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Silvano Latteo

President D.T.S. Illuminazione srl

Since it was founded in June 1980, DTS Lighting has grown considerably. The Italian company started in a 1,000 square metre facility making lamps for domestic use and commercial spaces but it now occupies a 12,000 square metre production facility in Misano Adriatico producing a range of 25 product lines and over 400 articles suitable for all uses. Much of this success stems from the vision and drive of its President, Silvano Latteo. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Technology Asia Magazine, Latteo talked about his background in the lighting industry, the philosophy behind the design of the company’s products and the secret behind their success. ETA: Why did you decide to enter the professional lighting business? SL: Call it Italian entrepreneurial spirit. We founded DTS and started work in June 1980, in a 1000 m2 facility, making lamps for commercial spaces. Refining our production capacities, we became the suppliers of several giants in the lighting technology sector. This

collaboration meant achieving very high standards of precision in the construction of optical units and other critical components of lighting systems. At that time, we were four young brothers with the shared passion of helping D.T.S. grow and of creating our own products. For us, every target we reached became a new starting point. So we invested everything we had, setting up our own R&D department, expanding our facilities and buying our first numerical-control machines. It was a bet that paid off. ETA: What is the philosophy behind the design of DTS Lighting’s products? SL: D.T.S. is an Italian company. D.T.S. products are 100% designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled at the D.T.S. plant in Italy using the latest design tools available and advanced automation, including numerical-control machines and robots. So, I dare say that each D.T.S. product embodies ultimate technology and unique Italian styling.

ETA: What are the reasons for the success of your company? SL: I believe that one of the main reasons is that D.T.S. is perceived as a reliable partner, not just as a producer. Selling a hi-tech product means offering a value that goes beyond the product itself. That’s why D.T.S. provides professional consulting for the choice of the best products for different needs, and an acknowledged comprehensive after-sales assistance. ETA: D.T.S. manufactures a wide range of products. Is there a product that you are particularly fond of? SL: Today D.T.S. addresses both professional and architectural markets, offering a range of 25 product lines and over 400 articles suitable for all uses, from concerts to clubs and from theatres to architectural installations. Usually, the latest products that you designed are the ones you are most proud of. Take the new high-power compact moving head, JACK. It embodies the radically new 3-fixtures-into-one concept that we launched: no need for a range of lights (Wash / Spot / Beam); the JACK does it all, from longthrow projections to large wall washing. The custom-designed zoom actually allows any application. In fact, the beam opening goes from 1° to 46°. Also, JACK weighs only 11.9 kg. The market has acknowledged that JACK is a really innovative product. It’s become a bestseller in a matter of weeks.

D.T.S. Products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy


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