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D.T.S. Lighting was involved in the National Day Parade in Singapore

ETA: What are D.T.S.’s goals for the Asian market in terms of sales, turnover and brand image? How do you intend to achieve these goals? SL: We are quite successful in many important Asian countries. Our goal is to further improve the brand awareness. We are doing it with the support of our local distributors, and by appointing new dealers where needed. We also conduct many technical seminars in the region. The relationships with new, important companies improves our credibility as reliable partners. We also are involved in big installation projects that give us wide visibility in the Far East.

On the contrary, copies of your products shouldn’t be allowed under any circumstance. The best way to protect our intellectual and technological properties against copying is by patenting any valuable innovation. On this matter, the Chinese government could maybe take a stronger position to abide by the international rules. ETA: DTS Lighting has been involved in events throughout Asia such as The National Day Parade in Singapore. How do these events help to enhance DTS Lighting’s branding and image?

The Asia market is very stimulating, because the scope of the projects ae often very big, and the technological and artistic standards are usually very high.

SL: Joining those big projects with our products and with on-site technical support give us wide visibility in the Far East. We take into account that very often hundreds of D.T.S. fixtures are installed in a single show. Their continuous performance and reliability under the harshest conditions is the best publicity we could get. One of our most valuable assets in this field is the collaboration with Showtec Communications, and the close relationship with Henry Ang, Showtec's President.

ETA: Does D.T.S. experience problems with companies making copies of your products? What is D.T.S. doing to address these problems?

ETA: With the rising cost of labour, does D.T.S. intend to continue to manufacture their products in Italy or are you going to establish a manufacturing facility in Asia?

SL: It’s normal that when you market an innovative product, other companies take a close look at it. It’s part of the game.

SL: Definitely not. Our firm belief is that resources, production procedures and internal

ETA: Do you face any problems or challenges doing business in Asia? SL: We always see opportunities, instead of problems: it’s a positive state of mind.

organization must always be oriented towards total customer satisfaction. That can only be attained through very high product quality. Keeping the whole production process inhouse lets us have a firm control over quality. ETA: Do you think LED lamps can completely replace discharge or halogen lamps in the future? SL: Some time ago it looked like LED sources would soon replace discharge lamps. But after the latest developments in discharge lamps, with new models such as the 5R and the 15R, that provide high levels of luminosity and reasonably low power consumption, the game is still open. Having taken into account the parallel improvements in the LED’s power, I believe that LEDs will replace discharge lamps, but over quite a long period. ETA: What are your predictions for the future of the lighting industry? SL: The future of the lighting industry depends more and more on innovation. Our goal is to develop and market smart fixtures that dramatically upgrade the way you light.

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