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Weekly E-Tip Interactive Whiteboard – Category Sort Another practical interactive flash file that works brilliantly with your SMART Board is the Category Sort. You can find it in the Gallery. OK



Category sort

 Gallery

1. Select the gallery tab, click on “Lesson Activity Toolkit” and then press the “Interactive & Multimedia” blue tab. 2. The gallery will open up, all you have to do is drag the Category Sort file from the gallery and drop it in your working area 3. Press the edit button to customize your task, add categories and words. You can have 1 to 3 columns 5. Press OK to finish your activity 4. To carry out the task they just need to drag the words to the correct column. Students press “Check” for feedback and “Solve” for the key. 5. Press “Reset” to start again.

Weekly E-Tip - Category Sort  
Weekly E-Tip - Category Sort  

This tip teaches you how to create a Category Sort task