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EDITORIAL We see Spiracle Journal as that place not only for submitting the best of your work for publication but as a place for necessary venting through joining discussions initiated by the journal entries of the co-editors at our website. Our mission at Spiracle Journal, in Emeniano‘s words, is to serve as ―the architectural equivalent of Panic Room, or Safe Room‖. Spiracle is a bi-monthly journal in which we will usually feature seven poets. This time we had two ties, so there are nine. In every issue, all three of the coeditors will write commentaries for each of the poets featured, and one of the featured poets will be interviewed by one of the co-editors. We recently began a Spiracle Group on Facebook, to fill a void we felt in our own Facebook experiences and believed others did as well. We believe there is a poet living inside everyone. In our group, members are invited, encouraged and supported to post their poems in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere where there is space to breathe without interruption of advertisements or personal plugs of any nature. There is beauty in seeing poems by widely known poets in the same forum with poets who are just starting out. It is not easy to identify the ―newly-writing,‖ and no reason to do so either. We are all just writers there enjoying each other and breathing separately together. We rejoice in seeing old friends and meeting new ones here today. Now, just breathe… Or, vent…

-The Editors


SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.