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Weekly E-Tip Interactive Whiteboard – Interactive Files – Label the Diagrams Create your own “labelling” activities in just a few minutes. In this activity your students press the squares to pick an image/word and match the correct name to the image on the left square.

1. Select the gallery tab. 2. After entering the tool’s name



“random image and text” in the search box and pressing the search button, click on the “Interactive and multimedia” blue tab. .The gallery will open up, select the tool and drag it to your working area.

3. You can add the words/labels you want Just click on and type in. Click on the “add” button to type in more words.


4. To add an image to the box, you go to the gallery, pick the image you want to use and drag it into the box. You can also pictures you have saved on your computer/USB etc.

5. You can retype the instructions text on the top of the template – just double click the text, select it and start typing your own instructions.

6. Learners touch the boxes to match image and text, and press to locate the label/image on the left of each box.

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Weekly e-tip - Create a matching exercise on SmartBoard  

This tip will show you how to use a template matching exercise on SmartBoard.

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