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Weekly E-Tip Interactive Whiteboard – Hot Spots This useful interactive file works tremendously with your SMART Board - The Hot Spots is a great activity for ESOL, literacy and foreign languages or any subject where labelling needs to be done. You can find the Hot Spots in the Gallery.

1. Select the gallery tab, click on “Lesson Activity Toolkit” and then press the “Interactive & Multimedia” blue tab. 2. The gallery will open up, all you have to do is find the Hot spots file, drag and drop it in to your working area 3. Press the button to get started. Set the image or if you want to use your own one, choose custom, drag the image into the activity and send it to back. 4. Set the score option and timer – this is optional. 5. Change the question to suit your needs 6. Press to finish setting up the activity. 7. Press to begin and to start again.

Weekly E-Tip - Hot Spots  

Learn how to creat a hot spot exercise using Smart Notebook.