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COUNTRY FEATURE Audio majors like Sennheiser and Harman too are known to conduct roadshows in different parts of the country trying to tap those markets. A new vibrancy of entrepreneurism from primarily hospitality, entertainment, healthcare and education from the tier-II and III regions is taken to be the hot and up-for-grabs sort. “In fact the most ambitious auditoriums of the country in the last one/two years have come from the hinterland,” observed an analyst. Interestingly, even distribution majors have begun to conduct roadshows to value add their business in distant places. Digital India Drive While this has been the talk of many platforms – advocates and adversaries charting their lines – the country has been witnessing increased thrust from both Central and State Governments, as also regional councils and administrative bodies.


That there is a decisive policy directive for digitization of various government institutions such as judiciary, higher education, science and technology, space research, defence and security in place, and that Modi 2.0 Government is apparently bullish on the phenomenon, it is taken to contribute to increased adoption of audio-visual technology deployment- across the government machinery. THE NAGATING THINGS… “For every good thing, there are ten detracting things,” they say. The best exemplification of this is Modi 1.0 government’s most ambitiously launched SmartCities programme. Launched amidst a huge amount of hype, the initiative hasn’t apparently progressed as intended- thanks to a multitude of factors led by ambiguity amongst the implementers themselves, let alone takers.

Dholera Smart City, Gujarat, in the making

“Despite spending so much of time, money and publicity mechanisms, there is still a high level of ambiguity on the very definition of a SmartCity,” is a serious critic’s say. “That is because there still so much lack of knowledge,” he maintains. “While administrators have not been able to define various aspects of the concept, the understanding levels among Indian takers is vastly different from those in advanced cities.” On the other front, reluctance of AV firms for funding and encouraging their workforce to upgrade their skillsets – with a misconception of the employees’ leaving the job soon after acquiring skills – is seen as a big deterrent. While most AV players have been going agog about tier-II and III territories, the users and buyers in those regions not really informed about the ‘standards of AV’ the providers normally roll out stands to spoil the whole enthusiasm of country-wide AV adoption.

Rajasthan pursues digital governance

While the Government of Rajsathan took truly awe-inspiring digital strides – setting fascinating models for the country to follow – some other governments such as the two Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been aggressively pursuing digital governance and AV-synchronization of their tourism industry.

Price wars, undercutting, and often the reportedly dubious instances of ‘cartelization’ stand to dampen the otherwise promising opportunity that Indian AV poses to the world. So, that’s both maths and science of AV?

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SIA AUG-SEP 2019  

In this issue, our cover story gives an in-depth perspective of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) NASC campus in New Delhi...

Profile for spinworkz