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Weekly E-Tip Interactive Whiteboard – Templates – Tiles Activity This is a revealing exercise. When clicked, the tiles will become transparent, revealing anything that is behind. You can use the templates or create your own tiles activity.

1. Select the gallery tab 2 . After entering the tool’s name

3. Press “Edit” to get started. 4 . On the tiles tab, use the drop

“Tiles 1” in the search box and pressing the search button, click on the “Notebook Files & Pages” blue tab. .The gallery will open up, all you have to do is drag and drop the tool file in to your working area.

down menu to set the grid dimensions. Check the colour box to select random colour, or uncheck for one solid colour.

5. On the text tab, check the text box if you want to have text on the


1 3





titles. Enter the text on each tile.

6. On the objects tab, drag images, text, animations, sounds etc onto the page. send them to the back by rightclicking the object and choosing “Send to back”. . Press OK to begin the activity

Weekly E-Tips - Tiles activity  
Weekly E-Tips - Tiles activity  

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