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Other than the no-holds-barred down-home gritty humor, there is a freshness throbbing through the veins of these pieces. And it‟s the cheeky „in the moment‟ kind of spunk to the styling that grabbed this reader. Every reading puts one in the mind of Everyday Man caught in the throes of hurried, no, harried living. “Sparkplug” mocks status quo, pokes fun at the cringing commuting mass, and injects viral hypotheses into the collective bloodstream.

We can‟t really trust her enough to be seated next to her in a bus or at the terminal – she will Inception-ize us. Why, she‟s even her own best personal autobiographer – as she lets us in on the joke that goes – If Tom Clancy and Charles Bukowski had a lovechild, why shouldn’t it be Barbara “Sparkplug” O’Shea? Funny but really there‟s no such joke.


Barbara “Sparkplug” O‟Shea is a poet on fire, very much in touch with the political climate – past, present and future. She is fearless in not mincing thoughts or words. Her humor jumps off the page, causing this reader to nod vigorously in agreement, laugh out loud and slap my forehead in delight while exclaiming “Did she just say that?” Well she did, and I‟m glad. Believing that humor not only informs but also serves as a hugely relevant and major instrument for change, I‟m pleased to know it is firmly ensconced in Barbara‟s efficacious repertoire.


SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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