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The Healing Properties Of Milk How one brief passage can jolt cascades of memory that one reader most certainly cannot claim is skill indeed, and brilliant in acuity; the enigmatic quality its power. A rite of passage, the swift slap that reminds, and one poem later, a man's recall of when he decided he would be like they were, those men jostling above him, raucous and forgetting him. Perhaps.


Here is a memory play where the stage, or poetic milieu and props are clearly set, and how engagingly so; while giving this reader a cinematic glimpse of François Truffaut‟s Four Hundred Blows, which, coincidentally, is a depiction of the famed French critic-turned-director‟s troubled childhood. It inspires us to ask questions about family dynamics and for its gilded metaphysical narrative, it serves as an homage to the psychosocial undercurrents of all our cathartic activities, a standard feature of our humanness – may be as anal-retentive as the drinking of a glass of milk, or the ubiquitous alcohol in adult years. The verisimilitude of this imagist piece easily qualifies it as a psychological handbook that may help in probing deeper into the aspects of parent-child transactions; and it bears the moral resonations of This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff, and, yes, of course, Truffaut‟s Four Hundred Blows…


SPIRACLE JOURNAL Volume I Issue No. 1  

Re. In. Vent.

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