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Date of exhibition has been shifted from August to 04-06 October 2012 Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Hall A, Singapore Dates: 04 – 06 October 2012 (Thur-Sat) Opening Hours: 11am on all three days Closing Hours: 8pm on first two days and 6pm on last day Inaugural exhibition technologies segment


Almost anyone involved in the audio, visual and lighting industry will agree that the “Houses of Worship” segment has seen significant growth over the last few years. Installing audio and lighting systems in a place of worship is not new but the sophistication of the systems that are being installed is. This phenomenon has also reached the shores of South-east Asia. Effect lighting systems, full-fledged broadcasting capabilities, highly sophisticated audio systems as well as digital signage systems, LED screens, high-end projectors and projection screens are now being specified for worship venues. With so many distractions in the world today, capturing the attention of worshippers has become even more critical. Worship venues are embracing audio,visual and lighting technologies to ensure that their message is being heard. There are also more practical reasons. For a smaller venue that may not have sufficient capacity to accommodate all




worshippers or during special ceremonies where the overflow of worshippers has to be taken into consideration, audio and visual technologies play a critical role. The equipment by themselves only provide half the solution. Operating the system to get the best out of the system is the other half of the solution. In almost all instances operating of the audio, visual and lighting system in a worship venue is handled by volunteers. Training and keeping them updated will ensure that the systems are operated optimally. Thus the inaugural Houses of Worship Technologies Asia conference and exhibition provides a platform for the introduction of technologies, knowledge upgrading opportunities through manufacturer training as well as independent seminars and networking opportunities. As a dedicated segment exhibition, visitors can be assured that the focus of the exhibitors, exhibits and





the conferences are tailored to their needs. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Seminar and Conference progamme Complementing the exhibition are a range of seminar and conference programmes, which visitors can take advantage of. These includes basic lectures on audio video and lighting which are useful for volunteers who are just getting into operating the various systems. There is also a topic on setting up of a Mosque Sound system by Ahmad Tekin Topuzdag from Saudi Arabia who has been involved in a number of prestigious mosque sound installations. Another topic of interest is the conference and panel discussion on Church Worship Technology Systems Design and Implementation. There will also be on the exhibit floor demonstrations and talks by manufacturers held regularly. For fuller details please visit the website.

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