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be able to tie. The bowline will form a loop in a line that will not slip. It can be used to lift a person from the water by placing the loop over the head and under the arms. The square knot is easy to tie and can be used to join two lines together. There are many other knots that can be useful, but space does not permit diagrams illustrating how to tie these knots. Fortunately, in this computer age there are numerous internet sites that do the job very well. Old school boaters can purchase Chapman Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling or other books dedicated to marlinspike seamanship. Storing Your Lines Lines should be stored out of the weather whenever possible. In addition, they should be coiled properly before storage so when they are needed, time is not lost untangling the lines.

##Cleat hitch. Photo courtesy of BoatU.S.

If, like me, you have an open boat with very little storage, keep your lines in a safe location, out from under foot, but ready for use. It is pretty hard to do any type of boating without some sort of line.

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Even kayaks have a bow line and some have an anchor line. The more you know about marlinspike seamanship, the better you will treat your various lines and the better they will serve you. #

PropTalk Magazine September 2015  
PropTalk Magazine September 2015  

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