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Training Room: These are larger than meeting rooms with somewhat larger specs of AV gear featuring essentially a 3500 Lumen Panasonic 1-Chip DLP laser source, ceiling-mounted projector PT-RZ370 aiming on to a Dalite 133-inch 16:9 motorised projection screen hung on the facing wall. A Crestron Digital Media DMPS3-4K Switcher/Control Processor is tasked with A/V switching as well as process and control the proceedings through a seven-inch Crestron TSW-760 NC W-S7 wired touch panel mounted on the wall outside the room.

One of the Meeting Rooms: Pure Functionality

Meeting Rooms: The large Sharp flat screen display mounted on Chief Swing Arm wall mount integrated into the wall groove, and Crestron Flip-top unit along with the transmitter/receiver units being hidden behind the screen is thus a common place. In addition, a Polycom Trio 8800 unit is tasked with audio-conferencing while the Liberty ring offers flexibility to connect various input sources.

The audio configuration here is a combo-matrix of many brandsaudio capture is taken by ClockAudio ceiling-suspended microphones as well as Countryman ear set microphones for the trainees, and ClockAudio gooseneck microphone for the speaker on the podium. The sound reproduction is handled by Tannoy ceiling speakers hovering on the ceiling while it is amplified by Extron amplifiers. The unique, interesting feature here is the installation of Titus Lab Mic Mute / In call Sign system that glows in green when the audio session is in progress, and glows in red when the microphone of a speaker is muted. Auditorium: A still larger space that it is, the auditorium feature more comprehensive AV configuration that is characterized by a ceilingmounted, high brightness Full HD, 7200-Lumen Panasonic 1-chip DLP laser source projector PT-RZ770 (WUXGA) aimed onto a Dalite 130” 16:10 ratio motorised screen on the stage that is flanked by two Sharp 55-inch fixed wall-mount monitors on either side, and fronted by one 49-inch portable display monitor- all meant for reinforcement of projected video feeds.

20 PAX Boardroom: The Boardroom, considering its size and number of occupants, features a 70-inch Sharp display, mounted on Chief swing arm solution. In addition to the concealed Crestron Flip-top, transmitter/receiver, a Crestron powered sound bar is roped in to handle the audio routing. AV conferencing has been entrusted to the Ploycom RealPresence while a Polycom touch panel does the control mechanism. White Boarding Room: Besides the PolyComm 8800 unit, Chief’s Swing Arm mount, and Creston Flip-top unit, these rooms are characterized by a Sharp Interactive flat screen and Crestron HDMI Scaler Receiver unit joining the Fusion Media configuration.

One of the Boardrooms: decent and functional

The Auditorium: Technology anew

The audio set-up is again a matrix of multiple audio brands comprising 24 units of Audio Technica boundary microphones – with one each for two speakers behind the tables – in addition to Countryman Ear set microphones for each of them, besides Shure lapel and hand held wireless microphones doing the rounds for speakers on the stage, while a Clock Audio gooseneck takes the podium. Fourteen units of Tannoy ceiling speakers take the ceiling to reproduce the audio that is sought to be amplified from the racks by Extron amplifiers in combo with a Polycom 16 x 16 DSP. Crestron Digital Media takes a full swing with a 8x8 Digital Media Switcher, along with DVI, VGA, streaming card, 4K HDMI card, and a 4K output cards playing out as per their roles. A Crestron Enterprise© Systems Integration Asia | VOL. 18 ISSUE - 6 ~ Aug-Sep 2019

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SIA AUG-SEP 2019  

In this issue, our cover story gives an in-depth perspective of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) NASC campus in New Delhi...

SIA AUG-SEP 2019  

In this issue, our cover story gives an in-depth perspective of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) NASC campus in New Delhi...

Profile for spinworkz