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About the Cover: 353 North Clark Building in Chicago which was recently developed by Mesirow Financial and is intended to be a “Best in Class” property.

photo credit: William Zbaren


02 Best in Class Green Building Developed at 353 North Clark by David Mack S P E C I A L F E AT U R E

07 Earth Friendly is Green All Over by Michael C. Davids 12 Corporate Social Responsibility; A New Standard for Law Firms by Howard Dakoff 14 Editor’s Message 16 Directory Advertising 19 The Weather & Your Landscape by James A. Fizzell 22 Industry Happenings 23 Circulation Profile INDUSTRY HAPPENINGS

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1409 Joliet Road, Lemont, Illinois 60439

Autumn 2010

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By D av i D M ac k

Best in Class Green Building Developed at 353 North Clark

photo credit: William Zbaren

Another recently completed Chicago building has leed credentials to testify to the green qualities of its design and construction.

nown by its address, the 353 North Clark building, which was developed by Mesirow Financial Real Estate, an arm of Mesirow Financial, and designed by prominent architect Dirk Lohan of Lohan Anderson, the successor firm to the Chicago practice of Mies Van der Rohe, was awarded the Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification because of the many program standards incorporated in the structure. The process of achieving such recognition is overseen by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), which began LEED as a means to lessen the environmental impact and heighten the energy efficiency in newly constructed, as well as rehabilitated buildings. (Another version also covers retrofitting and upgrading existing buildings.) The collective purpose of LEED is to lower operating costs and increase asset values; reduce waste sent to landfills; conserve energy and water; to make buildings healthier and safer for occupants; reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and to enable a building to qualify for tax rebates, zoning variances and other incentives. Overall the achieving of a certification would indicate an owner’s serious commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

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2 ChiCAgolAnd BuildingS & environmentS

James C.Tyree, CEO of Mesirow Financial, expressed great satisfaction over the fact that 353 North Clark reflects his company’s concern for environmental responsibility and sustainability as embodied in the LEED certification and the people friendly atmosphere it provides to occupants and visitors alike. “I’m extremely proud of this new facility as it represents the culmination of our firm’s expertise, innovation and determination,” Tyree said. And it, “has been designed with our employees, clients and friends in mind.”

Green Features At 45 stories, 353 North Clark, now the headquarters of Mesirow Financial, displays to the world around it a curtain wall of articulated glass and steel with nine foot floor to ceiling windows. Internally the floor layouts provide for 45 by

Autumn 2010

At 45 stories, 353 North Clark, now the headquarters of Mesirow Financial, displays to the world around it a curtain wall of articulated glass and steel with nine foot floor to ceiling windows.

Amenities There are many amenities for the comfort, convenience and safety of employees and visitors, including an ATM, a fitness center, a cafeteria and food service, concierge and state of the art security system, all of which are fronted by an attractive and sophisticated lobby.

Autumn 2010

photo credit: William Zbaren

47 foot column free clear spaces for maximum utilization and easy division of the floors for multiple tenant use. The elevator system is Class A and consists of 22 high speed cars. Climate control is provided through a HVAC system whose performance has been described as exceeding that of any other building in Chicago’s Central Business District. Additional cutting edge technology is represented in the top of the market electrical system and pressurized stair wells to ensure greater safety of occupants in the event of emergencies. “These pressurized stairwells exceed Chicago Building Code for safety,” said Mike Szkatulski, senior managing director of Mesirow Financial.

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Best in Class There are a number of reasons that Mesirow Financial chose to seek LEED certification. The building was intended to be a “best in class” facility and LEED is an essential part of achieving that label. An added benefit is that a LEED certification, “allowed for the building to enter the Green Permit Program with the City of Chicago Permit Department,” said Szkatulski. “The Green Permit Program allows for an expedited review process, which leads to a more efficient permit issuance process and ultimately allows the construction schedule to stay on track.” The building was actually awarded a lower level designation when its application was submitted but after considering what was needed for enhanced LEED luster, Mesirow Financial and its technical support group decided to “go for the gold.” “We initially received a silver rating from the USGBC during the pre-certification process,” said Szkatulski. “At that point, the team re-evaluated our LEED approach and opted to pursue additional points to ultimately reach a Gold level of certification.” There were some program standards that the team evaluated and ruled against because of cost benefit and operational difficulties. “We did investigate some of the more expensive credits such as the On- Site Renewable Energy Credits, however the analysis showed there would be very little performance gain for a substantial capital investment,” said Szkatulski. Enhancements such as solar panels and wind turbines were deemed to be unworkable for the location. They might, “give a building a certain bit of ‘green bling’, however based on the size of the site and available space for items like these, they really made very little economic sense for the building.”

There are a number of reasons that Mesirow Financial chose to seek LEED certification. The building was intended to be a “best in class” facility and LEED is an essential part of achieving that label.

photo credit: William Zbaren

4 ChiCAgolAnd BuildingS & environmentS

Autumn 2010

cover story

LEED Recognition

Green Enhancements

Applying for the LEED recognition is not a procedure that can be completed quickly as Mesirow Financial learned. “Gathering and organizing all of the necessary data for the certification process is a time consuming effort,” said Szkatulski. “However, if they (those responsible for getting it done) stay on top of the process throughout the course of the project, the actual time to finalize the submittal is very manageable.” One might think that upgrading the design of a building to LEED standards for the Gold certification would be somewhat expensive. Actually, however, “the additional costs really are negligible,” said Szkatulski. “The building will have to pay a slight up charge for some design time, additional commissions and a minor fee for some materials, however there are so many (green) products available on today’s market that the spread between the non-green and green products has been minimized.”

Following is a listing of the principal enhancements of the building upon which the leed gold certification award was predicated. » Easy access to multiple public transit options- bus, el, suburban Metra trains via building shuttle water taxi and more; » bike storage; » brownfield redevelopment; » low pollution emitting fuel;

» all glass curtain wall system which allows daylight to reach 90% of the space; » offset of the building’s power usage through the purchase of renewable energy credits; use of materials with high recycled content;

» efficient vehicle parking;

» recycling of over 115 tons or 80% of the construction waste;

» green roof and fully landscaped plazas to reduce heat gain and maximize urban green space;

» zoned temperature control for use by tenants;

» three storm-water storage tanks; » use of landscaping that does not require irrigation; » high efficiency plumbing fixtures that reduce water usage by more than 32%;

» building control of after hours heating and cooling on a per floor basis; » maximization of use of local materials in construction » and the use of low VOC adhesives, sealants, paints, carpets and laminate materials


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Entices Prospective Tenants The gold designation has definitely been an asset in enticing prospective tenants to sign leases at 353 North Clark. Almost ninety percent of the commercial space has been taken and several tenants were at least partly influenced in their decision to move into the building because of the many sustainable characteristics represented by the LEED cachet. “The certification is used in marketing efforts and most prospective tenants usually inquire about the specifics of the building’s certification and how it will pertain to them as a tenant in the building,” said Szkatulski. The building is now home to executive search consulting firm Spencer Stuart and prominent law firm Jenner& Block, which

is the co-anchor of 353 North Clark, E.ON Climate & Renewables, a global renewable energy organization, as well as InterContinetal Exchange (ICE).

Higher Rents? Whether having a LEED certification enables an owner to command higher rents than buildings without that status is hard to determine now because, despite the fact that there is still a demand for Class A top of the market space, securing tenants at an owner’s desired rent levels is generally difficult due to the overall tough conditions bedeviling the real estate market, commercial or otherwise. Many more tenants are demanding green office space and being green is essential to being considered top of the market space. But, “at this point it is

difficult to quantify whether or not a higher rent is attributable to the LEED certification,” said Szkatulski, although, “at a minimum, having the LEED certification in your building will allow it to appeal to the highest number of potential tenants.”

LEED Existing Building Status When it comes to energy and water savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a LEED certification on those points is based on best estimates by analysts. To determine whether a building meets its LEED’s goals (the estimates or better) building owners and management must monitor results. If they are within the estimates calculated, those findings can then be used to apply for a LEED EB (existing building) certification to even further enhance its status as a sustainable building. “Absolutely the building will pursue LEED EB once the required baseline time has been established to perform the proper analysis,” explained Szkatulski. The anticipated reduction in energy use is intended to be achieved by the engineering staff’s on-going utilization of the building automation system to improve energy efficiency, which should lead to a decline in green house gas releases.

Other Mesirow Financial Green Buildings Mesirow Financial’s involvement with LEED certified buildings did not begin and will not end with 353 North Clark. It has been an integral participant in other projects that have received that recognition for their efforts at sustainability. Among such buildings are the West Hall of McCormick Place, the Center on Halsted and the Cook County Domestic Violence Courthouse. The latter two received the Silver certification. That’s just, “to name a few,” said Szkatulski, “and we will continue our commitment to sustainability and LEED.”

photo credit: William Zbaren

Creating Sustainable Office Buildings

The gold designation has definitely been an asset in enticing prospective tenants to sign leases at 353 North Clark. Almost ninety percent of the commercial space has been taken and several tenants were at least partly influenced in their decision to move into the building because of the many sustainable characteristics represented by the LEED cachet. 6 ChiCAgolAnd BuildingS & environmentS

Summing up Mesirow Financial’s focus, Szkatulski said, that the company’s, “overall philosophy is that obtaining LEED certification is really just the first step in the process of creating a sustainable office building. After that initial step is complete it is critical that the building be monitored constantly to make sure it operates as efficiently as possible.” $ Autumn 2010

s p e c i a l f e at u r e

By M i c h a e l c . D av i D s

Earth Friendly is Green All Over “Some day somewhere a historian will investigate the origins of the green movement and its eco-friendly products.” says the website of Addison, illinois based earth Friendly Products. their story continues ‘A search on google lookalikes will be populated with entries that contain ‘earth Friendly Products,’ or ‘dishmate’, or ‘venus laboratories.’


he researcher may find that a young man from greece living in Chicago was struggling with english but knew he could master the symbolintensive subject of chemistry. that young man, van vlahakis, later recognized the need for more effective cleaning products and in 1967 founded venus laboratories, inc. to make better cleaning products and pursue his dream of business success. By 1989 venus laboratories had expanded from its illinois base with plants in California, new Jersey, and Florida. 1989 also marked the launch of earth Friendly Products, a division of venus laboratories formed to concentrate on eco-friendly and green cleaning supplies including the eCoS laundry detergent and dishmate dishwashing soap. John vlahakis, van’s son, took on the mission of marketing the new green products throughout the u.S., and in 2004 became division President, a position he fulfilled until 2009. Another family member, Kelly vlahakis joined the company as director of Public relations in 2003 and assumed the position of vice President in 2009. in 2010, a new facility will open in lacey, Washington to help cut down on the company’s carbon footprint. From a small start in a few green stores, mainstream retail distribution was achieved when the products appeared on the shelves of trader Joe’s. other mass retailers followed including Costco and Sam’s Clubs. in 2009, eCoS laundry detergent distinguished itself as the top-selling green detergent in the world.

s Mayor of Addison, Larry Hartwig, cutting the ribbon to

open the facility with Earth Friendly Products CEO, Van Vlahakis and Vice President, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks.

product line is free of 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, phosphates, caustics, chlorine bleach, and other toxins. Product purity and the highest standards can be relied upon as the company’s products originate from the company’s proprietary and patented formulations. All products are manufactured in one of the company’s five manufacturing facilities in the u.S. many of the formulas were developed by van vlahakis directly and in collaboration with the company’s chemists. earth Friendly Products aims to provide high quality, affordable green products. All product is tracked from raw material through final manufacture in the company owned and operated plants. the continued dedication of its founder van vlahakis, closely involved family members, capable management, chemists, and production employees has produced a success formula and a strong foundation for further growth. emphasizing its commitment to green alternatives, in 2009 the company’s garden grove facility installed 265 solar panels to become the first green facility to produce all of its electricity for production from solar power. their midwest plant and corporate

Many Firsts the years have been punctuated by many “firsts.” in 2008, chemists at earth Friendly Products solved obstinate riddles to completely eliminate 1,4-dioxane from all earth Friendly Products, an achievement no other green company had been able to accomplish. earth Friendly Products’ entire

Autumn 2010

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BuilDings & environMents

American Contracting and Management Services, Inc. EXTERIOR

n n n n n n

Roof Replacement Tuck Pointing Concrete Replacement Painting and Caulking Siding & Wood Replacement Window Replacement


n n n n n n n n n n

Drywall & Plaster Repairs Painting Carpet & Tile Replacement Electrical Plumbing HVAC Maintenance (both high rise and residential) HVAC Replacements Boilers and Chillers Domestic Hot Water Installations Construction / Unit-Rehab Energy Control programs for both HVAC & Lighting

headquarters in Addison, illinois recently became the largest solar powered manufacturing facility in illinois. the company’s new Jersey plant is scheduled to install 300 solar panels to reduce their dependence on non-solar electrical power. Further innovation is planned along with new plant locations to support global demand for products that reduce the carbon footprint.

Addison Plant Represents Growth in the Green Sector earth Friendly’s Addison facility boasts 312 solar panels, making it the single largest solarpowered commercial facility in illinois. the addition of natural energy is just another way that earth Friendly Products is reducing its carbon footprint in an effort to keep the environment as clean as its products. the facility, which represents an effort to support local production and employment, officially opened on thursday, June 10, 2010. to mark the occasion, Kelly vlahakis-hanks, vice President of earth Friendly Products, hosted a morning press conference at the facility, which included a history of earth Friendly Products presentation, followed by a Q&A session and private tours of the new facility. the day was capped off with a gala reception that was attended by local elected officials and key business leaders from the Chicago-area. “We are pleased to open a larger, greener facility in the Chicago area, which is not only where earth Friendly Products began more than 40 years ago, but also a place that has made huge efforts in recent years to make being green a priority,” said van vlahakis, Ceo of earth Friendly Products. “earth Friendly Products recognizes the great

opportunity we have to contribute to those efforts by opening a plant that uses solar power and produces the eco-friendly products that help keep the greater Chicago area clean and green.” operational since September 2009, the new facility points to the steady growth that earth Friendly Products continues to experience despite the current economic downturn. While most companies are continuing to scale back, earth Friendly Products stands at the forefront of the new “green” economy by opening a plant that represents an increase in need for eco-friendly products in the heartland, despite cut-backs in overall spending.

Some Green for Employees While working to meet the expanded consumer demand for green cleaning products despite the rough economic climate, earth Friendly Products recently celebrated earth day 2010 by giving employees at the Addison facility an extra week’s pay as a thank you for their hard work in opening the facility and their efforts in the green movement. “the Addison employees’ hard work symbolizes a huge step in bringing a green lifestyle to every person,” said Kelly vlahakis-hanks, vice President of earth Friendly Products. “We could not have opened this facility without them and we could not continue to on our path to make every home a green home without the tireless efforts of our Addison team.”

Green Products earth Friendly Products specializes in the development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for household and com-


ACMS, INC. 934 Hedgewood Drive, Palatine. IL 60074

847.971.4126 Joe Orlando, President

Earth Friendly Products specializes in the development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for household and commercial use with over 150 products manufactured, distributed, and sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

8 ChiCAgolAnd BuildingS & environmentS

Autumn 2010

s p e c i a l f e at u r e

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BuilDings & environMents

Earth Friendly Products has proudly received the 2009 Green Patriot™ Green 100™ Designation and the Champion level recognition from the US EPA through the Design for the Environment (DfE) Program’s Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative. mercial use with over 150 products manufactured, distributed, and sold in the uSA, Canada, europe, South America, and Asia. earth Friendly Products are created with only replenishable and sustainable plant-based ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. the company adheres to its strict “Freedom Code”, a list of harmful and toxic ingredients that are not found in any its products. earth Friendly Products has proudly received the 2009 green Patriot™ green 100™ designation and the Champion level recognition from the uS ePA through the design for the environment (dfe) Program’s Safer detergents Stewardship initiative.

Corporate & Social Responsibility earth Friendly Products takes its corporate and social responsibility seriously. the company recently made a $5,000 donation to Chicago gateway green in honor of the grand opening of its brand new manufacturing facility in Addison, illinois. the money will go towards continued greening projects, including planting shrubs, trees and other greenery in the area, as well as the organization’s efforts to clean litter and maintain native plantings on hundreds of acres along transportation corridors in Chicago. “From our homes to our roadways, we share a common goal, which is to keep the earth healthy and make a positive impact on our environment,” said Kelly vlahakis-hanks. “We are delighted to make this donation. together, earth Friendly Products and Chicago gateway green can make a huge difference in keeping all of Chicago clean and green. Among the other local organizations that earth Friendly supports are the Chicago Center for neighborhood technology, lincoln Park Zoo, Kilbourn Park organic greenhouse - Chicago Park district, and homeless helpline, a program of the Community emergency Shelter organization (CeSo) of Chicago.

Earth Friendly’s Addison facility boasts 312 solar panels, making it the single largest solar-powered commercial facility in Illinois.

In- House Green Initiatives

Corporate Resolutions & Education

earth Friendly’s in-house greening initiatives include: 1. Packing kernels made from recyclable corn.

in an effort to further demonstrate, the company has created and subscribes to a list of ten corporate resolutions. they work to implement their resolutions through special employee training and education for employees, clients, distributors and public. they regularly host local groups from educational institutions and other interested groups.

2. recycled cardboard only 3. Pure distilled water for all products. 4. domestically sourced ingredients; increasingly, we are able to source from farmers. 5. recycling wastewater in different ways; after production, water is refined via a process of osmosis and reused for washing floors. 6. Connecting centers to solar panels to take them off the grid. 7. making their own bottles to reduce waste and their outside costs. Additionally, whenever a biodegradable container comes on the market, they test it to see if they can use it. 8. encouraging, among our families and employees, seemingly mundane but vitally important habits: Car-pooling, the use of public transportation and bicycling to work and school. 9. establishing our own recycling program if one of the communities where a plant is located does not have recycling for businesses. 10. Supporting and encouraging employee organic gardens. As a family owned and operated company, they feel they have tight controls over their products. According to ms. vlahakis-hanks, “it makes us nimble - we can react to inspiration, solve problems and use our own eyes, ears and noses to monitor product quality. We quality control ingredients before we make them into a product.” then, each batch is carefully monitored, and a reserve is kept on file for reference. they know how fast or slow their products age, how stable they are on the shelf and in customers’ homes. She adds, “we think every company that sells natural cleaning products should make their own; there is no other way to control products’ quality. Because we do, we know right away when we need to search out new - and closer - sources for ingredients.”

10 C h i C A g o l A n d B u i l d i n g S & e n v i r o n m e n t S

Earth Friendly Products has resolved: » to do all we can to restore a healthy ecology to the planet. » We believe ecological restoration will arrive hand-in-hand with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, certain that the quest for ecological restoration will create jobs in the industrial and service sectors. » We will continue to purchase locally. not only will this consume less shipping fuel, but also bring tax and spending dollars into local economies. » We believe the middle classes - the workhorse of the nation - has been legislatively ignored and grievously robbed of economic ground. » grateful for the families that have worked for us for generations, we will work to sustain a strong quality of life for our employees including pay raises that go beyond the rising cost of living. » as a u.s. company, in full support of a solid middle class, we will continue to hire locally for our four manufacturing centers across america (illinois, california, florida and new Jersey). limited, ethical government comes from local involvement. » having been called on to submit phosphatefree products for state-level testing and give testimony in state senates, we will continue to be politically active in our cause. » We will support legislation that encourages energy independence, good jobs & business opportunities, and all legislation in support of ecological restoration. earth Friendly also publishes a list of pledges that they had made. they acknowledge that as a manufacturer of green cleaning products, they have an example to uphold for integrity and purity. therefore, they pledge to:

Autumn 2010

s p e c i a l f e at u r e

Earth Friendly Products facility in Addison, Illinois

Guests and visitors receive a green welcome at reception

...continue to provide formaldehyde-free prod...continue to create formulate with only replenucts, setting thepanels, example as the only formaldeishable ingredients. We will not use petrochemEarth Friendly’s Addison facility boasts 312 solar making hyde-free green cleaners made in the u.s. ical, non-iconic ingredients; haveitnever, andlargest will solar-powered the single commercial facility in Illinois. not remain silent while other cleaners call them...make certain each products has a safe, neutral selves green, yet rely on this unsustainable, nonph – the same as human skin. renewable resource. ...continue to employ every energy saving method ...continue to set the highest standards for purity currently available including the reuse of water, among our peers. We have begun to use as many solar panels and recycling all packing materials. n.o.p. certified organic essential oils that are ...guarantee containers & lids are recyclable, and available and will use pure, real, 100% natural paper has 80% post-consumer content. and the result of hundreds of man-hours in ...continue with us epa Dfe certification until all research and development. our products are fully certified. ...ensure every product is cruelty free and 100%

...ensure parity with conventional cleaners. this includes price (we have lowered our prices year after year and will continue to find ways to cut costs) and performance.

On the Horizon our visit to earth Friendly was inspiring. the current corporate leadership seems set on forging new horizons with their business and green practices. they hope to continue their growth and increase their involvement and support of green programs in Chicagoland and across the country. $

biodegradable(and we’ve got the 2007 proggy award to prove it!).

Autumn 2010

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BuilDings & environMents

B y h o W a r D s . D a k o f f, e s q . 1 - l e v e n f e l D p e a r l s t e i n , l l c

Corporate Social Responsibility:

A New Standard For Law Firms the concept of Corporate Social responsibility (CSr), also commonly referred to as sustainability, is increasingly being implemented by businesses – in every sector of the economy – as part of their corporate policies and public relations. Businesses are keenly aware that sustainability policies may have a significant impact on profitability, brand image and business risks.

ural resources.

Economic Success Guidelines for economic success include focusing on corporate profitability (company), providing reasonable compensation for employees’ economic prosperity (employees), which translates to the community’s economic prosperity through taxes, salaries and also monies spent with vendors, suppliers and civic and philanthropic efforts (community).

CSR is a doctrine and value system to all strategic planning from best firm and govern a business. Unfortunately, due to employee practices and environmental the lack of clear internationally or nationsustainability to providing legal services, ally accepted guidelines governing CSR, recruiting and retention of employees, what CSR means to businesses varies drabusiness development, marketing and phimatically. lanthropy. Social Responsibility For some businesses, CSR merely takes The successful implementation of LP’s Respect for people includes not just the form of charitable or philantreating employees in a fair and thropic donations. Other businon-exploitive way, but implenesses incorporate basic menting diversity and fair hirrecycling programs or environing practices, having mental “green” practices such as responsible firm governance in swapping incandescent light an ethical and professional bulbs to high efficiency light manner, dealing with employbulbs, water savers on faucets or ees and clients in a fair, private mandating double-sided copyand confidential manner, proing and call it a day. Without viding a wellness program for doubt, these over simplificaemployees, and providing a tions miss the nuance and more work-life balance for employsubtle points of an effective and ees, including telecommuting intellectually honest CSR prowhere practicable. gram. It also requires providing As with many industries, awareness to employees of susthe legal services industry has tainability issues and providing adapted to the demand for susfor the well-being of stake Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, Howard Dakoff (LP), Kevin Corrigan, Martin Chavez, tainability practices. In re(ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability) and Yalmaz Siddiqui (Director of Environmental holders through pro bono servsponse, the American Bar Strategy for Office Depot. ices, philanthropy and a comAssociation adopted its Model mitment to the environment. Sustainability Policy and Implementation CSR program can be used as a model for Environmental Responsibility Guidelines (ABA Model Sustainability Polother law firms and professional service icy). The ABA Model Sustainability Policy firms to implement their own CSR proGuidelines for environmental responis not merely about recycling or other engram. sibility are conserving the use of natural vironmental practices, but a governance LP’s commitment to sustainability foresources and energy to the extent practitool reflecting organizational culture, idencused on three primary areas: economic cable, reducing the quantity of energy tity and values. success, social responsibility and environconsumed and reducing the supply chain Chicago-based Levenfeld Pearlstein, mental responsibility. Economic success is impact by requiring vendors to offer green LLC (LP) was the first law firm in the the wise use of financial resources. Social products or have sustainability policies in country to adopt the ABA Model Sustainresponsibility is respect for people. Envitheir business. ability Policy. Commitment to sustainronmental responsibility is respect for life In fact, LP was the first Chicago-based ability practices for LP manifests itself in and the wise management and use of natlaw firm to join the Chicago Climate Ex-

12 C h i C A g o l A n d B u i l d i n g S & e n v i r o n m e n t S

Autumn 2010

s p e c i a l f e at u r e

change, which is a trading system where companies, including service firms, purchase carbon credits to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint to become carbon neutral organizations and manufacturing companies receive financial assistance for improvements to reduce their carbon emissions.

Implementation Creating CSR guidelines (and in the case of a law firm, adopting the ABA Model Sustainability Policy) requires not just a well thought out and articulate policy, but implementing and communicating its plan to employees, stake-holders and the public. Through the use of the Chairman and Executive Committee of LP, written and verbal communications were provided to employees explaining the changes that employees must embrace to accomplish the firm’s mission. The policy was published throughout the firm through its Intranet, marketing materials and practice group meetings. Additionally, the firm established task forces to implement specific goals and obtain measurable benchmarks. The firm created an Environmental Task Force to implement and oversee environmental policies, a Pro Bono Task Force to seek out and approve pro bono legal matters, a Charitable Grants Task Force to review grant applications and award meaningful grants to agencies serving underrepresented populations and a Community Outreach Task Force to coordinate periodic volunteer and community outreach events. The various task forces implemented policies, programs, procedures and held events all consistent with the ABA Model Sustainability Policy and the firm’s CSR program. With each “small win” the win was communicated to the employees of the firm, clients, the public at large, which ultimately changed the corporate culture

to fully embrace the firm’s CSR initiatives. Some of the most notable benchmarks for LP are: (i) first law firm in the United States to adopt the American Bar Association Model Commitment to Sustainability for a Law Organization (actually helped draft it); (ii) first Chicago-based law firm to join the Chicago Climate Exchange and become “carbon neutral” by purchasing credits to offset the firm’s carbon footprint; (iii) generous donations yearly, in amount directly correlated to a fixed percentage of the

Howard Dakoff and Kevin Corrigan of Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC firm’s gross revenue, to charitable and philanthropic causes even during the 2008-2010 economic recession (current grant recipients are Erie Family Health Center and the Chicago Community Kitchens of the Greater Chicago Food Depository); (iv) yearly savings in excess of $36,000 in electrical and other costs; (v) selected as the first law firm to be listed in the Chicago Green Business Directory, published by the Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance; (vi) first law firm to reach Tier 1 (highest tier possible) in the 2009-10 Chicago Green Office Challenge. Without accountability and measuring success, a CSR program is likely to linger in mediocrity. Full implementation

of LP’s CSR program took three years, but in 2010, the firm successfully implemented the ABA Model Sustainability Policy and its CSR commitments.

The Lesson While CSR is subject to debate and criticism by some in the business world, there is no doubt that clients, employees, and stake-holders in companies are requiring businesses to adopt some form of a CSR program. Critics argue that CSR distracts from the fundamental role of businesses in a capitalist society (economic growth), but the de facto standard is quickly becoming the adoption of a CSR program for sustainability practices requiring businesses to jump on board the CSR train (adopt or be left behind). In fact, most Fortune 500 Companies have already adopted a CSR program and many even have full-time designated CSR Officers. There is no empirical data that businesses that refuse to adopt some form of a CSR program are destined for dissolution or financial hardship; however, there is data that companies that have adopted genuine CSR programs have increased their profitability and/or company value and bettered their brand image. Thus, to not adopt some form of a CSR program may handicap brand image, profitability and business risk. It is possible to be economically prosperous while at the same time caring about others, helping your community and preserving the earth’s resources.

Pay It Forward To inspire other law firms or professional service firms to adopt a CSR program, LP is committed to providing assistance, and information of its journey, for others to use as applicable. For such further information, you may email $


howard dakoff is the Corporate Social responsibility officer for levenfeld Pearlstein, llC. the primary responsibility of a Corporate Social responsibility officer is to use sustainability to strengthen a firm’s brand for recruiting, retention and client development, and for improving efficiency through waste reduction and employee well being. See William Blackburn, the Sustainability handbook – the Complete management guide to Achieving Social economic and environmental responsibility (2008).

Autumn 2010

ChiCAgolAnd BuildingS & environmentS




Buildings Environments Volume 6, No. 1, Autumn 2010


he green movement has been slowed in some ways recently, as causes that are not deemed critical often get reduced in dif-

ficult economic times. however, in our efforts to find the most interest-


ing and practical green building stories, we are finding it easier to find

Landscape La Lan ndscap scapee BBuyer uyer uy er

great examples of companies and individuals implementing environ-

Volume 17, No. 1, Autumn 2010

those involved as owners and managers of various types of (non-gov-

mentally sound practices at their facilities. hopefully this signals that ernmental) buildings are seeing how actual cost benefits of “going

» editor’s message

green” can be achieved in many cases.

our cover story for this issue of CBe features the recently completed high-rise office building at Editor & Publisher

353 north Clark Street developed by mesirow Financial. With this development, mesirow Financial

Michael C. Davids

demonstrated their commitment to the environment as they increased their greening plans be-

Vice President Sherri Iandolo

yond original plans in their efforts to make the new home of their company headquarters into a “Best of Class” property. our second story profiles earth Friendly Products, a company based in Addison, il that makes

Art Director Rick Dykhuis Contributing Writers James A. Fizzell, Cathy Walker, David Mack Circulation & Administration Carol Iandolo, Mary Knoll, Arlene Wold

green products for cleaning and other household uses. much can be learned from our inside look at earth Friendly Products operations as well as their company culture which is green to the core. We also profile the law firm of levenfeld Pearlstein in this issue. levenfeld Pearlstein has embarked on many green initiatives in their attempt to set new standards for corporate and social responsibility at law firms. their story provides many fine examples of how to go green in any type office. Jim Fizzell’s regular column on the weather and your landscape provides some helpful tips on preparing your outdoor landscape for the winter and insight on how the past season’s weather has

The Landscape Buyer and Chicagoland Building & En-

effected your plants and landscape. our regular industry happenings column features some green

vironments is published Winter/Spring and Summer/Au-

news and helpful information on various events and activities.

tumn by MCD Media, as informational and educational tools for the buyers, users and providers of green industry products and services. For editorial, advertising and subscription information contact: 935 Curtiss, Suite 5, Downers Grove, IL 60515, 630-9325551 or 630-663-0333. Fax: 630-663-0339 or 630-932-5553. CIRCULATION:The Landscape Buyer and Chicagoland Building & Environments maintains a circulation of 7,000. Subscriptions are available for $19.95 per year. Group subscriptions are available at $13.95 each, per year (orders of 5 or more). Single issues are available for $10.95.

We very much appreciate the positive input we have received from many of you about our Chicagoland Buildings & environments (CBe) publication. With your help we will continue to serve as a source of practical independent information on environmental issues for Chicagoland buildings and facilities. We look forward to exploring other green building trends and issues in coming issues of CBe. if you have a green story to share, please let us know. if your property has a special need or challenge, mCd media produces special events that feature a variety of resources and experts specializing in current issues. many members of our CBe advisory board will attend these events. there are also key resources from our sister publication –Condo lifestyles available at our special events. Please consider attending our upcoming State of the industry program on december 9th at the Chicago Cultural Center. one of the topics we will discuss is environmental issues for Buildings

All material herein is copyrighted. No part of this publication

and other green trends. You can find more information on this program on page 26 and also on our

may be reproduced whatsoever without written consent

website. Please make plans to join us. if for some reason you are unable to attend, we wish you a

from the publisher.

very happy holiday season. thanks to the many new subscribers that have found our publications useful and informative.

This publication is designed to provide accurate and author-

As we continue to grow our Chicagoland Buildings and environments publication, we encourage

itative information in regard to the subject matter covered.

you to make your environment and your community all it can be. $ Michael C. Davids

It is issued with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal or accounting services. If legal

Editor and Publisher

advice is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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Abel Building & Restoration (847) 543-9800



IFD Inc. Associated Environmental LLC 847-364-6800

Hard Surface Solutions 815-344-8400 / 630-674-4520 Contact Mark Neville

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The Lorusso Companies (630)231-9009


C O N C R E T E & A S P H A LT

Coder Taylor Associates 847-382-4100

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Architects • Research • Engineering Specifications • Reserve Studies

Full Circle Architects, LLC (847) 564-0884 (847) 564-3880 fax Daniel Baigelman, AIA Capital Improvements • Reserve Studies • Engineering Reports 85Revere Drive, Suite B, Northbrook, IL 60062

Maul Asphalt & Seal Coating 630-420-8765 Sealcoating / Crack-Sealing / Striping Asphalt Installation

F: 312.288.3801 333 West Wacker | Suite 2700 Chicago, Illinois 60606

Klein and Hoffman, Inc. Structural and Restoration Engineers


Building Envelope Structural Renovation/Adaptive Reuse Curtainwall/Windows / Capital Maintenance Planning New Structural Design, Civil/Environmental Marine/Waterfront Structures Transportation Facilities

ATTORNEYS Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit (847) 537-0500 Advising and Consulting with Business Owners, Community Association Law & Collection Services, Construction Defects, Real Estate Assessed Valuation Reduction, Litigation, Commercial Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights, Real Estate, Business ,Estate Planning

Contact - Steve Hansen

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Quality Restorations (630) 595-0990 Riggio/Boron Ltd. A Total Exterior Facade Restoration Company



CUSTOM CONCRETE DESIGNS Install New Concrete / Remove Old Concrete Waterproof Concrete Repair Concrete / Seal Concrete Walks • Pool Decks • Balconies Professional Service Since 1970

contact: Rob Sternberg

Hard Surface Solutions 815-344-8400 / 630-674-4520

Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC 312-476-7556

Concrete Flatwork Specialists / Asphalt Paving Curbs & Driveways / Sidewalks Footings &Foundations / Colored & Stamped Concrete Aggregate Finish Concrete Contact Mark Neville

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BANKING Community Advantage of Barrington Bank & Trust 847-304-5940 Loans, Reserve Investments & Lock Box Services

SWH Architects, Ltd. 630-466-8021

Since 1924 Tuckpointing / Masonry Repairs & Reconstruction Concrete Restoration / Facade Inspections Sealant & Caulking Application

Concrete By Sennstrom (630) 406-1200

Environ International Corporation V: 312.288.3836


R.C. Wegman Construction Company (630) 844 - 3000 New development • Tenant Improvements Upgrading facilities • Expansions Applying LEED Principles "Building on Over 50 Years of Trust" Contact: Mark Baum /

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Brouwer Brothers Steamatic QCI Restoration 847-891-2929 866-832-6724

All types of Environmental Cleaning.

800 CLEAN54 (253-2654) 708-396-1447 (24-hour service line)


Brouwer Bros. Steamatic (800) CLEAN54 Photo Inventory, Moving, Storage or Disposal

ECOLOGICAL RESTORATION E.L. Johnson Investigations, Inc. (312) 583-1167

McGinty Brothers Professional Lawn & Tree Care 847-438-5161

The Restoration Group, LLC 630-580-5584


State Licensed Private Detectives All Types of Investigations Specialization in Foreclosure Process Service and Eviction Notices on Foreclosed Property

Universal Restoration Services

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ConTech MSI Co. 847-483-3803 Fire Detection & Signaling Systems Fire Alarm Systems Chicago Life Safety Evaluation Solutions Security Systems/CCTV Card Access Systems See our ad on page 8

Select Energy Partners LLC (312) 593-6412 Contact: Ryan Anthony

FIRE/FLOOD RESTORATION Brouwer Bros. Steamatic All types of Environmental Cleaning. Air & Exhaust Duct Cleaning • Mold Remediation Garbage Chute Cleaning • Carpet & Drapery Cleaning Photo Inventory, Moving, Storage or Removal

HOLIDAY DECORATIONS Kinsella Landscape, Inc. 708-371-0830 Creating Lifestyles from the Outside In...™

HVAC Team Mechanical A N E M CO R CO M PA NY

(847) 537-1616

INSURANCE Hollinger Services, Inc. 847-437-2184

Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) 866-2NIFSAB (866-264-3722) 708-403-4468

Mesirow Financial 312-595-8135

IRRIGATION Team Fire Protection A N E M CO R CO M PA NY

NatureScape Design

(847) 537-1616

Irrigation & Water Features Contact Paul Layshock or Jean Singleton

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888-231-1300 / 847-526-4554

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AAA Painting Contractors, Inc. 630-231-8350


Alan Horticultural Services, Inc. 630-739-0205

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Acres Group Professional Landscaping and Snow Removal

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Baum Property Services, LTD., AAMC 630-897-0500

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Caruso Management Group, Inc. Residential & Commercial

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WINDOWS/REPLACEMENTS IFD Inc. Associated Environmental LLC 847-364-6800 New Construction • Renovation • Replacement/Repair Window Systems • Noise Abatement • Curtain Wall Systems Aluminum Windows: Wausau, Graham, Champion, Fulton Wood Windows: Andersen, Pella, Kolbe & Kolbe Steel Windows:Crittall

Woodland Windows & Doors 630-529-Door (3667)

Solar Service, Inc. 847-677-0950

18 C h i C A g o l A n d B u i l d i n g S & e n v i r o n m e n t S

Autumn 2010

AU T U M N 2 0 1 0

By JaMes a. fizzell

The Weather & Your Landscape For those of us who enjoy warm weather, the summer of 2010 was great. For you folks who spend most of your time indoors, it probably makes little difference what the weather is like outside except as it affects the electric bill.

Remember to Take Advantage of Good Spring Days Many times in our peculiar continental climate, spring is a fleeting thing. Some years there is no spring. Sometimes it arrives late. Sometimes it arrives early and stays only a short time before reverting to the cold wet weather to which we are accustomed. That is why we try to convince people to take advantage of every spring-like day because we know they don’t always last very long. For those who had taken advantage of the days of good weather, the later moisture and mild weather were a Godsend. Plantings and lawns were lush and beautiful, without the necessity of watering.

Old Fashioned Hot Summer


or the plantings around your landscape, the weather has a tremendous effect and the 2010 season has been one of the better seasons in recent years. After the harshness of the winter 2009-10, spring erupted early, warm and dry. It allowed the best start to a season in the memories of many. Spring cleanups were completed on time. Annuals were set out early with no late freeze to wreck them. The early weather was warm, and reasonably dry with well-spaced timely rains, just when the moisture was needed.

Nice Weather Did Not Last Farmers reported planting was proceeding at a record pace. That wonderful weather was not to last. Farmers who got their corn planted in record time were just beginning to get to the beans when the

Autumn 2010

weather broke. Slow-to-act contractors were caught the same way. As was expected, that favorable weather quickly evaporated. Later spring was still warm, but the rains had started. Those who followed our cautions, taking every advantage of the good weather, were finished with the spring work. Those who procrastinated were to encounter delays as the rains arrived.

Summer arrived with the heat and humidity expected in a good old-fashioned Chicago-land summer. Some weather reporters were talking about it being the hottest summer ever, eclipsing even the record summer of 1955. In fact, the only record broken was the number of consecutive 80 degree days. Whereas the number of 90 degree days this summer was something around 20, the summer of 1955 produced nearly 50 90-degree days. While the summer of 2010 will go into the records as one of the ten warmest, it is not because of the number of scorching days, but due to the number of moderately warm days and unusually high nighttime temperatures. A factor peculiar to this past summer was the rainfall and continuously high humidity, making it seem hotter than it really was.

ChiCAgolAnd BuildingS & environmentS


BuilDings & environMents

Then Came the Rain There were few periods when the soil moisture reached the point where irrigation was needed. This is not to suggest that irrigation systems were not in use, but that often they were being used when there was still enough moisture in the soil. A period of two weeks in May and another in late summer were dry. At the other end of the spectrum, severe rains hit most of Chicagoland at one time or another during the summer. Floods, and particularly large

hail, caused a lot of damage to plantings and to buildings as well. In some areas, roofing and siding contractors were more numerous than landscape contractors. Flooding damaged plantings of annuals and perennial beds. As these dry out, pull out the damaged plants and replace them with mums or other fall flowers. Trees and shrubs damaged by the large hail, some of it baseball-sized, will take some judicious trimming to get them back in shape. Longer-term hail damage will show up as

cankers and dying branches next year. Insect problems with some exceptions were not of much concern this year. An early outbreak of aphids was stopped by the wet weather. Soft-bodied insects are readily attacked by parasitic fungi when the weather is damp. The wet weather did result in an outbreak of leafspot diseases and particularly anthracnose which appeared later in the season than generally expected.

August Dried Out Lawn diseases appeared as the weather turned dry in August. The ring and patch diseases, and dollar spot were the result of poor growing conditions. Thatch and infertility are often responsible for such problems. Correcting the underlying causes will usually solve the disease problems without the necessity of relying on fungicides. Sod webworms did a lot of damage in late summer. Many people assumed that the grub controls applied in early summer would control the webworms as well. Sod webworm insects are not affected by the grub control materials. Grubs were not as much of a problem because of the widespread use of grub proofing materials and because of the general good condition of lawns. Most lawns were healthy, green, and growing at egg-laying time. When most lawns are dormant and brown, the adult grubs seek out the greenest lawns for egg laying.

Fall Arrives As meteorological summer drew to a close, so did the last of the hot weather, and rainfall ceased as well. When the summer season draws to an end, the pace of outdoor work quickens. Temperatures usually moderate, and generally rainfall usually is more predictable. The long range forecast for the fall and winter are of interest to most of us who are making plans to get plantings ready for the approaching winter. To get his thoughts on the subject, we once again contacted our weather guru, Meteorologist, Greg Soulje. According to Greg, after two years of being affected by an El Nino, the weather for the next several months will be dictated by a moderate-to-strong La Nina.

20 C h i C A g o l A n d B u i l d i n g S & e n v i r o n m e n t S

Autumn 2010

the lanDscape Buyer

La Nina Conditions An El Nino is characterized by warmer than normal sea water temperatures in the equatorial Pacific. A La Nina results from unusually cold Pacific waters. Conditions are switching from the El Nino to a La Nina at a rapid pace. During a La Nina event, fall and winter here typically are somewhat changeable but dominated by a ridge over the high plains and persistent northwest to southeast upper level winds. Soulje expects precipitation in mid-autumn to average a little below normal with temperatures generally seasonal, but with early shots of cold. As the fall season progresses, temperatures are expected to dip with the possibility of an early end to the growing season. He expects that cold to be as much as two weeks earlier than normal. The late fall and early winter will be drier and colder than normal, he says. Soulje expects periodic clipper-type weather systems to move out of the Canadian Prairie Provinces bringing frequent, light, dry snows. Because of the lack of moisture in these snows, they will not stay around very long. The soils are expected to freeze up early due to absence of the insulation snow provides. Incidentally, the US Weather Service concurs with the dry scenario, but expects temperatures to be above average the early part of the winter. If the ridge does set up over the high plains, it will reduce the chances that warm fronts will be able to work their way into the Midwest. It will block Gulf moisture as well, making heavy wet snow unlikely.

Prepare Plantings for Winter Assuming that Soulje is right, some things need to be started now to prepare plantings for the rigors of the winter. Lawn renovation should be started as soon as possible. Thatchy lawns are more susceptible to winter damage. Core-aerify or power-rake to reduce thatch and to get the grass rooted in the ground. Seed or sod any damaged areas, and expect to water should weather remain dry. Get planting done early before ground freezes up. Set up burlap screens tacked to 2’ x 2’ stakes to protect low evergreens from winter sun and wind, and to protect plants along walks and drives from salt spray. Ground covers and perennials will be exposed to desiccation and heav-

ing if there is no snow cover. Straw them in, and make sure they are watered on mild days during winter. Newly planted trees and shrubs will need protection from rodents. Even without snow cover, rodents will take up residence under straw or mulch near tasty trees and shrubs. Wait until the ground has frozen to apply the mulches so the mice find somewhere else to stay for the winter. It might help to walk down the mulch periodically in the winter to make sure there are no mice residing there. Set out baits for mice. Protect stems from rabbits with wire or plastic guards.

Plan to Water if Fall is Dry Trees in irrigated lawns need special attention. They are shallowly-rooted because they are over-watered all summer. The shallow roots are exposed to desiccation if not protected by snow. Winter watering is necessary to prevent root loss. Plan to modify the irrigation schedules next year so the trees and the grass make deep roots. If the weather becomes increasingly dry this fall, watering will be important. Make sure trees and shrubs, particularly newly planted ones, do not go into winter in a dry state. It might be necessary to set out hoses and sprinklers during the winter to protect the plants should winter turn out open and dry. Knowing what to do when plantings are facing troublesome weather conditions

allows the professional to make the best decisions for the care of your plants. Experienced landscape and tree care professionals have seen just about any kind of weather. They have learned from past experience just what to do in about any situation. Take full advantage of their professionalism. Meet regularly with them to discuss their approach to the problems and let them know your concerns. They are most happy to do so and want to make sure they are aware of the things that concern you as a site manager.

Plan Snow Removal Even though the prediction is for a less snowy winter that those of the last two years, there will be snow and it will require plowing. Meet with your snow removal people to decide where to put the snow. It is better to plan ahead now than for the plow operator to try to find a place to shove the snow at 3:30 a.m. on a cold, wintry night.

Holiday Decorations Finally, plan to install holiday decorations while the weather is still agreeable. It may seem a little silly to be putting up lights in the middle of fall, but they don’t need to be turned on until December, and it is certainly a lot easier to do the work when the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s than when it is 10 degrees and windy with blowing snow. $

What Is Stopping You From Getting



Autumn 2010



ChiCAgolAnd BuildingS & environmentS 489939_Smart.indd 1


8/26/10 2:38:44 PM

BuilDings & environMents

» industry happenings The Morton Arboretum

Chicago Elevator Ordinance Update Commissioner Richard Monocchio, Department of Buildings, has extended the compliance dates for the Annual Inspection Certification (AIC) program for 2010. Please note that the deadline for the AIC program is now September 30, 2010 for the creation of a web account and assignment of an inspector and December 30, 2010 for the submittal of the inspection results instead of the date of June 30, 2010. The AIC program has been extended to enable all participants to complete the inspection and reporting requirements. By September 30, 2010 every owner/manager of a building with conveyance devices (elevators, escalators, lifts, etc.) in the Central Business District is required to have minimally created a web account and assign an inspection company. The website address is: . Any owner/manager that needs the reference number and PIN to create the account can send an email to with the address of the property and the information

will be provided by return email. By December 31, 2010 all inspections (including any necessary re-inspections) and the submittal of the inspection results must be completed. The building owner/ manager must submit via the website the results of the inspections and the program fee by that date. If an elevator permit is required for repair work, it must be secured, but the work does not need to be completed before the end of December. If repair work does not require a permit, then that work must be completed by December 31, 2010. Properties that have not minimally created a web account and selected an inspector in the website by the end of September will be in violation and referred to Administrative Hearings. Updated information can be found on the city of Chicago website Questions can be sent to

Welcomes New Trustee

Christopher B. Burke, PhD, President of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. headquartered in Rosemont, is now on The Morton Arboretum Board of Trustees, supporting the work of saving and planting trees. “I’ve always been very impressed with the work that the Arboretum does. Their focus over the last ten years has been so innovative and interesting,” Burke says. Burke, who holds a doctoral degree in civil engineering from Purdue University, is committed to upholding the environment through his business and personal endeavors. He has been extensively active among professional peer groups and universities, with a resume that lists 23 professional affiliations — many related to natural resources. Among his 13 awards, Burke was named Engineer of the Year by the American Society of Civil Engineers – Illinois section, in 2009. And in May 2010, Purdue bestowed an Honorary Doctorate on Burke.

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Chicagoland Find out what buyers like these are doing right and how it pays off. The Alter Group Altielbi Development Corp.


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Keystone Property Group Becomes Energy Star Partner for Chicago-Area Portfolio

Keystone Property Group, a leading real estate developer, manager and investor of office and industrial properties, announced today that it has been accepted as an Energy Star partner for its seven Chicago-area properties in Bannockburn, Naperville, Schaumburg and Libertyville, IL. Created in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in power plants, the Energy Star program has since expanded to include a wide variety of different industries, including commercial and residential real estate. In order to achieve the status of Energy Star partner, Keystone Property Group incorporated several key sustainable features to its seven Chicago-area properties, which total almost one million square feet of space. Energy-efficient features added to these properties include upgraded HVAC systems; low-volume, high-efficiency toilets; programmable thermostats; energy-efficient glass; more efficient heat pumps; and the incorporation of recycled ceiling tile. “Tenants have become more educated about the benefits of taking space in high-performance, energy-efficient buildings, and current economic conditions have placed them in a position to be more selective than ever before,” said Bill Glazer, President of Keystone Property Group. “In order to maintain the competitive advantage of our properties, we have implemented these energy efficiency initiatives to offer our tenants not only the best solutions to address their commercial real estate needs, but also features that contribute to furthering their own corporate sustainability goals.” “We are extremely pleased to become an Energy Star partner for all of our Chicago-area properties, and look forward to continuing our commitment to providing our tenants with the latest in green technology to enhance their business operations,” Glazer added.

Properties within Keystone’s Chicago-area portfolio that are Energy Star partners are as follows: Bannockburn Lake Office Plaza (2333, 2345 & 2201 Waukegan Road in Bannockburn); Woodfield Pointe Office Center (231 N. Martingale Road in Schaumburg); Pine Meadow Corporate Center (950 Technology Way in Libertyville); and East West Corporate Center (1751 & 1771 W. Diehl Road in Naperville). “We are always searching for new ways to improve our properties to meet the needs of today’s modern corporations,” said Rich Gottlieb, Senior Vice President at Keystone Property Group. “As more and more tenants become mindful of locating their businesses within buildings that encourage corporate responsibility, we are pleased to take a proactive position to address these requirements.”

East West Corporate Center, Naperville, Illinois

Bannockburn Lake Office Plaza, Bannockburn, Illinois About Keystone Property Group Keystone Property Group is a leading real estate developer and manager of office and industrial properties with assets located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Florida. Keystone also sponsors and manages a series of opportunistic real estate investment funds. Keystone creates value for its investors through exceptional redevelopment, financing, leasing, property management and asset management. Keystone Property Group has been recognized by Inc. 500 magazine, the Entrepreneurs’ Forum and the Wharton Small Business Center, and several of its projects have earned “Best Real Estate Awards” from the Philadelphia Business Journal and BOMA (Chicago). Keystone Property Group is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa, with offices in Chicago, Ill., and Miami, Fla

Redesigned Chicago Climate Action Plan Website Chicago’s Strategy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and What you can do to Help

The Chicago Department of Environment, in partnership with Global Philanthropy Partnership and the Civic Consulting Alliance, has launched a newly designed website for the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP). The CCAP is a comprehensive and detailed strategy to help lower greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. The web site at, features a wide range of information including updates of achievements in each of the five CCAP strategies, links to social media components, a calendar of events and a comprehensive partner recognition page. In addition, Chicagoans can engage in the Plan by taking the $800 Savings Challenge, a checklist of simple low or no-cost actions that homeowners can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money; and

groups can get involved by signing up for the Organization Challenge, a friendly competition to encourage individuals of Chicago-based organizations to collectively do more to reduce their carbon footprint. “Chicago and all its partners are doing great work, and our new website incorporates groundbreaking technological features to communicate those efforts,” said Suzanne Malec-McKenna, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Environment. “ is a great source of information that will engage Chicagoans and people around the world about Chicago’s ongoing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our ultimate goal is to improve quality of life for all Chicagoans with measurable achievements.”

24 C h i C A g o l A n d B u i l d i n g S & e n v i r o n m e n t S

The Chicago Climate Action Plan is Chicago’s roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. The dynamic plan outlines 26 actions to mitigate greenhouse gases, as well as nine actions to adapt to climate changes already occurring. For more information, please contact Alison Saffold, Director of Communications for the Chicago Climate Action Plan, Global Philanthropy Partnership, at (312) 744-8908.

Autumn 2010

inDustry happenings

The Habitat Company

The Habitat Company is proud to announce that it will assume management responsibilities for Skybridge, a 226-unit condominium at 737 West Washington Avenue, Chicago, effective August 1. Renown for its unique architecture, Skybridge is an award-winning luxury condominium community, which first opened its doors in 2002. It joins Lake Point Tower and 400 E. Randolph among other premier condominium associations, as part of The Habitat Company’s condominium management portfolio. “The Habitat Company is thrilled to be at the service of the association board members and unit owners at Skybridge. We look forward to cultivating and strengthening our partnership through our Stewardship Program which is designed to foster open communication and achieve the board’s goals,” said Diane White, senior vice president of Condominium Management for The Habitat Company. “Following an exhaustive search for a property management company, we are delighted to begin a new partnership with The Habitat Company and look forward to a long relationship,” said Randy Fontana, board president for Skybridge Condominium. Habitat’s approach to property management provides a unique all-inclusive platform that incorporates technology, expert resources and capital project management. Habitat’s organizational focus, professionalism and their genuine interest in Skybridge made them the company of choice that will help us meet the needs of our community.”

Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

The Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) announced Robert (Bob) Bertog, CLT, CLP, and President of Bertog Landscape Company, Wheeling, IL President for 2010-11. Bertog becomes only the 39th President in the 51-year history of the Association. Bertog has served on the ILCA Board of Directors since 2004 and recently completed a term as Vice President. Prior to that, he served as Secretary-Treasurer in 2008 and 2009. Bertog began his presidency on July 1, 2010 and it will end on June 30, 2011. “As a long-time member of ILCA, I’ve had the benefit of learning from other members in ways that have helped our business grow,” said Bertog. “I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to give back to my fellow members through my term as President.” Bertog is preceded by Dan Wanzung, American Gardens, Inc., Elmhurst, IL. Wanzung will continue to serve on the Board as Immediate Past President. New ILCA officers include Joe Hobson, Vice President, Brickman, Long Grove, IL and Tim Caldwell, CLT, Secretary-Treasurer, The Savanna Group, Inc., North Aurora, IL.

Autumn 2010

Arboretum “Green” Facilities Chosen for an Exclusive Test

The eco-friendly, permeable paving brick parking lot at The Morton Arboretum, which has served as a model of green infrastructure for public and private projects, is now part of an international test of our nation’s first rating system for green landscape design, construction, and maintenance. The Arboretum’s restored Meadow Lake is also part of the test. “The parking lot and lake projects showcase The Morton Arboretum’s commitment to sustainable design and construction as part of our vital work to save and plant trees,” says Kris Bachtell, Arboretum Vice President of Collections and Facilities. The Sustainable Sites Initiative™ SITES™ selected more than 150 projects from 34 states as well as from Canada, Iceland and Spain as part of an international pilot program to evaluate the new SITES rating system for sustainable landscapes, with and without buildings. Such landscapes can clean water, reduce pollution and restore habitats, while providing significant economic and social benefits to land owners and municipalities. SITES, a partnership of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at The University of Texas at Austin and the United States Botanic Garden, selected the Arboretum projects “based on their extensive environmentally-friendly elements,” according to SITES. The Arboretum’s Main Parking Lot project uses best management practices for dealing with storm water runoff and contaminants. The surface is a permeable, interlocking concrete paver system.

Results Will Help Determine National Green Practices Rating System Beneath it, four feet of gravel filters storm water and slows its progress through the groundwater system. Water also temporarily collects in bioswales along the parking lot aisles. Plants within the bioswales filter contaminants in the water biologically, assisted by mechanical filtering on the gravel bed under the parking lot. The cleaner and slower moving water enters nearby Meadow Lake and eventually the DuPage River. The Arboretum restored Meadow Lake by draining and reshaping the lake, installing a wall and several devices to stabilize the lake’s water level, re-grading the shoreline, amending the soil, and planting 68,000 native plants. SITES will use feedback from this and the other selected projects during the pilot

phase, which runs through June 2012, to revise the final rating system and reference guide by early 2013. The U.S. Green Building Council, a stakeholder in the Sustainable Sites Initiative, anticipates incorporating the guidelines and performance benchmarks into future iterations of its LEED(r) Green Building Rating System(tm). More information is available at: The Morton Arboretum is a world-renowned leader in tree science and education, working to save and plant trees. The 1,700-acre outdoor museum features magnificent collections of 4,117 kinds of trees, shrubs, and other plants from around the world. The Arboretum’s beautiful natural landscapes, gardens, research and education programs, and year-round family activities support its mission - the planting and conservation of trees and other plants for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world. Conveniently located at I-88 and Rte. 53 in Lisle, Illinois, the Arboretum is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 7 a.m. Central Time until sunset. The Children’s Garden is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., March through October, and 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., November through February. Visit to learn more.

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2 0 1 0 S TAT E O F T H E I N D U S T R Y S E M I N A R »

11:00AM - 3:00PM December 9, 2010 Chicago Cultural Center For more information Call 708.822.8256 Visit our website at ...Or e-mail us at


• Legal Update (including Manager Licensing) & State of the Industry Update by Mark Pearlstein, Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC.

Luncheon & Keynote Speaker Followed by Seminar Sessions


• Budgeting & Banking in Financial Crisis


• Gas, Electric & Utilities • Chicago Ordinance Update: Facade Inspections, Life Safety and Elevators • Bulk TV/Satellite Issues • Environmental Concerns for Buildings • Insurance Issues • Impact of Mortgage Crisis and Current Money Trends

26 onmentS 26C h i C A g o l A Cnod nBduoi lldi iFne gS St Y&l ee Sn v i r10.09



Buildings Environments 2010 Committee: Brian Kelly and Tony Briskovic Chicagoland Management & Realty Bonne Escalante - Heil Heil Smart & Golee Tairre Dever-Sutton -Tairre Management Micky Tierney -Community Specialists Tom Skweres and Natalie Drapac Wolin Levin, Inc. Diane White - The Habitat Company.

Autumn 2010

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KBS REIT II Buys 300 North LaSalle Adding to its recent acquisition activity, KBS Real Estate Investment Trust II (KBS REIT II) has closed on the purchase of the 300 North LaSalle office building in Chicago. The purchase of the 1.3 million-square-foot, 60-story central business district tower ranks as one of the country’s largest commercial real estate transactions in 2010. Considered one of Chicago’s preeminent office towers, 300 North LaSalle Street is located on the north bank of the Chicago River in the River North submarket. The riverfront location, coupled with registered landmark-status buildings situated directly to the east and west, provides tenants with unparallel Chicago River, Lake Michigan and city skyline views. The 93-percent leased Class AAA tower was completed in March 2009 by the Hines organization, one of the largest and most respected real estate developers in the world. Tenants include Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, Chicago’s largest law firm with approximately 1,500 lawyers practicing worldwide, which occupies 687,857 square feet; the management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, which leases 124,253 square feet; the local private-equity firm GTCR Golder Rauner, LLC; international insurance group Aviva; and law firm Quarles & Brady, LLP. “This high-quality property, with its strong tenant credit and long-term leases, fits perfectly within our investment parameters to provide long-term cash-flow stability,” explained Rodney Richerson, president of KBS Realty Advisors’

Autumn 2010

Central Region. “It qualifies as one of the newest and highest-quality properties built in the U.S. in recent years.” “The building’s features, unmatched view corridors and LaSalle Street address resulted in a rapid lease-up even during the economic downturn,” added Bill Rogalla, KBS Realty Advisors senior vice president and director of acquisitions for the Central Region. “We expect the building’s Class AAA-quality and environmental attributes to contribute to significant tenant retention over the long term.” Designed by Pickard Chilton, the Gold LEEDcertified building features a richly articulated glass and stainless steel facade that maximizes daylight and minimizes solar heat gain, and a half-acre sunlit waterfront public garden with direct access to the river's edge. Other green technologies incorporated into the property include a river water cooling system, superior indoor air quality via UV emitters and HEPA filtration, and a 50-percent green roof. Onsite amenities include a conference center overlooking the Chicago River, fitness center, premium steakhouse, riverfront café and underground parking. 300 North LaSalle Street is close to the major commuter options serving metropolitan Chicago, including the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) station at the neighboring Merchandise Mart. Also within walking distance are new residential and hotel developments, prominent central Chicago

300 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois office properties and numerous restaurant, retail and entertainment venues. Glenn Whitmore, Jamie Fink and Jeff Bramson of the New York and Chicago offices of Holiday Fenoglio Fowler represented the seller in the acquisition, which closed July 29, 2010. Mike Kavanau, also with the Chicago office of Holiday Fenoglio Fowler, assisted with the placement of financing for the acquisition. About KBS KBS is a private equity real estate company and SEC-registered investment advisor founded in 1992 by Peter Bren and Charles J. Schreiber, Jr. Since 1992, KBS has completed transactional activity exceeding $17.6 billion via 19 separate accounts, six commingled funds and four non-traded REITs. KBS has offices in Newport Beach, Calif.; San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

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Magellan Co-CEO James Loewenberg

Magellan Co-CEO James Loewenberg Named Fellow of American Institute of Architects James R. Loewenberg, co-CEO of Magellan Development Group LLC, has been elevated as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the highest recognition by the leading professional membership association for architects. The esteemed recognition cites Loewenberg’s 50+-year career “as an architect, developer and visionary who has advanced the practice of architecture as a master builder/architect by elevating the standard of living in high-rise buildings.” The honor comes on the heels of Loewenberg’s recent selection for the prestigious Urban Land Institute’s Chicago District Council 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award and his induction into the Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR) illustrious Hall of Fame. Established in 1857 with nearly 300 state and local chapters, the AIA serves as the voice of the architecture profession and the resource for its members’ service to society. The Fellowship election is the AIA’s highest honor in recognition of design excellence and professional achievement. Jim Loewenberg’s diverse real estate industry experience is an amalgam of architect, developer, property manager, marketer and licensed broker. He has led the design and development of many of Chicago’s most successful residential and mixed-use properties as president of Loewenberg

Architects. During his career, Loewenberg has developed and designed more than 35,000 residential units and 3,500 single-family homes. He also serves as chairman of NNP Residential, Magellan’s property management and leasing group. Loewenberg has achieved international recognition for the creative innovations he has brought to residential architecture and development. He has been one of the principal driving forces in the evolution of Magellan Development Group into one of Chicago’s most prolific developers of condominiums and rental housing, incorporating awareness of how people live and interact in the process of creating premier urban residences with sensitivity to their surrounding neighborhood. Magellan’s creative Chicago development work has reintroduced condominium and rental housing living to the central business district, revitalized the River North and Gold Coast communities and now extends to the creation of the magnificent Lakeshore East urban village. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1957, Loewenberg first established himself in the Chicago development community by designing a host of high-rise apartment buildings along Lake Shore Drive through-

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28 C h i C A g o l A n d B u i l d i n g S & e n v i r o n m e n t S

out the 1960s. While Loewenberg has continually raised the standards of urban living with five decades of innovative highrise projects, he created a partnership with Joel Carlins, also a member of the CAR Hall of Fame, to share the vision of creating an iconic urban neighborhood, the internationally acclaimed 28-acre $4 billion Lakeshore East ‘village in the heart of the city’ that is the pinnacle of his portfolio of achievements. Loewenberg has been involved in the financing, design, master planning and marketing including garnering community and civic support. In the initial development, Loewenberg designed three of the high-rise residential towers and worked with internationally-known design architects on four additional buildings. Situated a block north of Millennium Park near where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan, the $4 billion development’s award-winning master plan includes 4,950 residences, 2.2 million gross square feet of commercial space, 1,500 hotel rooms, a public park and charter elementary school.

Autumn 2010

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Generation Green At Greenbuild 2010


eneration Green is the theme of greenbuild 2010. greenbuild 2010 will be held november 17-19 at Chicago’s mcCormick Place West, the same site where greenbuild 2007 was held. With the tremendous growth of the greenbuild community, this year the show will occupy the entire mcCormick Place West. As one of the first cities to adopt leed for public buildings and the city that is home to more leed-certified buildings than any other, Chicago is committed to leadership as a “next-generation” city and is a perfect place to celebrate being part of generation green.

Chicago Green Facts » As of September 2009, Chicago has more leed certified buildings than any other u.S. city. » there are 5 leed for neighborhood development (leed-nd) pilot projects in the State of illinois. » A former steel mill in South Chicago is going to be redesigned into the ultimate leed-nd community. » Chicago’s merchandise mart, which is leed-eB Silver certified, is the largest leed certified commercial building in the world. greenbuild is an international conference and expo that is held annually and features a wide variety of green education, tours, summits, workshops and networking programs. the greenbuild schedule includes all educational sessions being offered at greenbuild, including off-site education and the concurrent uSgBC leed workshops and education Provider courses. it also includes international Forum and residential Summit sessions as well as tours and outdoor events. For more information visit the greenBuild website -

RISE Award Winner meeting Professionals international (mPi) recently announced the recipients of the recognizing industry Success and excellence (riSe) Awards. the riSe Award for organizational Achievement was presented to uSgBC for its leadership in using meetings and events to educate the hospitality and building industry concerning green design initiatives. Since its formation in 1993, the organization developed the leed® (leadership in energy and environmental design) green building certification program and launched the greenbuild international Conference and expo. leed encompasses more than 33,000 commercial projects in the u.S. and 114 countries. greenbuild is the global gathering of the green building movement worldwide and continues to grow with more than 27,000 attendees in 2009. its role is one of the most impressive in the entire meetings industry because it is an event that shapes the direction of an entire movement that creates community and is an event that creates a lasting legacy in the cities it visits. $

Autumn 2010

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