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FBT exhibits Vertus CLA line array system a compact PA solution. It is easy to carry, modular, ready to use in just minutes with no-compromise in quality. It is capable of being integrated into any environment or installation requiring high-quality sound and controlled directional characteristics.

The FBT booth

Among the many products on display at Italian audio manufacturer FBT’s booth was the Vertus CLA line array system. VERTUS CLA is a light and compact modular line array system created for both live and fixed installations, comprised of two products CLA 604a bi-amp two-way active column speakers 400 + 100W RMS and CLA 208Sa active subwoofer 600W RMS.

Compared to the traditional two-way speakers, the sound is distributed much more evenly throughout the audience, both in outdoor and in indoor environments. The CLA cylindrical wave front boasts the pleasant effect of present and precise forwardly projected sound. Even acoustic feedback towards microphones is reduced.

VERTUS CLA is a true professional line array system for the musician looking for

GLP showcases Impression X4 and Wash One

Michael Muenz, General Manager – Asia, of GLP German Light Products, with his arm around the Impression X4 (foreground) and the Impression Wash One behind it.

Taking centre-stage at the GLP booth was the latest addition to the award-winning Impression range of LED fixtures, the new GLP Impression X4. This washlight contains 19 of the new Osram Quad Optic 15W RGBW LED’s (single LED’s each containing four colours). It has a unique 7 to 50° zoom to provide a good beam spread with almost no light spill. The impression X4 offers designers a huge ammount of matrix effects. Furtermore, colour mixing is consistent at all beam angles. This lightweight fixture weighs only 7.5 kg. Also on display was the GLP Impression Wash One. With a 400W RGB LED light

engine, this fully-featured luminaire is able to deliver delicate colour changes or instantaneous colour bumps over a wide colour spectrum. The impression Wash One offers a 6°-60° zoom range. It has an innovative 3° narrow beam mode and a unique variable soft-edge beam control that allows softness adjustment. Another attribute is the beam shaping function that enables the user to illuminate only the parts of a stage that need to be lit. With its baseless yoke the Wash One weighs just 22 kg — perfect both for transportation and flexible stage rigging (in any orientation).

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