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PROFILE everything, everyone is intelligible in the language of touch, and we sit down to dinner inarticulate as blood, all difficulties postponed because the weather is so good.‖ Her delivery is perfect, paced, confident and marvelous. I have just attended a poetry reading. ―I loved that,‖ I tell her, ―just loved that.‖

I am thinking that her husband attended this reading as well; I get the feeling that he is a tremendous support and I ask her if he is proud of her. ―Well,‖ she says, ―my husband‘s family is not particularly creative, and he is pretty a-poetic, but he has created an environment in which I flourish.‖ And he accompanies her to readings, she continues. ―He pulls no punches. When I took an online course with George Wallace, a personal friend, my husband went with me to hear him read. After, when we were talking with George, my husband says to him ‗I told her, she didn‘t need to take your course.‘‖ We are starting to wrap up. She returns as she has done several times in our conversation to her readings, to this activity that feeds so much of her artistic soul. ―Readings are such a huge part of my life now,‖ she says, ―listening to other poets and sharing my own work. When the evening ends it generally takes a hook to get me off the stage.‖ She tells me then, ―I really have the bug for readings,‖ and I nod at the other end of the phone, thinking what a wondrous gift she has – to be such a fine poet who just loves to share her work, and who supports other poets by attending as many readings as she can. It occurs to me that she loves all aspects of a poetic life: she observes, she writes, she listens, she attends, she supports.


SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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