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Weekly E-Tip Interactive Whiteboard – Floating Tools Toolbar The features you use most are literally at your fingertips with the Floating Tools toolbar. To launch the Floating Tools, select the SMART Board icon located in Windows Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen, and choose Floating Tools from the SMART Board Tools menu. Stop using other tools and return the cursor to mouse mode

Write or draw in digital ink Highlight an area of the screen with translucent ink for emphasis

Capture an area of the screen into Notebook software

Open the drop-down menu to personalize toolbar functions

Undo your previous action. This tool toggles between two states, Undo and Redo. Erase digital ink


Next week’s e-tip will be on how to customize your toolbar. There are lots of other useful Features, as for e.g. The blinder, to cover the screen or part of it. If you need an extra hand, do not hesitate in contacting your E-Guide - Sandra Pires - Visit and subscribe

Floating Tools Toolbar  

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