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ARTISTIC STATEMENT What makes a poem work for me? What do I look for in a poem?


Wrexie Bardaglio of tone and rhythm into the material. Along with rhythm and tone I listen for musicality; words are intrinsically musical to me, and when a poet uses them as music, I am instantly drawn, even if the music is acoustic. In a world where it is acceptable to be coarse, in a world where solace is hard-won, in a world where sorrow brushes too many lives and parity is rare, a poem that discovers something joyful and celebrates it, or touches with compassion tragedy and loss, is a poem I want to read. It's not that I avoid realities and challenges; to the contrary, I take them on. But I want poetry to be grace-filled, no matter what the subject is; I want poetry to create another world from the beauty and abundance of the one we have at hand, even if it is in contrast. Maybe I am a closet romantic; maybe I am old-fashioned, but this is what I seek. Each well-done poem is a story, and as old as I am becoming, I still love to hear a story.


SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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