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Stanley Community Hall

LDR and Macostar create lighting solution using LED and tungstenhalogen technology Hong Kong: Can LED and tungstenhalogen technology co-exist ? In terms of efficiency, LED lights are undoubtedly more efficient than halogen lights but in terms of performance (colour rendering, consistency of colours ) tungsten-halogen lights are better. LED lights can successfully be used in many applications but they have more restricted applications in theatres and TV studios. Macostar’s Derek Chow and LDR’s Fabiano Besio have successfully combined conventional tungsten-halogen lamps and state-of-the-art LED technology developed by Macostar to produce a lighting solution for two auditoriums in Hong Kong – Lei Tung and Stanley Community Hall.

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“We often come across challenging projects,” commented Macostar VicePresident Francis Fung. “The Hong Kong Community Center decided to revamp the two auditoriums because their lighting was thought to be inadequate and outdated for current needs.”

In answer to this, a complete lighting solution based on a combination of LDR nota tungsten-halogen profiles, alba LED 200 W profiles and Macostar LED fresnels was provided. The Macostar LED fresnels and the wide beam alba LED profiles were positioned on top of the stage while the short beam angle alba LED 200W profiles were used on the front stage. So far, these are the first two auditoriums in Hong Kong designed around LED and tungsten-halogen technology but LDR and Macostar expect to see more in future. “The right light source in the right place is the secret and the correct combination of tungsten-halogen and LED lamps helped to provide the perfect solution. This is not an opinion but a matter of fact, “ said LDR cofounder Fabiano Besio.

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