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“There are two stages – one inside and another outside. These zones in particular required a high dynamic range, for which we deployed T24Ns, backed up by an array of three B30s in the centre under the stage inside. Outside, we used five T24s to cover the whole area in front and to the back of the stage, along with four S33s for high output and pattern control.

being built in a matter of days. Constant site presence was necessary to ensure all the conduits, cables and supports were in place before areas were getting completed and closed off. There were also regular revisions to drawings based on site condition, in order to minimise visual/spatial impact of the sound system whilst maintaining consistent coverage throughout the venue.”

“The transition between the setups of bands playing on different stages, DJs or TV must be seamless,” he continues. “Therefore, firstly speaker placement had to be carefully considered to allow the whole venue to get adequate sound coverage considering an audio focal point of either stage. Then, delays and levels had to be set correctly for each of the three modes to change the focal point. With T24Ns used as the main speakers, we used T20s, M12s and M10s to provide high output coverage to the rest of these zones as delay speakers.”

The team also faced a challenge in setting up and tuning the final system. However, this is where the qualities of the TW AUDiO loudspeakers have proven to be a real advantage. “With the multiple operation configurations, the system had to be tuned three times,” reveals Chidiac. “With the TW AUDiO speakers, adjustments to equalisations were kept to a minimum as they sound great straight out of the box. This is particularly important when dealing with such a large multi-zone venue, as having to make large EQ adjustments to every individual speaker would be very impractical, messy and slow.”

Inside, further T24Ns have been installed, alongside C5 multifunctional loudspeakers while the restaurant areas are covered by M8, M10 and M12 enclosures. “We used TW Audio speakers for their high quality, not only in terms of sound, but also build quality and longevity,” explains Chidiac. “Additionally, the speakers provide exceptional SPL output for their size, making them easy to integrate into a venue with minimal visual impact, as well as being a costeffective solution when compared to line arrays which may have otherwise been specified.” As would be expected with a project of this scale, there were plenty of challenges for the Pulse ME team. “The sheer size of the venue was one challenge, meaning that cable lengths were a concern from the beginning,” recalls Chidiac. “We decided that it would be necessary to use two separate AV rooms in order to minimise cable losses and for reasons of practicality. Helpfully, the Powersoft amplifiers come with damping control to compensate for some of these cable losses and maximise damping of subwoofer drivers. “The next challenge was the speed of the construction phase,” he continues. “This venue was built in a very short period of time. Site conditions were changing on a daily basis, with entire new floors

In total 63 TW AUDiO loudspeakers have been deployed across Wavehouse in an installation project that ran for just 12 weeks. With each model specifically selected to meet the needs of the area it was covering, Pulse Middle East has ensured that Wavehouse has the best possible sound. “Everybody involved is thrilled with the outcome,” concludes Chidiac. “Wavehouse turned out to be a great looking venue with amazing sound that serves all requirements initially requested by the client. It was a challenge finding the best way to tackle this venue, but after planning it out, the team and I were so excited to see it come to life. Wavehouse is a project we are very proud of at Pulse ME and believe will be a huge success and a true crowd pleaser.”



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SIA AUG-SEP 2019  

In this issue, our cover story gives an in-depth perspective of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) NASC campus in New Delhi...

Profile for spinworkz