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If someone were to ask you how to get pregnant you might think that the answer is obvious. But the majority of couples who decide to try for a baby don't become pregnant until they have been trying for many months and in some cases even years. This is not necessarily due to fertility problems. Many cases have been studied by the medical profession and the reasons for a healthy couple not becoming pregnant under optimum circumstances in a certain month and yet becoming pregnant in another month under the same conditions are still unknown. There are a lot of old wives tales that we still hear and believe, (see the top 10 pregnancy myths at the end of this article) and as a whole we are not really educated about becoming pregnant at all. In fact we receive more information about how NOT to become pregnant. There are certain things that you need to know about how you get pregnant (apart from the obvious). You need to know the precise time to make love to make it possible to conceive. You need to know about sperm productions and how sperm counts can be increased. You need to know about the correct supplements and vitamins your body will need to increase fertility and you need to know how to become healthy in body and mind. Knowing these things and applying them will probably create a small shift in your lifestyle and that small shift will bring about the changes necessary to increase your chances of conception and therefore raise you level of fertility. It would be un wise of me to tell you that by following the information I present you will become pregnant. There are some unfortunate couples who will not be able to have children. There are many more however who are presented with real physical fertility problems and with the aids of modern medicine or even in some cases with the aid of alternative medicine will in fact overcome their problems and go on to having children.

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