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Kent Island Yacht Club Cocktail Class Regatta


he morning of July 18 brought wind and clouds to the Kent Island YC. But luckily for racers, the storm moved past and the wind died down just long enough for the four heats of 8-HP mixed races. Just long enough. The afternoon racers were not so lucky. But for those first few races the water was calm as could be. 27 boats and 34 drivers turned out for a total of 63 races. Only one boat overturned the whole day, and that honor goes to Cruzan Confusion. With the intense chop in the afternoon, it was quite a feat to have only one boat turtle. Well done racers. In the 8-hp-mixed finals, Darryl Kepler took home first in Silver Bullet with Russ Bowler following close behind in Flying Kiwi. Next up was the 6-hp-early-women. After multiple attempts and several pit the 8-hp##Nice, flat water for rnoon mixed hea ts. The afte y. racers were not so luck

adjustments, two racers were forced to back out at the last minute and the race turned into a battle between BreeAnn Edmonds and Sara Orthwein who claimed first in SNAFU. There were only three racers in the 6-hp-early-mixed and only two in the heavy. But by the next race things started to heat up. Six women battled it out in the 6-hp-late women’s class (a slightly higher number than usual). It came down to a battle between PropTalk staffer and rookie, Kaylie Jasinski, and seasoned racer Deb Loveys in Sazarec with Jasinski crossing the finish line less than a boat length in front of Loveys. Loveys was the more proficient racer, especially around those turns, but Molotov nailed it on the straightaway. If you look at the pictures from the morning races compared to the afternoon, you will notice a significant increase in chop. And the racers certainly noticed it. But because this is a day for fun, all of the racers heeded the warnings and not another boat flipped the rest of the afternoon. The competition was just as intense, but each and every participant knew to take it a tad slower around the

marks, and it ended up being a fabulous day on the water. None of these events could be possible without the determined race committee and CCWBRA secretary BreeAnn Edmonds who does most of the behind the scenes race prep and then races in the women’s classes herself. By the time the 6-hp-post-1979 came around, the wind and waves had picked up significantly. For some racers it was all they could do to keep the bow flat in the water. In the women’s post-79, there were two full heats, and Deb Loveys came back for the win, followed by rookie and first-time racer Megan Chambers. In the first heat, Kara Lehner in Triple Nickel was unable to finish after catching the buoy line on her prop. That was certainly a first! In the 6-hp-post heavy, Chamber’s boyfriend Logan Chambers, scored second in his first ever race. It certainly was a good day for rookies! Jim Schmicker in River Madness took the post-heavy win and PropTalk’s own Zach Ditmars took third in Molotov. Schmicker almost lost first place in the first heat when he unwittingly ‘crossed’ the finish line outside of the marks and was forced to

##Look at that chop! The 6-hp-late-heavy class powers through the waves.

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