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Building Aesthetix Excellence for User Experience Bengaluru-based AVSI Becomes India’s First ‘AV Provider of Excellence’ That Indian AV is going places may be an oft-said staid statement. But an otherwise ‘just-in-the-league’ firm working out its strengths and competencies, and coolly notching up an internationally acclaimed AVIXA certification of AV Provider of Excellence (APEx) is the latest statement that speaks about where Indian AV is going. Bengaluru-based audio-visual firm Aesthetix recently achieved that prideful accolade recently, and SI Asia is quick to capture the essence of it. As part of our India Country Feature, we present this ‘building excellence’ thought process.’ Read on.

Manoj Kymar of AVIXA (right) presenting the APEx Certification to Sudan Mylsamy

SI Asia: Upfront, congratulations for the achievement. What does it mean to Aesthetix? SUDAN: Thank you for the wishing. For Aesthetix, this is a milestone that encourages us to pursue more avenues and opportunities to build excellence in terms of what we provide to our clients, and how we service them. The acclaim is the effort of team work, and it is for every member of the company. SI Asia: Do you see it meaning anything to you personally? SUDAN: It’s gratifying. As the head of the company, any achievement for the company is like a matter of gratification for me; it is heartening to know that Aesthetix team believes in the philosophy of constantly bettering ourselves in what we do, and the results have come in such a gratifying fashion. SI Asia: Do you see it meaning anything to the industry you work for? How would you describe it? SUDAN: If there is any take away for the industry from this, then it would be that acquiring expertise in the realm of services we provide, and subsequently implementing them on the job will ensure that we are held in higher esteem by our clients. That would perhaps contribute to change the perception of the industry in general where © Systems Integration Asia | VOL. 18 ISSUE - 6 ~ Aug-Sep 2019

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the notion of “good enough to go by” is taken to be widely prevalent. If this particular achievement contributes that change, then it is another gratification. SI Asia: Aethetix company as such, is taken to be keeping low profile for some time. How is this sudden and prideful accolade? How would you explain this? SUDAN: One of our objectives as a company is to ensure that our clients along with our partners flourish as an ecosystem. We’ve been reasonably successful in doing that, and most occasions we are happy letting our installs speak for themselves, and thereby about our work, than we doing it ourselves. So, it’s not that we have been keeping a low profile or suddenly aggressive as to chart acclaimed positions. We have been continuing to do what we believed in, and it just happened as part of the same process. SI Asia: What made you pursue it? SUDAN: We didn’t set out to pursue APEx in the beginning. For us, it was initially about having the team well educated and equipped with the necessary skills. Naturally, AVIXA’s certifications, which are brand agnostic, are perhaps the best way forward and we got going. As we collaborated more with AVIXA and with our own team members,

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