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Buildings Environments SPRING 2010

Police Get Green Building in Aurora Features Green Features for O’Hare Modernization Project Rent or Own? Commercial Condominiums on the Rise The Weather & Your Landscape 340 on the Park Named Favorite Eco-Friendly Project

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02 Police Get Green Building in Aurora By Michael C. Davids 06 Green Features for O’Hare Modernization Project by David Mack 10 Industry Happenings 12 RENT OR OWN? Commercial Condominiums on the Rise By Rob Sternberg 14 Editor’s Message 15 Directory Advertising 19 The Weather & Your Landscape by James A. Fizzell 23 Circulation Profile 24 CISCO Awards 26 PLANET Awards 27 340 on the Park Named Favorite Eco-Friendly Project by Larry Schaeffel 28 Lakeshore East Features Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations By Larry Schaeffel






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By Michael c. DaviDs

Police Get Green Building in Aurora “ aurora, the second largest city in illinois behind Chicago, desperately needed a new facility to house 500 public safety employees and consolidate five police stations, a 911 emergency call center and branch court house.


o build this $108 million, 190,000square-foot full service headquarters, the City of Aurora retained McClaren, Wilson & Lawrie, Inc. (MWL) to design the project. MWL retained Cordogan Clark & Associates to serve as the Architect of Record. The city then created a partnership between the design team and Leopardo Companies, Inc. and R.C. Wegman Construction as construction managers (at risk).

Campus Overview

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Located at 1200 East Indian Trail in Aurora, the new Aurora Police Facility will replaces the 43-year old Police headquarters at 350 N. River St., which was built in 1966 and designed for 89 police officers the size of Aurora’s force at that time. The city of Aurora held an open house in December of 2009 and over 400 guests took the opportunity to view the city’s green gem. Officials said the police station has the most advanced technology available for crime-fighting today and many “green” features, including flooring made with recycled glass, photovoltaic panels which supply much of the power to the building, natural lighting and permeable pavers (paving bricks) in the parking lot. Some highlights of the new police station is that each detention room has a layer of “liquid crystal” glass that temporarily obscure the view when detainees are moved throughout the area, two courtrooms for Kane County (branch court), and “guardian” sculptures at each exterior column. The sculptures are a modern interpretation of Aurora’s “memory sculptures” by Chicago sculptor Emory P. Seidel. The four original sculptures of somber, hooded women kneel along the New York Street bridge in Downtown Aurora. According to Architect Jim McClaren, the building also possesses several aesthetic elements unique to the city of Aurora. “The brick used is similar in color and spring 2010

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pattern to that used by George Grant Elmslie on some of Aurora’s historic buildings. Also, a white wave pattern was molded along the interior walls of the building to represent the Fox River.” The LEED Gold-seeking project is a 26 acre campus of three buildings: » A 154,OOO-square-foot police headquarters, court and 911 emergency call center building. » a 41,000-square-foot training and support building that houses a leadfree tactical firearms proficiency range, evidence storage, forensic examination laboratories and a secure garage, and » a 204,OOO-square-foot, 5OO-car parking garage.

Construction Process “As the result of the integrated preconstruction process, a precise roadmap was established to help the client better understand and visualize the project’s progress and true costs from concept through completion,” according to Mark Baum of R.C. Wegman.

spring 2010

The construction team also utilized building information modeling (BIM) for the conflict resolution (aka collision detection) of the structure, ductwork, piping, and associated hangers and sleeves. BIM enabled prefabrication of ductwork,

piping and hangers in the shop, which improved quality and expedited installation in the field. BIM modeling also facilitated the use of a global positioning system (GPS) to locate and install sleeve and hangers in the field.

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Seeking LEED Gold Aimed at being a gold-standard sustainable building, the Aurora police headquarters features numerous environmentallyfriendly elements, such as: » Permeable pavers designed to absorb storm water runoff and reduce the head island effect » Numerous daylight harvesting features to maximize natural light and reduce energy needs » Recycled product in ceiling, drywall, steel, concrete, flooring, countertops, etc. Recycling goals achieved at least 85% of the waste generated during construction » Engineered to use 27% less energy and 30% less water than an average building of similar size » All finishes are washable by soap and water (no chemicals needed) » Photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity from solar radiation “The construction managers’ early involvement gave time for a required integrated pre-construction process that afforded the city of Aurora (as owner), the architects and other project team members the ability to work together and discover countless solutions for saving time and money,” Baum added.

Some Firsts & Points of Interest In addition to its large size and scope, the new Aurora Police Department building has numerous “firsts” and unique characteristics that added to the project’s complexity, including: » Largest civic building recently constructed in Illinois » One of the four largest full service police headquarters recently constructed in the United States » First municipal jail in Illinois to use “flex dorms” » The Jail features state-of-the-art liquid crystal glass that instantly changes glass into opaque walls » Largest lead-free tactical firearms range in Illinois » First seismically/wind-strengthened first-responder building in Illinois » 56 different information technology systems in one building » 40 miles of conduit and 191 miles of wiring » Over 1,000 tons of steel (one ton of bolts alone) » Headquarters building has complete lightning protection » Campus building has redundant emergency power generation systems » Power monitoring system tied to building management system will broadcast energy usage, savings and surplus provided to the community on an educational monitor display in lobby

Project Labor Agreement The project team established a project labor agreement (PLA) with the Fox Valley Building & Construction Trades Council which guaranteed 100% skilled union labor and an uninterrupted work flow. The PLA enabled the construction team to implement an aggressive project schedule, delivering the project one month early and under budget. The Aurora police headquarters reached substantial completion on October 15,2009 and it celebrated its opening with a two-

4 ChiCagoland Building & environments

spring 2010

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day public Open House event on December 5-6, 2009.

Safety Record The Aurora Police Facility was a successful project from a safety perspective and it was one of the first projects in the Midwest with an open-access partnership with OSHA for added safety. With 291,000 total work hours, the project’s incident rate was 4.1, which is 24% below the 5.4 national average. “As a result, our OSHA lost time incident rate was a .68, 64% below the 1.9 national average, “ according to Baum. Over 270 site specific safety orientations were conducted and site specific safety plans were required from every trade contractor. There were 346 safety inspections with over 68,000 safety observations performed. Additionally, 56 different training sessions were conducted including Traffic Work Zones, Fall Protection, Aerial Lifts, Rigging, Cranes, Steel Erection, Electrical, Scaffolding and Industrial Hygiene Silica/Hexavalent Chromium.

Impact on the Community This unique and high-profile project has and will continue to positively impact the Aurora community and surrounding cities in a number of ways. In addition to being a LEED showcase project which police stations from around the country will visit and study, this project directly impacted the Aurora community by partnering with many local contractors and subcontractors. Approximately 18% of all subcontracts were held by companies

based in Aurora and its neighboring communities which created additional reinvestment in the community by supporting local training and apprenticeship programs. Perhaps Gregory Thomas, the Aurora Chief of Police said it best, “the new 21st Century Aurora Police facility, with its sustainable state-of-the-art equipment and design, will greatly enhance the capabilities of our police force.” $


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By DaviD Mack

Green Features for O’Hare Modernization Project

photo credit: City of Chicago

On November 20, 2008 Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley met with federal officials and civic leaders at O’Hare International Airport to inaugurate a new air traffic control tower, as well as the first runway built on the airfield, Runway 9L-27R, since 1971.


he $457 million project, which is part of a comprehensive O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP), had opened for air traffic on schedule and was $6 million under budget. “This is a historic day for Chicago, the State of Illinois and the millions of people who depend on O’Hare International Airport every day to move people and goods around the world,” Daley said at the ceremony held that day over 15 months ago.

21st Century Airport “Today the O’Hare Modernization Program is delivering two critical elements to build a 21st century airport,” noted Rosemarie S.Andolino, at that time

6 ChiCagoland Building & environments

spring 2010

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the OMP Executive Director but now the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Aviation. “O’Hare is a vital hub for millions of air passengers. This new infrastructure, as well as the remainder of the OMP, will ensure that O’Hare remains a vital transportation hub for decades to come.”

Connection to the World Daley went on to say that, “if we’re to succeed in the global economy, we must continue to improve our city’s quality of life and take the steps that secure our city’s economic future. O’Hare is our connection to the rest of the world and its efficient operation is essential to our ability to compete in the global economy and to make Chicago the kind of place where people want to live, work and raise a family.” But we must keep in mind, he continued, that, “O’Hare is not only one of the world’s busiest airports, but it is also one of the most delayed airports. We must do something about the delays.” The new runway and tower do just that.

New Runway & Tower The new runway is 7,500 feet long, 150 feet wide, can handle planes up to the size of a 747 and is in the class of landing facilities that is the best available for handling incoming aircraft in inclement weather. It will, according to the FAA, enable delays at O’Hare to be reduced by 16 minutes per flight and be able to accommodate an additional 52,000 flights per year.

Eco-Friendly Enhancements The tower features a unique cantilever design that gives air traffic controllers virtually unobstructed view from the entire observation area. The structure is twenty percent more energy efficient and includes safer paints, sealants and coatings that emit low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and utilizes dual flush toilets and high efficiency devices on faucets as additional eco-friendly enhancements.

More on Green Roofs The green roof assembly includes roof substrate, vapor check, roof insulation, separation layer, thermoplastic membrane and flashings, protection layer, drainage/water retention component and engineered soil. Plantings feature a mix of sedum species, including sedum album and cultivars, sedum sexangulare, sedum spuium and cultivars, sedum relfexum, sedum floriferum, sedum kamatschaticum and sedum acre. These plantings have been through only one growing season. During the summer of 2009, rainfall was less than typical for the season so some of this vegetation has gone dormant as a result of not having an extended opportunity to thrive. “We expect them to come back in normal growth patterns this spring,” said Eve Rodriguez, Director of Public Affairs of the Chicago Department of Aviation. Visitors to the airport are not able to walk around the green roof layout. “Due

to the NATCT’s location within the secured area of the airfield, the roof is not accessible to the public,” said Rodriguez. For that reason there are no attractions such as sitting areas or water features although there are stone/paver walkways incorporated for maintenance upkeep.

Energy Efficiency The estimated twenty percent greater energy efficiency is not a figure that can be measured since it was calculated through a comparison between the tower as designed, which incorporated certain specific improvements, and how it would have performed with out those enhancements. Those betterments include an efficient interior and exterior lighting plan; lighting occupant sensor controls; high efficiency fluid cooler; efficient elevator motors and variable speed HVAC fan drives. “As every building function- and in this case tower function- varies, it would be difficult and not necessarily applicable to compare the energy use from the tower to another tower at O’Hare or anywhere else for that matter,” explained Andolino.

Sustainable Design The City expects to expand on its effort at sustainability in carrying out the OMP. “Since its inception, the O’Hare Modernization program has employed the most innovative and progressive sustainable measures in the aviation industry,” said Andolino. “Through its (continuing)

Green Roofs The control tower, which cost $42 million to construct, is essential for the management of operations on the new runway. What is now referred to as the North Air Traffic Control Tower (NATCT) is a three building complex including the 255 foot high tower, an administration building connected to the tower by an enclosed walkway at its base and a transformer building. The transformer building is approximately 50 feet away from the other structures. “Both the administration base building and the transformer building have vegetated green roof installations covering 9,821 square feet,” said Andolino. “It is the most environmentally friendly tower ever constructed.”

spring 2010

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photo credit: City of Chicago

American Contracting and Management Services, Inc.

recognition,” Andolino noted. Improvements on those guidelines followed with the creation of the Chicago Department of Aviation Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM), which goes beyond design and construction aspects to a broader concentration on those and additional related issues. “We continue to expand our focus to incorporate sustainable initiatives for airport planning, operations and maintenance and concessions and tenants,” said Andolino. “The SAM is an integral part of Chicago’s ongoing efforts toward implementing more environmentally sustainable buildings and civil infrastructure, incorporating airport-specific sustainable planning and practices from the design process through construction, operations, maintenance, and all airport functions and those of its tenants into one manual for green airports.


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Sustainable Examples

successful implementation of sustainable initiatives, the OMP has become the model for airports across the country looking to incorporate green practices on construction projects.” To ensure that sustainable initiatives and measurements were implemented in the build out of the program, the OMP created the Sustainable Design Manual (SDM) in 2003. These sustainable guidelines for design and construction at airports were the first of their kind in the industry. They, “established the model for green airport development and (have) since received national and international

8 ChiCagoland Building & environments

Use of both the SDM and the SAM have produced significant efficiencies in implementing the OMP resulting in cost savings; reduced use of natural resources and the employment of newer and best practices. Some examples are: » Recovered over 95 percent of all construction-demolition materials and reused onsite or diverted from landfills. » Reused over 100,000 tons of reclaimed asphalt grindings and crushed concrete aggregate for service and construction haul roads, parking and other projects. To date almost $3 million in savings have been realized. » Implemented a balanced earthwork plan by managing excess materials and soil on-site, saving another $100 million. This practice of material

spring 2010

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reuse has resulted also in preservation of natural resources and a reduction in vehicle miles traveled and the emission of 70,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide. » Included approximately 10 percent recycled content in construction related materials. » Used local and regional materials for nearly 90 percent of construction, saving on vehicle miles traveled and wear and tear on vehicles and roadways, while providing jobs and stimulating the local economy. » Incorporated drought resistant, low maintenance and non-wildlife attracting fescue seed mix on all projects. » Built overall nearly 34,000 square feet of vegetated green roofs, reducing building energy consumption and providing for longer lasting roof systems. » Required the use of more efficient, cleaner construction vehicles, which use low sulfur diesel fuel, while retrofitting many vehicles to reduce emissions and energy use. » Reduced energy use through installation of LED energy efficient taxiway

lighting and the use of high efficiency energy saving, variable speed pumps on detention basins.

Mayor Daley had summed up Chicago’s purpose in upgrading and modernizing O’Hare in » Provided for his remarks at the clearer storm water runoff dedication of the through use of tower in November better on-site of 2008. “For the drainage and past 60 years air storm water travel has evolved management. into the preferred » Reduced potable method of moving water use people and goods through minimization of irriacross the globe,” he gation needs and had said. O’Hare high efficiency plays a pivotal role ▲ Chicago Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie S. Andolina fixtures. in this world-wide » Added regional natural resources expansion of flight. “We are fully comthrough replacement of 154 acres of mitted to investing in O’Hare’s infrastruclow quality, inaccessible wetlands on ture to reduce the delays that have airport property with nearly 450 plagued the airport for decades and to acres of higher quality wetlands at prepare for future demand. We are movvarious locations in Northeastern Illinois, providing a more natural ing aggressively forward to complete the environment for birds and other entire OMP in 2014.” $ wildlife and increasing recreational space in neighboring communities.

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» industry happenings KOVITZ SHIFRIN NESBIT ATTORNEYS CSR ROOFING NAMED BY SUPER LAWYERS david m. Bendoff, John h. Bickley, richard W. hillsberg, robert p. nesbit, Jordan i. shifrin, diane J. silverberg, gerald J. smoller, robert a. sternberg, and pia n. thompson of Kovitz shifrin nesbit have been named by illinois super lawyers magazine as being among of the top attorneys in illinois for 2010. only five percent of the lawyers in the state are named by super lawyers. in addition, Julie Jacobson, mike Kreibich, and ryan shpritz of Kovitz shifrin nesbit have been selected to the 2010 illinois rising stars list. the selections for super lawyers are made by law & politics, a division of Key professional media, inc. of minneapolis, minnesota. each year, law & politics undertakes a rigorous multi-phase selection process that includes a statewide survey of lawyers, independent evaluation of candidates by law & politics’ attorneyled research staff, a peer review of candidates by practice area, and a good-standing and disciplinary check.

Csr roofing Contractors inc. celebrates its 30 year anniversary in 2010. the company attributes its success to a customer first approach, listening to the needs of their client and providing uncompromised service. Csr has the ability and experience to install, service and maintain every type of flat and steep slope roof systems. Csr roofing also announced that they have been awarded the prestigous ‘partners Club’ award from sika sarnafil, in recognition of technical competency, excellent performance history and quality installation of sika sarnafil roofing systems. this award inducts Csr into a select group of recognized roofing applicators.

WOLIN-LEVIN, INC. Wolin-levin, inc. recently announced that stephen m. Curran has been named director of engineering services. mr. Curran is a licensed stationary engineer with over 20 years of experience inspecting, repairing and maintaining a full range of industrial systems. he has competencies in electrical, mechanical, plumbing and carpentry including diagnostic and troubleshooting. stephen has served as Chief engineer of several prominent Chicago hi-rises prior to joining Wolinlevin, inc.

VANGUARD COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT vanguard Community management (vCm), an associa Company, recently announced gina rossi as the new marketing director. as the marketing director, ms. rossi will be responsible for developing new client relationships and maintaining current client relations. ms. rossi will also manage daily operations for several community associations. gina rossi has more than 12 years of community management experience, maintains the highest professional designation, professional Community association manager (pCam) from Community associations institute (Cai) and was named the Cai 2005 property manager of the Year. ms. rossi rejoins vanguard Community management with a renewed commitment and dedication to the greater Chicago area community associations. “i am pleased to be rejoining a leader in the community management industry,” said gina rossi. “i look forward to meeting new clients and continuing to build upon the great working relationship vanguard has with current clients.” “We welcome gina back to vanguard,” said michael dorociak, president and Ceo of vanguard Community management. “gina’s skills and experience in the community association management industry make her the ideal candidate for marketing vanguard management services.”


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THE HABITAT COMPANY the habitat Company recently announced the appointment of diane White as director of condominium management. in this role, which she began on september 8, 2009, White will lead the group’s revitalization as part of the ▲ Diane White habitat Company’s commitment to the condominium management market. “We are thrilled to bring diane on board. the outstanding quality of our condominium management business has been one of the best kept secrets in Chicago and we expect diane to change that. With her broad management experience and service focus she will drive excellence across our condominium management portfolio, helping us take this business to the next level,” said mark segal, president and Ceo of the habitat Company. prior to joining the habitat Company, White served as vice president of operations for the Field museum, where she oversaw the management of all aspects of the visitor experience, reorganizing the museum around a “customer-first” approach. she held two other positions at the Field museum, director of public services and human resources representative, as well.

NATIONAL PUBLIC OUTREACH AWARD the american planning association selected the Wicker park Bucktown master plan to receive the 2010 national planning excellence award for public outreach for a process that was both original and innovative. the plan was commissioned by the Wicker park Bucktown special service area. the national planning award for public outreach recognizes a program that helps create greater awareness among citizens about the benefits of good planning. “the planning process in the Wicker park and Bucktown (WpB) neighborhoods educated and engaged people, built a stronger sense of community and captured citizen’s imaginations—all while having fun,” said marie l. York, faicp, apa Board director and 2010 national planning awards Jury Chair. “the result is a comprehensive, unique, and high-quality master plan for the district that reinforces the community’s collective values and goals.” the Wicker park and Bucktown areas of Chicago are like many urban neighborhoods across the nation going through major change. the challenge is to preserve and enhance the distinct qualities that make the area special while balancing the needs of residents, visitors and businesses. WpB’s district encompasses a vibrant mixed use urban area home to a diverse mix of people and a rare combination of nightlife, culture, family, and art. the planning team, led by interface studio with sam schwartz engineering and Civic economics, engaged hundreds

of local participants in conventional and unconventional settings to gather input on the plan. some of the unconventional outreach methods included: » humorous, attention-getting posters; » use of a vacant storefront for three weeks as a temporary exhibit of the community and the ongoing plan; » a video detailing how to get involved in the planning process that played for a month in a vacant store window; » interviews with citizens to create a video portrait of the neighborhood and record of the planning process; » do-it-yourself budgeting exercise; » panel discussions inviting local business owners, nonprofit leaders, artists, organizers, and aldermen to talk and answer community questions. the award recognizing the Wicker park Bucktown master plan will be presented at a special luncheon at apa’s national planning Conference in new orleans on april 12, 2010. For a list of all of the apa 2010 national planning excellence, achievement, and leadership award recipients, visit apa’s national awards program, the profession’s highest honor, is a proud tradition established more than 50 years ago to recognize outstanding community plans, planning programs and initiatives, public education efforts, and individuals for their leadership on planning issues.

White has a bachelor’s degree in management from northeastern illinois university and an mBa from Benedictine university.

spring 2010

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By RoBeRt a. steRnBeRg, kovitz shifRin nesBit

RENT OR OWN? Commercial Condominiums on the Rise the concept of condominiums in illinois was first authorized in 1963 with the passage of the illinois Condominium property act. subsequently, during the 1970’s a great boom in residential condominium development ensued — both sales and re-sales — that continued with ups and downs into the new millennium.


hile the drafters of the act were focused on residential condominiums when writing this legislation, the act applies to any type of real property. in the last several years, developers and owners have recognized that many of the advantages of owning a residential condominium unit also can be applied to a commercial condominium unit. Commercial condominiums may be in singleuse buildings that are either office, industrial, or retail. they may also be in mixed-use or multiple-use buildings, including office/industrial, office/retail, residential/retail, residential/office, and other combinations. as with residential condominiums, commercial condominiums can be either new construction or conversions of existing structures.

Advantages of Owning a business owner considering whether to lease a place of business or purchase a condominium unit should consider the following advantages of owning rather than leasing. » First, ownership will give the business owner the opportunity to build equity when making monthly payments, instead of having all the monthly lease payments go to the landlord. » second, a condominium owner has tax benefits relating to depreciation of the property, which a tenant cannot take advantage of. » third, ownership of the unit gives the business owner better control of occupancy costs. While the unit owner cannot totally control increases in real estate taxes and condominium assessments, the larger part of monthly payments are in the control of the unit owner. » Fourth, a business owner may be able to purchase a unit in a building or complex with similar or complementary businesses that could enhance business opportunities. * For instance, a car transmission repair business could be located in a strip of condominium units with other businesses that provide other services to car owners.

* similarly, physicians with different (often complementary) types of medical practices could all be located in the same office building, each owning a separate condominium unit. many not-for-profit entities can enjoy additional savings by purchasing a condominium for their businesses rather than leasing. these entities can be exempt from real estate taxation. When leasing from a landlord, a not-for-profit cannot take advantage of this exemption; but if the entity owns the real property directly by owning a condominium unit, the entity can realize the real estate tax savings … which could be substantial.

Not For Everyone on the other hand, some people do not favor commercial condominiums for the following reasons: » The owner is not in total control of the expenses associated with the property. » The association that controls the property as a whole can impose rules and regulations, which may impede the owner’s ability to do business. » If the business outgrows the condominium unit, the owner may be forced to sell the unit in an unfavorable market. When purchasing a commercial condominium unit, business owners need to pay close attention to the structure of the entity used to purchase the unit. Considerations should be the same as when a business buys an entire building. Business owners should consider setting up a separate limited liability company whose members will be the same individuals who are shareholders of the operating company of the business. there are two primary reasons to use this structure. » First, it will protect the equity in the condominium unit from the claims of the creditors of the operating company. » second, there are tax disadvantages to holding real estate in a corporate entity, which one can avoid by holding title in a limited liability company.

12 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

Financing most purchasers of commercial condominium units will need to obtain financing. not all lenders are knowledgeable or interested in providing mortgages for commercial units. so, a purchaser should spend some time at the outset talking to a number of different lenders to find one that has experience in lending to commercial condominium unit owners. some lenders will finance the purchase of a commercial unit on terms similar to the terms for financing the purchase of an entire building, while other lenders may use more strict underwriting criteria in evaluating whether to make a loan. the more cautious lenders are concerned about the perceived risk that other unit owners will not pay their assessments, which cover their fair share of common area expenses. such lenders also may question the marketability of the unit in the event of a default, since they believe that there is a smaller market for these units than for a single-user building.

Consider Marketability & Restrictions the purchaser of a unit also should be concerned with the unit’s marketability, particularly if the purchaser’s business is likely to grow in a short period of time. if the business needs to move to another property, and the unit owner cannot quickly sell the unit, the owner may need to lease the unit to another business. so, the purchaser should carefully review the condominium documents to discover if there are any restrictions on leasing the unit. also, the purchaser should review the condominium documents, as well as applicable governmental zoning requirements, to identify any restrictions placed on the permitted uses of the property. any such use restrictions also could impact the marketability of the unit, when selling or leasing the unit. some other issues that a purchaser should consider when buying a unit are: » Parking: the purchaser needs to determine whether the unit has any deeded parking or limited common element parking, and, if not, what parking rights the purchaser and its employees have. For those properties which have limited common element parking spaces, a purchaser should inquire as to the fees or chargebacks that are associated with these parking spaces. also, the purchaser needs to find out what parking is available for clients or customers.

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» Common area expenses: as part of due diligence, the purchaser should find out what the common area expenses are and if the association’s budget seems reasonable to cover those expenses. » Reserves: the purchaser should also identify what reserves the association maintains to cover unbudgeted items, which may include capital items such as repairs and replacement of roads, driveways, and any shared hvaC equipment that are common elements. » Technology: the purchaser should inquire about various technology issues, such as the availability of t-1 lines and satellite dish installation rights. » Loading Docks: For many businesses loading docks are critical, particularly for industrial and retail properties. a purchaser should identify what loading dock rights are available for its use. » HVAC Equipment: many commercial properties have the hvaC equipment for each unit located on the limited common elements of the building. a purchaser should identify what the rights and obligations of the unit owners are with regard to these limited common elements. » Signage: since signage is important in commercial settings, a purchaser should determine all signage rights and obligations.

» Access: in many commercial properties vehicular access rights may be an issue. a purchaser should find out how employees, customers, and clients can get from a particular street to the building where the unit is located. » Easements: a purchaser also needs to know if the other unit owners in the building have access easement rights over adjoining property, and if the owners of adjoining properties may have access easement rights over the property where the purchaser’s unit is located.

the routine matters that developers ordinarily consider in constructing new buildings or converting existing buildings. it is of utmost importance that developers consult with an attorney who is well versed in the illinois Condominium property act and how it applies in the commercial setting. When developers are converting commercial buildings to condominiums, they should also consider the rights of the existing tenants in the buildings. these rights, which include a right of first refusal, are contained in the act.

Developer Issues

Increasing Trend

developers of commercial condominium buildings are attracted to the condominium structure for many of the same reasons as developers of residential condominium buildings. Whether projects are new construction or conversions of existing buildings, developers have determined that: » they can make more money by selling the units than by leasing them, or

as the economy in general makes its recovery, the commercial real estate industry will be a strong and important part of that recovery. one national commercial real estate firm reports that commercial condominium sales in the Chicago area for 2009 approached $80 million. With the many advantages of condominium ownership for various businesses, one can expect that there will be an increased trend in business owners choosing to buy commercial condominiums rather than leasing their places of business. $

» they can make more money by selling the units than by selling the entire building in which the units are contained. When developing commercial condominium buildings, developers should be sensitive to the issues that concern purchasers in addition to all of

MCD Golf Invitational

Shown here is Charles Place Office & Retail Condominiums in Downers Grove.

July 16, 2010 @ Eaglewood Resort Itasca, Illinois Best Ball Scramble Bocce Games

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ChiCagoland Building & environments


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Buildings Environments THE

Volume 5, No. 2, Spring 2010

Landscape La Lan ndscap scapee BBuyer uyer uy er Volume 16, No. 2, Spring 2010


ost of us are very glad to see the winter of 2010 come to an end. January of this year was particularly challenging with

several significant snow events and stretches of bitter cold. this makes the third consecutive winter that has brought us extreme cold and heavy amounts of snow. Broken or frozen pipes, ice damns, snow removal, and a host of other challenges brought on by winter weather will continue to require attention

» editor’s message

as their effect is felt on our building structures and our environments. Water can cause damage that can

go unseen or unnoticed until years down the road and the fluctuations in the weather will be seen in our

outdoor landscapes for seasons to come. if damage is not readily visible, be sure to monitor your properEditor & Publisher Michael C. Davids Vice President Sherri Iandolo

ty(s) carefully in the future for any effects of the brutal winter conditions we just experienced. our cover story for this issue of CBe showcases the new aurora police Facility and provides a number of practical examples describing the green building programs and initiatives that were incorporated into this recently constructed campus.

Art Director

our second story covers Chicago’s modernization project at o’hare international airport that

Rick Dykhuis

includes many sustainable design and building features. this article provides an update on this massive

Contributing Writers James A. Fizzell, Cathy Walker, David Mack

project including specific green programs that were implemented at o’hare’s new runway and control tower. inside this issue is an article on the increasing trend of commercial condominiums and provides some great insight for developers, owners and managers of this form of real estate . another article high-

Circulation & Administration Carol Iandolo, Mary Knoll, Arlene Wold

lighting the eco-Friendly 340 on the park Building discusses how a developer can go about creating an environmentally sensitive green community.

The Landscape Buyer and Chicagoland Building &

there are also features on the planet awards and the CisCo awards. Both of these award pro-

Environments is published Winter/Spring and

grams recognize the environmental efforts of a number of individuals, companies and organizations. Jim

Summer/Autumn by MCD Media, as informational and edu-

Fizzell’s regular feature (in The Landscape Buyer) on the weather and your landscape provides some help-

cational tools for the buyers, users and providers of green

ful tips on preparing your outdoor landscape for the coming season and what to watch for in terms of

industry products and services. For editorial, advertising and

winter damage on your plants. our regular industry happenings column can also be found in this issue.

subscription information contact: 935 Curtiss, Suite 5,

We will continue to explore many other green building trends and issues in coming issues of CBe. if

Downers Grove, IL 60515, 630-932-5551 or 630-663-0333.

you have a green story to share, or if your property has a special need or challenge, mCd media produces

Fax: 630-663-0339 or 630-932-5553.

special events that feature a variety of resources and experts specializing in current issues. many members of our CBe advisory board will attend these events. there are also key resources from our sister pub-

CIRCULATION: The Landscape Buyer and Chicagoland Building & Environments maintains a circulation of 7,000. Subscriptions are available for $19.95 per year. Group subscriptions are available at $13.95 each, per year (orders of 5 or more). Single issues are available for $10.95.

lication –Condo lifestyles available at our special events. mCd special events provide a terrific forum for purchasing professionals to get questions answered, meet new vendors, share a story idea, or socialize with other professionals. please consider attending our upcoming mCd golf invitational on July 16 and our luncheon at arlington international racecourse in september.

All material herein is copyrighted. No part of this publica-

thanks to the many new subscribers that have found our publications useful and informative.

tion may be reproduced whatsoever without written con-

special thanks to the firms, associations and groups that are authorized distributors of Chicagoland

sent from the publisher.

Buildings and Environments, The Landscape Buyer and Condo Lifestyles. those of you who are interested in becoming subscribers can obtain subscription information on page 22 of this issue.

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is issued with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal or accounting serv-

as we continue to grow our new venture, we encourage you to make your environment and your community all it can be


Michael C. Davids Editor and Publisher

ices. If legal advice is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

14 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

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Professional Services Directory

Quality Restorations (630) 595-0990



IFD Inc. Associated Environmental LLC 847-364-6800

Hard Surface Solutions 815-344-8400 / 630-674-4520

Asbestos Abatement • Lead Paint Mitigation

Contact Mark Neville

The Lorusso Companies (630)231-9009


C O N C R E T E & A S P H A LT

Coder Taylor Associates 847-382-4100

Install New • Remove Old • Repair • Footings Foundations • Sidewalk • Parking Lots • Driveways

Full Circle Architects, LLC (847) 564-0884 (847) 564-3880 fax Daniel Baigelman, AIA Capital Improvements • Reserve Studies • Engineering Reports 85Revere Drive, Suite B, Northbrook, IL 60062

Maul Asphalt & Seal Coating 630-420-8765 Sealcoating / Crack-Sealing / Striping Asphalt Installation

F: 312.288.3801 333 West Wacker | Suite 2700 Chicago, Illinois 60606

ATTORNEYS Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit (847) 537-0500 Advising and Consulting with Business Owners, Community Association Law & Collection Services, Construction Defects, Real Estate Assessed Valuation Reduction, Litigation, Commercial Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights, Real Estate, Business ,Estate Planning

contact: Rob Sternberg

Structural and Restoration Engineers


Community Advantage of Barrington Bank & Trust 847-304-5940

Building Envelope Structural Renovation/Adaptive Reuse Curtainwall/Windows / Capital Maintenance Planning New Structural Design, Civil/Environmental Marine/Waterfront Structures Transportation Facilities

Loans, Reserve Investments & Lock Box Services

SWH Architects, Ltd. 630-466-8021

Since 1924

Contact - Steve Hansen

spring 2010

Concrete By Sennstrom (630) 406-1200 CUSTOM CONCRETE DESIGNS Install New Concrete / Remove Old Concrete Waterproof Concrete Repair Concrete / Seal Concrete Walks • Pool Decks • Balconies Professional Service Since 1970

Concrete Flatwork Specialists / Asphalt Paving Curbs & Driveways / Sidewalks Footings &Foundations / Colored & Stamped Concrete Aggregate Finish Concrete Contact Mark Neville

CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS R.C. Wegman Construction Company (630) 844 - 3000

BANKING Klein and Hoffman, Inc.


Hard Surface Solutions 815-344-8400 / 630-674-4520

Environ International Corporation V: 312.288.3836

Riggio/Boron Ltd. A Total Exterior Facade Restoration Company


Architects • Research • Engineering Specifications • Reserve Studies


New development • Tenant Improvements Upgrading facilities • Expansions Applying LEED Principles "Building on Over 50 Years of Trust" Contact: Mark Baum /

BUILDING RESTORATIONS DUCT CLEANING Abel Building & Restoration (847) 543-9800 Tuckpointing / Masonry Repairs & Reconstruction Concrete Restoration / Facade Inspections Sealant & Caulking Application

Brouwer Brothers Steamatic All types of Environmental Cleaning.

800 CLEAN54 (253-2654) 708-396-1447 (24-hour service line)

ChiCagoland Building & environments


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McGinty Brothers Professional Lawn & Tree Care 847-438-5161

The Restoration Group, LLC 630-580-5584

ELEVATORS/CONSULTANTS Suburban Elevator (847) 783-6200

Universal Restoration Services COMMERCIAL DIVISION

Joe LaMotte

SKP Supply LLC (847) 239-7249

E.L. Johnson Investigations, Inc. (312) 583-1167 (312) 583-1169 FAX

State Licensed Private Detectives All Types of Investigations Specialization in Foreclosure Process Service and Eviction Notices on Foreclosed Property

(877) 864-8266 P (888) 596-4996 F ENERGY EFFICIENT GREEN LIGHTING

FORECLOSURE & EVICTION RELATED SERVICES Commercial Water • Fire & Disaster Restoration

See our ad on page 8


HOLIDAY DECORATIONS Kinsella Landscape, Inc. 708-371-0830 “A New Class of Landscape Service”


Green Lighting, Electrical Supplies & Appliances Energy Efficient Lighting with Simple Payback Programs


ConTech MSI Co. 847-483-3803 Fire Detection & Signaling Systems Fire Alarm Systems Chicago Life Safety Evaluation Solutions Security Systems/CCTV Card Access Systems See our ad on page 8

Select Energy Partners LLC (312) 593-6412 Contact: Ryan Anthony

FIRE/FLOOD RESTORATION Brouwer Bros. Steamatic All types of Environmental Cleaning. Air & Exhaust Duct Cleaning • Mold Remediation Garbage Chute Cleaning • Carpet & Drapery Cleaning Photo Inventory, Moving, Storage or Removal

Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) 866-2NIFSAB (866-264-3722) 708-403-4468

Team Fire Protection

(847) 537-1616


Mesirow Financial 312-595-8135 IRRIGATION



Team Mechanical A N E M CO R CO M PA NY

Hollinger Services, Inc. 847-437-2184

800 CLEAN54 (253-2654) 708-396-1447 (24-hour service line)

QCI Restoration 847-891-2929 866-832-6724


Brouwer Bros. Steamatic (800) CLEAN54

NatureScape Design Irrigation & Water Features Contact Paul Layshock or Jean Singleton


Photo Inventory, Moving, Storage or Disposal

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888-231-1300 / 847-526-4554

SKP Supply LLC (847) 239-7249

AAA Painting Contractors, Inc. 630-231-8350


Alan Horticultural Services, Inc. 630-739-0205

Green Lighting, Electrical Supplies & Appliances Energy Efficient Lighting with Simple Payback Programs

Acres Group Professional Landscaping and Snow Removal

Balanced Environments 847-228-7230


Brouwer Brothers Steamatic All types of Environmental Cleaning.

ILT Vignocchi 847-487-5200

Kinsella Landscape, Inc. 708-371-0830 “A New Class of Landscape Service”

800 CLEAN54 (253-2654) 708-396-1447 (24-hour service line) IFD Inc. Associated Environmental LLC 847-364-6800 Environmental Remediation

CertaPro Painters (866) 441-8259 Interior & Exterior Painting • Wallcoverings Stucco, Masonry & EFIS Repair • Drywall Repair

PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT Spies & Associates Engineering • Pavement Analysis Construction Management & Inspection

847-577-8808 PAVING DuBois Paving 847-634-6089 / 800-884-4728

Landscape Concepts Management 847-223-3800

Clean Air Inspections (847) 344-0607

Mold & Water Damage Experts RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL Asisstance with Insuance Claims Post Remediation Assessments & Occupancy Studies

Sebert Landscaping, Inc. 630-497-1000

Maul Asphalt & Seal Coating 630-420-8765 Sealcoating / Crack-Sealing / Striping Asphalt Installation

Thornapple Landscapes, Inc. 630-232-2076 / 800-464-3443 Quality Landscaping Since 1947

LAWN CARE McGinty Brothers Professional Lawn & Tree Care 847-438-5161

Spring Green Professional Lawn & Tree Care 800-830-5914

spring 2010

NUISANCE WILDLIFE Smithereen Pest Management Services 847-647-0010

PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES Smithereen Pest Management Services 800-336-3500



The Alter Group 630-620-3600

Alter Asset Management 630-620-3600

Baum Property Services, LTD., AAMC 630-897-0500

ChiCagoland Building & environments


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Caruso Management Group, Inc.

Suarez Roofing, Inc. 773-235-5455

Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc. 630-293-5444

Your Complete Roofing Solutions

Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Cable Bracing, Plant Health Care, Tree Planting & Transplanting

Residential & Commercial


Heil, Heil, Smart & Golee Real Estate Since 1885


847-866-7400 / 773-273-3434

Environ International Corporation V: 312.288.3836

McGill Management, Inc. 847-259-1331

F: 312.288.3801

Tairre Management (847) 299-5740

Legum & Norman, Mid-West 312944-2611 333 West Wacker | Suite 2700 Chicago, Illinois 60606

SECURITY SERVICES Seal-Tight Protective Services, Inc. (847) 640-2210 SIDING / RENOVATIONS

Contact:Tom Skweres //

The Care of Trees Certified Arborists, Accredited, 5-Time “Company That Cares” Honor Roll Member

Wolin-Levin, Inc. 312-335-1950

McGinty Brothers Professional Lawn & Tree Care 847-438-5161

B.T. Lakeside Roofing 630-628-0093

WASTE SERVICES/REC YCLING Lakeshore Waste Services 773-685-8811




B.T. Lakeside Roofing 630-628-0093

Hard Surface Solutions 815-344-8400 / 630-674-4520

IFD Inc. Associated Environmental LLC 847-364-6800

Contact Mark Neville

CSR Roofing Contractors 708-848-9119


Industrial/Commercial/Multi Tenant/High Rise

Solar Service, Inc. 847-677-0950

New Construction • Renovation • Replacement/Repair Window Systems • Noise Abatement • Curtain Wall Systems Aluminum Windows: Wausau, Graham, Champion, Fulton Wood Windows: Andersen, Pella, Kolbe & Kolbe Steel Windows:Crittall

All types of Roofing Leak Trouble Shooting/Roof Repairs Roof Check 365 Maintenance Programs Conventional and Single Ply Roofing


ProTop Roofing 847-559-9119

Autumn Tree Care 847-729-1963

18 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

Woodland Windows & Doors 630-529-Door (3667)

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By JaMes a. fizzell

The Weather & Your Landscape We sometimes forget how meaningful plantings are to the pleasure we receive from our environments. often we take the plantings for granted because they are just there.

At one time unoccupied or small spaces in the city were simply ignored. They were uninviting places where windblown trash accumulated and people avoided them. When I was a kid, nobody even thought about adding plants to a building’s design. The bricks and concrete really were cold and unfriendly. I distinctly remember walking along Michigan Avenue to a War Bond rally next to the Tribune Tower. Yes, that was over 60 years ago. There were no trees, no plants, just concrete. Look at Michigan Avenue today. How it has changed. Today these same areas are planted with trees, shrubs, and flowers making them attractive and thus inviting for people who just want to spend a few moments outdoors. Landscaped areas and gardens provide secluded areas within the hustle and bustle of the city, but pleasantly detached from it. City planners now intentionally incorporate such areas. Park-like environments, now surround buildings in outlying areas that formerly were expected to be surrounded by concrete.

Plants are Important


ur streets are lined with big trees. Our parks are nicely planted with trees, grass, and attractive ornamental plants. Many folks who are thoroughly involved in other activities may not even notice the plantings until they are in jeopardy or no longer there. Consider the effects of Dutch elm disease or the Emerald ash bore, for instance. Yet, those of us who are engaged in care of plantings are acutely aware of them and are constantly evaluating the plants we see. Have you ever considered how important your plantings are to the

spring 2010

impression people have of your buildings? Compare a well-designed and maintained landscape to a building with no plantings. There are some unfinished buildings that I regularly see in my travels. The shells are done but they are sadly empty. The spaces around them are ungraded with the ragged silt fences still hanging on. Most conspicuous is the barrenness with absolutely no plantings …no flowers, no shrubs, no turf grass or groundcover other than a few weeds, and no trees. Even if the building is attractive, it still is an uninviting site.

Whatever the kind of development or facility in which you work or reside, plantings are an important part of the environment. Plants soften the hard lines of the structures. They provide shade. They protect from the winter wind. They provide interest and define spaces. If you are a regular reader of this column, you already realize the importance of plants around your facility. And, you are aware that care of them is not an item to be relegated to whom ever has time to do the various chores. Landscape design and management are skills taking years to learn and to master. And, the care of your plantings is especially important. It is often said; good management can make even a poor design look good.

ChiCagoland Building & environments


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middle of January, and many folks were thinking the early prognostications of a mild winter were off the mark.

Impact of Sudden Cold

Conversely, poor care can ruin the most beautifully designed plantings. Handling plantings in the varied weather conditions we tolerate here is a challenge. Our experienced landscape professionals have spent many seasons learning what to expect from the weather and what to do about it when faced with those vagaries.

Varied Weather The weather the last few years has been anything but normal with two cool, wet summers, two snowy, cold winters, and this past Fall which was extended, but cool and dark. Because of the prolonged autumn, fall color was very late. Some trees still were holding on to their leaves in early December. Once winter began, it started with a vengeance. The worst of the weather happened before the

The sudden cold this winter after the mild fall, surely will result in losses of branches and twigs or even entire plants that were not completely dormant. Suddenly plunging temperatures were very tough on plants. Snow cover may have saved lower-growing plants that would have been injured by the abrupt onset of the cold. Heavy snow and ice collected on evergreens, and on shrubs and trees still clinging on to their leaves, breaking branches and bending many down to the ground. Lawns and plantings adjoining pavement received heavy salting and scuffing from plowing. Many site managers who read these columns had been forewarned of a lot of the weather-related problems, and seem to have taken action to avoid the consequences. Wrapping susceptible plants and installing screens, for example, prevented a lot of damage. To get these early warnings, we are fortunate to have the services and input of one of the premier, long-range, weather prognosticators in the country. For years, Greg Soulje has accurately called the vagaries of the weather many months in advance, giving us all time to make preparations.

Weather Outlook For his outlook on the upcoming several months, we gave Greg a call. He says an El Nino that he predicted last summer has finally developed and its effects are just now appearing. Last fall, Soulje insisted that after a cold, snowy start, the winter would be mild by recent standards. In fact, there was a lot of snow early, and temperatures stayed below freezing for weeks. After the severe start to the winter, he expected the Southern branch of the jet stream, that fast-moving river of air that carries along the weather systems, to 20 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

spring 2010

0210.4891 CB&e [0310]32_layout 1 2/24/10 12:07 pm page 21

strengthening and predominate, keeping the Northern branch up around Winnipeg, and with it the worst of the weather. A high pressure ridge to move east of the continental divide was expected force the weather systems far to the north of us, and dropping them into the New England states. Soulje admitted his timing was off a week or so, but following one last episode of snow and cold in mid-January, the weather seemed to be moderating. For the remainder of the season he expected us to enjoy a prolonged period of slightly above normal temperatures and little precipitation, he says. Temperatures were to average 2 to 3 degrees above normal and precipitation “rainier” rather than “snowier”. Instead an upper atmosphere high blocked the eastward movement of the expected ridge. Temperatures stayed below normal and precipitation fell as snow instead of rain.

plants not completely dormant. It isn’t just severe cold that can injure plants, but the rapidity with which the temperatures fall. After a mild spell, temperatures suddenly dropping into the teens can freeze moisture in the stems splitting the bark. Plants not immediately damaged can be sensitized to attack by cankers that develop the next summer. The damage will show up later in the season as dead branches or leaves. Remove these as they show up. Remove and replace any dead plants.

Lawns will show snowplow damage right away, but the salt damage might not show up until the weather warms up a bit and the grass begins to grow. Make repairs as soon as the soils are dry enough to work. The forecast for the near future indicates it may be dry and shallowly rooted plants may need to be watered on mild days. Pay close attention to trees and shrubs growing in irrigated lawns. These are subjected to over-watering all summer,

Early Spring Predicted March is expected to be a lot quieter, but although there may be a brief return of winter in late March, spring, he says, will be early. In spite of the late cold snap, he predicts spring to be warmer and drier, with little if any snow. The upshot may be very little frost in the ground, and sparse precipitation could allow soils to dry quickly. Soils in some areas may actually be a little droughty by late spring. A mild, dry spring should allow for early outdoor work, and should come as a relief to those of us who have struggled through cold, wet springs trying to get the cleanups done and the annuals planted. As for his first thoughts on summer, Greg expects the El Nino to begin to weaken, and by late spring and early summer, things to be somewhat cooler and wetter. Late summer, once the effects of the El Nino have dissipated, will feature typical temperatures and precipitation with the arrival of timely rains and heat.

Cultural Practices As our plantings are beginning to come out of winter, there are some things we need to look for. The broken branches from the weight of ice and snow need to be removed as soon as possible so the plants can begin to repair the wounds. Sudden cold after the mild, wet fall could have created some problems for spring 2010

ChiCagoland Building & environments


0210.4891 CB&e [0310]32_layout 1 2/24/10 12:07 pm page 22

and have unusually shallow root systems. With the irrigation systems turned off, they can dry out very quickly. We have seen heavy losses of large trees in irrigated lawns after dry winters. Lindens seem particularly susceptible. Until the irrigation systems can be activated, set sprinklers under them if soils begin to dry out. The mild weather may be sunny and windy too. If so, exposed groundcovers and especially evergreens can be winterburned. Mow or trim off damaged tops of groundcover plants. Evergreens that suffered from sun and winter-burn will turn brown as soon as the weather warms up. Until then, they may stay green. Remove obviously dead branches, but be cautious trimming evergreens. Sometimes the needles are brown, but the buds are still alive. Don’t trim them until you see where they start to grow. Native plants are far less susceptible

to damage from the weather. They have adapted to the vagaries of Midwest winters and since they are the survivors, are perfectly able to tolerate them. Natives are increasingly popular and more are available every year. Take advantage of them especially if planting a site exposed to weather extremes.

Insect & Disease Problems Insect problems could be worse after the mild winter. Survival is better after any mild winter, but the predators are affected by weather too. If the pests survive, predators will probably survive as well. Also, if the weather is wet once spring arrives, pests are readily attacked by fungus diseases, and heavy infestations can crash very quickly. If your spray program includes dormant oil, apply it as usual. Once the season is underway, do some scouting to see if sufficient numbers

of pests are present to warrant additional treatment

Get an Early Start As the season develops following the early dryness, things may deteriorate and it might get a little wet. Be sure to take advantage of the early start. If you miss this chance, it could be a while before you can get back to it. Your professional Landscape Contractor is well aware of the need to take advantage of any early favorable days. If you are on a multi-year contract, you may be surprised to see work going on so soon in the spring. If you have not completed your contract for the year, do so as soon as possible. Don’t be one of those who miss the opportunity to get an early start. If you do you may be behind all year. $

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22 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

spring 2010

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Find out what buyers like these are doing right and how it pays off.

The Alter Group Altielbi Development Corp. A. Finkl & Sons Allstate BP Amoco Chicago Park District City of Aurora City of Chicago City of Park Ridge College of DuPage Cook County Draper and Kramer, Inc. DuPage County Essex Inn Good Samaritan Hospital The Habitat Company Harbor Springs Hines John Buck Co. Kane County Lutheran General Hospital Mercy Medical Center Merchandise Mart Peggy Notebart Museum R.C. Wegman Construction Sherman Hospital Soldier Field State of Illinois Tellabs The Talbott Hotel Tishman Construction Corporation TJ Adams & Company Underwriters Laboratories Village of Lincolnshire Waste Management, Inc. WRD Environmental Wolin-Levin, Inc. spring 2010







Successful organizations, such as real estate firms, corporations, institutions, developments, public agencies and others are nominated: one is selected for the cover story. Use of environmental industry standards, technology, professionals, leadership, reputation, awards and special achievements are key criteria. We profile these buyers and highlight their outstanding achievements. Additional nominees are incorporated into related market focus articles. Nomination forms are available upon request.

SPECIAL FEATURES Award pictorials, research, key issues and concerns, useful examples and applications, etc., are covered in this manner. Since providing practical information is an important focus of CB&E, every issue will include articles and features dealing with current trends in the marketplace.

DEPARTMENTS Regular trends covered include: • Indoor Air Quality • Energy Efficiency • Government Briefs • Renewable Energy • Ecological Restoration • Recycling • Building Restoration & Maintenance

Association’s Avenue Provides membership profile, history, background, programs and related information on various non-profit educational organizations. Awards programs and designations are sometimes included. Buyer Tips Contributes valuable seasonal practical tips and ideas. Industry Happenings/Event Highlights Previews and recaps various special events, programs, conferences, seminars, etc. Contains information on corporate and executive news plus noteworthy items, Terms & Trends Offers terminology, definitions, trends, explanations, etc. Editorial Sponsorships CB&E will provide information, statistics and findings based on professional research, as well as feature editorials by our staff. Parties interested in sponsoring or presenting new research should contact the publisher. Subscription & Circulation CB&E is available at $19.95 for an annual subscription. Qualified buyers and prospective subscribers or sponsors may receive a sample issue periodically. Consider the amount of money you manage relative to your property and secure regular delivery of the CB&E through a subscription or Authorized Distributor agreement.

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CISCO Announces 2009 Awar T

he Construction industry service Corporation (CisCo) announced its project of the Year award winners recently as part of its annual pride in Construction award program. the program, which recognizes the top quality union construction projects in four categories, also honors the efforts of an area educator, illinois public body and labor conciliator.  a formal presentation to the winners was held at the association’s annual breakfast meeting on January 29, 2010 at maggiano’s little italy in schaumburg, illinois.

Aurora Polics Department

“We received 14 top-notch projects from the Chicago land area for consideration in this year’s program,” said CisCo executive director John Brining. “the Board had some difficult choices to make, but in the end, the union construction industry was the big winner, as many great local projects were showcased for this prestigious award.” the project of the Year award for new Construction - Chicago went to trump international hotel & tower.  the 92-story luxury hotel/condominium structure along the Chicago river was constructed on the site of the old sun-times Building. the 1,388-foot tall building (including the spire) contains 286 hotel suites and 486 condominiums, making it the tallest building in Chicago since sears (now Willis) tower.

owner of the project, the trump organization, teamed with general Contractor Bovis lend lease, inc., architects skidmore, owings & merrill, llp, and engineers Wma Consulting engineers. Winning in the category of new Construction - suburbs was the aurora police headquarters & Branch Court Facility. this $108 million project features a full-service headquarters needed to house 500 public safety employees and consolidate five police stations, a 911 emergency call center and branch court house.  the gold standard sustainable building was engineered to use 27% less energy and 30% less water than an average building of similar size. the City of aurora teamed with Construction managers leopardo Companies, inc. and r.C. Wegman Construction Co., architects mcClaren, Wilson & lawrie, in., and Cordogan Clark & associates, and engineering enterprises, inc. the top residential Construction project chosen was a downers grove luxury rental com-

Residences at The Grove

24 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

spring 2010

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ward Winners

Trump International Tower

plex named the residences at the grove. this $56-million, 294unit complex includes 270 residential units, 24 rental townhomes, and clubhouse, located on a 16-acre parcel. the owner/client m&r development, llC, teamed with general Contractor mcshane Construction, architects Cordogan Clark & associates, and engineers, spaCeCo, inc. among rehabilitation projects, the united neighborhood organization’s (uno) new veterans memorial Campus, 4601 s. Kildare in Chicago received the nod.  this $46 million campus project houses two elementary schools and uno’s first high school.  the school features two 800-square foot science classrooms and two 1,200 -square foot science labs.  the building’s roof has a layer of plant life to absorb solar energy, and the building contains 90 solar thermal panels used for hot water heating and cooling. uno teamed with general Contractor F.h. paschen, s.n. nielsen and its joint venture partner den/co management, architects urban Works ltd., and engineers dBhms engineering. submitted entries in each category were received from each of the counties represented in CisCo’s service area:  Cook, dupage, Kane, Kendall, lake and mchenry.  each entry was judged with regard to quality of construction, design, safety, and its impact on the community. other awards that were announced as part of the pride in Construction program were: » educator of the Year, William enright, instructor, pipefitters local 597 » labor Conciliator of the Year, doris acevedo, illinois department of labor » public Body of the Year, City of rosemont, accepted by mayor Bradley stephens.

United Neighborhood Organization's New Veterans Memorial Campus

spring 2010

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Planet Announces Environmental Improvement Award Recipients


he Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) is proud to announce the recipients of PLANET’s annual Environmental Improvement Awards. This year marks the program’s 40th anniversary. Of the 134 projects entered in this year’s awards program, 126 were recognized with an award. The awards breakdown includes three Decade Awards, 38 Grand Awards, 46 Merit Awards, and 39 Distinction Awards. Awards Committee Chair Will Spiegelberg, CLP, Spiegelberg Landscape Design, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, exclaims, “It is encouraging to the entire green industry to see such excellence.” The awards program, which is open to only PLANET members, reflects the

association’s commitment to creating and preserving the beauty of the landscape and is designed to reward independent landscape, lawn care, and interior plantscaping professionals who execute superior projects. “The quality of the submittals was overwhelming in many realms,” says Spiegelberg. Most notably he mentions: “The imagination of the designers and architects to bring clients’ dreams to twodimensional plans, the knowledge of those involved in making the dreams workable, the skill of all those who brought the two-dimensional plan to three-dimensional reality and life, and the care of those who have maintained

these dreams after they have become a reality to ensure their well-being.” Special thanks to the judges for their commitment and expertise. The judging panel consisted of Matt Triplett CLP, CLT, CLIA, Willamette Landscape Services, Inc., Tualatin, Oregon; Louis Kobus, CLP, Fox Run Nurseries, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia; Aaron R. Williams, CLP, Williams Landscape & Design, Inc., Williamsburg, Virginia; and Gerald J. Grossi, CTP-CSL, ArborLawn, Inc., Lansing, Michigan. Award recipients were honored at the PLANET Green Industry Conference Awards Presentation and Reception on Friday, October 30, 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky. Decade, Grand, Merit, and Distinction Award recipients in the Chicagoland area are listed below.

Merit Award Recipients

Acres Group

Landscape Concepts Management

Wauconda, il project: landings at the glen retention pond restoration erosion Control/ecological restoration Supplier Recognition: Conservation Land Stewardship

grayslake, il project: village square of northbrook Commercial landscape management – retail

Chalet Wilmette, il project: lake Forest residence residential design/Build – above $1,000,000 Supplier Recognition: Rosebrook Pools

Grant & Power Landscaping, Inc. West Chicago, il project: lisle residence residential landscape management  

James Martin Associates, Inc. vernon hills, il project: ephraim residence residential design/Build – $100,000 to $500,000

Mariani Landscape lake Bluff, il project: hope for healing the planet interior special events  

Stano Landscaping, Inc. milwaukee, Wi project: st. luke’s hospital Commercial landscape Contracting – $100,000 to $500,000

The Green View Companies

Mariani Landscape lake Bluff, il project: estate reborn residential landscape management  

Moore Landscapes, Inc. northbrook, il project: Buckingham Queens landing Beds Commercial landscape management – institutional

Moore Landscapes, Inc. northbrook, il project: trump international hotel and tower Commercial landscape management – office and industrial sites/hotel and resorts

Distinction Award Recipients

James Martin Associates, Inc. vernon hills, il project: tarns of the moor residential landscape management

Landscape Concepts Management grayslake, il project: stonebridge at Conway Farms Commercial landscape management – housing

▲ Stonebridge at Conway Farms

Moore Landscapes, Inc. northbrook, il project: 311 south Wacker Commercial landscape management – office and industrial sites/hotel and resorts

photo credit: terry holum & linda oyama Bryan

Grand Award Recipients

photo credit: terry holum & linda oyama Bryan

Decade Award Recipients (none in Chicago area)

James Martin Associates, Inc. vernon hills, il project: College of american pathologist Commercial landscape management – office and industrial sites/hotel and resorts

James Martin Associates, Inc. vernon hills, il project: truckenbrod residence residential landscape management

oswego, il project: macy’s 2009 Flower show interior special events  

26 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

▲ Village Square of Northbrook

spring 2010

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By laRRy schaeffel

340 on the Park Named Favorite Eco-Friendly Project The Midwest’s first residential ‘green’ building, the 62-story 340 on the Park condo building that anchors the southwest corner of Lakeshore East, has been selected by the city’s real estate community as its favorite eco-friendly project.


n the fourth annual agents’ Choice awards sponsored by Chicago agent magazine, thousands of real estate agents nominated the building and named its development partners magellan development group and related midwest as among Chicago’s most respected and admired companies “for demonstrating quality, originality and professionalism.” this year’s awards competition had 17 categories drawing responses from thousands of real estate agents based in more than 500 Chicagoland offices, voters noted that aside from being the first residential high-rise in the midwest to comply with

spring 2010

the standards for leed® certification by the us green Building Council, its contemporary design allows residents of 340 on the park to take full advantage of incredible city and lake views – including millennium park and the park at lakeshore east.

Interior Winter Garden a perfect location to enjoy those views is the breathtaking amenities level encompassing the entire 25th floor. the luxurious amenity level created by magellan and related midwest includes a two-story landscaped interior winter garden connected to outdoor terrace, a clubroom and workout facility with a lap pool.

its leed green certification is based on the fact that 340 on the park presents a unified approach to sustainability, from site planning to indoor environmental quality, material use and energy and water management. Combining these eco-friendly features with its distinctive design and walk-to-anywhere location explains why this condo tower was selected as the agents’ favorite eco-friendly project in the city. located at 340 e. randolph street, facing millennium park, the million-square-foot structure designed by solomon Cordwell Buenz contains 343 residences.

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By laRRy schaeffel

Lakeshore East Development Featur Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Already widely heralded for its unique, award-winning sculptural design, Magellan Development Group’s Aqua tower at Lakeshore East can now claim another distinction.


▲ 340 On The Park, Chicago, Illinois

Lakeshore East along with 340 on the park, residential developments at lakeshore east currently include six completed and occupied buildings. they include the 29-story lancaster, the community’s first condominium building with 209 homes; the shoreham, a 46-story apartment tower with 548 residences; the regatta, a 44-story condominium building with 325 units; the Chandler; a 35-story condominium building with 304 units; and the 51story the tides, the community’s second rental property with 607 luxury units Construction is nearly complete on the 82story aqua, the first high-rise in the city designed uniquely to combine condominiums, rental apartments, hotel and retail spaces. aqua apartment occupancy began in may 2009 and condo closings are under way and condo occupancy also has begun. the first phase of the parkhomes at lakeshore east, an enclave of 25 gracious townhomes, is also under construction with first deliveries planned for this month. a diverse retail component of the community already includes a Fifth third Bank facility, Caffé rom gourmet coffee shop and Cvs/pharmacy. roundy’s will anchor the village market with a 50,000-square-foot supermarket. $

ith assistance from mayor richard m. daley a dedication was held in the garage at the lower level of the 82-story mixed-use structure that has become site of the midwest’s first electric vehicle charging station open to the public. mayor daley participated in the charging station demonstration of an electric prius, provided by i-go Car sharing adding to a network of stations being established by the newly-created Carbon day automotives, a Chicago firm employing the Coulomb technologies Chargepoint™ network of electric charging stations. other participants included anne r. pramaggiore, president and Ceo of Commonwealth edison and mike levine, Ceo of Yellow Cab Co. among the guests were suzanne malec mcKenna, commissioner of the Chicago department of environment; norma reyes, commissioner of the Chicago department of Consumer services; mike piacardi, commissioner of the Chicago department of Fleet management and Brad emelfarb, Ceo of Carbon day automotives. the demonstration on the first level of the garage was followed by a lunch reception on aqua’s third-floor shore Club and green terrace for media and guests.

New Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles a new infrastructure for electric vehicles is being created to deal with the fact that virtually every auto manufacturer has announced plans to produce plug-in vehicles in the next one to three years in response to concerns over high gas prices, oil independence and the impact of climate change on the environment. “the six-charger station at aqua will accommodate up to 24 plug-in vehicles, be it two or four wheels, hybrids that run on both gas and electricity, extended-range electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles,” explained scott emalfarb, president of marketing and branding for Carbon day automotives. “after aqua we plan to start with five to ten charging stations in the Chicago area and then expand our network to other municipalities, probably numbering in the hundreds as more plug-in

28 C h i C a g o l a n d B u i l d i n g & e n v i r o n m e n t s

vehicles reach the marketplace. aqua’s leadership is pertinent to the success of cleaner air quality and the sustainability of generations to come,” said emalfarb. Jim loewenberg, co-Ceo of lakeshore east developer magellan development group, who spearheaded the action, said there was more to the decision to install a charging station at aqua than providing a convenience for area residents and workers and other electric vehicle drivers when they are away from home or have no place to plug in at home.

LEED Certification “the design and construction of aqua includes many environmentally aware processes and practices that will help us attain leed certification as a ‘green building’ by the u.s. green Building Council. (leed stands for leadership in energy and environmental design.) We view this as one more positive step toward enhancing and improving the environment,” said loewenberg. according to co-Ceo Joel Carlins the collaboration with Carbon day automotives was prompted by magellan’s long-standing policy of pursuing and implementing technological and environmental innovations. “it’s consistent with our corporate philosophy of seeking to achieve environmentally sensitive leed certification in all of our buildings, not just aqua,” said Carlins.

Finding a Workable Solution in this instance the search for finding a workable solution for charging electric vehicles was triggered by loewenberg’s purchase of an electric vehicle. “i started a search on the internet to be sure that there would be charging stations available to me in Chicago and when i travel,” explained loewenberg. “that took me to Chargepoint™ network and Carbon day automotives and the premiere charging station that they have provided at aqua,” he explained. drivers of plug-in vehicles will be required to subscribe to a plan that will provide convenient and affordable access to all public charging stations. emalfarb explains that subscribers can

spring 2010

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eatures Public ns choose from a variety of plans, like cell phone or Cable tv plans. they may take out a “Basic access” plan that provides access to all Chargepoint charging stations on a pay-per-chargingsession basis or optionally sign up for specialized features with a subscription plan that might better fit their lifestyle and driving needs. all plug-in stations are connected by computer network to provide drivers with best access to outlets. drivers can access locations based on the navigation system in their vehicles, computers, telephones or even Blackberrys. loewenberg explains that this system not only identifies the closest stations but tells subscribers which are idle and which are occupied. locating them in a public garage will ensure that they will be available to the public at all times. aqua will provide six plug-in outlets serving 24 parking bays. after a vehicle has been charged

▲ Magellan Development Group co-CEOs James Loewenberg (left) and Joel Carlins (center) join Chicago Mayor Richard Daley in introducing the Midwest’s first electric vehicle charging station open to the public. The six-charger station capable of accommodating 24-vehicles is situated in the Aqua mixed-use tower on the west end of Lakeshore East at 225 N. Columbus Drive. drivers and the garage office will automatically receive an e-mail notice that “Your car is ready.” if there is not a prompt response the vehicle will be unplugged by the garage operator so that the outlet is available for another user.

▲ One of six Coulomb Technologies ChargePointTM electric charging stations that can charge up to 24 plug-in vehicles situated in the garage of Aqua at Lakeshore East, 225 N. Columbus Drive. It is the Midwest’s first electric charging station open to the public and the first of a network of such stations being established by the newly-created, Chicago-based Carbon Day Automotives “We’re delighted to be a part of the answer to the question of where future drivers of plug-in electric vehicles will be able re-charge when they are on the road,” said loewenberg. $

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Chicagoland Buildings and Environments  

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