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Identifying an Easy-To-Use and Reliable Liquid Flow Meter

If you are looking to accurately measure energy and water flow, then it is essential that you look for a good liquid flow meter. Finding a simple to use and reliable digital or ultrasonic flow meter is easy in this day and age, as some of the most cutting-edge and complex technologies have been innovated to become reliable, price worthy and user friendly.


The entire range of flow meters—KWH meters, ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic flow meters, ultrasonic water meters, AMR - automatic meter reading, BTU meters and AMI – advanced metering infrastructure etc.—are widely available in the market. Manufacturers have ensured that customization suits a number of different applications. The liquid flow meter helps in boosting system performance, helps in reducing costs, improves efficiency and assists in resource conservation.

Flow meter companies provide measurement solutions that are non-intrusive and help monitor toxic and aggressive liquids to many companies within the chemical industry. The latest technology and some of the most exclusive and compact designs are used in the creation of digital water meter and ultrasonic BTU meters in the market. The handheld ultrasonic flow meters and BTU meters are well engineered for delivering non-intrusive, portable, fast and energy measurement across applications and pipes in

a wide array for the purpose of cooling, heating, waste water and other applications related to liquid flow.

Ultimate Compatibility

Clamp-on flow meters are also available in the market. In these flow meters, a pair of ultrasonic transducers are used for reliably and accurately measuring the flow of chemical liquids from the outside of a pipe. There is no more need to break into the pipe work when liquids can be best controlled and monitored with the best in clampon flow meters. The metering process can be customized to be compatible with the already existing pipe work.

If you are interested in upgrading to a newer flow meter, the portable clamp-on variety is a great choice. It proves to be an excellent tool to check, service, and maintain any existing flow meter.

Suitable flow meters are available to measure toxic or aggressive

chemicals, non-conductive liquid, conductive liquid, liquids containing solids, fibers, polymers, concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.

Protection and Control

Flow meters work efficiently to control the pump and provide protection to it. The flow meters have some of the most unique features ranging from batching, flow control, truck loading, product identification, DI water and leakage detection. Some meters even have a system for chemical proportioning for maintaining proper volumetric ratio between injection volume of the chemical and volume of the liquid. Non-intrusive technology used in the powerful and compact flow meters help in measuring hot and cold energy as well as temperature.

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