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Are You Confident Talking on Your Marine Radio?


Digital Selective Calling (DSC) course), ven if you’ve been on boats and and how to find particular pages, a gloslistened to those around you sary of terms, and a transcript in case chatting on the marine radio for a you’d like to review what you learned. long time, you may still feel unsure when someone tosses you a handheld VHF and says, “Hail the marina.” You may not remember how to turn it on, adjust the volume, or find the weather station. You think you know what channel 16 is for, but which one should you switch to to communicate your position to your buddy boat? If you’d like to learn to use a VHF radio properly, BoatU.S. and the U.S. Power Squadron have partnered to make it easy ##Do you know which channel is which on your for you. All you need are a commarine radio? Photo courtesy of BoatU.S. puter with headphones, $24.95, and 40 minutes of free time. The course covers the scenarios for The online course “All About Marine which having a VHF are helpful—needRadio” begins by explaining the toolbar ing a tow, passing a vessel, warning at the top of the page, how to scroll another boat about a storm, listening backward and forward through the 36 slides in the course (12 more for the to weather, or contacting a marina for

a slip—with soundbites of how the calls would sound (“TowBoatU.S., TowBoatU.S., TowBoatU.S., this is Island Time”). Emergency situations requiring a Mayday, Pan pan, or securité call are outlined, as are procedural words: roger, wilco, affirmative, negative, over, out, and others. The course covers the phonetic alphabet, rules for chatter with other boats, licensing requirements, and DSC features. Students take quizzes in between each section to test their retention, and if they get an answer wrong, the reasons are clearly explained—and it’s easy to scroll back and review. You can take this user-friendly course from your home office (or from the boat “office” if you have WiFi). It is PropTalk-tested and worth your time if you’d like to become proficient at using your marine radio and become a safer, more educated boater.

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PropTalk Magazine September 2015  
PropTalk Magazine September 2015  

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