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PROFILE We spend a few minutes talking about Facebook. ―I have learned so much from posting my poetry on Facebook. When I first started out, I would post something and then regret it. I‘d wake up at 5:30 in the morning, greet the cat, make my Earl Grey with half-and-half and honey, and rush to the computer just to see if anyone had commented. And in time I learned to rewrite, to carve away and leave the lines spare.― That is the hardest lesson for a poet to figure out, I think to myself, and one of the essentials in letting the poem shine and be what it wants to be. ―And you know,‖ she continues, ―it is a lifeline, especially for people with health problems. And I love your Spiracle Facebook page, because people can post their work and no one needs to feel as if they must make comments. I love it that I can read all this poetry, and just click ‗like.‘‖ And I think, oh, I love it that you love our page! And I think, oh I love listening to you talk about your process and your impressions. Her wit and intelligence and passion for her art just make me smile as I am listening and jotting notes. Talking about Facebook comments and how she has really learned a great deal being part of the Facebook community, I observe that she seems very analytical about the responses to her work. When someone makes a specific comment that she wants to understand more fully, she will always try to clarify. ―‘What do you mean by that?‘ is my middle name,‖ she jokes. She‘s arch, self-aware; quipping. I knew I would ask her who her favorite poets are. Of course I would. When I ask her this question, she says ―Oh, I am in love with Stephen Dunn. I love John Ashbery and Billy Collins, but I am really in love with Stephen Dunn.‖ I hear a deeper voice, ―oh really?‖ and then her laughter. She says to me, ―That was my husband.‖ I know then that this man is the ballast for her creative life; I just know. She clarifies: ―I fell in love with Stephen Dunn‘s personal and tender poetry – he was one of the first poets 79

SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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