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PROFILE She reveals to me then that she is an inveterate doodler; she loves to draw and doodle. ―When I‘m chatting on the phone I doodle. Not now,‖ she hastens to add, ―but usually.‖ It strikes me as I listen that this is a woman with whimsy and zest in her heart; it comes out in so many ways. From her brain to her fingers, from her heart to her page, from her eyes to what she sees around her and back again, she breathes her joyful, honest, brimming world to life, and shares it all with generosity, a bit of bravery, and a ton of talent. We hang up the telephone, and I remember that she told me she loved the Wizard of Oz and always cries at the end. I understand that now – growing up in a family who nurtured her, finding a partner who nurtured her, and being a nurturing wife and mother herself, home was and is the place from which all things are possible. Doreen, what a cool person you are. I am fortunate to read your work, and now I am fortunate to have met you.



SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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