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How Important Is A Heat Meter?

Energy costs are on the rise, and so is the importance of controlling and accurately measuring energy consumption. Recognizing this need, many suppliers manufacture and sell advanced heat metering instruments. The flow of thermal energy delivered to a source is measured by a heat meter. Heat meters are typically used in different kinds of district heating systems and industrial plants to measure the amount of heat used by a process as well as to measure boiler output.

Because energy is required for heating water, heat meter measurements are what generates those hot water bills. They are also useful in general HVAC and chilled water applications, district heating, heating systems and heat exchangers. The heat meter device is comprised of components that measure liquid flow rate and the difference between the return pipes and the flow. Besides flow and temperature sensors, heat meters also have digital integrators or calculator units that use the difference between the temperature and flow rate to calculate the amount of heat used or generated. The measure is provided in kWh or kilowatt-hours units.

Measuring movement of bulk fluid is termed as flow measurement, and there are different ways to measure flow. Ultrasonic flow meters, in particular, have proven to be excellent flow measuring devices. Fluid velocity and gas flow are measured over a particular area by the heat meter device and reported in either mass or volumetric flow rates including kilograms per second or liters per second. Many suppliers offer a comprehensive range of heat meters and ultrasonic and digital flow meters both in-store and online to suit your metering needs.

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