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To read Heather Brager as the architect of buried gilded cathedrals requires presetting the timing of one‟s metaphoric metronome to moderate slow in order to enjoy the grandeur of her creations – she has all the right stashes carefully hidden under each rung, every step of the way, as one goes deep, deeper into each piece. Her versatility in style and diction is just as equally breathtaking. The more one thinks he has seen enough of a poem, the more it glimmers with a fresher hue. So even if one withdraws back to his own separate world, each poem still has enough for the gleaning.

What makes Brager‟s work truly significant is the way in which it traces the universal narrative buttress that props up man‟s many fossilized desperation, smug discontent, and gangrenous longing. She could very well be contemporary poetry‟s answer to some of the best in classic prose – Victor Hugo? Alexander Pushkin? They must be smiling in their graves…


Heather Brager‟s poems are easy to fall in love with and difficult to stop reading after only one. They engage, they tantalize, they lure the reader, as sirens are said to have lured sailors to the rocks. There is a musicality to her words. They could easily be lyrics, if placed in the hands of worthy enough musicians. Heather‟s style is her own. Her work reveals a fascinating combination of fresh-eyed innocence and worldlywisdom. There is longing coupled with fortitude. She weaves sensuous imagery in gem after gem, to the delight of her readers.


SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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