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EXHIBITION REVIEW Systems Integration Asia August - September 2014

Planar expands its UltraRes Series with a 98” display With the new Planar UltraRes 98”, the company is expanding its award-winning Planar UltraRes Series line to include a large format 4K display in a size that supports large rooms by providing a seamless, single-display solution to applications previously requiring a tiled video wall. The Planar UltraRes 98” offers extensive connectivity options, including support for up to eight connected

sources (4 DP and 4 HDMI capable of 4K@60Hz). The unit also includes builtin UltraRes MediaPlex software,which allows multiple sources to be viewed simultaneously with the ability to upscale and downscale content to full screen or quadrants of the screen. The display features a depth of less than four inches and can be mounted using the Planar Profile Mounting System. www.planar.com/4K

Prysm offers new Cascade solutions for smaller rooms Prysm's Cascade 85” and 65” collaboration solutions are targeted at smaller rooms, offer 4K UHD or HD resolution. Cascade collaboration solutions enable users to present, share, reposition, resize, annotate and edit all types of content through on-screen touch, PCs or mobile devices. Multiple, simultaneous live inputs can be displayed and interacted with on screen including video, telepresence and web apps. Configurable workspaces allow teams to share the use of a Cascade system with other groups, save their work between

sessions and pick up where they left off when they next meet. With Cascade solutions, customers can implement true Cloud-enabled collaboration rooms. Mirroring workspaces between Cascade displays allows geographically distributed teams to simultaneously collaborate on all the content on screen. Projects and associated data can be stored locally or in the Cloud, so users can access their content from any Cascade system at any time. www.prysm.com

QSC launches two new Enterprise Cores and new speakers processing and higher channel count than their predecessors. Also highlighted is the possibility for Q-Sys Core to connect with an entire suite of external links and networks not only through the Cobranet Card, but also the upcoming Dante and AVB cards.

The new Q-Sys Core 1100 (which replaces the Core 1000) provides 256 x 256 network audio channels and 96 AEC channels, while the new Q-Sys Core 3100 (which replaces the Core 3000) offers 512 x 512 channels and 192 AEC channels. In essence the new Q-Sys Enterprise Cores offer much faster

Offering integrators additional installed sound options, QSC added three new loudspeaker models. The new ADS6T and AD-S112sw surface-mount loudspeakers are additions to the popular AcousticDesign Series, while the new AC-C4T (part of the upcoming AcousticCoverage loudspeaker line) offers integrators a cost-effective, inceiling loudspeaker solution that is ideal for voice paging and light background music applications. The new AD-S6T is a 6-inch, two-way surface-mount loudspeaker while the AD-S112sw surface mount subwoofer

employs a long-throw 12-inch driver, with yoke-mount hardware to optimize boundary-coupling. Featuring Directivity Matched Transition™ (DMT) for smooth 105° axisymmetric coverage, the ADS6T is capable of 70/100V and direct drive operation utilizing a multi-tap, low saturation 60-watt transformer with an 8Ω bypass while the AD-S112sw sensibly offers 8Ω operation only. Perfect for large distributed audio applications, the new AcousticCoverage AC-C4T in-ceiling loudspeaker features a high-quality, 4-inch full-range transducer housed in a ported enclosure for added low frequency extension. The AC-C4T also features a low saturation transformer with multiple tap settings including an 8Ω bypass making it ideal for both 70/100V and direct drive applications. www.qsc.com

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Systems Integration Asia August-September 2014  

Bi-monthly magazine for audio, visual, light and control systems industry. • MMTV Studio's digital backdrop video wall glows in HD • Federal...

Systems Integration Asia August-September 2014  

Bi-monthly magazine for audio, visual, light and control systems industry. • MMTV Studio's digital backdrop video wall glows in HD • Federal...

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