by donating more than 400 turkeys to those in need this Thanksgiving. The turkeys will be hand delivered today by SugarHouse employees to more than a dozen groups and organizations across the city. As a way of thanking its team members for their hard work and dedication every year, the SugarHouse leadership team offers holiday turkeys to each employee prior to Thanksgiving. The team members have the option of donating the birds to local organizations. This year, 400-plus turkeys will be given to 13 community groups that provide meals to those in need during the holidays. “I’m thankful to have an amazing team supporting me and Philadelphia at SugarHouse,” said Wendy Hamilton, general manager at SugarHouse Casino. “We are close with our neighborhoods, and it feels particularly good to provide this many turkeys at Thanksgiving.” The recipients of SugarHouse’s turkeys this year included the Salvation Army, the Penn Treaty Special Services District, Elm Tree Post No. 88, Fishtown Action, the Fishtown Athletic Club, Hackett School, Holy Name of Jesus Church, GESU School, River of Life Philadelphia, St. Francis Inn, Beacon Presbyterian Church, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church and the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House. This is SugarHouse’s fourth consecutive year organizing turkey donations and deliveries. To date, Philly’s casino and its team members have provided more than 1,000 Thanksgiving birds to feed Philadelphia residents. At an average weight of six pounds per turkey, SugarHouse has fed an estimated 6,000 Philadelphians since Thanksgiving 2010—two months after the casino opened its doors.   For more information on how SugarHouse is giving back to its community, visit•



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Premium for Basic and Prime plans Copays for primary care doctor visits* Generic drugs (up to 90-day supply)* Fitness center memberships

1-866-901-8000 (24/7) TTY 1-877-454-8477

It’s not just Medicare. It’s better care.

Health Partners Plans is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Health Partners Medicare depends on contract renewal. Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact the plan. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium and/or copayments/coinsurance may change on January 1 of each year. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. Health Partners Medicare is available in Philadelphia County. *Cost sharing may vary in Special Needs Plan. H9207_HPM-419-13 Approved 09/2013




Pistachio Needs A Home

  Do you like Pistachios? Well, we think you will like this one for sure. Our friend Pistachio is 1-2 years old. He’s medium sized (around 40 lbs.) He’s a terrier/boxer/pit mix.   Sadly, Pistachio’s family moved away and left him behind. Pistachio already knows how to sit, and he takes treats very nicely. He really enjoys playing and running in the large play yard here at the shelter with the volunteers! Come meet him today!   If you have dogs of your own, you’ll need to bring at least one in to meet any potential dogs and make sure there is no major personality clash. Please also bring proof that you are allowed dogs/cats at your home if you rent.   Pistachio is located at ACCT -- 111 W. Hunting Park Ave, Phila., PA 19140. Phone: 267-385-3800 (ask for the Lifesaving Department!) Email:   More about Pistachio: Pet ID: A17549700 • Primary color: Almond brown and White • Coat length: Short   IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT Pistachio, EMAIL ACCTPETFINDER@GMAIL.COM ... by Sue Senn Pet of the Week is a courtesy of the Philly Pet Health Center, 3365 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19134 Caring, Reliable, and Affordable veterinary care in the heart of Port Richmond/Kensington!

Health Partners Plans Delivers A Happy Thanksgiving to Underserved Philly Families

Volunteer teams from Health Partners Plans and the Health Partners Foundation distribute Thanksgiving baskets to Abbotsford Homes. /Photo Credit: KSN Images, Inc.   ‘Tis the season for generosity and giving thanks, and Health Partners Plans and the Health Partners Foundation are “doing it right” in the local community. The not-forprofit health plan once again teamed up with corporate partners Interphase Medical Equipment and Burman’s Medical Supplies to make Thanksgiving brighter for underserved Philadelphia families.   On Nov 22, employees from each organization presented Abbotsford Homes residents with 150 frozen turkeys — generously donated by Interphase , with financial support from Burman’s — and 35 beautifully wrapped Thanksgiving food baskets, brimming with Thanksgiving trimmings donated by Health Partners Plans employees. Each basket also included a $20 grocery gift card, courtesy of the Health Partners Foundation. Health Partners Plans volunteers also branched out into neighborhoods throughout the city to personally deliver another 165 baskets to families in need this holiday season. At day’s end, more than 350 families were gifted with aThanksgiving treat.   “Health Partners Plans and its Foundation are committed to ‘doing it right’ and making a difference in the Philadelphia community, year-round. It’s become a meaningful Thanksgiving tradition for our employees to help families in need enjoy the holiday,” said William S. George, President & CEO of Health Partners Plans.   Earlier in the day, Health Partners Plans and Health Partners Foundation’s 5th annual “Turkey Push” pitted senior executives from Health Partners Plans, Interphase and Burman’s against each other in a friendly relay race competition, designed to draw attention to the critical need for charitable giving.   “As joyous as Thanksgiving should be, we recognize that it can be a difficult time for many families in need,” said Health Partners Foundation executive director Claudia Tucker-Keto. “The Turkey Push and Thanksgiving basket donations raise awareness of the need that’s out there and always prove a rewarding way for our employees to get involved and giveback to the community.”•



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Titles Licenses PLEASE VISIT•• Notary Titles •• Drivers Drivers Licenses Notary Registrations • Restorations OUR NEW •LOCATIONS Registrations Restorations


2401 ARAMINGO AVE. (Located next to Slack’s Hoagies) 215-423-4563 5TH & SPRING GARDEN ST. (Next to Dollar General) 215-236-4103


1000 OFF




CLEAN PLATE: Winter Kale Salad

by Casey Ann Beck

  Considering the holiday season is upon us, I’m well aware that my eating habits are about to inadvertently change. Festivities and gatherings spilling off the calendar through January combined with my occasional lack of self-control equates to the inevitable shift to more sweets, finger foods and overall heavy dishes. There’s plenty of internal dialogue that helps me justify my eating decisions this time of year such as, “My body needs the extra calories so I stay warm through the winter,” as if I’m a grizzly bear about to go into hibernation.   To balance the hearty, heavy eating, I make it a point to bring dishes on the healthier side when invited to holiday gatherings. Though Thanksgiving is essentially an all-day feast in our family, with brunch in the morning and the traditional turkey dinner, complete with dessert in the afternoon, I plan to bring something that represents the ever so slightly healthy angle: a winter kale salad with seasonal fruit, crunchy nuts, and salty bacon, all tossed with a maple dressing.

Winter Kale Salad Candied Pecans ½ cup of raw pecans 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 tablespoons brown sugar ⅛ teaspoon ground ginger ¼ teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper ¼ teaspoon salt Maple Dressing 1 shallot, finely minced 2 teaspoons grainy mustard 2 ½ teaspoons apple cider vinegar ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 2 teaspoons maple syrup Salt and pepper, to taste

Salad 1 bunch kale, washed and cut into bite-sized pieces 4 slices of thick cut bacon, cooked and crumbled 1 red pear, halved, seeded and cut in thin slices 4 oz. goat cheese, crumbled   In a small pan, melt butter and brown sugar over medium heat, stirring so sugar dissolves. Add pecans and toss to coat, cooking for approximately 1 to 2 more minutes. Stir in spices then pour nuts onto baking sheet lined with wax paper. As nuts cool, separate with forks. In a small mixing bowl, mix together shal-

including diced pieces of roasted butternut squash, either of which would still make this a standout Thanksgiving side.   Whether it’s served for Thanksgiving brunch or finds a place next to the

turkey centerpiece at dinner, I’m looking forward to sharing a meal with loved ones and scooping a few spoonfuls of this winter kale salad on their plates tomorrow. •

Casey Ann is a local foodie and blogger. Check out her recipes and reviews at

lots, mustard and vinegar. Whisk in olive oil until fully emulsified then mix in maple syrup. Add salt and pepper to taste and set aside. In a large bowl, massage kale by rubbing in hands for approximately 5 minutes, until bright green in color and slightly wilted. Add candied pecans, bacon crumbles, pears, and cheese. Pour dressing into bowl and toss well.   Kale is the green of the season, and though its raw form can seem slightly bitter, the gentle massage beforehand eases some of the flavor and softens its thick texture. It is on the heartier side of the leafy greens and relatively filling, so it produces a salad worthy of a place on a fall

or winter menu. Salad toppings can be interchangeable in this recipe, but I like to think of a list of items that are not only compatible together in flavor but will also add enough festive color to the dish to make it attractive. The pretty red pear stands out on the canvas of bright green kale and its sweetness pairs well with the crisp, salty bacon. The crunchy, spiced pecans, responsible for the mild heat in the salad, are delicious enough to eat on their own. Tangy dollops of goat cheese fade into the folds on the kale leaves once tossed in the sweet maple dressing, the perfect seasonal flavor to coat the salad. Other ideas I’ve toyed around with were adding pomegranate seeds in place of the pears, and

Thanksgiving Feast at First Presbyterian Church

You are personally invited to attend a FREE Thanksgiving Feast prepared just for you and the entire Fishtown community. Thursday, November 28th Dinner Served from 2PM until 5PM This is a FREE event. Our doors will open for all to come and share in the abundant feast. All that we ask is that you call the church 215-739-5695 and say how many people in your party will atend. First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave.

Owned by Top Hospitals: Aria Health, Einstein Medical Center, Hahnemann University Hospital, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and Temple University Hospital.


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Doing it right:

Caring about neighbors, not numbers.

Health Partners Plans is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Health Partners Medicare depends on contract renewal. Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact the plan. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium and/or copayments/coinsurance may change on January 1 of each year. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. Health Partners Medicare is available in Philadelphia County. *Cost sharing may vary in Special Needs Plan. H9207_HPM-505-13 Accepted 11/2013 Spirit Newspapers - 10.125” x 8”

It’s not just Medicare. It’s better care.



$ 00 FREE



$ 00

Hyperion Bank Makes Donation to 26th Police District Holiday Food Drive






99 LB.








$ 99 $ 99

D&W ROAST BEEF ........... $799 LB. 99 SUMMER$SPECIAL KRAKUS HAM.................. 6CUP LB. LB. D&W ROAST BEEF ........... $799 LB. 20 OZ. PHILA. $ 99 KRAKUS HAM.................. 6 LB. CLEARFIELD OF COFFEE WATER $ ICE 99 GARRISON’S CLEARFIELD (ASST. FLAVORS) ..... 4 LB. AMERICAN CHEESE $ 99 $$9911/200 00 AMERICAN CHEESE ..... $499 LB. CHIP STEAK........................ 5 LB. LUNCH ROLL ...............$2 LB. LUNCH ROLL ...............$299 1/2 LB. SIRLOIN 99 BUFFALO & ......................................... LB. D&W STEAK FREE DELIVERY TO ALL$3RIVER WARD NEIGHBORHOODS D&W BUFFALO & $ 69 FREE DELIVERY TO ALL RIVER WARD NEIGHBORHOODS ... 6 LB. HONEYTO BBQTUES., CHICKEN8/13/13 CENTER CUT HONEY BBQ CHICKEN...$669 LB. SPECIALS GOOD WED., 8/7/13 $ 99 11/13/13 TO TUES., 11/19/13 SPECIALS WED., PORK CHOPSGOOD ........................ 3 LB. HOURS: MON.-FRI. 7AM-7PM; OVEN ROASTED OVEN ROASTED $ 99 BONELESS $ 99 SAT. & SUN. 8AM-5PM .............. 6Community LB. TURKEY L toBREAST R: Ed Correa, .............. 6 LB. TURKEY BREAST $ 99 PRODUCE Specials

3 LB. $ 29 SALADS .... 1 LB. CELERY....................99¢STALK D&W MACARONI SALAD $ 99 ..... 3 LB. ICEBERG D&W COLE SLAW......EA.$299 LB. $ 99 99¢HEAD .... 1 LB. LETTUCE................... PASTA SALAD................ $399 LB.


$ 99







$ 39


$ 99


$ 99


.$159HEAD ...19¢ LB.

....$199LB. ..99¢ EA.

... $159LB. ...69¢ LB. ...99¢ LB.

.. $199LB.


$ 99

SCALLIONS..............29¢EACH CABBAGE .....................9¢ LB.


ONIONS.......................99¢ LB. PEPSI - 24 0Z. CUCUMBERS.............. REG., DIET, MOUNTAIN DEW........2/ 2/$$130000 STROEHMANN $ 00 KING SIZE BREADSpecials ............LOAF 2/ 4 DAIRY STROEHMANN X LARGE WHOLE..................... WHEAT & DOZEN. 2/$300 EGGS $ 00 POTATO BREAD ................LOAF 2/ 4 KELLER’S STROEHMANN BUTTER ..........................LB. $299 HAMBURGER & $ 00 PILLSBURY HOT DOG ROLLS.....................2/$ 400 CRESCENT ROLLS..... 2/ 3 HERR’S $ 99 POTATO CHIPS......................10 OZ. 2 GROCERY Specials PA DUTCH SODA


FROZEN Specials 3 LB. PORK CHOPS ......................... $ 29 CHICKEN LEGS ....................... 1 LB. EYE ROUND

Relations Officer/26th Police District, Lou DeCesare, President, Hyperion Bank, Michael Cram, SALADSPolice District, Natalie Davis, Chair/26th PDAC and Captain/26th MaritzaBEEF Matos, Victims Assistance Officer/26th Police District. $ 99 D&W ROAST MACARONI SALAD D&W ........... 7 LB.

$ 99 LEIDY’S,CHOPS HATFIELD PORK ........................ 3 LB. CENTER CUT

OVEN ROASTED matched for a total of $500.00. “Hyperion Bank’s staff never ceases COOPER CVdollar-for-dollar, CRAMERS $ 99 $ 99 .............. 6$1/2of00 LB. TURKEY BREAST SHARP CHEESE ............ LB. to amaze us with their2spirit giving. Their effort to assist us in raising so much is RYE BREAD ............ $ 99 LUNCH ROLL ............... 2 1/2 LB. truly a blessing. Our gratitude to the Bank for their efforts year after year to support SALADS this community is difficult to put into words”, stated Natalie Davis, Chairperson of D&W BUFFALO D&W MACARONI SALAD MARBLE, ONION&AND SEEDED 69 $$699 ... LB. HONEY BBQ CHICKEN the Police Advisory Council for the 26th District. LB. D&W COLE SLAW......EA. 2 (PDAC) $ premier 99 “Being the neighborhood’s community bank it is important for us to be involved OVEN PASTAROASTED SALAD................ 3 LB. $ 99 in our neighborhood, especially when there are so many in need. I am proud to be PEPSI 24 0Z. TURKEY BREAST .............. 6 $ LB. 00whose generosity and associated with my co-workers, spirit of giving is overwhelming. REG., DIET, MOUNTAIN DEW ........ $ 99 D&WIt BOLOGNA .................. 4 LB. is our privilege to continue our strong partnership with the fine police officers and CRAMERS STROEHMANN the PDAC of the 26th Police On behalf of our entire staff we wish everyone $ $District. 0000 RYE BREAD ............2/stated 5 a SIZE Happy Thanksgiving”, Lou DeCesare, President & CEO of Hyperion Bank. KING BREAD ............LOAF STROEHMANN Hyperion BankAND celebrates its 7th year in community banking this month. Restored MARBLE, ONION SEEDED $ 00 KING SIZE BREAD ............ LOAF to its original 1871 grandeur, the headquarters and first branch, located at 2nd Street STROEHMANN PEPSI 24 0Z. and Girard Avenue, is a masterwork in the area’s urban revitalization. Hyperion Bank $ 00 FRISKIES WHOLE WHEAT & retail REG., DIET, MOUNTAIN DEW........ $ 2/ 00 $3 00 is a full service and commercial bank. Its website is• CAT FOOD CANS................. POTATO BREAD ................LOAF + TAX STROEHMANN $ 00 SHURFINE KING SIZE BREAD............LOAF 2/$ 449 STROEHMANN PAPER TOWELS....................ROLL STROEHMANN HAMBURGER & 2/$$$500 HERR’S 00 WHOLE WHEAT & 99 HOT DOGCHIPS ROLLS ..................... POTATO ...................... 10 OZ. POTATO BREAD ................ LOAF 2/$400 PA DUTCH SODA STROEHMANN HERR’S $ 99 HAMBURGER & ORANGE, BIRCH BEER 00 POTATO ...................... 10 2/ OZ.$$419 HOT DOGCHIPS ROLLS .....................

COOL EYE ROUND ROAST and ¢ BONELESS $$ 99 $ 99 WHIP ............................. $99 99 D&W ROAST BEEF ...........$$799 99 LB. ROAST and........................ BONELESS 99 CHICKEN BREAST 3 LB. KRAKUS EA. $2699 LB. D&WThis COLE SLAW...... HAM .................. LB. LB. holiday season, local families BONELESS KRAKUS HAM .................. 6 LB. and senior citizens in need will enjoy hot turkey dinPORK ROAST $ LB. 99 CLEARFIELD $ 99 nersSALAD with all the trimmings CHICKEN BREAST .............. 1 LB. CLEARFIELD HANOVER PORK ROAST $ thanks 99LB. to the combined efforts of the 26th Police District, PASTA ................ GARRISON’S ..... $3 4 LB. AMERICAN CHEESE $ 99 99 Hyperion Bank and its employees. CHIP STEAK........................ 5 LB. AMERICAN CHEESE ..... GARRISON’S $ 99 FROZEN 41/2 LB. LUNCH ROLL ............... 2 LB. COUNTRY STYLE $ 99 Working with Community Relations Officer, Ed Correa, Hyperion Bank collected $ 3900 LB. CHIP STEAK........................$5 SIRLOIN NY HOT 99 LB. D&W VEGETABLES ........2/$ 23 BUFFALO &food donations and raised money from their employees for the purRIBS ............................................... ......................................... 3 LB. STEAK non-perishable SIRLOIN $ 99 $ 69 ... 61/2 LB. LB. HONEY CHICKEN ......... 2 PEPPER CHEESE $ 99 CENTER CUT chaseBBQ of turkeys. The Bank’s employees donated their own money, which the Bank ......................................... •STEAK CANDIED SWEET POTATOES3 LB.


&CAULIFLOWER D&W CHOPS ........................ $ 99LB. BONELESS •PORK 99LB. $$ 99 ......................... PORK CHOPS ........................................ LB. BONELESS •CHICKEN STRING .BEANS $$ 29 99 LEGS ....................... LB.

3 34 BACON 3 PORK CHOPS ......................... 1 SUPER LEAN



2/ 5


$ 99

$ 99 CHICKEN BREAST LB. ....................... LB. GROUND BEEF........................ $ 3 ............................................. $ 12999LB. •LEGS BROCCOLI CHICKEN BREAST .............. 1 LB.

•BONELESS BRUSSEL SPROUTS AND MORE COUNTRY STYLE ........................$ 59LB. CHICKEN BREAST 39 RIBS ...............................................$ $ 39LB.

3 2 2 59

LETTUCE.................. 1 HEAD MEAT Specials



.............. $



99 LB. CABBAGE................... EYE ROUND OR SIRLOIN..$$3 ......................................... 499LB. LB. BACON SUPER LEAN $ 00 VINE RIPE SUPER LEAN $$ 99 3 99LB. GROUND BEEF BEEF ........................ ...................... $3 99LB. GROUND TOMATOES.................. LB.

2/ 4 TAYLOR 2/1 5 2/ 4 PORK ROLL HATFIELD, D&W, LEIDY’S $99 99 $ 8KIELBASA SLICE OR 4 SLICE................................................ ....................................99 3 ¢2LB. CUCUMBERS............. EA. $ 59 4/ 22/ 4 LETTUCE.................. 1 GREEN & RED LEIDY’S and ¢ CABBAGE................... 19 $ 59 $ 991 LB. PEPPERS.................... CELERY..................... 1 DIETZ VINE RIPE& WATSON 1 $ 99 $1¢99 TOMATOES.................. BANANAS ..................LB. 69 LB. VINE RIPENED BACON ............................ 5 $ 99 CUCUMBERS............. 1 ¢¢ TOMATOES..................99 2/ 24 ONIONS....................... 99 GREEN & RED LEIDY’S LITTLE LINK $159LB. ROMAINE PEPPERS.................... OCEAN RED SEEDLESS ¢ ORANGE,SPRAY BIRCH BEER LETTUCE.......................... ¢ $ 99 99 $ 19 BREAKFAST BANANAS ..................69 ¢ 99 GRAPES..................... 1 LB. CRANBERRY GINGER ALE.........................2 LITER 1 $ 2 BANANAS ..................... ................... 69 GINGER ALE.........................2 LITER 1 ...LB. ONIONS....................... 993¢ $ 00 SAUSAGE ............................. 2/ 2 SAUCE ¢ SHURFINE LAUNDRY HERR’S RED SEEDLESS ONIONS........................ 99 PA DUTCH LAUNDRY SODA SHURFINE $ 99 $ 99 $ 99 DIETZ & WATSON HEINZ GRAPES..................... 1 $ 10 99 POTATO CHIPS ...................... OZ. 2 DETERGENT...............128 OZ. 4 + TAX RED DELICIOUS $$ 99 DETERGENT ................ 128 OZ. 3 + TAX ORANGE, BIRCH BEER 00 ....................LB.3/ 12 SCRAPPLE TURKEY $ 19 APPLES....................... PA DUTCH SODA SHURFINE......................... JARS 2/$$300 GINGER ALE ......................... 2 LITER 1 ERA LAUNDRY GRAVY ORANGE, BIRCH BEER 59 $ 99 $ 19 SUGAR.................................. 4 LB. 3 DETERGENT................. 50 0Z. 2 4 GINGER ALE......................... LITER+ TAX 1 MEAT SPECIALS • 3-1/2 Lb. Pork Roast SHURFINE LAUNDRY DOMINO SUGAR - 3 STYLES •• 3-1/2 $ 15 Lb. Pork Roast $$ 99 SHURFINE LAUNDRY 3-1/2 Lb. Lb. Sirloin Sirloin Roast Roast PURINA DOG CHOW....1284.4OZ.LB.PKG. ¢ • 3-1/2 99 6 DETERGENT ............... 4 + TAX DETERGENT...............128 OZ. 4 • 10X ................................2 LB. BAG 99 3-1/2 Lb. Lb. Boneless Boneless Chicken Chicken Breast Breast •• 3-1/2 ALPO PRIME CUTS............... CAN 95¢ X LARGEBROWN SHURFINE • LIGHT SHURFINE• AUTO & MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS $$ 99 SHURFINE SUGAR.......... 3 LB.BAG SUGAR.................................. 4 LB. $1 35959 2/$99 300¢ EGGS...................... LB. BAG SUGAR .................2DOZEN. SUGAR.................................. 4 LB. 3 • WRONGFUL DEATH $ 99 • 3-1/2 Lb. Boneless Pork Royale • SUGAR ................3 LB. BAG 1 KELLER’S • SLIP AND FALL or Beef Roast (Eye or Sirloin Roast) $ 00 • DOG BITES $ 00 Lb. Boneless •• 33-1/2 Lb. Chipped SteakPork Royale X LARGE X LARGE EGGS..... DOZEN. 2/ 3 LB. 2/ 5 BUTTER....................... STROEHMANN $ 5900 • 3orLb. Boneless Chicken Breast • DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS Beef Roast (Eye or Sirloin Roast) $ 3 DOZEN. 2/ EGGS...................... • 2 Lb. Center Cut Pork Chops KELLER’S BUTTER......... LB. 3 KING • 3 Lb. Chipped Steak X LARGE • 2 Lb. Ground Sirloin • JOB INJURIES & WORKERS COMP HANOVER 00 KELLER’S $ 00 00 Lb. Italian Boneless Chicken Breast •• 23 Lb. Sausage BREAD ....................LOAVES 2/$$400 SHURFINE CRINKLEDOZEN. CUT2/$ $ 99 3 EGGS...................... • 1 Lb. Leidy’s Bacon $ 99 FROZEN VEGETABLES..2/ 4 ¢ •• Dox. • MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LB.& 2/PROFESSIONAL 5 BUTTER....................... 2 Lb.Ex. Center Cut Pork Chops 65 2 LB. BAG 2 FRIES......................... Lg. Eggs BLACK OLIVES............CAN 99 • 2 Lb. Ground Sirloin HANOVER HANOVERDIV FROZEN ELLIO’S 9 SLICE KELLER’S • 2 Lb.Sirloin Italian Steaks Sausage 00 OR CE ~CRIMINAL DEFENSE ~ ADOPTIONS DIVOR ORCE FROZEN VEGETABLES.. 2/$$$4400 00 $ 99 16 OZ. PKG. 2/ VEGETABLES...... GREEN OLIVES ...........JAR$99 PIZZA.................................... 399¢ ••••3331Lb. Lb.Ground Leidy’s Beef Bacon• 3 Lb. Chip 65 Lb. Steak LB. 2/ 5 BUTTER....................... Lb. Eye Roast ELLIO’S 9 SLICE • Dox. Ex. Lg. Eggs • 3 Lb. Pork Roast TYSON BONELESS • 3 Lb. Pork Chops $ 9999 V-8 SHURFINE PIZZA.................................... BUFFALO WINGS... 16 OZ. BOX $23 • 3 Lb. Country Ribs HANOVER $ 59 99 $ Chicken Legs TOMATOFRIES............ JUICE.40 OZ.32BTL. 1 •••333 Lb. OZ. 3 FRENCH SHURFINE MRS. T’S VEGETABLES..2/$400 Lb. Breast Lb. Chicken Sirloin Steaks FROZEN $$ 99 • 3 Lb. Boneless Chicken Breast 16 OZ.32BOX PIEROGIES............... OZ. 1 359 FRENCH FRIES............ • 3 Lb. Ground Beef • 3 Lb. Chip Steak Onions LUNCHMEAT SPECIALS •••223 Lb. $ 99 Lb. Carrots Eye Roast • 3 Lb. Pork99 Roast Lb. ELLIO’S 9 SLICE •• 23 Lb. Lb. Peppers Pork Chops PIZZA....................................$399 • 3 Lb. Country Ribs u • 3 Lb. Chicken Legs SHURFINE • 3 Lb. Chicken Breast u • 3 Lb. Boneless Chicken Breast FRENCH FRIES............32 OZ. $359 • 2 Lb. Onions u HEAD







e oast)

2/ 3





Steak k Roast



u u u u u u u u

• 2 Lb. Carrots • 2 Lb. Peppers


9999 u

u u u u


215-739-9221 316 E. GIRARD AVE. Handling NJ & PA Claims



Who Wants To Be A Trivia Champion? Oh Canada! by Lisa Shaat. 1. What is the capital of Canada?    A. Alberta B.  Montreal C. Ottawa D.  Quebec 2. As of November 2013, Canadian superstar Justin Bieber’s is the second most followed Twitter account. Who is the only person with more followers than him?


B. rugby C. Neil Young D. cricket 9. Surprisingly, what has never been illegal in Canada? A. smoking pot B. spanking C. prostitution D. underage drinking 10.W hat specialty sandwich can you find in Eastern Canadian McDonalds restaurants?

A. Lady GaGa B. Taylor Swift C. Barack Obama D. Katy Perry

A. The McTuna B. The McLobster C. The McMackerel D. The McCrab

3. Canadian actor Mike Myers is well known for his “Austin Powers” films. What famous animated character does he voice?

11. The Canadian term “loonie” is slang for what?



1. Thanksgiving side dish 5. The end 6. Large animal with antlers 7. Sweet potatoes 8. Cooking device

1. Poultry 2. To tell 3. Picture 4. Sweet pickle


26th District Crime Report

November 13, 2013- November 19, 2013   Below is a breakdown of crimes committed in the 26th District in the neighborhoods that A. Shrek make up PSA #3 B. Mater   • Zero (0) homicides ing this time: 100 E C. Buzz Lightyear reported during this Huntingdon (11/15) D. Aladdin time       • One (1) Aggravated 4. Canadian born actor Assaults other weapon • Zero (0) rapes reportWilliam Shatner played during this time: 1900 Captain James Kirk on A. freedom for all ed during this time Sergeant (11/12) Star Trek. What was B. land of the midnight   • Zero (0) robber y-   Captain Kirk’s middle sun point of gun during • Zero (0) Aggravated initial? C. from sea to sea this time: Assault with a gun D. land of plenty during this period. A. he had none • One (1) robberies   B. T See answers on page 14 other weapon dur- • Three (3) residential C.  J burglaries during this D. P period: 200 Belgrade (11/15), 2600 Almond 5. Robin Thicke, the Ca(11/18), 1900 York (11/18) nadian singer currently   on the charts with is hit • Five (5) Theft from song “Blurred Lines”, autos during this has a famous dad, Alan 100 E Lehigh T hicke, who is best 1301 E. Susquehanna Avenue period: (11/13), 1300 Delaware known for playing the 215-634-1123 (11/13), 1300 Hewson dad in which 80’s TV (11/14),1000 Delaware sitcom? MON.-SAT. 11AM-12AM (11/15),1400 Frankford SUNDAY 2-10PM (11/18) A. Growing Pains   B. ALF To all our • Two (2) stolen vehiC. Family Ties friends and cles during this time: patrons! D. Step by Step 2600 Frankford (11/17), 2400 Sepviva (11/18) 6. Canadian game show   host Monty Hall hosted • One (1) Thefts durwhich long-running daying this period: 2600 time game show? Belgrade (11/18)•   A. Match Game   B. Let’s Make a Deal C. Password D. Hollywood Squares      7. Which founding member of the band “Buffalo Springfield” was Canadian?

A. a hooded sweatshirt B. a drunkard C. a one dollar coin D. television        12. Canada’s official motto is ” mari usque ad mare”, which is Latin for what?

Kitchen OPEN 7 DAYS

A. Steven Stills B. Graham Nash C. Neil Young D. David Crosby 8. Canada’s official national sports are ice hockey and what? A. lacrosse




ACCT Philly to Hold Black Friday Adoption Event

  On Fri., Nov. 29, the Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) will hold a special Black Friday Adoption Event featuring discounted adoption fees on all pets and fee-waived adoptions on black animals. ACCT Philly is even staying open extended hours in the hopes of saving as many lives as possible.     While Black Friday is traditionally associated with holiday shopping, it’s reall y about giving and showing love,” said Sue Cosby, Executive Director of ACCT Philly. “When you adopt a pet, you’re giving love and a home to an animal in need.  What greater gift is there?” ACCT Philly will be open on Black Friday from 8AM-8PM and holding adoption specials all day at their location in North Philadelphia at 111 W. Hunting Park Ave.    For more information and to see currently available animals, visit•  

Happy Thanksgiving!


saturday college football games specials YUENGLING SPECIAL $2 PINTS $2 YUENGLING LIGHT LAGER BOTTLES All Day Saturday Starting at 12 Noon


$ 75


BANQUET 3 Bottles

$ 00



Miller Lite $ 00 Pitchers





$ 00




$ 00




crossword puzzle

CLUES ACROSS 1. Regions 6. Abu __, UAE capital 11. Forever 13. Lower position

14. Masterpiece series 18. Atomic #18 19. Cuckoos 20. Goat with conical horns

21. European money 22. Flaw the surface 23. Restaurant bill 24. Indicated horsepower (abbr.)


this Winter!

Many children lack enough warm clothing to stay protected throughout winter, and many parents lack the money to buy that clothing.

 The Spirit Newspaper is here to help to ensure that

the children of the River Wards stay warm this winter.  PLEASE DONATE WARM ITEMS SUCH AS


You can drop off items to the Spirit Newspaper office, 1428 E. Susquehanna Avenue at Gaul St. or if you can’t get out and would like a pick-up, just give us a call. We will be happy to make arrangements for items to be picked up.

25. Go in advance 28. Ancient Egyptian King 29. Insert mark 31. Palm fruits 33. Peels a fruit’s skin 34. Many not ands 35. Cathode-ray oscilloscope 36. Bo __, “10” 38. Satisfies to excess 40. More dry 41. Of he 42. Lay a tax upon 45. Ed Murrow’s home 46. Newsman Rather 47. Swiss mountain 49. Till 50. Potato, tossed or green 52. Italian automaker 53. Birthplace of Abraham 54. Scheduled visits 57. Yemen capital (alt. sp.) 59. Assisted 60. Persian kings 61. Accumulate

Christmas for Our Veterans

CLUES DOWN 1. Unkeyed 2. Recable 3. Sea eagles 4. Small social insect 5. __ Paulo, city 6. 2 man fight 7. Honey (abbr.) 8. Anno Domini 9. Malibu and Waikiki 10. To burst in 11. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 12. Liquefied natural gas 15. Douroucoulis 16. Spoiled child 17. Founder of Babism 21. Ireland 26. Love intensely 27. One who confronts boldly 28. Atomic #52 29. Feels concern or interest 30. Got up from 32. Sound of disappointment

33. Out of 100 (abbr.) 36. Actress Kerr 37. Irish Gaelic 38. 10 Commandments mountain 39. Morning 40. Straight downhill ski run 41. Angel’s crown 43. Canonized individuals 44. Old school tablets 46. Dip lightly into water 48. Traumatic anxiety disorder 50. Mineral spring resorts 51. Desoxyribonucleic acid 52. Greek cheese 54. Express pleasure 55. Don’t know when yet 56. 13th Hebrew letter 58. Chinese tennis star Li See answers on page 14

Project Christmas Angel Help us help our neighbors… and have fun doing it.

  Saramia Suarez, a freshman at Hallahan High School, would like to once again invite you to become a part of Project Christmas Angel. We’re marking our 5th year and are still hoping to be able to count on your support.   The project helps families in our Port Richmond community who may be experiencing financial difficulties due to layoffs, job loss, etc. While there are many organizations throughout the city that help out at Christmas, Project Christmas Angel is a way to help our own neighbors.   Last year, with the help of many friends and entities like Cheers Café, Rizzo PAL and Positive Images, Morgan Smokey Brown Foundation, Shampoo Bar, The Phillies and St. George students, among others, we were able to deliver to 38 families. They all received food cards, bags of toys and gift cards.   On Sun., Dec. 15, we will have a drop-off party at Cheers Cafe, Almond and Westmoreland Sts., from 2-6PM. Please feel free to drop by, have something to eat and meet the Project Christmas Angel supporters. We only ask that you bring a gift. Toys, gift certificates, warm articles of clothing, etc., are welcome. Food certificates are also needed as we try to give each family enough for a hearty Christmas dinner. These items are then sorted and delivered to families in our own community that have been submitted for consideration. Everything is done anonymously; no one is ever embarrassed.   Also, if you know a family that needs help this year in providing a Merry Christmas for their family, write down the information and drop it off at Cheers Cafe. You can also call Kassie Wurtenberg at 215-423-2494 or Kelly and Saramia at 484-347-0270 if you have any questions or want to nominate a family. We will need the name, address and phone number of the family and gender and ages of the kids. This is a confidential submission. No one will know who gave us the name and we will never divulge the information outside of the Project Christmas Angel Committee. Thanks again for your support. Saramia, Kelly and Kassie

  The American Legion Auxiliary Elm Tree Post #88, will be taking gifts to our veterans at Veterans Hospital and Veterans Nursing Home in December. Items can be dropped off at The Spirit Newspaper office.   We are in need of the following: Hand Lotion, Body Lotion, Body Wash, Knitted Hats, Knitted Scarves, Undershirts (M-3X)), Batteries (AA,AAA,C), Flannel Shirts (M-3X), Gloves, Slippers, Board Games, White Socks, Lounging Pants (M-3X), Puzzle Books, Card Games, Boxes of Cookies, Candy Canes, Boxed Candy, Sugar Free Treats, 2-in-1 Shampoo, Shaving Cream, Hoodies (M-XXL), Bath Towels & Washcloths, Boxer Shorts (M-XXL).   So that the veterans can also select Christmas gifts for family members, we are collecting items for toddlers, children, teens and women.   Thank you for your support! For further information, please contact Marge at 215-426-6435 or Ginny at 215-425-3605.•   Help is needed for Senior Shut-ins this upcoming Christmas season. Please donate only new items.   Here are some suggestions: Deodorant, combs, cookies, perfumes, baby powder, after-shave, linens, slips, robe, stockings, blankets, dish cloths, hair brushes, candy, face soap, shaving cream, flannel shirts, blouses, When filling out your gloves, pajamas, sweaters, towels, emery boards, Christmas cards, take a change purse, envelopes, body lotion, razors, vests, card and send it to: Holi- slacks, underwear (shirts, pants, etc.), socks, sweatsuits, day Mail for Heroes, face cloths, hand mirrors, stamps, pens, note pads, PO Box 5456, Capitol shampoo, toothpaste, afghans, slippers, shoes, nightHeights, MD 20791-5456. gowns, dish towels, wallets. Of course money is always Deadline is Dec. 6. It is welcome! Almost anything new that you feel may be the least we can do this useful or just enjoyed by our senior citizen shut in’s! holiday season to show our   All gifts and donations may be dropped off at Brideslove and support to these burg Recreation Center.   heroes who have sacrficed   For more information contact Miss Jackie at 215-685so much. • 1247, 215-533-6448, 215-331-8417.•

Aid For Friends

Holiday Mail For Heroes








Gene Rahill


Brick Pointing • Cleaning Waterproofing Caulking Masonry Coatings Stucco • Concrete Basement Walls and Floors




Good loving homes needed for children of all ages. PLEASE CALL 215-203-8733 or 1-877-nfi4kid or visit online @



Because You Deserve Royal Treatment


3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room and Hall

00 199 SAVE $100





“Your Neighborhood Electrician” No Job Too Small - Same Day Service

(267) 228-5160

• 100-200 Amp Service • Dryer & Range Circuits • Fuse & Breaker Replacement • Troubleshooting • 220 Lines • Ceiling Fans • Lamppost Specialist • Licensed and Insured “All Work Guaranteed”

Lic. #000322


C&R PAINTING Interior/Exterior & Power Washing NO JOB TOO SMALL

267-228-5160 856-236-0368

Quality Workmanship at Affordable Prices!

Advertise To Advertise in the in the Spirit Spirit Newspaper Newspaper call 215-423-6246 or email: Classifieds!



• Washers •Dryers • Stoves • Refrigerators 24-Hr. Emergency Service $ 00 10 Charge For Estimate No Charge With Repair



REAL ESTATE SALES: new or experienced; excellent training program; private office. Call Mike Dunphy at 215-840-8399

ACCU STAFFING SERVICE P r o d u c t i o n / Wa r e house -1st & 2nd shifts. Great jobs for all and those who are bilingualSpanish. Interviewing now to fill job openings. Must have good work history; pre-screening req’d and 2 forms of ID. PLEASE CALL 215-423-2955 ext. 113 Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Drivers: Company & Owner OP’s. DryVan & Flatbed. Excellent Money & Hometime. Steady Work. 888-781-5003

Drivers: Don’t get hypnotized by the highway, come to a place where there’s a higher standard! Up to $2K sign on, Avg $65K/yr + bonuses! CDL-A, 1 yr exp. A&R Transport 888-202-0004

DRIVERS: HOME DAILY! $1000 SignOn Bonus! Safety Bonus! Great Benefits! CDL-A, 1yr T/T Exp. www.BulkTransit. com 800-972-2855





ROOMS FOR RENT Kensington and Port Richmond - fully furnished, safe, utilities included. $300/mo. Call 267-475-3929.


Rooms for Rent. Kensington and Fishtown. Fully furnished, safe and clean. $250 and $350. Call 215-200-2960

All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to 2900 Blk. Frankford Ave. - 2 rooms, efficiency. Call advertise “any pref856-305-1556. erence, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, APARTMENT FOR RENT religion, sex, handicap, familial status, 23xx E. Allegheny Ave. - 1BR apt, 2nd floor, or national origin, or intention to make $650 month incl. heat. 267-250-3269. any such preferences, limitation, or discrimination.” We will not EQUAL HOUSING knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings are available on an equal opportunity basis. Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia, 866540-FAIR (3247). Answer to Food Fact, page 9:


610-604-4411 ◦

Fishtown Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving Day!   The Fishtown Turkey Bowl will be played again this year at 11AM at Hetzel’s Playground on Thanksgiving Day, Thurs., Nov. 28. This game is for former and present players of the Fishtown area football leagues but, anyone can came and enjoy the game. We’re hoping for a big crowd this year .   The game is for fun, no kick off ’s, no hitting, no rough play... etc. It’s just a great time for old friends to come out and get together and have fun. A great game to watch on Thanksgiving morning.   For more info call Mark Simms at 215-4325390. •

Company B Auditions

  Singers, dancers, actors or anyone (ages 8-18) interested in becoming a member of our musical theater group. Auditions and registration will be held for our Spring 2014 Musical Theater Revue at the Bridesburg Recreation Center, 4625 Richmond St. on Sat., Dec. 14. Junior group (ages 8-12) 11:30AM; Senior group (13-18) 1PM. You should come prepared to sing a Musical Theater or Movie Song without accompaniment or with an Instrumental Only (no background vocals) CD. Auditions are for “lead” casting purposes only. Everyone is accepted. Anyone not wishing to audition will participate and will be casted with the chorus. You must attend the audition to register and receive any information that you may need. (i.e. rehearsal times, etc.)   For further information contact Miss Chris at (home) 215-535-4629 or (rec) 215-685-1247 or email: •

Answers to Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle, page 11: Across: 1. Trimming 5. Finale 6. Elk 7. Yams 8. Oven. Down: 1. Turkey 2. Inform 3. Image 4. Gherkin

Trivia Answers:

Part One: 5 points each 1. C. Ottawa 2. D. Katy Perry 3. A. Shrek 4. B. T

Part Two: 10 points each 5. A. Growing Pains 6. B. Let’s Make a Deal 7. C. Neil Young 8. A. Lacrosse Part Three: 15 points each 9. C. prostitution 10. B. The McLobster 11. C. a one dollar coin 12. C. from sea to sea


Thank you St. Jude for favors received through your intercession to the Holy Trinity. ~Anonymous PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT - You who solve all problems, who light all roads, so that I can obtain my goal. You who give me the divine light to forgive and forget all evil against me, and who in all instances of my life, you are with me. I want this short prayer to thank you for all things to confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you and even in spite of all material illusions I wish to be with you in Eternal Glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me, and mine. This prayer must be said for three consecutive days. After that time, the favor will be granted, even though it may appear difficult. This prayer must then be published immediately after the favor is obtained without disclosing the favor or your name. C.M. ST. JUDE’S NOVENA May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified, loved, and preserved throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, help of the hopeless, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. Say this prayer 9 times a day. By the 8th day your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you for prayers answered. C.M. DEAR JESUS PRAYER FOR FAVORS Dear Heart of Jesus: In the past, I have asked for many favors. This time, I ask you this very special one. (mention favor). Take it dear Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart, where your father sees it. Then, in your merciful eyes, it will become your favor, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, promise publication and your favor will be granted. Never known to fail. C.M.

PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never Known To Fail) Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity. (Make requests). There are none that can withstand your power. Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (XXX). Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days then you must publish this and it will be granted. C.M.

Scoring Under 50: Trivia Amateur 50-85: Trivia Buff ST. JUDE’S NOVENA 90-115: Trivia Whiz “May the Sacred Heart of NOTARY PUBLIC 120: TRIVIA Jesus be Adored,atGlorified, Available the CHAMPION! Loved & Preserved throughSpirit Newspaper out the world, now & forever. Check me out on office Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray facebook: Lisa for us. Saint Jude,E. Worker of 1428 Winnick Shaat. Feel miracles, pray for us. Saint Susquehanna free to send me your Jude, Helper of the Hopeless, Ave., Say the prayer topic ideas, how you pray for us.” 8 times a day for 9 days. It by appt. scored, feedback, or has never been known to fail. CALL book me for your next Publication mustPAT be prom215-423-6246 quizzo party! ised. C.M.



$500 CASH




PHILA DOPTABLES Teams Up $ with the Preston and Steve Show & WMMR • 7 DAY A WEEK SERVICE • Radio for the Depart3099 Kensington Ave., Philadel2013 phia, PA 19134 of Phila., Phila., PA did on 10/7/2013, submit to the Camp PUBLIC NOTICE Out for Hunger

Mon., Dec. 2 – Fri., Dec. 6, XFINITY Notice is hereby given that Financial Exchange CenLive, 1100 Pattison ters of America, Inc., did submit to the Commonwealth Ave, P h i l a . , PA of Pennsylvania, Department of Banking, an application for initial licensure of a pawnbroker office at this 19148, 267-443location, which is as follows: 3099 Kensington Ave., 6415, 6AM-6PM Philadelphia, PA 19134. Hearing Date: 12-10-13, 11AM, Location: 200 S. Broad St., Ste. 700, PhilaMon-Th, 6AMdelphia, PA 19102, Philadelphia County 10AM Friday. Who May Testify at Hearing: Residents residing within  PHILADOPTAfive hundred (500) feet of the above proposed pawnbroker location (“Residents”) may testify at a Hearing BLES will be supon the application for initial pawnbroker license only if porting The Preston a written notice of intent to testify (containing the Resident’s name, address, and telephone number) is deliv- and Steve Show as ered by mail or otherwise at least seven days prior to the they camp out for date of the hearing to the following address: five straight days in Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities an RV in the parking 17 N. 2nd St., Ste 1300 lot of Xfinity Live Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101-2290 Attention: Pawnbroker Hearing Officer in order to feed the The Pawnbroker Hearing Officer at the Hearing may permit persons other than Residents to testify, in the hungry people and sole reasonable discretion of the Pawnbroker Hearing pets of Philadelphia. Officer. Any businesses wantAlternative to Testifying at Hearing ing to set up a collecInstead of attending the Hearing, Residents may present written comments to the Department on the proposed tion box for pet food pawnbroker application prior to the Hearing date listed donations, please above, by mailing such comments with a notarized signature to the Department of Banking and Securities at contact michelle@ the above address in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Official Filing Date and Latest Date Upon Which This WMMR website Notice Must Be Posted: 11-9-2013 (Month, Day and Year) (To be posted at proposed pawnbroker location for thirty days beginning not later than the date designated above.) For more inforDepartment of Banking and Securities - Non-Depositry Licensing Division mation, contact 17 N. 2nd St, Ste 1300 | Harrisburg, PA 17101 | 717.787.3717 | F 717.787.8773 Michelle Helms michelle@philadoptaTHANKSGIVING WORD SEARCH or 215-990ANSWERS 5753.• Notice of Initial Application and Hearing for a Pawnbroker License


Calendar continued from page 6

Bible Study Group at First Presbyterian On Wed. evenings at 7PM, a Bible Study Group meets at First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave. Come and bring a friend for informative, exciting and lively open discussions. As always, everyone is welcome. St. Anne’s Bingo Two Progressive jackpots every week. Both currently at $1,199 each. Total prizes awarded each week is over $3,000 plus the progressive jackpots. Smoke free bingo in our social hall with a full kitchen that prepares homemade food for your enjoyment. Bingo is every Sunday with our doors opening at 4PM and games beginning at 6PM. Located at Memphis and Tucker Sts., around the corner from St. Anne’s Church on Lehigh Ave. For more information call 215-739-4590. Hancock Rec Center Programs Hancock Recreation Center is offering a wide array of programming for our community. For the children they will be offering movie night, pool, air hockey, and table tennis this fall for children 17 and under. Also offering activities for adults and seniors. If your organization, neighborhood, or community group needs meeting space, come in and we may be able to accommodate you. Come and enjoy your neighborhood recreation center and get to know its employees. Hancock Rec Center’s Staff are looking forward to seeing you. 147 W. Master St., 215-685-9886/9877. Zumba at Visitation Community Center at Visitation, Wed. 7PM and Sat. 10AM at 2646 Kensington Ave. Lutheran Settlement House Senior Center (55+), 1340 Frankford Ave 19125. Weekly Class Schedule: Active Plus (dancercise) with Rita. Mondays, 1011AM, cost: $3; Thai Chi with Milton McGriff; Weds, 12:30-1:30, cost: $3; Line Dancing with Arnie; Thurs, 10-11AM, cost $3. St. Anne Weekly Novena St. Anne weekly Novena Thurs. evening service, 7:30PM. Church of Saint Anne, Memphis St. and Lehigh Ave. Fishtown Rec Center Programs Daisies and Brownies – Mondays, 6-7PM; Men’s Hockey League – Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Thurs.,

6-10PM; Dance Mondays – 6-7:30PM; Tae Kwon Do – Mon.-Wed.Fri., 6-8PM; Tot Rec. – Tues.-Wed., 9AM-1PM; Ceramics – Tues.-Wed., 6-9:30PM; Zoning Meetings – First three Tues. of the month; FNA Meetings – Third Thurs. of the month; Beautification Meetings – Third Thurs. of the month; Homeless Vets’ Meetings – Third Sat. of the month; Senior Citizen Bingo – Mon. and Thurs., 10AM-2PM. For information, call 215-6859885. 1202 E. Montgomery Ave.

Thanksgiving Feast This Thanksgiving First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave., will be serving a Free Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, Thurs., Nov. 28 from 2-5PM. You are personally invited to attend a Thanksgiving Feast prepared just for you and the entire Fishtown community.

Richmond Library Events • Preschool Storytime will be held the first Wed. of each month at 10:30AM. Contact Sheila for more information at 215-685-9992. • Basic English Conversation Group Saturdays: Nov. 30; and Dec. 7, 14, 21, 28. from 3-4:30PM. This is a great way to practice speaking everyday English. ALL are welcome. For more info, contact Jerry at 215685-9992. Christmas Toy Sale at The Free Church of St. John The Free Church of St. John, located at 3091 Emerald St., will be having a Christmas Toy Sale on Sat., Nov. 30 from 12 noon until 3PM. Bargains galore. Mark your calendars!

Ticket in Basket Auction Emanuel United Church of Christ “Ticket in Basket” Auction will take place on Sat., Nov. 30 at 11AM at Emanuel United Church of Christ, 2628 Fillmore St., Bridesburg. Admission $4. Doors open 11AM; ticket drawing starts at 12:30PM. Saint George Bingo Saint George Parish will hold its regular monthly bingo on Sun., Dec. 1 from 12:30 to 4:30PM in the church hall, 3580 Salmon St. Come and enjoy the afternoon.

Here Comes Santa Claus Right Into Your Own Home If you are the lucky winner Santa & Mrs. Claus will visit your home on Sun., Dec. 1 from 3:30 – 4:30PM. Chances $5 each or 3 for

$10. Proceeds benefit St. Anne’s Development Fund. Tickets are available after Mass at St. Anne Church and in the rectory. 215739-4590.

Free Total Joint Replacement Classes at Nazareth Hospital Thinking about having a Total Joint Replacement? Scheduled to have a Total Joint Replacement? You and your family are invited to learn more about Total Joint Replacement at Nazareth Hospital by attending a free class. The classes are held twice a month at Nazareth Hospital’s Marian Conference Center, 2601 Holme Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19152. Registration is required. Call 215-335-6313 to reserve your seat; please provide your name, telephone number, number of people attending, and if available, date of your surgery, and name of your surgeon. Upcoming dates are: Wednesday evenings at 6PM, Monday mornings at 11:30AM - Dec. 4, Dec. 16. For more information about orthopedics at Nazareth Hospital, call 1.866.NAZARETH (1866-629-2738). Holy Name of Jesus Christmas Bazaar Holy Name of Jesus Parish will hold their Christmas Bazaar on Fri., Dec. 6 from 6-9PM and on Sat., Dec. 7 from 11AM-8PM at St. Laurentius Church Hall, Memphis & Berks St. For more info call 215739-3960. Patient Appreciation Day Drs. Kent, Ralston and Staff would like to cordially invite you to bring your family, friends and neighbors to attend our Patient Appreciation Day on Sat., Dec. 7, 8AM to 2PM at The Allegheny Chiropractic Wellness Center, 2514 E. Allegheny Avenue, 215-4251110. All services provided will be offered FREE in exchange for donations on non-perishable food items or new toys to benefit those in need within our community. This would be a great opportunity to introduce Chiropractic Care to a family member or friend so that they, too, can experience optimal health and wellness. All new patients by appointment only. Call Today 215-425-1110.

Mother of Divine Grace Christmas Bazaar Come celebrate the Holiday Season on Sat., Dec. 7 from 11AM-4PM in the church hall, 2918 E. Thompson St. at Cambria St. Looking for that perfect gift that has a personal touch? Vendors will be set

up throughout the hall with homemade crafts, holiday décor and gifts for purchase. Best of all, while you shop the children can be busy making crafts. Bring your appetite as the ladies of MDG will be selling hot food and refreshments from the kitchen. Santa Claus will be visiting the bazaar and taking pictures from 11AM-2PM. Penn Home Carol Sing Join us at Penn Home for the Ecumenical Community Carol Sing on Sun., Dec. 8 at 4PM at 1401 E. Susquehanna Ave. at Belgrade St.

Orchestra and Choir at St. Anne Church Music at St. Anne’s Concert Series will again host a 30-piece orchestra and choir to perform A “Brilliant” Christmas on Fri., Dec. 13 at 7PM at St. Anne’s. The Orchestra will be joined by Eric Schweingruber, a top trumpet player in the city and a frequent performer with The Philadelphia Orchestra. Dress rehearsal is on Sun., Dec. 1 from 4-8PM. The concert is not religious in nature and is open to everyone in the neighborhood. Nick Pignataro is the conductor and contact info is: 732865-0585 or pignataro. Christmas Carols at Penn Treaty Park The Friends of Penn Treaty Park will be holding the singing of Christmas Carols on Sat., Dec.14 at 2PM. Children are encouraged to bring handmade ornaments to decorate the Christmas Tree. Ladies of Port Richmond Christmas Bazaar Ladies of Port Richmond Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser will hold a Christmas Bazaar at Our Lady Help of Christians Hall, Gaul & Allegheny


Ave. on Sat., Dec. 14 from 10AM-2PM. Come and have your picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Refreshments, homemade baked goods, Christmas gifts and crafts and more. Flapjack Pancake Breakfast with Santa The U10 Fishtown Bells are having a Flapjack Pancake Breakfast with Santa at the Applebee’s in Fishtown on Sat., Dec. 14 from 8-10AM. Breakfast will be served to you by the BELLS!! We will also be raffling off some great baskets, 50/50 chances and there will be professional photos with Santa byKellyanne Adams Photography!(photos will be avaliable online for purchase). Tickets are $6 (adults and kids) and can be purchased in advanced by any player. Walk-in’s are welcomed! The U.S. Marines will be present to collect unwrapped new toys for those looking to donate to Toys For Tots!! Come out and get in the holiday spirit and support a great group of girls.

St. Michael’s Christmas Bazaar St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, located at Trenton Avenue and Cumberland St., will be having their Christmas Bazaar on Sat., Dec. 14 from 10AM2PM. Mark your calendars for Picture Taking with Santa, shopping at all the “goodie” tables that will be available, such as Baked Goods, Santa’s Wo r k s h o p, To m b o l a Table, Raffles and much more. Table with AntiBullying information and pledge cards to sign. Also, a Snack/Lunch Hall for your eating entertainment. Please bring a canned good to support St. Michael’s Food Pantry.

FLEA MARKET Konrad Square Flea Market The Friends of Konrad Square will host a flea

market on Sat., Nov. 30, at Konrad Square Park, Tulip and Dauphin Sts, from 8AM to 3PM. Anyone interested in renting a space should call Vicky at 215-426-9654. Spring Garden Indoor Antique & Vintage Flea Market Center City’s Largest Winter Indoor Vintage Marketplace at the former Fed-Ex warehouse, 9th & Spring Garden. 8AM til 4PM - But Early Birds Welcome! Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Furniture, Jewelry, Pottery, Artwork, Great Food and Much More! On the following Saturday’s: Dec 7 & 21, Jan 4 & 18, Feb 1 & 15, March 1 & 15. Free Parking / Free Admission / ATM / Food Court / Handicap Accessible. Use 820 Spring Garden Street, 19123 For GPS. www.

TRIPS Senior Trip to Branson, MO Senior Ron Aways presents trip to Branson, MO on Sept. 21-26, 2014 for 6 days and 5 nights. Package includes motor coach transportation, accomodations, 5 breakfasts, 3 dinners, 1 dinner cruise with entertainment, 6 shows, visit to Imax Complex, shopping, taxes and meal gratuities and baggage handling included. Only $879 pp/dbl. For more information and reservations call Nancy at 803-720-0310 or Josephine at 215-6341307. •


Patricia Ann (nee Kafel), November 4, 2013; loving wife of Robert, Sr.; devoted mother of Robert Jr. (Lisa), Christopher (Casi), Catherine (Craig), dear Mom Mom of 4 grandchildren. BURNS FUNERAL HOME

Burns Family Funeral Homes Family Owned and Operated Since 1939

Burns Funeral Home, Inc. Burns Funeral Home, Inc. 1428 E. Columbia Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125 Phone: 215-634-6858 Robert Burns, Supv. Sr., Supv. Joseph J. J. Burns,

9708 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19114 Phone: 215-637-1414 Gerard Burns, Supv. Supv. Gerard J.J.Burns,

Martin J. Burns Funeral Home, Inc. 1514 Woodbourne Road Levittown, PA 19057 Phone: 215-547-3040 Lisa Burns Campbell, Supv.



Fishtown Action & sugArhouse cAsino CoRDially inviTE you To ThE

Annual Holiday Party Wednesday, december 11 • 6Pm – 8Pm Holy Name of Jesus Church Gaul and Berks Streets Enjoy a family-friendly evening of festive music, refreshments and holiday fun! Bring your camera to capture special moments with Santa Claus! Tickets are required for admission. Please pick up your party tickets on Monday, December 2, between 6:30PM and 7:30 pm, at Shissler Recreation Center (1800 Blair Street).

SuGaRhouSECaSino.CoM | 877.477.3715 on DElawaRE avE. 1 MilE noRTh of BEn fRanklin BRiDGE

Must be 21 or older.


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