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PROFILE is so wonderful. And then she tells me, ―I was literally hanging from the ceiling when I heard I would be your featured poet.‖ And I thought ―You like me? You really like me?‖ It made perfect sense. Here is Doreen at her most Doreen; self-reflective, and so lucidly, elegantly self-aware: Gist, cusp, kernel, core Inside, probe deeply, scalpel Drag my fear into the light That there is no light That there is no substance. Getting the gist of nothing equals nothing I write, therefore I am possible. Ask me a question. I left my words behind the grey mirror Death seeks an absence note but I write illegibly. I press my nose to the poet‘s window All the sweet cakes taunt, refuse my money. Someone has taped a ‗keep out‘ sign The clubhouse door is barred. I write, therefore I write For me, for sustenance, for a kind of love So the world can be lovable So life. 77

SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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