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LIFE and DYNACORD VariLine enrich Beirut’s nightlife

Known for its sleepless nightlife, Beirut’s club scene is richer now by one attraction: LIFE. The venue is one of the largest in the Lebanese capital, hosting 1,500 people in its indoor area with a large motorized, retractable roof, and double that number in its open-air area. The main area is the largest in size, with smaller seating spaces located to the left and right. For this showcase project, the owners of the club wanted a sound system that would be able to deliver high sound levels as well as exceptional sound quality, while avoiding the distortion usually associated with systems delivering high SPLs. Maurice Salloum, sound engineer and coowner of LIFE, took the responsibility of identifying the right system as well as the right company to complete the installation. Having a long-term relationship with Beirut-based HI FI SERVICE, Salloum knew he was in safe hands working with them. “I wanted an unparalleled system for our venue,” he says. “A system that can generate high SPLs and at the same time produce excellent sound. Additionally, I needed a system that could be used as an indoor system during the winter season and that could be moved outside during summer, when the club shifts to the open air area.” Oussama Mansour Abou Faraj, Manager of HI FI SERVICE, was determined to provide his client with HI FI’s best services and expertise, not only because of the trust the owners of the club invested in him, but also knowing that this club was going to be a top club both in Beirut and the region. “I proposed using a DYNACORD VariLine system,” says Abou Faraj. “We have used the system in other clubs – always with outstanding results.” To ensure an optimal sound system design, Abou Faraj

decided to work closely with the DYNACORD’s MEA Technical Support Manager Tony Sawyer, both discussing the needs of the client and his concept to tackle the issue. A full-venue analysis was undertaken in which a full room model was done using Ulysses, to ensure the position and speakers were right for the application. The design itself now includes eight DYNACORD VL 212 2-way full range cabinets covering the main area and reinforced by ten DYNACORD VL 122s. Five DYNACORD VL 262 cabinets cover the upper tier areas, two DYNACORD VL 262 cabinets act as DJ monitors. As the interior required discrete subwoofer placement, HI FI brought in an interior decorator to tackle the issue at hand. Designed as a large “covert” subwoofer system, the installation includes six DYNACORD Sub 28 subs and eight DYNACORD Sub 18 subs.

better than the DYNACORD P64 digital signal processor and the DSA multi-channel amplifiers? That’s why we called on these to do the job.” Two units were used: one standard P64 along with one P64-1500 configured as an 8-input / 32-output with the DSAs connected using CobraNet. An installed IRIS-Net GUI allows for system control with the advantage of a protected system with no risk to the safety and integrity of the system, yet giving the DJs enough control to satisfy the venue. The main DJ inputs / DJ monitor inputs and subsequent outputs are all controlled via the DSAs. “We also installed ten DYNACORD DSA 8410 4 x 1000 W and one DYNACORD DSA 8805 as amplifiers”, explains Abou Faraj. “Fitted with the Variable Load Drive (VLD) modules, they make the power hunger cabinets work like a charm.” An additional four DYNACORD VL 212 speakers, six DYNACORD Sub 28 subs, and three DYNACORD DSA 8410 amplifiers are added when the system is installed in the outside area. On the opening night after the sound system was fully installed, the place was packed and 1,200 people were rocking to a well-tuned VariLine system. LIFE’s co-owner Maurice Salloum was equally in the mood to celebrate. “The system performs even better than we would have expected. It is extremely powerful, clear and has offered everything we could want. We have definitely made the right choice.”

DYNACORD’s VL 212 speaker

Equipment List (extract): The unique club concept features an indoor area with a retractable roof as well as an open-air area – complemented by a lavish DYNACORD sound reinforcement system featuring VariLine loudspeakers

“To control of all this amount of sound, the control of the whole system needed to be flexible and powerful, allowing proper signal management,” says Abou Faraj. “What’s

12 x DYNACORD VL 212 10 x DYNACORD VL 122 7 x DYNACORD VL 262 12 x DYNACORD Sub 28 8 x DYNACORD Sub 18 13 x DYNACORD DSA 8410 1 x DYNACORD DSA 8805 1 x DYNACORD P64-1500 1 x DYNACORD P64

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