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Air. 

Sometimes the compass points in the right direction, telling us that we are indeed going toward our goals. Clear as morning light ushering in a cloudless day, luminous as a full moon's glow, we inhale that destination; buoyant, we know where we where we are going. And then, other times, the spinning needle stops, and either we are vertical, or we are grounded; and such gravity comes to all of us. Samantha Ledger's elegant piece, Air, explores the humanness of impediment and challenge; indeed, as she says, "so bones become weary with the effort of standing/walking even a few steps becomes impossible." The coarseness of brutal, harsh lives lived all around crowds the soaring spirit, yet here Ledger's language shines, simple and unadorned: "I am still breathing/air clean or not,/I will not cease in my exclamation of life…" Her work is soft and kind, despite its recognition, in full measure, of life's tribulations. As she moves in spare, grace-filled words through the stages of despair and disappointment, she steps over, and on, eschewing the temptation to pretend that realities are other than hard lessons; as she states, clear-eyed, "I may be weak or of failure's own design/but I can remark with pride/I lived…“ Ultimately, breathing through Ledger's wonderful poem, the close is the quiet, central beauty of the entire piece. Early on, she asserts, in finding her spiritual compass, "divinity (rests) in the tip/ of its needle." Being thus vertical, she affirms the joyful soul, the one who knows that the everlasting gift of bravery and self-awareness is to "live eternally in the promise.“


SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

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