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Weekly E-Tip Interactive Whiteboard – Interactive Files – Learning Objects Go to the gallery to use already made interactive lesson activities on a variety of subjects. The learning objects will help you energise your course materials and bring learning to life. A Learning Object is small, self-contained, reusable and packed with learning activities.

1. Select the gallery tab. 2. Enter the word “flash” in the search

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box and press the search button, click on the “Interactive and multimedia” blue tab. .The gallery will open up, and all you have to do is select the learning object you want to use and drag it to your working area.

3. You can find loads of learning objects covering different subjects, such as: Algebra, trigonometry, fractions, reaction of metals, grammar, spelling, punctuation, letter writing, magazines, cartoons and also Sudoku, etc... Have a look, I’m sure you’ll find something useful for your students.


Learning Objects from SmartBoard's Gallery  

This tip will show you how to get useful and handy learning objects from the gallery on SmartBoard.